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    On May 13, 2011, Smallville went off the air in a two-hour no holds barred spectacular in which we finally see, after much speculation from a increasingly impatient fan base, how young Clark Kent finally transformed into the man that would be Superman. Tom Welling, who portrayed Clark Kent, certainly put his stamp on that character. His interpretation of that role was so spot-on that he himself is now the epitome of what we believe Clark to be during those "missing" years between the explosion of Krypton to his emergence as Superman. But in order to appreciate Welling's induction into this prestigious club of Superman portrayers, we have to look back at the previous inductees who, in essence, made Smallville possible.


  • Smallville depicts superman as a boy until he becomes what destiny foretold. I won't go into detail for each season. It something you as a confused viewer might want to see for youself.

    I was born during the late 90s, The information generation. Season 1 started when i was still in elementary school. I would come back from school and watch superman as he grows up in every season. Season 2 i too grow up and attend middle school. During this time Lana lang was a big part of clark kents life. Season 4 i attend High School during which Clark Kent had his fun solving crimes with chloe and lana in a high schoolish setting. I grew up with smallville. I can't believe 10 years from now i am who i am today. From the moment i first laid eyes on smallville i couldnt stop watching. Its a show where it just grows on you and some how even if season 7 wasnt all that great you still watched it...well for me anyways. It was just what i grew up with. It was an amazing ride and very nostalgic. I will never forget smallville, it was a show that i still hold close because it reminds me of the good ol days where i was just a happy go lucky kid with big ambition. And a show that effected my life even for a little, is a show that is worth a watch.
  • Addictive TV!

    To be perfectly honest I was never that interested in Smallville when it was first airing but after I caught a promo for the finale I was curious about the show and decided to check the first season out of my local library to see what it was like. Once I started watching the show I couldn't stop watching it, it was frigging addictive! I then preceded to watch all nine seasons on DVD one after the other until my brain was on overload! While the writing and acting wasn't always the best for every season the show was still extremely fun and entertaining TV and very watchable. I will defintely be adding this show to my dvd collection!
  • I think that the show was great. And they should not be end it..there is more to the story. About him really stepping in as super man. It is very sad that they had to end the show.. The last few shows.. to me feel rushed

    I think that the show was great. And they should not be end it..there is more to the story. About him really stepping in as super man. It is very sad that they had to end the show.. The last few shows.. to me feel rushed I think that they could have done a spin off to the justice league.. or some thing.. but i think they did a great job.. and i will miss it.I think that they could have done a spin off to the justice league.. or some thing.. but i think they did a great job.. and i will miss it.
  • Smallville: Lana, The Early Years

    I've never written a review before but these last two episodes have made me want to share how much I'm disappointed in the way the show has gone off the rails.

    Three episodes ago I was loving Season 8. Doomsday was the most interesting villian (other than Lex) in ages and finally Clark and Lois were getting closer. This was great because we all know there is a future there. It's not like the Lana thing where we know it can't last. Now, three episodes on what, what have we got?

    Lana...has...superpowers. I mean seriously, just think about that. Obviously the writers don't mind devaluing Clarks's "unique" gifts (we've seen Kara and John Jones both have the same powers..and fly too!) but to give Lana the same powers, how can that be good for the show?? Not only is she as strong as Clark she's stronger! If she wanted to she could beat the crap out of him because he gets weak as soon as they get near each other. It's an absolute joke how the writers had a great season going and in one foul swoop ruined the entire show. All the momentum is gone. I only hope that the remaining episodes make up for the last three, and that Lana somehow gets stripped of her new powers without actually having to take up any screen time. A phonecall saying "Hi Clark it's Lana, I don't have powers anymore....and I'm about to get hit by a bus" would be good.

    Poor, poor stuff.
  • One of the dumbest episodes - thanks Chloe

    I'm not surprised, Chloe is my least liked character, and I'm staying polite. Since the beginning of the series, she's been an annoying character, always "Ms I'll solve anything", making Clark the dumb muscle guy. She solves all the tricky situations, sometimes lying, or finding such dumb arguments to solve an episode it's just pathetic. This episode, and Tomb, where she's the main character, are my most hated. Damn, what a stupid plot from start to finish, first they changed her mom's actress to Lynda Carter (which I liked a lot in Wonder Woman) - I won't spend much time thinking why they chose her, bygones on that subject), then she's the most powerful Krypto freak as she can control the others and then it's gone as she becomes catatonic again, wow what a stroke of genius! So Chloe's controlled, attacks Lex, and forgets everything, but that's her mother's fault as she controlled her ... boo poor poot Chloe. And they even manage to ruin the continuity of this season, which was real good until now, by making Lana's pregnancy fake and she's the one held responsible??? Wow I must say I didn't see this coming, but of course as it's one of the lamest excuses for a sub-plot ever created! No luck it was in one of the worst episodes ever!
    I guess lucky me as I hate the actress as much as the character, Alison Mack knows only 3 expressions : surprised, shocked (which is merely an exxageartion of the first), and the "wow, Clark is so beautiful I'm a puppy dog" look. Damn what a worthless actress, almost Orlando Bloom and Keanu Reeves level actress. Thanks for ruining the season in 40 minutes!
  • What a waste of time....

