Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on The CW

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  • The end of things, the beginning of things. The end of Clark and Lana, the beginning of Lex and Lana. Inventive and progressive flash-backs and flash-forwards add to the suspense.

    As the church is being decorated for their wedding, Lana and Lex and Dr. Langston are at the physician's office, watching a sonogram of their baby. It's the end of things, and the beginning of things. No words are spoken in these scenes, only wistful music for what might have been, as Clark gazes at a photo of him and Lana, then flings it into the night from the barn.

    Another celestial gaffe is seen briefly; the Kent farm, seen from the southwest, now has the crescent moon in the northern sky - that never happens in the northern hemisphere, at least not on this planet. Still need an astronomical advisor for the show.

    Suddenly, at the chuch altar, at the wedding, Lex is murdered by the hand of Clark; Lana grabs the stiletto and stabs herself. Clark awakens from his nightmare.

    Chloe calls Clark from the Luthor mansion, locked in the wine cellar. Never too busy to help Chloe, he's there in a moment, and yanks the door right off the hinges, then has to heat-weld it back on. Chloe steps out of her usual role and berates Clark for not stepping in and saving Lana from marrying a monster and trapping herself in a loveless marriage. Letting go of Lana was the hardest thing he ever had to do, he tells her. Are we going to re-think this whole Clark-Lana thing again? It's getting pretty late in the game.

    Time is passing...Martha returns home and Clark's first question is how she knew Jonathan was the One, but she says "nothing was that simple." He's rethinking his protection of Lana and all his doubts. Her experience argues in favor of Clark intervening in the wedding. Should he do it?

    He appears at the mansion, surprising Lana, "I can't let you go through with this." He intends to tell her his secret, but she quashes that, tells Clark she's not marrying Lex and promising to meet him at the barn later. In the most bizarre scene of the episode, Lex is in a home theatre, watching a sonogram of the baby on a huge screen - it turns....into a monster - Lex awakes from this nightmare, back to wedding morning. Whatever you do Lex, the truth will be shown to you in your dreams. But he supresses all this, and greets Lana as if everythig is as planned. She leaves to tie up loose ends with Chloe, "See you at the church."

    "Busy day at the office?" Lionel asks Lex, who has come to Luthorcorp on that day. Lex wonders if Lana wiil some day see him for what he is? He's wondering what he will do if Lana skips out on the wedding...and Lionel begins to see that Lex might become unmanageable if he's jilted. Lex will do ANYTHING to keep Lana - Lionel promises him that she will be there, and overhears Lex get a call about some emergency.

    Wedding afternoon, 4:43 pm. At the church, Lex meets Dr. Langston in the cellar, with set decoration looking like a 14th-century gothic cathedral, and a crypt including unnecessary fog drifting on the floor. Langston mentions "the truth, about her condition," meaning the pregnancy. It's a threat, he demands$2 million or he'll tell Lana. Lex won't give in to blackmail and beats Dr. Langston senseless, then strikes his head, falling dead on the floor. Lex hides the body in a crypt.

    Chloe comes to him soon after, concern on her face, reporting that Lana is not at the church, and no one knows where she is. Flashing back to the morning, Lana, too, is having dreams, of one of Clark's many rescues of her - in the tornado, in her car. She arises to look at news clippings of that rescue (rather poorly written and not in real news style). And the morning scene with Lex is repeated. But this time we see she has made a decision. Then Aunt Nell comes, and seeing something is wrong, questions Lana. Lana wonders "Is it really wrong to bend the rules (to get the truth) just once?" Nell advises not going to the altar with anything unresolved. Wedding day 10:55 am. Lana is distracted, not even noticing Chloes "naked male jello wrestling" phrase, testing Lana's attention. Something is wrong, but deflecting that, Lana sends Chloe to the wine cellar for a gift she's hidden. As this scene is repeated, Chloe finds it, but now we see Lana closing the door and locking it - it's a trap - for whom? And now come the calls, but Lana won't answer, as she hides in the cellar, so Chloe calls Clark as we saw earlier. Now we see the scene from another angle, and Lana sees Clark rip the door off, and re-weld it...Lana knows! And she overhears the entire conversation between Chloe and Clark, man of steel, and sees his super-speed departure.

