Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2011 on The CW

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  • Sad to see the series ending like this.

    Sad truth is the series has lacked good scripts. Superboy is about 28 years old and he has never flown nor worn his super suit. And yeah I know no flights no tights rule...but the character has aged...growth should have didn't. Him romancing and marrying Lois Lane is a cop out. He hasn't even had his career as Superman in the big city. Clark/Superman should've been focused on stopping interesting villains, you know, better story's? Of which we didn't get. And since when does Superman give a computer recognition as his father? Because its a computer, not the real thing, and yet he takes Lois and introduces the machine like the real McCoy. Long before now the character should have been flying and wearing his suit. No flight no tights should've ended gradually after season 4. Very poor character development here.
  • Ultrawoman 2: What Was The Point?

    Prophecy-Clark and Lois go to see Jor-El and receive his blessing, and he gives Lois Clark's superpowers so she can see what his life is like. However, she soon discovers that she will have to use her powers to fight crime when the Toyman returns. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers that he bears the Omega Brand and seeks out a means to remove it, and encounters Kara, who is also seeking to stop Darkseid. this was penultimate episode of the series, not of the season, the entire series and....THIS is what we got? An episode that features Toyman, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Stargirl, Granny Goodness....oh and the Legion of Doom no less....yet "Prophecy" feels like a ill concieved mess! Too much is introduced in one episode, too many polt developments feel rushed or forced and don't get me started on Kara and Oliver's pointless adventure. But let's start off with SuperLois! Now if you were alive in the 90s like me, "Lois and Clark" did a episode like this before. Lois gets Clark's powers for a day and become Ultrawoman but soon discovers Clark doesn't have it easy at all and being a superhero is about sacrifice. Obviously, the writers were set out to achieve the same thing with this episode, but it's underwritten lesson that gets lost in an epsiode where too many plot developments are being thrown left and right.

    The only real highlight of this "being Clark for a day" story is when Clark teaches Lois how to use his superhearing. It's a nice scene played well as usual by Tom and Erica. Other than that, it's rather poor. Watching Lois have her fun in the beginning was entertaining at first but once Toyman comes to play, things go downhill from there. Okay 1) how can Toyman have a cellphone in jail? 2)How they hell does he know Clark's secret? 3) Why the hell would Lois go along with Toyman's plan at all since he's a psycho, she has Clark's powers and can stop him right there by either superspeeding to Clark and telling him or just destory the cellphone with heat vision! Problem solved! But no, we get the "tragic" polt point with Lois putting the mind control device on her (how could that penatrate her skin away?!) So Lois attacks Clark while Tess....just stands then telling Clark to hold on instead of getting some kryptonite to stop her...but anyway....Clark gets his powers back just as quickly as he lost them....and the point of this story was? Atleast we got that badass confrontation between Clark and Toyman! Farmboy is really ready to put on that suit. Speaking of suit, I'm sure most of us expected at least for the episode to end with Clark maybe getting the suit or some hopeful conclusion leading into the series finale but nope, Clark's confrontation with Jor-El was just harsh and they way he turned him off made me think, "Since you could have done that the whole time, why didn't you do that before!?" It that wasn't bad enough, Lois decides she can't be with Clark because she'll be taking away from him being a hero? Great acting from Erica Durance aside, this development couldn't come at the worst time and considering what thse two have been through this season, as well as how much has been emphasized that these two can handled a life together for a suddden break-up to occur felt like a kick in the b@lls. Do we really need this type of melodramtic crap leading into the FINAL EPISODE?

    Then we have Kara and Oliver's search for Orion's Bow which goes nowhere. This part of the episode just felt dull and moments like Kara knowing how to shot a bow screamed "headdesk!" An even bigger insult is how Kara's exits the series. Suddenly, Jor-El proclaims Clark is ready and that Kara is standing in his way....excuse me what? Yeah, it's great Jor-El is finally standing up for his son, but virtually shafting Kara for an rushed exit is a bigger insult than even "Supergirl" was. So what was the point of bringing her back if in the end, she was in Clark's way and contributed NOTHING to helping Clark stop Darkseid? So away she goes into the future, no closer between the cousins, rushed farwell with no emotional weight, talk about LAME! I won't even get into how Kara found the ring and how Jor-El didn't give Kara a clear mission or genuine reason to go to future besides "We can't fit you into the finale, so you gotta go!" Anyway, Granny Goodness' appearence was one of the reare few highlights, I like that she destoryed the Bow getting read of any possible Deus Ex Machina for the finale. (But how could she destory such a powerful weapon when Darkseid couldn't) Ehw...I'm done..."Prophecy" was simply a weak lead in to the finale. Instead of leaving fans with hope for an epic conclusion to the series, we got a terribly average episode that tries too much when it's too late. The time has come for Smallville to end....."Finale" here I come!
  • Prophecy

    Prophecy was a superb episode of Smallville and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to watch Oliver quest for the Bow of Orion. I thought that Jor El was wise to have Clark and Lois switch places so to speak to see what the other has to deal with. This episode had a lot of growth for the characters and their relationships. Kara made an important decision regarding her own fate. I was really shocked by the last scene of this episode and I definitely look forward to watching the season finale!!!!!!!
  • Jor-el gives Lois Clark's powers for a day.