    After soooo many years of watching Smallville, and seeing such known special guest stars (e.g. Lynda Carter, Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Helen Slater, Michael Ironside, Jane Seymour, etc...) appear on the show, they decide to introduce TORI SPELLING!!!! Come on, has hollywood run out actors? How much did she pay (or should i say how much of her father's money did she pay) to get on the show.... I'm very very disappointed... What a shame... I used to love the show... Oh well, will have to switch to another show.... Something a bit more interesting with better casting people...

  • This show really stinks.

    I'm sorry but its true.
    The worst thing about this show is the obsessed females/know it all males who believe THIS is the Prime Superman story for the world. Like the movies, both old and new, and the comics should take a back seat to Smallville.
    Who else hates the Smallville TV show?
    I thinks it's shallow and crap.
  • Overrated

    Come on what happend to the reality people lets be honest we are only watching the show because the cast is reallly hot and how many times do we have to tell the whole Superman story over and over again. But Clark is really hot though. I mean relly hot!
  • GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is so boring!!! first of all the only thing that happens in this show is clark saving lana!!!And another thing does anyone know the charcters really Act? It seems each eposoide the charcters are effected by some strange monster making them act a certian way!Another thing how long can a person stay in high school???????????????? they have been in high school for 5 seasons!!!! Clark needs to stop drooling over lana and MOVE ON!!! Do you now tom who plays (clark kent) is 28 years old !!!! come on ,its time for him to get out of high school!!!!
  • The Adventures of young Clark Kent in Smallville traces his early beginnings as a teenager, and his love with Lana Lang.

    This show should be called "Superboy-The Teeny
    Bopper Years" as this is what the show really
    is. A teenybopper spoof of "Superman".

    Lacking the intellectual capacity of Lois and
    Clark with Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain and missing
    adult themes, "Smallville" is attired for teenagers.

    Through four seasons, the show has dragged
    on and on, consequently it's gotten worse
    every season with a few hints of brilliance.

    One thing that drags the show down is lack
    of originally, nearly more than half of the shows
    are written concerning the meteorities that
    "Smallville" including the fourth season's
    cliffhanger (No surprise).

    Normally what happens then is that the effect
    of the meteorities leads to freaky teenagers
    who use their new powers to commit murder and

    Enter Clark Kent who then uses his Superman
    powers (without a cape or disguise) to take
    of the situation.

    Meanwhile Kent (Tom Welling) portrays himself
    as a nerd unable to acknowledge his true feeling
    for Lang Lang.

    The show does have over the top special effects,
    and the action is pretty but "Smallville"
    needs to move in a different direction, the
    next season.

  • The king of all guilty pleasures? Well no, I suppose that would have to be The OC. but this ranks as number 2 in the list of tv shows I MUST watch, but hope noone finds out my dirty little secret.

    Well, this is one of those shows that I began by downloading during a time when I was waiting for the cable guy to hook my cable up. people I knew told me they loved it and so I said, ok whatever, I'll download and see what it's all about. I can't believe that a show as poorly written as this one could last so long. I also can't believe that a show as poorly written as this one could turn me into an addict! grrrr. well, most shows I end up addicted to are just as lame. I blame it partly on Kristin Kreuk. yum! but it's also because I like the substory about Clark and Lex. Gotta love those guilty pleasures.
  • Die Lana, Just Die !!

    During the first season of Smallville, Clark was saving Lana's life every single week. There was always some mutant freak who was out to kill her. During the last 10 minutes of each show, Clark would use his super speed to run to the rescue. He would give the mutant freak a real good whooping ( right after he knocked Lana unconcious so that see would not see his super strenght ). Owch, Lana must some brain damage !!!

    Watching this every week, it reminded me of the movie Final Destination. Where the spirit of Death was stalking the kids in order to kill them. I think Death was trying to kill Lana, just like in that movie.
  • Weird.

