Season 9 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on The CW
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A virus spreads through Metropolis that transforms humans into zombies. Chloe and Dr. Hamilton learn that Clark's blood can provide a cure. Meanwhile, Oliver turns to the dark side and must decide the future of his Green Arrow identity, while Tess tries to locate Zod and his Kandorian soldiers.moreless

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  • Jumped the shark!!

    It took 9 years but this show finally jumped the shark. Really, really bad episode.
  • Barely watchable..

    Throughout season 9 this show has been getting more and more gruesome.

    This episode is the peak of gruesomeness.

    Virus infected people turn into outrageous monsters who go crazy and try to kill everything in their path. Once they are infected, they are able to somehow punch someone 10 meters across, which totally does not make sense. How does a virus give people superhuman powers? This is never explained.

    Their behavior is also off the charts, turning what was once a hardly eventful show into a full scale horror show. They definitely went all out, perhaps this should've been a halloween special?

    Besides the virus turning people into monsters, this episode has hardly any other developments, except for a short scene with Oliver and Zod decapitating another Kryptonian (like there wasn't enough graphical violence until that point). This is the worst Smallville episode ever, and yes I've seen all of them.moreless
  • Smallville or revengen of the living dead?

    What is this episode about? About nothing. Problably writers block or strike maybe. Beware of making this show even worse than it has become already. I was glad that supergirl was gone. But zombies! What up with that. I didn't even bother to watch it and speedfrwd trhough the episode. No, this is Smallville at it lowest point ever. Luckily towards episode 10 things are getting better. Or i have to pass on my favourite show for years now. The fact that Lex is gone has made the show half as good. Lex is the one factor that made the show as good as it was before. Zod and the woman (don,t even remember her name) who lives in LL,s house are not a good replacement for Clarks enemy/friends. Because the fact that Lex always was a friend or brother deep down, makes it so much more interestingmoreless
  • 903

    I'm sorry but was this supposed to be some kind of Halloween special? Is there any kind of excuse for this awful episode? Zombies? Really!? No thanks, that's what I watch Supernatural for. I felt like I was watching a really bad horror film, that did really bad in the box office. The zombies were just ridiculous. You know the show has jumped the shark when they pour Clark's blood out of an airplane to save the entire city from a zombie virus. I don't know who the new guy is, but he surely isn't helping the show much. He's just there to be a companion for Chloe, he's not the best addition to the cast.

    The end where Clark puts Lana's picture in the photo album was just depressing. It just reminded us of how great their chemistry was. And in the next scene, we have a scene with absolutely no chemistry between Tom Welling and Erica Durance. Lois' visions remain intriguing, but nothing else about this episode was good, was this really Smallville? A throw away episode, that I'm just going to disregard. Just awful.moreless
  • "The Invasion": Smallville Style -- A fast-spreading virus turns people into zombies, while Clark figures out his feelings for Lois, and Oliver sinks to a new low. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Okay, right up front, I'll admit that I've never been too crazy about zombies, but the Clois moments and the sight of Clark with his shirt wide open more than made up for it. ;) I loved how, when Clark held onto ZombieLois, his muscles just bulged, and it was so sweet how he and NormalLois just stood together in the rain. Plus, when Clark later cleaned out his wallet and enclosed Lana's picture in a scrapbook, I couldn't help but smile at the symbolism. :) And now, my friends, for the bad news: Oliver's attitude for the first half of this episode was detestable, and I didn't blame Clark for berating him at the end. It was, of course, a shock when Ollie set fire to his Green Arrow gear, but his constant yo-yoing between feeling like less than a hero and trying to be alpha male in the JL was starting to get a little old. However, as I've said, the Clois moments combined with the sight of open-shirted Clark are enough to help me overlook any faults in this episode (hell, just even Clark with his shirt wide open would be enough ;) ). Overall, I give RABID eight-and-a-half unbuttoned shirts out of ten.

    Highlights -- Clark wandering around with his shirt open; Clark performing hero duties while trying to throw Lois off the scent (in other words, acting like Superman); Clark zipping Dr. Emil to the hospital and Dr. Emil's reaction; Lois and Clark fending off "zombies" together; Clark, with his shirt inexplicably open, carrying Lois up the stairs; Clark's muscles bulging as he held ZombieLois; Clark and Lois hugging in the rain; Clark taking Lana's picture out of his wallet; and Lois calling Clark a hero.moreless
Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson

Traffic Cop

Guest Star

Rikki Gagne

Rikki Gagne

Daily Planet Zombie

Guest Star

Shaughnessy Redden

Shaughnessy Redden

Met General Doctor

Guest Star

Mike Dopud

Mike Dopud

Tess' Assistant

Recurring Role

Stephen Lobo

Stephen Lobo

Randall Brady

Recurring Role

Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani

Dr. Emil Hamilton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: The satellite map used by Dr. Emil Hamilton to show Chloe the virus path is a map of Chicago, Illinois. The dot for the Daily Planet is just about on top of U.S. Cellular Field where the Chicago White Sox play.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Oliver: Should have known it was you. Clark Kent--the king of buzz kill.

    • Clark: It just doesn't make any sense. Tess is not the nervous-breakdown type.
      Lois: But she is the lying, cheating, scheming type. You keep enough secrets, they start to back up on your brain, Clark. Seriously--alien orbs? Now she's rambling about zombies. It all adds up to "C" for "crazy."

    • Emil: Chloe, I couldn't help but notice that you practically jumped out of your chair when I came in here. I'd prefer that if there were no secrets between us.
      Chloe: Then you're in the wrong business.

    • Chloe: I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the people who are the worst at taking care of themselves are the ones the world actually needs the most.

    • Lois: But I do remember seeing a whole new side of Clark Kent.
      Clark: Which side was that?
      Lois: I'll give you a hint. It stars with "H" and ends with "ero."

  • NOTES (2)


    • Lois: I'm not going to cry wolf just to get a pity call from Studly Do-Right.
      Referencing Dudley Do-Right, the dim-witted but heroic Canadian Mountie immortalized in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (1959-1964), and later spun off into his own show and a live-action movie. Dudley fights against Snidely Whiplash with the assistance of Horse, his horse.

    • Lois: Don't you want to find out what made Cruella snap?
      Referencing Cruella De Vil, the main villain in the 1961 Disney movie One Hundred and One Dalmations, based on the novel The Hundred and One Dalmations (1956) by Dodie Smith. Voiced by Betty Lou Gerson, She was rated the 39th greatest villain of all time in AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villain list in 2003.

    • Oliver: I was looking for Tess when the whole building went Resident Evil.
      Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) is a popular video game series about fighting zombies and other undead creatures. It has also spawned a trilogy of films.