    We return to the scene where Lana writes the goodbye note to Lex, and her confession of love to Clark. The editors use flashback repeats very effectively, each one revealing more about how things came to be. And this time, just as Clark leaves, Lionel enters, spotting her note, "Dear Lex, I'm so sorry, but I can't go through with this..." "This will destroy Lex," he says. And he guesses that Lana has learned Clark's secret - but here the writers should have shown Lana even more shocked to realize that Lionel knew also. Lionel tells her that Clark has a weakness, he knows what it is, and tells her if she does not honor the promise she made to Lex, "I will kill Clark Kent." Lionel seems the epitome of evil, but wait - he knows what Lex could loose on the world if Lana rejected him, and that Clark would survive her loss without such a threat to humanity. It's a tradeoff - Lionel would never harm Clark. He leaves, and Lana must re-think her life and the fate of Lex and Clark once again. She is horribly trapped.

    Lex and Chloe enter the church, marvelously decorated, all the extras well-dressed, dramatic lighting and floral arrangements. The pastor reassures Lex about Lana's lateness.

    Clark is practicing a marriage proposal to Lana, but Bud the dog is confused. He awaits Lana at the barn. Lex awaits Lana at the altar. What is her decision? She enters the church, a beautiful bride, in a scene of superb photography. Clark realizes something is wrong - he speeds to the church. As Lex and Lana exchange vows, Clark, at the back of the sanctuary, seeing his life changing, crushed by the loss of his first love. Lana sees Clark, a tear falls from her eye, as she says, "I do." This is her ultimate act of protecting Clark. And this is done by one fine acting and directing crew.

    Lex is happy, but not quite sensitive enough to see that Lana is in distress, trying to disguise her agony and regrets. Clark comes, hoping for understanding, as she forces out the words, "I want to be with Lex." He doesn't accept her words, he offers to tell her his secret, but she leaves with the words, "I love Lex."

    Lionel sees Lex at the church, surprising us and Lex with a vicous slap to his face - berating him for forcing Lionel to come to his rescue on his wedding day, "You are pathetic." Lionel has discovered the body of Dr. Langston (how?), telling Lex that his death might result in someone learning the truth about Lana's pregnancy. Lex gives in, offering Lionel anything he wants, as Lana enters. They all have huge secrets from each other, yet they continue going through the motions of their lives, trapped in deception and protection of others.

    As Lana and Lex leave the church in a black Bentley, license "LL," Lana turns for one last look at Clark, and the perfectly-timed refrain of "Heavenly Day," ends, as does this day.

    Re-run rating A.
  • Wedding Haze

    Promise-Clark has second thoughts about Lana marrying Lex, and Lana has the same concerns. Meanwhile, the doctor involved in the secret behind Lana's pregnancy threatens Lex with his knowledge.

    Okay, so the Clark-Lex-Lana triangle has been more of an annoyance than a privilege to watch this season, but "Promise" is such a well crafted episode is hard to not find this hour of television moving, even stunning. "Promise" isn't like any other episode that Smallville has ever done and it's a truly refreshing change from the usual way Smallville episodes are paced. The episode is split into 3 perspectives: Clark, Lana and Lex, who all 3 go through much inner struggle throughout this hour as Lex and Lana prepare to get married. There are also wedding invitations during the episode to show the time lapse that each character is in and does a beautiful job of connecting the events of the episode until it's overwhelming conclusion.

    First, there's Clark's perspectiove of Lex and Lane's wedding day. The dream sequence of Clark killing Lex at the wedding only for Lana to kill him in return is well done. Tom Welling does a fine job throughout as Clark is confused about what do as his about to lose the woman his loved his whole life. I loved how Chloe pushes Clark to go after Lana and that Lana will be destoryed if she marries Lex. Then there's the scene of Martha giving Clark some advice about going after the one you love like how she went afetr Jonathan when she fell in love with him. My only problem with that scene is that Martha has been convincing Clark to leave Lana alone for past episodes now she practically tells Clark to steal Lana away from Lex? Anyway, Clark going to Lana to declare his love was well acted by both actors and one of the few touching Clana moments.