    I've only seen the reruns on ABC Family, but from those Smallville seems like an odd show. The idea of Superman as a teenager is a great idea - but there's some pretty nutty characters and its just kind of boring. I generally end up changing the channel to a Disney Channel show - pathetic, I know, but even that's better than Smallville. I just don't get how anyone could like this completely boring show. Whats going to happen when Clark Kent gets out of school. He becomes Superman and that's that. Does the show go off? What happens then?
  • Reinventing Superman, the DC classic comic superhero by telling the story of his youth.

    When I first heard of this show I thought, "Oh come on, Lex Luther and Superman grew up together? Lame!". But luckily I had a friend who forced me to sit down and watch this show and I found that this show grew on me very quickly.

    This show has very sharp writing, really terrific acting, and utterly amazing special effects for a television show budget. Really, I can't believe the quality of the special effects in this show, everything is done so well.

    So what is this show about? Well, Clark Kent apparently had an adolesence! Who would have thought it? Although in a lot of ways this show is similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in that your superhero starts out in High School, and your basic episodes consist of either "Monster of the week", or "Long term plot stuff", or in most cases both. This isn't really a bad thing, in fact it's quite good.

    Smallville, like Buffy is primarily a character driven show. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of long term plots in Smallville that are quite interesting, but the driving force behind the show is the lives of the characters. Like a lot of the better character driven shows, this pushes the actors to heights unimaginable. In particular I think I have to mention John Schneider here. He was Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard. In Smallville, John Schneider actually has really superb acting skills! Yeeeeee HAW!

    The character's of Lex and Lionel Luther also deserve special mention because they are a pair of villians you are going to really love to hate. I thought the idea was lame as I mentioned above, but the way this show spins it, it's genious. You get to see Lex in the process of becoming evil, which means that in the beginning he wasn't so bad. During his progression to the Dark Side, you can't help but feel sympathy and you root for him to somehow overcome his evil destiny. Lionel Luther is so good as a character that I am not going to give any spoilers at all. Watch him, love him as one of the best television villians ever.

    My other initial prejudice was that as a superhero I thought Superman was kind of boring because he can just do anything. Again, Smallville genius steps in. He can't do everything yet because he's learning his powers as the show progresses. Each season typically introduces a new power or strengthens an old one, so the show progresses in a very logical manner, and always presents challenges to Clark that are real challenges.

    For this reason I recommend that you start at the beginning of the show in season 1 by renting from Netflix or some-such. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that season 1 is very heavy on "monster of the week" kind of plots, and I think season 4 kind of got into that pattern again as well. Personally, I liked the longer term plot elements.

    Season 5 should prove very interesting for Smallville. This is the season equivalent to Buffy where she left high school, and the show started to take off into entirely new directions. I hope that Smallville handles this significant change well. (because in a lot of ways, this is where the formula they have been using should be changed, or if they don't change it, it may seem like the show is getting stale). They could fall into the trap of Clark being too clingy to stay in Smallville just for the sake of the title name of the show, we'll have to see, but given the quality of the writing so far, I am very optimistic.

    This show is worth it. I got a friend of mine who initially despised the whole Superman concept to watch it, and he's now a total addict. Hopefully, you'll get as much value out of the show too.
  • I AM SOOOO READY FOR SEASON 10! I LOVE CLARK KENT! I Know It Will Be Good! So Well-Written! So Sad To See It Go!

    I am a big SMALLVILLE Fan. I have watched Every Season From Start to Finish! I am very Excited to see Lois and Clark finally together. I am to hyped for Season 10, but I am also very Sad that it is the Last Season Because This is My favorite show in the whole wide world. I just hope their is not too much Chloe in this season because I really DISLIKE her. I also hope that her and Oliver do not get together because that is just disgusting! Eeww!
    I hope that Clark Learns To Fly Early And They Do Not Wait For Him To Fly At The Very Last Episode!!
  • Ten years of quality TV and even now that it is in its final season it doesn't feel like enough.

    Smallville is one of those rare shows that has spanned a whole decade (or will have when it is finished) and has kept me interested since the first episode. Not every episode is great, but when they get it right... they get it very right!

