Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 08, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lex calls in an antiquities expert, Milash, to examine the cryptograph he found in Zurich. Lex is reluctant but finally lets Milash take it with him to his shop for further study. Lex orders a security detail to watch Milash then contemplates the fire. He's interrupted when the attacker from Zurich, the same one who killed Gina, comes at him. The man stabs Lex in the arm, knocks him down, and then cuts symbols into Lex's chest and flees as Lex's security guards return.

Later, Lex is recovering in the Smallville Medical Center and sees the symbols, and realizes his attacker is looking for the cryptograph.

Jimmy returns to Chloe's apartment and reveals that he got a shot of Lex being admitted to the hospital. He shows Chloe the symbol, which she recognizes. She goes to the medical center to meet with Clark who identifies the symbols as the words for "Traveler" and "Savior." Chloe figures someone with Veritas is trying to get hold of the cryptogram and that Lex hasn't figured out that Clark is the Traveler yet. Clark goes to get answers from Lex, but the latter has already left.

The attacker has followed Milash to his shop and calls his superior to inform him he's found the cryptograph. Milash realizes what he's looking at, but the mystery attacker comes in and kills Lex's two guards. Before he can finish off Milash, Lex arrives and kills him.

Clark and Chloe go to Isis and examine the camera footage. Clark feels guilty for endangering Lex, then notices that the two symbols overlap and form a third symbol: "sanctuary." Since St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, Chloe locates St. Christopher's Cathedral in Montreal.

Milash reveals to Lex that a German watchmaker who catered to European nobility made the cryptograph, and was hired by a mysterious employer to make a clock. Only one sketch of the clock existed and it disappeared during World War II and reappeared as a donation from Dr. Swann to St. Christopher's Cathedral.

At St. Christopher's, Clark goes in and finds Kryptonian symbols inscribed on the basin. They direct him to other symbols underneath, but as Clark turns he finds a mysterious hooded figure who has been expecting him. The man identifies himself as Edward Teague, the last surviving member of Veritas, and now he wishes to serve the Traveler. He explains he went into hiding after the death of his wife and son, and he warns that Lex is too close to finding Swann's secret for controlling Clark. Swann's secret was scattered across the globe, and one clue is in the cathedral. Teague had his man carve the symbols into the chest so Clark would see them and reveal himself. Teague wonders why Clark hasn't taken care of Lex and realizes Clark doesn't want of fulfill his destiny. Teague reveals a piece of kryptonite in his lead-lined cane and says no one can be allowed to control Clark, despite the cost.

Lex is flying to Montreal in his personal jet with Milash, who demands the truth. Lex explains that Lionel was part of the secret society and the cryptograph will give him the answer to what he needs to find out what was so important.

Chloe tries to call Clark when Jimmy arrives with info on how the symbols have been appearing around Smallville for years. Chloe tries to dismiss his suspicions but Jimmy notes that one of the drawings shows a human sacrifice.

Teague has strapped the weakened Clark to an altar surrounded by liquid kryptonite and prepares an ancient Kryptonian ritual, believing Clark can be turned into a destroyer as easily as a savior. Jor-El himself sent a device to Earth to control Clark. Teague then carves a symbol into Clark's chest.

Lex arrives at the cathedral where he finds a clock. He places the cryptograph in the clock and it plays a Scottish song and a five-sided key appears from a hidden compartment. Teague arrives and is impressed that Lex has risen to become the Traveler's nenmesis, then insists that without a Traveler there can be no Destroyer. The two men fight while below, Chloe makes it to Montreal on Oliver Queen's private jet, gets to the cathedral, and finds Clark. She drains off the liquid and Clark heals and breaks free. He superspeeds up and stops Lex from killing Teague at superspeed, destroying the clock in the process, then gets away before Lex can see him.

Lex sends Milash back to his home then flies to Scotland, since the song that played was "Birks of St. Kilda." The island on St. Kilda held a castle: the same castle Lionel had imported to Smallville stone by stone. Lex orders the plane to head for Smallville.

Chloe returns to her apartment and Jimmy announces that he sold his first story: he's determined that the Kawatche symbols of good and evil portray a resolution of the conflict between Naman, the Savior, and Sageeth, the Bringer of Darkness. He's discovered that Naman's journey ends in a final battle… and sold the story to Lex.

Chloe takes the information to Clark, who is worried that his abilities could destroy everything in the wrong hands. Chloe suggests that Clark kill Lex. Meanwhile, Lex has his researchers taking apart the manor. Deciphering the musical clue, he tells everyone to get out, then breaks open the mantle and finds a control device on it with a slot that matches the symbol he found in the clock in Montreal. He inserts the symbol and the control device floats into the air and generates a map of the world… which shows a location in the Arctic.