    Next, we have Lex's perspective of his wedding day. Lex's dream sequence has to be one of the scariest scenes Smallville has ever done. It's starts out with Lex watching a big screen version of Lana's sonogram in a large dark room by himself. Suddenly, the unborn baby turns into a freakish creature and Lex wakes up. A fine directing job by Rick Rosenthal! The best part about Lex's storyline is how he kills Dr. Langston, Lana's pregnancy doctor. It's a sick and twisted scene as Lex beats him to death and puts his body is a coffin under the church where his about to marry. Micheal Rosenbaum is exceptional throughout and the scene of Lex washing the blood off his clothes shows how dark the character continues to become. Also, Lex's scene with Lionel was powerful as father and son butt heads once again on his wedding day. The way Lionel said he had to clean up Lex's mess and slapped him was flawless acting by John Glover once again.

    Lastly, there's Lana's perspective of her wedding day. Lana's dream sequence is the weakest of the bunch but it's nice how the writers brought back the day Clark saved Lana from the twister back in "Vortex". Kristin Kruek gives an impressive performance as Lana still struggles through her decision to marry Lex. I loved her scene with her Aunt Nell, who returns after her depature after Season 2. It's a beautiful scene between both women as they take about the sacrifices and decisions they've faced in their lives. The most significant aspect of Lana's storyline is that she finds out Clark's secret. Finally, after 6 years of back and forth complaining and confusion, Lana gets what she's wanted from Clark for so long. But an unforseen twist is Lionel's contfrontation with Lana before she marries Lex. It's glad to see Lionel's old evil self again yet him blackmailing Lana about killing Clark if she doesn't marry Lex comes out of now. The mystery behind Lionel's intentions isn't revealed in this episode but it leaves a lot to be answered for in future episodes. The end of the episode is one of the saddest moments of Smallville as Clark loses Lana for good. Just the way both characters look at each other for one last time as they are world apart is slighty heartbreaking. "Promise" is one of Smallville's most creative episodes and it pays off at the end creating more promising storylines for the rest of the season.
  • Lana reluctantly marries Lex to protect Clark

    I was literally in tears when I watched this episode. I was so happy that finally Lana found out Clark's secret and Clark and Lana finally were going to be together and Lana will escape Lex's evil doings. Then here comes Lionel and now we see that he hasn't changed a bit. Pretending to be Clark's buddy when really and truly he wanted to exploit him. A tear fell from my eyes when Clark sadly watched Lana marry Lex. What was even sadder was that Lana lied to Clark saying that she loves Lex and wants to be with him. All the times Clark protected Lana, Lana returned the favor by protecting Clark for a change. Hope the truth comes out and the producers don't drag this storyline to the dust.
  • Sacrifice were made and Tears were shed. Lex showing his true colours murders someone in the very church he's getting married in, Lionel being an ass screws everything up, Clark decides to finally tell the truth, and Lana saves Clark...and marries...LEX!?

    This is my favorite episode! As much as we all love Clark and Lana, I thought I was a great episode! Always being the one saved, lana finally decides to saves clark!(her heart was in th right place, though she didn't have to, it shows character). My eyes watered when Lana said I do, and tears welled up when clark shows up. The final look Lana and Clark shared, did it, it broke my heart and sent tears streaming down. Sure I would of loved her to have eloped with Clark, and thats how it ended, but somehow making it sadder was worked, showing how strong thier love really was! It was beautiful! but I guess we all know that it was never meant to be. Even now that they are together, we know that it's not meant to last, because it's not lana, it's lois and clark. :'(
  • Great Episode

    Lana begins having second thoughts about her marriage to Lex, and finally decides to find out the truth about Clark. After learning the truth, by way of deception, Lana promises Clark that she isn't going to marry Lex. Lionel realizes what is going on and forces Lana to walk down the aisle. Clark, unaware that Lana knows the truth, is stunned when she marries Lex. The episode is told from three perspectives, Lana's, Clark's, and Lex's. In Lex's thread, his secret crimes against Lana come to a head when the good doctor shows up to sell his silence. Lex isn't buying, and instead accidentally kills the doc.
  • A decent episode, but not the best.

