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  • Still a great show years later

    To sum it all up: Clark lies to his friends a bunch and screws over Lex constantly, Lana and Clark yo-yo a few dozen times per season, everyone shits on Chloe, bad things always happen to poor Chloe, bunch of nods to the comic books but tons of inconsistencies to the comics, unlimited supply of "meteor rocks" aka Kryptonite - seriously, where did this endless supply come from? Martha screams "Jonathan!" several times per episode, lots of body switching and "it wasn't really me when I did that".

    oh, and Chloe is the best.

    [edit] reduced my rating by 1 point once I got to season 5 and had to deal with the annoying relationship between clark and lana. God, they have zero chemistry and the show is worse for it. Just make lana die please.
  • The Smallville Movie!

    Hi, I need your help! I want to start a Smallville Epidemic with as many fans around the world as possible, to push for a Smallville Movie! I started writing it last yr, but I need to get paid to finish it... I also need the main characters (or the actors rather) input so I write with the most accuracy as possible! Tom Welling needs to get this script... he is the one with the power to give the script a thumbs up for finishing it and getting the money to do so by going to WB with the work, with his backing the project then all the true fans will finally get what they want... to see Tom be Clark 1 more time! You are welcome to share the following e-mail address with EVERYONE who would LOVE a COPY of the SNEAK PEEK Material... to cherish for themselves... at: The more people who have a copy of it and show their support the better the odds that this movie will get made!

    1351414638202876 for the mos up to date script, people need to contact me directly at that above email address!

    Superwoman Does Exist and it is time to Tell Her Story... but to do that I need all the fan help I can get so that the script can find it's way to Tom! I think having Fan interaction would be great fun, not sure if any other shows have done it, but their sure isn't anything wrong with being the First! I can be reached in any of the following ways... 1 twitter:@Smallvillemovie or @JenniferCooley1 or or


    Sincerely Superwoman! .

    You are welcome to share all this info with everyone on your facebook who are interested in reading the work and are also fans of the shows, and have them to do the same! I've contacted a fan as far away as Greece in all my efforts to get the biggest crowd of fans for a show via the internet then has ever been show of that kind of support I doubt Tom could ever do anything but smile and accept and WB would be assured that producing a Smallville Movie wouldn't be a waste of their time or money! :-)

    If you have any questions about me or my work don't hesitate to write me back! I am a very easy going & friendly person! I love to chat, I'm easy to talk to! I look forward to hearing a positive response from you soon! :-)
  • Fav show

    no comment ;-;
  • Great Family Show

    Binged on Smallville for weeks, why did it have to end, best family show ever. Wish their could have been more
  • Best Show Ever Created!!

    This show has gotten me through some tough times. The romance and the way that everybody cares for everybody really made the show great, I have seen all 10 seasons of Smallville, and I'm in the process of rewatching and reading season 11 in comics. I really wish that they had given the liftoff of superman and his suit more air time but the point of it was every good show has to come to an end or eventually it would have ended up as one of those crappy shows that just continually makes more seasons that get crappier and crappier. But with smallville although the cast was together for 10 years, they all felt at home and made the show even better because they were all basically family and had bonds which made the acting even better. Honestly I feel that the whole entire story was accurate, funny, and although cringe worthy to watch growing up, still pretty great the acting was pretty great. All the seasons were perfect, the 4th one was probably my favorite mainly because i liked how they steered off of always making everything about Clark, although it was all about clark it was refreshing to see others going through stuff and how they handled it. Lana went through some crazy stuff but i think that Clark and Lana pretty much went through it together, I really love the story and origin of superman but i do feel that clark and lana's story was great, them being together i mean their love was strong enough that lana gave up being around him and being able to look into his eyes ever again because of their love for eachother, that may not make sense but they had so much love for each other and where they came from that they gave up everything just to save the whole state/city for each other. The story may be farfetched for some but for others it give us hope and a feeling of engineuity and bliss, this show probably changed my life, i know how crazy that sounds being that i havent lived that long. Since watching it i have wanted nothing but to understand the choices that were made in that show the choices that the characters had to make for each other and for the good of what was to come and i especially wanted to know that all the characters would be happy, I realized that Lana probably isn't too happy thank you LEX!, but i also understand that she had to make a choice so that she could save everyone, sometimes thats what sucks about being a superhero they have to give up everything important in their life for others. I think the whole moral behind this show is that not only did superman save others lives, but he also changed others he gave them hope, and he gave them peace, although their is always going to be someone who needs saving either from themselves or from a giant falling daily plant sign, this show is highly recommended for those who need hope and something to believe in and change their
  • Just starting out but... (A newbie's review)