    It was an interesting episode. I like that Oliver was tracking the bow of Orion and am interested to see what Granny did witgh it and will do with Oliver. I like that Kara was in it but it kind of seemed like they could've done the episode without her. I thought she should have had one scene with Clark. Tess hasn't really done anythnig the last couple of episodes except stuff at watchtower. Lois getting Clarks powers was neat but they've done that before. I like that having the powers is what changed Lois's mind to marry Clark. I read there was going to be a wedding in the finale so I guess we will see what happens with that little dilema. The way Clark got his powers back was kind of cheesy. He loves her, she thinks about it, then goes back to trying to kill him. Then their hands meet right at the exact time they need to and he gets his powers. I liked that the episode had action and that they had a few villians in it. I am definitley looking forward to next weeks episode. One last review for us all, how sad. See you next week
  • Awesome!!!!!!!

    This episode was awesome, why do people keep rating smallville low???? Cuz this show is amazing! And this episode was amazingly awesome, and it sets up the finale beautifully! I know one thing for sure tho, the finale will have loads of awesome reviews and a really good score on here! I can't believe lois canceled the wedding, but from the pics I've seen they do end up down the isle, and they better end up getting married cuz they desserve each other! And I really hope ollie is ok, I'm sure he will be! The finale is gonna be the best finale EVER!!!!!!

    Smallville rules!!!!!!!
  • WOW!!!! Spoilers Below.

    Kara Leaves, the Fortress goes dark (by choice), Oliver completes his transfer to darkness and Lois decides not to go through with the wedding....what a great set up for the Finale. I was not expecting that when i turned on my TV. I loved the Kara/Oliver story line and i was caught off guard when Granny Goodness showed up and destroyed the bow, then taking control of Oliver. The Toyman story with his group of Villains was also a nice story line, proving for the future of evil for Clark to fight. The fact that Kara had to leave at the end was a little upsetting for me, i always liked Kara and i was hoping to see her in the Finale. Oliver also found a nice piece of Gold K.... That might come back in the Finale. Now for the Lois story i was actually kind of bored with that. Mostly because i remember when Lana got Clark's powers in season 7. This was nicely done, but i keep feeling like it had be done before, because it had. I am glad that Clark finally stopped his training with Jor-El, saying that he was ready to set his own destiny in motion. Turning off the fortress was kind of a shock to me, but it represents another tie to his past as Clark Kent cut off so he can become Superman. (Speaking of which, does anyone else miss the Kent Farm???) Lois wanting out of the wedding also came as a shock to me, but i think they will work things out. All in all, a Great episode that really sets up the Finale well. I just cant believe that the show is almost over.
  • I gave this a 1 because well, it was worth a 1. I realize the set up with lois and Clark's relationship in the future but who really cares? This has been such a slow paced season more time needs to be spent on the final leg of Clark's journey.

    Ok, here we go. Some of you are really annoying me. When will you understand that this is a story about Clark Kent, not Superboy, and that Clark Kent d o e s n o t f l y !!! You have been waiting all these years and complaining that Clark s t i l l isn't flying. This isn't rocket science people! Clark Kent will not ever fly as Clark Kent, only as Superman and that ain't happening until the last freakin scene of the entire series so get used to it. He won't even be in the suit until the end so just calm yourselves and realize that this is a show about Clark Kent and his j o u r n e y towards becoming Superman! A lot of you are going to be disappointed at the end of next week but you have only yourselves to blame because this show has made itself clear from d a y o n e...... no flights, no tights! No flights means no flying and no tights means no suit, just plain old Clark Kent and Clark learning how to e v e n t u a l l y become Superman!!!
  • Great Episode!

    Again another amazing episode. It was great to see Kara and hear from Jor-El again. The plot of Lois gettings Clarks powers for a day reminded me of All-Star Superman. I was also happy to see Oliver and his struggle with the darkness instead of a cop out where he was cured. Again it was refreashing to see Granny Goodness and the pseudo Injustice League. Also when the showed them all it was nice, they even did a good job on Black Manta. Not sure why their target was the League considering that most of them were not seen in a long time I was expecting nothing big to come of this. Also the sub plot with the Gold Kryptonite. was interesting. I was wondering if it was going to show up and what it would do. I am still trying to figure out why Tess has not told Clark about it and why not they have not made a lead suit to protect him from the Kryptonite radiation. I was shocked to see Lois refuse to marry Clark. It seems like a kick in the face if they do not get married. While there was not a formal preview I was glad because it could have ruined the finale.
  • Should have been better.

    As far as penultimate episodes go, this wasn't the worst episode of Smallville. I can remember episodes like Forever or Hostage that were worse than this. However, next week isn't just any finale. It's the series finale and this episode didn't do enough to get me excited for that one. The problem for me was that they focused most of this episode on the wrong storyline. We didn't need an episode where Lois walks in Clark's shoes this close to the finale. And that final scene just felt like more forced drama. After all the amount of screentime they dedicated to the wedding this season, I doubt they won't go through with it.