    Not my favorite episode of Smallville. The whole Clark and Lana thing has been stretched so far during the six seasons that it is getting borderline boring. It should have been wrapped up seasons ago. I like Lex and Lana, but not that she married him to protect Clark. The only good parts of this episode was: Lana FIMALLY figures out Clark's secret. God took her long enough! And Lex punches the crap out of that annoying doctor dude. Oh and the way they kept going back and replaying scenes was really cool. All in all a decent episode but not the best.
  • Very, very sad.

    So very sad. Lana figures out Clark's secret and decides she doesn't want to marry Lex but that she wants to be with Clark. But Lionel being the cruel person he is threatens Lana that if she doesn't marry Lex he will kill Clark! So Lana is sopposed to meet Clark at his house at 5:00 and he was going to propose to her. But Lana doesn't show up. So Clark goes to the wedding and sees Lana at the alter marrying Lex Luthor. After the wedding he confronts her and she pretends she had a change of heart and that she really loves Lex, but she doesn't. It's so so sad. It made me cry sooo hard. Definetly one of my favorite episodes, along with Reckoning(100th episode). I love Clana!! They are meant for each other.
  • Lana decided to join Lex to the matrimony, when unexpectedly she personally heard the truth about Clark's powers and feelings for her since then. She decided to call it quits with Lex but was forced to hurt Clark to be able to save him from Lionel too.

    This is one of the saddest episode i've ever watched. i've been waiting this story ever since. Finally watching it when Lana herself discovered the powers of Clark, and that the reason why he is always hesitant to show her how he feel. It is very sad but at the same time, very touching. Aside from the sweet part, this episode have proven that once a bad person will always be a bad person no matter how they try to hide it with lies. Exactly how Lionel's role. How many times he pretended to be good deep inside he's not.
  • The wedding episode and love triangle. And no Simon and Garfunkel to be heard anywhere...

    I've got to say I wasn't expecting much from the inevitable wedding episode bar some 'Graduate'-esque interruptions maybe from Clark, which didn't even happen. But I really liked the way they did the whole different perspective thing from individual characters, especially the way Lana found out about Clark. It reminded me of Rashomon - a film that also deals with the nature of truth (the word 'truth' seemed to occur a lot in this episode). I think they tried a similar narrative structure once in Dawson's Crack.
    What was also interesting was the fact that Lana lied to Clark to protect him. Hmm the tables have now turned and no longer can she ever moan about him and his secrets.
    Yes, I really liked the episode and although it's not the best it was more than a filler. And it was certainly better made than the episode of Lois and Clark where Lex (John O Shea) married Lois.
  • i hate clex.

    i hate that episode, when i was watching it, i nearly started crying, the scene when clark and lana are talking was so sweet, and i absolutely hated when lionel threatened and blackmailed lana that if she doesnt marry lex he will kill clark. i was starting to like lionel becuase he was becoming good, and then when he did that i was so pissed of. when i was watching lana and lex marry i wanted to puke, it was so disturbing to watch. but now i know that lionel didnt mean to do that becuase he just wanted lana to marry lex so she can get close to him and find out what his evil plans were, it was an intence, yet disturbing episode to watch.
  • The Bride Wore Blackmail

    Smallville rarely plays with its regular formula, so it made for a welcome change in Promise, which plays around with time and replays scenes from various different points of view. Despite all this, the story still maintains a strong narrative flow, and you never get lost in all the POV-changing.

    I was completely surprised that the writers finally let Lana know the truth about Clark, since it was around three years overdue. One of my main issues with this show is how nothing hugely major happens, and big show-changing developments are usually undone or reset, leaving the characters to go through the motions yet again. Finally this has changed, with Lana for once discovering what she has been wanting to know for six years now.