    I just finished episode 1. I have not seen the official version, I am watching off dailymotion where everyone talks a bit quicker. This show is cheesy, the acting sucks, the one liners are punny at best, but still can't stop myself from smiling. It doesn't have the best effects. Nor does it have the best story so far. That will probably pick up later. BUT it does have the most important thing, a soul. It is the sort of show that makes you see past all the bad stuff and still go on to the next episode. I am looking forward to the massive binge I am starting as of five seconds after posting this message.
  • Clana Overrated

    I wouldn't get caught up in Clana, being near the end of season 9, I already prefer Clois, and was much more excited and Clois's first kiss than Clanas. However, Clana does go through many bumps, ending horrificaly. It doesn't effect you as much as you thought it would though, Clark doesn;t take it very bad, therefore you don't. I think Clark and Lois are meant to be, way more than Clark and Lana. I don't realy know where it will go at this point, however, i have heard that they get married, so I have a lot to look forward to in the near future. This is a grat tv series, you would love this especially if you like things like The Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl (Which all 3 make appearances in, The Arrow being the most significant).
  • Top Shows - One of the best superhero shows

    Terrific, lots of variety, wide range of powers, plenty of villain of the week arcs, homely feel, cool references, loveable characters, the performance and character: Lionel Luthor, conflicted Clark with his morals and relationships, pretty cool action sequences. Complaint, I never liked Clark acting like Flash with his speed.

    4 seasons (2009-August 2015) 3rd party Video site, TNT
  • Smallville characters

    I really liked the show but the Lana character got really annoying. I can't watch seasons 5-7 because of the Clark, Lana, Lex storyline. I read the message from brandonsmith503 and have a question about the purpose of Lana's character. If she wasn't a main character in the "general" superman story-line, why was she such a central character in Smallville? And why did they put her and Clark together for most of the series and finally put Lois and Clark together by season 9? Why did they wait so long?
  • Some information from someone that was part of the writers and on-set crew

    Alright this message goes out to the members such as tj-tv, osazeeprinzo, etc. I was part of the on-set team of Smallville and have talked to Alfred Gough and Miles Miller on numerous occasions. When writing Smallville they were faced with 2 options. One stick to the "general" superman story-line and have their hands tied writing wise by restricting them to sticking to that story line ONLY or number 2 they can step out of the "general" superman story-line and not be restricted of what they can write about. When beginning writing the show 2 things were said to be set into stone. First being we will not see him fly and the second being we will not see him in the suit. Now even though we changed that at the finale slightly and we saw him briefly fly and in the suit Smallville was created to show Clark Kent's life prior to him becoming the "Man of That was the whole point. In response to sheena115 Chloe was part of "our" story-line. Ultimately Clark is to be with Lois Lane this is why Chloe was fired from the Daily Planet to bring the Lois and Clark characters together. This is the reason why Tom Welling was not chosen to be in the "Man of Steel" films because we with we being us as well as DC and WB decided to keep the television world and movie world separate and not intertwine characters from one to the other. I hope this helped explain why the show ended how it did and if any other questions arise don't hesitate to ask. I will check frequently. Thank you to all the Smalllville fans. As a side note, we are attempting to find a way to bring the entire series of Smallville to Blu-Ray instead of seasons 6-10 only.
  • Smallville