    The Oliver-Kara arc was better, but we didn't see a lot of it. And then, Kara gets called back by Jor-El who proceeds to order her to leave Earth? Because Clark can't fulfill his destiny with her there? And she doesn't even get to say goodbye to Clark? That was a bad send off and it fully justified Clark shutting down the FOS at the end. Given the way AI Jor-El has treated Clark all these years, that was the fitting end. Clark doesn't need him.

    I liked the introduction of the Legion of Doom, but I wish it was sooner and we found out more about them. At this point, we don't know if they are connected to Darkseid. I hope they are, because adding another villain group this close to the finale is a risk if they are not connected to the main plot.

    Overall, this was an average episode considering all that's going on this season. One more episode to go. The big one. Bring on the Smallville Series Finale!
  • 1020

    The penultimate episode of Smallville isn't disappointing but it did have it's flaws. Lois with superpowers? Clark & Lois asking for Jor-El's approval? The ending that was just pointless and annoying.

    So Lois can't marry Clark because she feels as though she might be his weakness? Hmm, where have we seen this before? I recall that Lana worried about that exact same thing.

    Everything else was pretty eventful though. The return and sendoff of Kara was satisfying. The return of Toyman was also great. All the villains going against Clark was also great. This show has gone downhill, but the fact that people are complaining that Clark can't fly yet is ridiculous.

    I'm pretty sure the writers are saving that for the end when he BECOMES Superman. This show is about Superman growing up, what would be the point if he started flying in the fifth season? Anyways, that's all I have to say about that. I'm excited for the finale.
  • ▲▲▲ Spoiler-free ▼▼▼ The almighty and double-edged Semi-Finale the show was destined to have

    Jor-El says write a bad review.

    So as expected Prophecy was as ridiculous as all past episodes but Collateral, The One exception. Viewers who have endured Smallville so far deserve a gold medal considering how the show managed to trench a 10th season will remain a mystery for future generations. The very beginning I just knew it would go wrong, as always. First during the opening credits Mike Rohl as the director didn't ring a bell and as for the two writers, Emile Brian and Shaundy Kaufmann if I remember correctly, I suppose they were hired in a hurry as I heard most people behind the show were fired because of budget cuts. Lucky for them the desperate performers had no choice but to stick until the finale – Zod bless. As for the story it started with the usual boring twist, right before the tiresome title sequence. They couldn't have been more predictable ! The audience still in love with season 1 should be in heaven because in term of skills Tom Welling and Erica Durance were back to square one. The second actually reminded me of Kristin Kreuk, Lana Lang in case you have already forgot, in her worst days and this is an euphemism. As special agent Sterling Malory Archer said to her secretary : « Please don't cry, you're so ugly ». Durance's onion acting was painful to watch and in fact I had to look away. As for Welling his charisma has reached the bottom of TV abyss. Like if it wasn't enough their arc was dry and didn't develop their relationship in anyway. In fact it tasted like a cold plate of mashed potatoes, like the ones Martha Kent cooked us in season 9's Hostage – an other Better Dead Than Alien semi-finale. And as for the naive ending I let you appreciate it because it should even turn your delicious popcorn caramel into Salt Kryptonite™ !

    It leads us to Justin Hartley who was back again when I thought he had decided not to go for an encore. @#C!%Ω$S?¶& – Sorry for this minor glitch in my prose but it seems I have just been hacked – Now that I have restarted my brain, and fried its remaining neurons, let's go back to Oliver Queen. How arrogant to unveil an arc inspired by Indiana Jones and Louis Febre's music was just a noisy sumphōnia (from Ancient Greek) ! Hartley is not Harrison Ford and this time he didn't even take the time to remove his shirt to reveal his hairy and skinny bust. Things became unbearable when he was joined by the weakest link in the chain. I would rather raid my own tomb in the dark than believe Green Arrow could represent the hero within all of us. Bow before me my queen because I guard a pot of gold right at the rainbow tail. That's for you Cassidy Freeman because undertaking Oliver's sidekick was as painful as seeing her as Tess "Lara Croft" Mercer in season 9's Echo. The only juicy strawberry in that rotten bowl was her nearly absence as we only had to endure her hideous face and despicable talent for some seconds. Freeman if you hear me, I haet you !

    To sum things up it was an other rabid walk in the park. A tainted ice fortress full of fake emotions, empty character development and dead boring entertainment. And with such a pathetic cliffhanger I can't see how the ultimate finale could redeemed the 215 episodes – oh my Zod ! – we had to put up with so far.

    Now Jor-El said it was our last trial before The Finale so let's embrace our destiny and be the viewer Smallville needs us to be ! Lois & Clark ? My idols.

    Note : I dedicate this upside down review to all people in the world who hate the show and will sadly never understand why it's so super and inspiring. But you're still welcome to join us anytime so just tune in Zod damni !