    I was also surprised at Lionel's sudden change of personality. He's been an increasingly convoluted character over the seasons, so it was no real shock that he would blackmail Lana into marrying Lex. Would he actually murder Clark though? He's kept his secret for so long now and seems genuinely interested in Martha, so you have to ask whether he would actually go through with it. I did love his conversation with Lex though, which was essentially one huge father-son b*tch-slap.

    Rick Rosenthal's direction is also worth a mention. I loved the atmospheric vibe he gave the episode, especially in the crypt scenes, and the haunting moment where Lex has a nightmare about his demonic unborn child. I also really liked the use of title cards, which gave the impression that this was a particularly monumental episode.

    Promise felt a lot different to regular Smallville episodes, both in terms of visual effects and a formula-breaking script. An impressive hour, and this is coming from somebody who's not exactly a huge Clana fan.

    Director: Rick Rosenthal
    Writers: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson
    Rating: A
  • We finally get some character revelations and no more dragged out romantic tension with Clark, I loved it!!

    This episode was very well done. Lana finds out Clark's secret and tried her best to set things right after so foolishly running into Lex's arms but it was too late. Clark realized that he can trust her with his secret and how much she means to him... but it was too late. Lionel continues to straddle the fence of righteousness and evil. And we got to see a little bit of a reverse in Lana having to break Clark's heart to save him instead of the other way around. Basically, I think this episode was good. It should be the turning point of the show, no more Clark and Lana as Lana is married woman, Lex is edging closer to maniac we all know from the Superman story and Lionel is still making us all wonder what he is really all about. Should be a sign of good things to come.
  • Finally Lana gets a clue

    This episode is clever in structure, taking us through the wedding day from the perspective of each of the main characters, Clark, Lana and Lex. I must admit that I, along with many other viewers, have gotten a little sick of Clark and Lana's inability to either get together or get on with their lives, but this episode somewhat redeems the relationship. Lana marrying Lex seems like a plot device, if a necessary one, and the reason she goes through with it seems equally forced, but the episode shows how invested he is in keeping Lana, for whatever reasons. Now that he and Clark have become antagonists, Lana seems to represent the goodness that Clark used to, both by being Clark's lost love object, and through Lex seeing some sort of "purity" in her (even after her possession by an evil witch and her lies and subterfuge regarding the stones in season 4). People might complain that it belittles Lex to have his turn to evil come through his relationship with Lana (since it's clear that he won't be able to keep her long, and losing her has been heavily foreshadowed as his own personal calamity), but it works for me. Lex has always been the most complex character in the show, his desire to do good subtly perverted into evil not because he's a bad guy, but because he can't transcend his upbringing. The loss of his mother and brother, his lack of filial love, his failure to maintain a brotherly relationship with Clark -- these personal relationships are what turn his good intentions into evil outcomes. Adding Lana to the mix cements his distance from Clark and gives a better reason for his legendary personal enmity than losing his hair. I can't figure Lionel out in this episode, but the writers have never made him consistent. He is the weakest link, though I suppose we'll find out why he insisted on the marriage in later eps.
  • The wedding we all (at least I am) are wating to see.

    Ok, I have to say, the play with the time in this episode was a great idea. I was a little messed up with it. But it was kind of fun.

    We have the preps for the wedding from all angles. Lana, Lex, Chloe, Clark.

    Lana finds out the truth about Clark and she understand everything what keep me wondering if Clark would came clean and tell Lana the truth, would she be so understanding?
    Anyway, she made a sacrifice for Clark's life, still in love with him, but she lost too many opportunities.