    I want my Smallville SHOW BACK was bad I had to get up at 5:00 am to even watch and I did every day. So now they take it off with out saying a thing. And put on law and order that is on every other channel you turn to any way. So I am not going to watch this channel at all till my show come back on ... I WANT SMALLVILLE BACK ON

    This show guys is a masterpiece. It's a long show because of the ten seasons, but believe me, it's worth it a billion times. It's about Superman, but a part of him that you don't know, and you should know. The action is amazing, in every episode there's a new thrilling story, so for you boys don't worry, you'll get enough blood and fights; but I'm a girl, so the thing that i really loved was the relationship between clark and lois, even with lana is awesome, but trust me, with lois is a whole other story. They complete each other so badly that at the end of every episode you wish to have what they have in you're future with a man or a woman, it's unbelivable. Even the actors are amazing, it's like they were born to be Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex grown up with this show, and I felt so bad when it ended, and usually I don't care if a serie ends or a movie saga. Guys you must watch it!!! Definally the last seasons are the best, expecially the 10th.
  • Smallville-

    During Smallville's run I was playing Mommie to babies and toddlers, so I did not watch consistently. Now that my children are teens and pre-teens, we have all 10 seasons- an investment I rarely make. Overall, Smallville was good television. To me, (and now I'm showing my age) it was the new sci-fi that was a mixture of X-files/Dynasty.

    Whenever a popular as well as respected story from a book or comic is brought to the big screen or television screen, the writers and producers had better be thinking ahead and out of the box. Superman is a brand- an extremely popular one since before my generation-the "Superfriends". I questioned some story-line decisions, but overall- I think the constant change in line-up was the main problem.

    I have been a huge fan of the Christopher Reeves/Superman. This is when Superman became a character that I'd follow for the rest of my life. I put Tom Welling at the top of the Superman list. I don't get hooked often, but I fell in love with the progressive storyline of Clark starting to believe he could be super- in all other mediums I HAD SEEN (I'm not a huge comic book fan)- Clark/Sup was already confident in the dual-complimentary role.

    The seasons I favor are 4-10; my 12 year old favors 1-3; the love interest I favor is Lois; my daughter wanted Clark to be with Chloe. Her opinion, of course, from a Superman medium point of view is juvenile. I will add, however, that both my daughter and I appreciate the entire story- as we often share our favorite moments.

    984 does a great job explaining why Lois and Clark belong together. Lois was/is custom made for Clark/Sup. The writers get this for the most part- some times I do feel there is a push and pull going on with the Lana storyline, but all mature viewers (or maybe I should say well-informed) know he'd have to end up with Lois once her character is introduced. I must admit, however, even in this over-enlongated first love storyline, the writers/producers have the foresight never to make Lois and Lana rivals. It's all fate that drives Clark's choice to be with Lois in the end. Then, the character realizes she's the only fit. It's good psychology also. This kind of pairing works in many superhero love affairs. Even DC's rival sees the greatness and success of the "god-like" savior who's in love with the pure hearted but imperfect and sassy person. Here, I will note that Durance does a phenomenal job with the character. She's got the look, personality, confidence, and sensuousness necessary for this role. Even his parents approve of Lois and show only support for her; later, Ma Kent shows support for their relationship. She and Lois have a good mother-daughter chemistry. They make a good traditional family.

    From a story lover's point of view, I'd like to have seen a sincere love affair between Lex and Lana that may have had a break up in the end due exclusively to Lex's nature. Because the backdrop storyline of Clark/Lana don't belong together, does not match with the front stage storyline of them hanging on. This, of course, is a mature view of the story. Many "first time" Superman -Smallville only- fans may have wanted something else.

