Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 08, 2008 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Lex opens the grandfather clock, his mouth is closed and he is staring calmly at the clock. In the next shot, his mouth is gaping, and his eyes are pretty shocked.

    • Lex is lying in his hospital bed with no bandages or ointments on his recently cut-and-scarred chest.

    • The initial attack on Lex is never fully explained. Teague wants Lex dead so he can't control Clark. So he sends an assassin to... scar Lex's chest, so that Clark will see the symbols, so that Clark will go to Montreal, to encounter Teague. It would have been simpler to pay someone to paint the symbol on a wall or in a crop circle and kill Lex, and such a plan has the added advantage of rendering dead the one person who is close to gaining the secret. in fact, Teague does try to kill Lex later in the church, so it's clear he wants him dead.

    • When Chloe meets Clark at the hospital, he's reluctant to help Lex and she basically browbeats him into checking the situation out. But then at Isis, she suddenly switches rationales without motive, deciding they shouldn't worry about Lex.

    • Edward Teague has been waiting for Clark for a lifetime, talks to Clark for two minutes, and goes from worshipping him to saying he should die for not dealing with Lex. However, Teague himself failed to deal with Lex, telling his agent to only leave symbols on Lex's chest. Teague may not be entirely rational, but it still makes very little sense for him to kill Clark, the object of his worship, for not doing what Teague himself refused to do.

    • It's not clear why Chloe goes to rescue Clark in Montreal. Jimmy shows her an image of a human sacrifice. The figure being sacrificed might be Clark but it isn't in a church. It doesn't make sense for Chloe to think Clark is in danger the second she sees a centuries-old image prophesizing a sacrifice... sometime. And the image makes no reference to a present-day time.

    • After Chloe gets rid of the kryptonite around Clark when he's on the altar his wounds heal. However, while they are healing a bright light emanates from them. This has never happened any time before when his body has healed itself, normally the wounds just close without any fancy light effect.

    • One of the photos Jimmy shows Chloe of Lex's wounds is taken from directly over his body whilst he's being moved through the hospital. There's no way Jimmy could've got that shot. He'd have had to be leaning right over Lex which would've been difficult in the first place as he was moving with presumably several people around him.

    • Near the end of this episode, when Chloe returns to her apartment where she and Jimmy enjoy some champagne, the foam bubbles are present at one second and completely absent in the next.

  • Quotes

    • Chloe: I won't ask you where you've been or why you stood me up. As long as you picked up some cheesecake to say "I'm sorry."

    • Chloe: Well, given the large number of dead bodies rolling around lately, I, uh, thought that Lex had eliminated all his enemies.

    • Teague: People want to see you as their savior but you can't be so naïve. For every beacon of light in the universe, there is a pit of darkness. We must fight to keep that darkness from overwhelming us.

    • Lex: My father's obsession made me an orphan, long before he died.

    • Chloe: (to Clark) Whether you like being on this pedestal or not, you were put in this position. And some day, you're gonna have to play God.

    • Teague: The prophecies state that the Traveler would have a powerful adversary. I could have never foreseen that it would be little Alexander.

    • Clark: Chloe. How did you...
      Chloe: Oliver's jet--fringe benefit of being a hero.

    • Lex: You have no idea what it's like to live every day of your life feeling like an afterthought. I've sacrificed too much.
      Teague: No. Your sacrifice has just begun. The world can exist only in balance. If there is no Traveler, there can be no Destroyer.

    • Chloe: People have been playing with the Kawatche cave paintings for years, just trying to get on the 6 o'clock news.
      Jimmy: Wow. Get a little competition in the story department and suddenly you go all Scully on me.

    • Clark: That's the last thing I need. Someone going around killing people in my name.
      Chloe: That's probably how God felt about the Crusades.

  • Notes

    • Music: Loch Lomond (referred to as the "Birks of St. Kilda")

    • International Airdates:
      Norway: Monday, May 19, 2008 10.50 pm on TVNorge
      Denmark: Monday, June 23, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: Thursday, August 7, 2008 on TEN HD
      United Kingdom: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 on E4
      Sweden: Friday, October 3, 2008 on TV6
      Greece: Sunday, November 23, 2008 on Star
      New Zealand: Friday, June 5, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: August 27, 2010 on Markiza

    • Although a large amount of the episodes are filmed in Canada, this is the first time that Clark Kent is shown in this country.

    • This is the first episode of Smallville to start with the letter Q. Y is the only letter left with no episodes.

    • Although credited, Kristin Kreuk, John Glover, Erica Durance, and Laura Vandervoort do not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: Wow. Get a little competition in the story department and suddenly you go all Scully on me.
      Referencing the 1993 TV series The X-Files starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Gillian Anderson plays skeptical FBI Agent Dana Scully who investigates paranormal phenomena along with partner and paranormal "believer" Fox Mulder, played by Duchovny.

    • Jimmy: It's all very Joseph Campbell.
      Referencing Joseph John Campbell, a writer of comparative religion and mythology. One of his major topics was the idea of common myths, including the cycle of a hero's journey.