    Some random thoughs in no particular order:
    1. Lex scalated to kill someone with his own hands.
    2. Now Lionel is running for father of the year? Forcing Lana to marry Lex. What he is up to?
    3. How sweet was Clark proposing to Shleby the dog?
    4. Every scene with Lana makes me wish even more that Clark look the other way an fall in love with Loise or Chloe.
    5. How supportive was Chloe telling Clark about he being running away all the time from his emotions. "Lana is not my hero, You are".
    6. How lame was Clark asking Lana for an explanation.
    7. I was so happy watching Lana and Lex walking the aisle. Bye, Bye C-Lana. (I really hope so).
    8. Where was Louise, she should be there to len Clark her understanding shoulder (Yeah, right!), well sarcasm is welcome too.
  • Nice try at heartache but it's hard to feel bad for a man of steel when the one who's marring is not Lois Lane.

    Lana’s wedding was as predictable, expensive and over-the-top as it could be but even after the poignat revelation - Lana finally knows what Clark really is - the reason why the episode doesn’t quite work at an emotional level is because is hard to feel bad for a man who has nothing to lose with this wedding: Not only we know Lana is not the love of his life, we already know the larger-than-life woman who’ll encourage Kal-el to be the best hero he can be, the reporter who’ll name him "superman" for the world to see and the woman whom he will love more than life itself. Most of all we know that that woman is not Lana.

    At the end of the day this is still the man of steel we’re talking about and we know for a fact that Lois is still out there waiting for him as well as we know he’ll be with her without a single remorse in a future not far away which generates an interesting "Lost" effect in which we see these flashes of Superman's late adolescence when he was forced to watch the woman he believed he couldn't live without getting married only so he could appreciate how close he was to make a mistake that could've cost him the woman without whom he wouldn't be who he really is, the once and future Mrs. Kent: Lois Lane.
  • Lana Finally Knows!

    The last few episodes have shown Lana coming closer to finding out Clark's secret and she now finally knows (although not everything). Lex finally shows how he is turning into the power crazy millionaire, that we have all come to know from the movies. Lionel shows that his blood is more important than someone who he could potentially care about more. And Lana makes the wrong decision about who to marry, with the baby the only thing keeping her and lex together but even that has now gone. Overall- Excellent episode which shows Clark's inability to control the future of the woman he loves
  • Everybody are preparing for the big day. The wedding of Lex and Lana is very close to happen. Lana's doctor is blackmail Lex that he is gonna say Lana everything. Lan discover Clark secret and decide not to have the marriage...

    It was a very nice written episode. First time the epoisode of Smallville is not sorted by time scaling. A lot of things happening that makes you hard which one to keep up. Lana discovers with a very clever way Clark's secret. Clarks decide to tell Lanas his secret to stop the wedding. Lex is killing Lana's doctor at the church blind by his evil side. The mystery about Lana' pregnancy is started to getting bigger. Althought what is happening Lana discover not to married Lex and be with Clark but... Luthor is a Luthor..and Lionel is getting in the middle showing his double face behaviour to Clark's secret and blackmail Lana that he is gonna kill Clark if she doesnt marry Lex..So Lana finally marries someone she doesnt love and Clark is deeply hurt without knowin that now..LAna had to leave from him for his good...
  • is building to a great end

    in this episode they are creating the impresion for another great ending. When clark finally desides to confront lana with the help of cloe, he encounters lana isn ot willing to go ahead wit the wedding and tells him to mmet her at the barn at a certain time. Meanwhile lex's father is preparing something that is not explain in this episode, even when he confronts his son after the wedding and tell him about the dead doctor under the church.
  • Lana just is getten prepared for her wedding! she traps chloe in the wine celler and then finds out clarks secret! she then was goin to run off and not marry lex but instead she had to,forced to marry lex cause of linole!!

    I tought this episode was GREAT!! They coulden't have written a better episode!!! I would have given it a 10 but i diden't like the part where lana stabbed clark in the back by not showing to the barn, so they could be together!! All in All I would have given it a 10!!
  • It is the day of the Luther/Lang wedding, and everyone is wondering if Lana will go through with it (including herself). Clark, Chloe, Lex, and Lionel work individually to coerce Lana into making the decision they each feel is right.