    As a literary buff, I'd put this rendition of Lois&Clark up there with the 1995 rendition of Elizabeth&Darcy. They are convincingly in love and belong together. For all other parts, except for the apparent indecisiveness of Lana-Clark interactions, I'd say the characters and their interactions were very good. Chloe and Clark are best friends. Chloe and Lois are best cousins/sisters. Oliver is a good partner/friend/lover of the aforementioned. Mom and Dad are the parents we all dreamed of having; the villains are complicated and "human".

    I read a lot of books, so the complete story per episode does not bother me. I think good writing for longer pieces has to have closure for each chapter that is linked to the next chapter that fits into the overall larger story. For me, this was done well.

    I will have to say that for 2000's this is my favorite. And for the first time ever, I felt satisfied- even though they aren't married in the end- and I understand why this could not have happened at this time- at the close of the show- enough to say that I'd follow Welling and Durance into another version of the story although I know this is highly improbable.

  • i love smallville

    I watch this show every morning, 2 episodes, love it, never watched it back when it was on, now love it

  • To: sheena115 and TheFza from a comics reader: You know zero about Lois and you need to stop acting like a basic OC like Chloe is anything like Lois.

    Chloe was NOTHING like Lois is supposed to be. The only things that Chloe shared with Lois was being a reporter and being into Clark. THAT'S IT. As a comics reader, I know that comics Lana started out as being into Superboy and was an aspiring reporter. That doesn't make Lana anything like Lois.

    Lois is brash, reckless, obnoxious sometimes, arrogant, confident, a woman in a man's world, relentless, intense, fierce, she can't spell in nearly every iteration, very flawed, she's not a killer or a manipulator (Chloe killed to protect Clark's secret and no Lois would ever do that; Chloe also stole from Oliver and she betrayed Clark to Lionel because he was more into Lana), Lois is consistently herself etc.

    Most importantly, Lois shares Superman ideals while Chloe increasingly, starting in S2, showed signs of believing in other brands of justice and morality and she finally showed that in s8 when she colluded in Oliver about not telling Clark about the man she killed and when she covered up the bodies of the people that Doomsday killed. She said as much in S9 to Oliver when she advocated killing the Kandorians and when she said that Clark would never do what needed to be done. THIS IS NEVER LOIS. Lois disdains Batman's tactics, for instance.

    Stop and get out of here before you start talking about who Lois is. I know who Lois is from years and years of consuming comics and every media with Lois in it. You can complain about everything in Smallville, but the minute you start off with "Chloe is more like Lois" you laughably reveal your ignorance and invalidate your opinion. Lois is one of the few things Smallville did right. She's very very much like comics Lois and she's probably the closest to Modern Age Lois in live action. Superman Unbound also had a Lois much like Modern Age Lois, but that's animated. Just stop with your bs that made me post here just to refute your ignorance. I'm a lawyer and I can't resist.
  • Too cheesy, too predictable, too boring

    Let me start off by saying that I didn't watch all 10 seasons or whatever it was - I rufused to watch at some point righting the 4th season when I had exceeded my tolerance for this awfully overrated show. So much good acting talent went to waste in this series, it's truly a shame.

    Every episode was far too easy to read into and figure out. They took far too long to progress character development. Clark and Lana were still in love with each other after 4 seasons, when they had never really been a thing since the first season. Unreal, and so boring. This relationship should have been over by early second season.

    This was pretty much a procedural show, and that's downright pathetic, a disgrace to have in a Superman property. The story arc took way too long to get going and once it did, it was extremely predictable. This was one of those shows where i gave it a chance for a long, long time because of the property name. I am ashamed at the time I spent watching this poor excuse of a superhero television series.

    This is a series that in all honesty should have been done in 4-5 seasons, tops. If you can't tell a respectable story in 80-100 episodes at 40 mins. per, you need to stop writing for TV. This kind of reminds me of Supernatural in a way - except Supernatural had/has a far more engaging story arc and it actually moved away from the bullshit procedural style of story telling. The whole premise of the first few seasons was exactly this; someone is affected by the kryptonite, this someone hates Lana and attacks her, Clark saves a day and they have an awkward moment near the end of the episode where they get all lovey-dovey. Too. Fucking. Predictable.

