Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Chloe is at the church helping to set up the wedding. Lex and Lana are watching a sonogram of Lana's baby. Clark gets his tuxedo out for the wedding. Lex examines his wedding room. Lana gets into her wedding dress. Clark considers a picture of him and Lana dancing, then hurls it away with his super strength.

(The day of the wedding: Clark) Lex and Lana go through the wedding rehearsal when suddenly Clark appears behind Lex and stabs him with a sword, saying he's saved Lana. When she turns against him, he stabs her too… and Clark wakes up from his dream. Later he's bailing hay and releasing his frustrations when he gets a call from Chloe, who ended up stuck in the wine cellar when she went to get Lana's present for Lex and the door somehow closed. Clark uses his powers to free Chloe, who says Clark should go to Lana even though he insists he's protecting her. Clark says Chloe doesn't know him that well after all and leaves.

Clark is contemplating his father's watch when Martha arrives and they discuss how Martha and Jonathan knew they belonged together. Martha admits she broke it off with Jonathan but they got back together and she says Clark needs to take that risk.

Clark goes to see Lana and says she needs to know everything. She interrupts him to say that she's not going to marry Lex and will meet Clark at the barn later. She tells Clark to go and kisses him. Once he leaves, someone comes into the room behind her.

(The day of the wedding: Lex) It's the morning of the wedding and Lex wakes from a dream about the baby to find Lana out of the bed. He goes to see her and she says everything is fine and then leaves to meet with Chloe. Later at his office, Lex meets with Lionel and wonders if Lana will realize who he truly is and won't show. Lionel asks what Lex would do to make sure Lana is at the wedding and Lex says he'll do anything, and Lionel assures him she'll be there. Lex then gets a call about something as Lionel eavesdrops.

At the crypt below the church, Lex meets with a Dr. Langston, who blackmails Lex with the information about Lana's pregnancy. Lex beats him repeatedly until he falls, hits his head, and dies. Lex hides the body then washes up, and Chloe arrives to tell him Lana has disappeared.

(The day of the wedding: Lana) Lana is dreaming of when Clark rescued her from the tornado, then wakes up next to Lex. She gets up, looks at some clippings, then meets briefly with Lex before going to see Chloe. Her Aunt Nell arrives and Lana wonders if there's something she should resolve. Nell tells her she has to resolve any issues and do what she can to protect herself. Later Chloe goes over the wedding plans and Lana sends her down to the wine cellar to get a wedding present for Lex. Lana secretly locks the door behind her and hides behind several wine racks in the outer room. Chloe calls Clark, who arrives instantly, much to Lana's surprise. She sees him use his powers as they discuss Clark insisting on protecting Lana by keeping his secret.

Later Clark arrives to tell Lana his secret and she tells him she isn't marrying and arranges to meet Clark later. Once Clark leaves, someone comes in… Lionel Luthor. He sees the letter Lana was going to leave for Lex saying she isn't going to marry him. Lionel realizes Lana knows Clark's secret and threatens to destroy Clark if she doesn't go through with the wedding.

Lex and Chloe arrive at the wedding but Lana isn't there. At the barn, Clark is trying proposals on Shelby. At the chapel, Lana arrives and the wedding proceeds, while Clark realizes Lana isn't coming. He superspeeds to the chapel and sees Lex and Lana as they finish their vows, but does nothing.

After the wedding, Lex leaves to prepare for the honeymoon. Clark comes in and Lana claims she changed her mind. Clark expresses her love and believes Lex forced her. She denies it and insists he drop it, then leaves.

Lionel confronts Lex and explains how he knows Lex killed Langston and how the doctor tampered with Lana's pregnancy. Lionel says Lex will know when he's ready to collect. Lana comes in and Lionel welcomes her to the family before leaving.

Lana and Lex go out to the limo and Lex notice Clark standing nearby watching. They drive away as Lana notices Clark.
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