    Although the time jumps made this episode uninviting at first, this narrative style paid of in the end. The story line between Lana and Clark took a new and interesting turn, adding a fantastic and ingenious new element to their already complicated relationship. It is quite fitting that Lana must now lie to protect Clark; I cannot imagine any other way for her to learn Clark's secret without pushing the pair together, and we all know that he is saving all his love for Lois. I also thought it was ironically fitting for Lionel to turn back to the dark side in order to protect Lex, considering that if he had not been such an awful father, Lex might have a legitimate (and blackmail-free) shot at Lana's heart.
  • Wedding of the Year! It had all the ingredients that make a good wedding; Death, heartbreak, a secret revealed, blackmail and lies. Smallville gives us a gigantic episode that truly makes it the best thing on television. Kudos to everyone on Smallville.

    Lana finally know Clark's secret. After 6 seasons Lana knows Clark has abilities yet she has not told Clark about it only Lionel knows she knows. The way the writers made this episode with a three person perspective was just amazing and I absolutely agreed and enjoyed the start-off of this episode, the music by Snow Patrol just fit in perfectly. We also learn that Lex has done something purely evil to Lana's baby and Dr. Langston refuses to go along with it any further. This is really shocking for we knew how much Lex loves her yet he still puts her life in jeopardy. This shows Lex's judgement of what is right and wrong is getting a little cloudy and may turn him into the Criminal Mastermind of out time. It was a really good scene that was pulled off when Lex bashes Dr. Langston to death it felt really brutal. Episode gave me what I wanted and more.
  • Clark and Lana :(

    I think this was a very good episode!! It was one of my favorite episodes!!!! I just loved how they set it up and it had Clana in it but not to the point where it stunk, and now Lana finally knows Clark's secret but was trapped with Lex because of the butt head Lionel. I can't believe Lionel did that, whos side is he on?? He lies for Clark to Lex then keeps Lana and Clark away? WHat is his deal???? I wonder what is going to happen next!! Exciting I just cant wait until Combat and then APRIL 19!!!!!!!!
  • An episode which I did not expect... I liked it but ow everything changed and how Clark got hurt was not really nice...

    I believe that this was a really good episode. The only thing that I found strange is the part where Lionel spoke to Lana and everything changed...It was a really good episode though..The fact that Lana chose Lex was weird even though they were together... don't know why but deep down wished she would choose Clark... This episode shows how much Clark was in love with Lana. It had to be Lionel as usual to ruin everything. Lionel seems to be getting to his old ways. I believe that he only plays the good part for Marta. I loves her i guess but if he shows who he really is she won't like him.
  • It took me a while to get into this episode, but it really was great!

    I wish Smallville would stop taking breaks, it makes it so hard to keep up with the storyline. They never seem to have more than a couple of episodes without a month long break, it's frustrating. I tried to watch this episode, but found myself distracted because i was no longer invested in the storyline, but on the third try, i made it past the 10 minute mark and it is actually a really good episode!!

    I'm SO mad a Lionel for this it's just not funny, i thought he was supposed to be good, i cant keep up with him, he started evil, then he went good, then he went bad, then good again and he decided Lex needed to be stopped, then bad, then good and now he's back on Lex's side, what's his deal? Can't he pick a side and stick to it? Urgh, inconcictancy makes me mad.

    I'm also kinda mad at Lana for being a wimpy little b*tch.. If she'd gone and told Clark what Lionel did, he could have shut him up, plus, Lionel wants Martha and he wont get her if he betrays Clark.

    I know i'm complaining a lot, i always do, but i actually did like this episode, so i gave it a 9.5 out of 10. It was an important episode and it needed to happen sooner or later and i like the way they did it even if i did have a few complaints..
  • A surprising episode that caught my attention from the beginning, both in style and substance. Great character development, and powerful writing that left me wanting more.

    Being a long-time fan of Clark and Lana, I came into this episode bound and determined to hate the writers and producers of Smallville forever if Lana were to marry Lex. What I didn't foresee was the intriguing way in which Lana ended up at the altar, marrying Lex to protect the man she truly loves. A plot twist like that deserves high praise. Lana's little scheme to force Clark into revealing his secret was another nice plot development, and definitely unexpected, at least by me. The dialogue between Chloe and Clark beautifully exposed the frustrations created by having to hide his true nature from Lana. For Lana to be able to hear Clark explain why he had kept this from her, to hear the pain in his voice, to see the look on his face, was a moment I'd scarcely dared hope would happen.