    The visual effects were quite bad as well. I laughed every time they showed Clark running at high speeds This had the potential to be a top 5 all time show, instead it ended up an embarrassment..

    Whatever, I'm goign to stop myself right now before I waste any more time venting on this show, as I have already wasted days worth of hours watching this series. I feel sorry for the people that watched the entirety of the series, and I feel worse for the people that actually considered it good television.

    For the four seasons I watched, I give this a 3.5/10. Poor storytelling, pacing, non-engaging, predictable, poor visuals etcetera.
  • Somebody saaaaaaave meeeeeee from this show!

    Granted this was the most successful television series based on the life and times of Clark "Superman" Kent ever produced... Indeed it was the most successful television series based on any DC Comics character, lasting a whopping 10 years and 218 episodes. Not even the six year run of the 1950's Adventures of Superman series was any match.

    Yet despite the clear success of this series, and aside from the fantastic run in Season One, overall Smallville leaves much to be desired.

    * Throughout much of the series Clark acts foolish, selfish and even capricious at times.

    * The love story between Clark and Lana goes on WAAAAAY too long, especially as it was a love story we knew would not last.

    * As for the 'Monster of the Week' set-up most episodes follow... well it just leaves the viewer with a confused haze of stories with little-to-no memorable/identifying features (like Buffy gone awry).

    Much of the 'Monster of the Week' stories are in fact better forgotten... still there are several excellent aspects to Smallville that kept me, if not interested, at least continuing on. The first being the development of Clark into Superman. It's takes forever, but in a way that builds the character of Clark into The Man of Tomorrow.

    With that buildup in mind the Clark (Kal-El) Kent portrayed here hold tight to the overwhelmingly positive characteristics of the Superman mythos fans can truly recognize as a hero. Not the dark brooding jerk Clark is characterized as in the new Man of Steel movie. This Clark Kent wouldn't snap a man's neck, and while this Clark Kent may even worry TOO much about crossing that line at least he thinks about it.

    Other fun parts of Smallville include the dark twisted portrayals of the Luthor Clan that Michael Rosenbaum and John Glover worked so hard to give us. Those guys are SOB if ever there were any. Not to mention my favorite character, Chloe who really was everything that Lois Lane was suppose to be and more!

    Pa & Ma Kent were great, well portrayed by veteran actors who did an excellent job at both parenting and parenting a super tyke. Furthermore the powers that be provided some clever ideas and interesting ways to intertwine DC mythos as well as characters, like Brainiac, into the series. With the addition of some great guest-stars in great roles it was often just a good time to see what would happen with them: Dean Cain, Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Lynda Carter, Helen Slater, Michael Hogan, Michael McKean, James Marsters, Brian Austin Green & Pam Grier (as Amanda "The Wall" Waller).

    And lest we not forget all the superhero guests who helped bring texture to the Smallville Universe: Supergirl, Aquaman, Cyborg, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Impulse, Zatanna, Green Arrow made it onto the small screen with Clark. If they weren't enough we also meet the JSA and the Legion!

    So in the end while often I would cringe my way through and episode, in particular the Lana/Clark stuff which should have ended in season 3 or 4 at the latest, this show was not terrible and if you're thinking of visiting Smallville just be aware not every episode or indeed every season is created equally. If you skip a few here and there, like Seasons 3 and 4 (not to mention most of seasons 2, 7 & 8) you mind find you'll enjoy the visit.

    Just remember to cut Clark some slack, I know it's hard and you may want to slap Clark more than once in the series but remember like Harry Potter in the Order of the Phoenix, he's not a pain in the butt without reason. He was adopted and has some issues with that which he needs to work out.