    Once again, John Glover brought his A-game villain to the show, making hus understand why the Luthor name is so reviled in the world of Smallville. Discovering Lana and her note at precisely the wrong moment (for all Clark & Lana fans), he proceeds to use his knowledge of Clark's secret to protect his son, at the expense of everyone else. It was a brutal yet powerful scene.

    With Lana marrying Lex,the conflict between Clark and Lex becomes more personal, changing rivalry to enmity. I look forward to seeing future episodes explore this theme. I can only hope that Smallville continues to produce such memorable episodes.
  • OMG! What a wonderful episode!

    All I have to say is, I can not wait for Lana to be able to seek revenge on Lionel and Lex for what they have trapped her into. How dare Lex say he'll do anything to get Lana to marry him and how DARE Lionel threaten Clark just to make her do it! I was so ashamed of them and my heart broke for Lana and Clark. I cursed at the TV and held back my tears (only because my fiancee says I cry too much while watching TV and I wasn't going to let him be right again). I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. And I loved how they showed the episode out of chronological order. Its so great that Lana finally has confirmation about Clark - but yet they *still* cant speak about it. Poetic. And the pain they both had to deal with when Lana married Lex, and Clark's heartfelt pleading with her post I Do. It was enough to melt the heart of anyone.

    It was a great show for a romantic like me. It got me all fired up and now I wanna see Lex and Lionel go down like the rats they are.
  • Lana's demise commences. Clark will soon have a reason to hate Lex absolutely.

    Okay--the demise is my surmise.

    Seems highly probable to me that Lana's baby is a clone of Lex. Lex is a complete narcisist. Also insurance of his own "immortality".

    Seems also likely that Lana will die in order to protect Clark's secret from Lex (and Lionel will be killed by Lex, and therefore Lex will never know Clark's secret. Whether Chloe also dies-highly possible.)

    When Lana is killed, Clark will hate Lex with a vengeance, and Clark's actions will result in the death of Lex's clone, sealing their mutual enmity.

    Sounds logical to me! Bring on the mayhem!!!
  • great episode overall except for lex and lana marrying

    although this was a great episode I'm starting with the bad/weird parts the bad part was lex and lana marrying which i don't think should of happened. next the part i found really weird how could clark tell lana about his secret on her wedding day and not when he proposed and they were still dating in reckoning. i loved the three point of view thing which was seen from lex lana and clark. i thought lex killing the doctor was a big push into the man he will become but he wont be able to be the real bad lex until clark becomes superman. overall this episode rocked and there should be more like it.
  • This was a well written episode. One of the reasons I love to watch this show.

    I loved this show. I thought that it answered as well as closed some doors that I am hoping stay shut. I think Lex and Lana wedding was what Clark needed to help him forget about Lana as someone he could have a serious relationship.
    I loved the part where Lionel is back to his true self. I can't help but think that there will be an explanation why he threatened Lana like he did.
    I liked the part where Clark was practicing a proposal with his dog. It is classic to Clark and the "geek" he can be. Kind of like in the pilot when he approaches Lana and falls with his books tumbling out of his hands (necklace inspired). I am not sure I like the fact that Lana knows Clark's secret, but have to have faith that something juicy is going to come out of it. I have a feeling that the season finale is going to be awesome. So I will stay tuned.
  • This was a disappointing episode...

    OK, let's see... Lana finds out about Clark's super powers and decides to drop the wedding, but an old Luthor finds out about it and threatens Lana to kill Clark and she buys it (a hard thing to imagine after she sees what Clark can do, and keeping in mind that she seen Clark rising from the deads or anyway she seen him dead and a few hours after he was alive)
    I almost cried when I saw that Lana really married Lex...
    The only good part in this episode was the part where Lex dreamed his little monster.
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