    If you were to ask what the best parts of the series were I would point out that Season One, in it's entirety might just be the best Season all together. The first part of Season Two and the series after Steven S. DeKnight becomes a co-executive producer for Seasons Five & Six are also good. With Seasons 7 and 8 it's sort of hit-and-miss with just about every other episode. Though finally Seasons Nine and Ten provide a more stable quality as well as a really good send off.

    All being said this series isn't really that good or bad over all, maybe a 6 out of 10 stars... Of course that's just my opinion and this show did enjoy 10 Seasons so judge for yourself if you like.
  • Why thank you for ruining Superman for me

    5 problem with this show

    1. Chloe was everything that Lois Lane was suppose to be.

    2. Stepped down good characters for ratings.

    3. This show was like 7th Heaven, (WILL THIS SHIT GET CANCELED ALREADY) it went on for to long.

    4. This show made Superman look like a punk bitch, smelled like a weak bitch, and flew like dumb bitch.

    5. Why make such an interesting and amazing character like Chloe Sullivan and do almost anything to destroy her. (Don't get me started on the bullshit that was season 2)
  • Somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smallville is still one of my favorite shows ever. Though it had a few mistakes along the way the final result is great.
  • This show was so bad.

    He never flew, & Lana ended up being more powerful than she had no weakness to kryptonite, whuh?. This show started out weak and got worse with the writer's strike. We joked that Doughnut boy (the guy who brought donuts to the set) took over and starting writing during the strike. After he got fired Bagel boy took over. We had high hopes for a Justice League buildup, but the writers floundered and dropped that ball in the last seasons, leaving us fans discouraged and disappointed. Such a shame.
  • My very first TV show

    Great series even if its not my favorite anymore. It has a alot of bumps in the middle of the series but overall good stuff.

    My ranking of the seasons from greatest to least:

    Season 10- Great ending to a great series. Only a few filler episodes and a lot of awesome mythology episodes. I also like how they brought back the old main cast members. Plus the finale was fantastic IMO

    Season 9- Great season with the best plot arc in the series with the intro of Major Zod. I loved how In almost every episode they introduced a character from DC comics. Had a couple of bad episodes in the 2nd half tho. The finale was my favorite finale in the series.

    Season 8- Yes I know that the 2nd half had some of the worst episodes in the series. But if it wasent a bad episode then it was a fantastic one. Davis is one of my favorite characters on the show and Bride is my favorite episode in the series. The finale is definatly my least favorite finale tho.

    Season 1- A very simple season but that's what's so great about it. The filler episodes were fresh and easy to enjoy. The pilot is a great intro that will get you hooked. Only a few episodes I don't like (Craving, Reaper) but many I enjoy and that I consider classics (Leech ,Metamorphosis, Stray). The finale is still awesome to this day even if it is simple.

    Season 6- A little rocky but overall an enjoyable season. Liked the phantom storyline and how Oliver was a recurring character. The biggest fault in the season is without a doubt the Lex-Lana-Clark love triangle. Way too much of a soap-opera IMO. Great finale that will make your jaw drop.

    Season 3-Very good season and definitely the darkest one. My biggest gripe was how a lot of the episodes were just forgettable (Magnetic, Delete, Legacy). I know this is a lot of peoples favorite season and I can see why. The greatest Lex and Chloe arcs are in this season. The finale is fantastic because of all the chaos.

    Season 2- Good season but overall just another repeat of season 1 IMO. Many filler episodes just didn't feel original and were ridiculous (Redux, Dichotic, Nocturne). Kind of just a plain old season that didn't bring anything particularly exciting. Good finale.

    Season 4- Definitely the most ridiculous season with a lot of terrible episodes (Faade, Devoted, ageless and they list goes But you just have to realize that this season was made to be fun and it sure as hell is. The finale is one of the best of the series.

    Season 7- I call this the "pointless" season. Nothing exciting really happens and the plots don't really matter in the end. Kara was a bland character and Lana coming back was pretty annoying. Nothing really bad; this season was just boring. The finale was also very bland.

    Season 5-The first 3 episodes were promising but the season quickly crumbled. This season was the first season that wasn't in high school, promising us a mature season. But that never happened. Instead we get vampires, strippers and girls that are crazy enough to shave their head for a man. The 100th episode was great tho. The finale was solid.

    Of all the TV show that i ever watch, Smallville nail them all... Looking forward for a Justice League movie!!!
  • A superhero show that's good!

    It introduces the public to villains other than Lex luthor. Fanboys, like me, will have nerdgasms from seeing Huntress, Green Arrow, Doomsday, Bizarro, Aquaman, Isis, and more brought to life!
  • Greatest superhero!

    When I was a kid I was into Spiderman and Batman,never saw a Superman day Smallville aired on tv,saw the first episode and I really enjoyed stopped on tv and I bought the story of Superman is one of the the first season the special effects can be kinda amateuristic but not series!
  • One of the best shows i have ever watched!

    I watch a lot of tv shows but i havent seen many that are this good! I like Smallville maybe because it has Superman in it. That is what i thought first! I found that it had action (Not really a suprise) but it had some sadness in it. It had romance in it too. I cried at one part dont remember the season or episode. That part was really touching. Spoiler Alert!!! It was when his father when Lana became some kryptonite Lana or something like that. It is a shame they canceled it.
  • Best show ever!!

    Best show ever and i need it to survive!!!
  • The show must go on!

    They should have made a movie or something after season 10. Personally, I don't know why it ended. I mean look at Spongebob, that's been going on since the dinosaurs. Smallville may never come back, I'm hoping it does, the actors and actresses will not stay young forever, so they better make up their minds if they are definitely certain they'll stop making it. From what I hear, it was up to the fans for the show to continue. Maybe the fanbase died out? Or maybe lack of funds? Or maybe someone needs to poke the writers and actors with a stick to get back onto making smallville again after 2 years.
  • Smallimpact

    I'm sadden that I have to write a mixed review of Smallville. I've watched six seasons of the show so far, and even though I feel as if it's a waste of time I can't help but passing from episode to episode. One thing that I really hate about Smallville is the slow paced storylines. I MEAN IT TAKES CLARK AND LANA MAYBE A BILLION SEASONS BEFORE THEY GET TOGETHER. And when they do, it's for a couple of episodes and then they break them up. And then they expect us to look at them as the best couple. Also, it deals with storyline in a very nonchalant way. Everyone and everything can be explained by kryptonite. These meteor rocks are in each episode it's really frustrating. Plus, it's not really an action show. There's just Clark who superspeeds to dodge a bullet and lifts people. There's no veritable battle. Don't get me started on the clichs that the show blatantly embraced throughout its run: Clark barging into Lex's mansion to blame him for anything/everything; Clark and Lana avoiding real discussions, Chloe solving every mysteries by the mere bias of her computer. ALL IN ALL, this show grew on me, and I think it could have been 100 times better which is why I'm rather dissapointed than irritated.
  • Poor depiction of Superman

    The series was good, it had its moments although there were some boring and pointless stretches in the show. I really hated it for depicting Superman as a weak person who rejected his destiny to be a her through out most of the show. Every other Superman films showed him embrace his Kryptonian heritage and responsibility to save the world. But i Smallville he's rather interested in banging Lana Lang or Lois, also he despised and rejected Jor El most part of the show. The Finale was also the worst i have any seen of a tv show, The Superman in Smallville was not a "Man of Steel". literarily and figuratively speaking,
  • AMAZING SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smallville is the most epic and greatest TV series i have ever seen or followed. Because it doesnt only have a bunch of crime fighting and saving the day , it tells a story about the life of a kryptonian boy sent to earth to be mankinds savior, in which case he is rased as if he was a humna child and even though he has the powers of god and just about perfect he still has to go through all the things a human has to whether its physical changes to mental emotional challenges and that in the end made him to be the superhero he became and thats why this a rollercoaster of a show and the best i have ever seen
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