    This show started off as the story of Superman as he came into his powers, his awkward high school years made ten times more awkward by the blossoming of abilities that more often than not got him in a lot of trouble. In the start there were a lot of simple episodes, a different problem to be overcome each week and the only really interesting ongoing story line was Clark's relationship with his best friend... Lex Luthor. The show really starts to come into its own in the second season when Clark starts to discover more about his origins and his history and they start to delve into their own version of the Superman mythology. From there we see the rise and fall of Clark's first relationship (trust me you will be glad to see the back of that), the death of Clark's father, the loss of all of his childhood friends, the introduction of the real relationship (Lois Lane), the defeat of so many bad guys that you will lose count and the saving of the world time and again. Overshadowing all that is Lex Luthor's descent to evil and Clark Kent's rise to superhero status. Throw in an ice fortress, the disembodied voice of his dead kyrptonian father and a gang of superheros that appear from time to time and you have a myriad of reasons to love this show. If superheros are your thing and your willing to overlook the odd really cheesy episodes and the appalling character of Lana Lang then treat yourself to one of the greatest TV shows of the decade. But don't be surprised if after the ten seasons are up you find yourself wishing for more. I know I will be!
  • I stamped it 4.5 based solely on the morbidly monotonous recent and final season.

    This was one of my favorite shows when it first came out. I've always been a Superman fan, but its almost as if the writers gave George Lucas the reins to Capt. Jack Sparrow out a bleary screenplay rife with mediocrity and slow character was very much like kicking a dead race horse across the finish line until super-glue oozed out. In a nutshell, an imaginary prodigious cantaloupe engineered through clandestine stem cell experiments could still come up with better material than this past season and is veritable evidence that Hollywood doesn't care about talent unless there are dollar signs.
  • Still Watching that? Those who Accidentally checked that show should read this:

    The only possible reasons why one should still watch this show:

    - Being under 8 years old

    - Being emotionally attached to the main characters, regardless of the incoherency of any character in the show.

    - Having been promised a huge sum of money in the case of understanding the whole plot.

    - Having Masochistic tendencies regarding absurd stories with great holes, non-sens plots, and over and over abused characters granted different weird powers.

    - Having an IQ under 70, just watching, without really understanding what they try to do.

    - Being a frodo fun. (since the protagonist is a "grown up version" of frodo).

    - Having nothing else to do. (which must be the general reason of why people watch that show)

    - Being an actor or actress in the show, watching just to check the damage impact of the show on the career.

    - Being a producer of the show and having accidentally zapped to the channel playing the show.

    - Having accepted to be a test subject for the show.

    Watch dexter, it's better. ;)
  • Epic Journey :)

    I think alot of people can agree that this has truly been an amazing journey with alot of twist and turns leading up to "the farmboy" becoming The man of steel. The show started of with an easy storyline they looked alot at Clarks life with love, family and finding his way towards his destiny, starting of easy with meteor freaks. Season two kicked in awesomely with the resolution to the ending of season one and gave us more twist and turns with Lana and Lex. Season 3 was even better with the amazing beginning in Metropolis and we saw the bad ass Clark under the influence of red K. While the show continued Clark learns more about where he's from and about his father, Jor-El. Season 4 was by far one of the best but according to me as they went further it got better :D. In season 4 we got "Kal-El" FLYING in the beginning and we get Lois Lane coming to Smallville. There are so many amazing stuff in this I mean "Run", "Onyx" and "Jinx" are just some of the epic episodes of the show. Lana goes out and gets a boyfriend and Lex obssession gets worse. Season 5 was great and amazing to the hardcore Superman fans like myself this is where it all began going towards him taking on the mantle as Superman. In this season Clark discovers The Fortress of Solitude, Brainiac whom alot of fans love or hate joins the show, Lex and Clarks rivalry gets worse and a person close to Clark dies which leads to him wanting to fulfill his destinty. In Season 6 which for me was the best we get the Phantom Zone, some zoners that cause havoc on earth, Zod, Jimmy Olsen, epic fights and a relationship between Lana and Lex which makes Clark and Lex's hate get worse. In season 7 we get Kara and Clark learns more about Krypton, Bizzaro tries to take over Clarks life and Brainiac uses him to gain power. Also an showdown between Clark and Lex. In season 8 which was amazing but had a slow ending we got Clark going further in his role as the Red-Blue Blur and he becomes a reporter at the Daily Planet along side Lois Lane! Jimmy and Chloe are going to marry and Lana returns but only to be ended out of the series but in a nice way. Lex seems to be gone forever after the episode "Requiem". Doomsday is also in the show but is not showcased and appreciated as much as he could have been. Jimmy Olsen appears to have been Henry Olsen, the original Jimmy Olsens bigger brother and thus showing Jimmy still has a chance to appear in the show. In season 9 we get to know more about Krypton and Zod and alot of his followers. Clark decides to take up a mantle as The Blur and represents the El house emblem. This season was great and as it progressed Lois and Clark gets into a relationship. Season 10 which was the epic ending it felt rushed but had some amazing moments as well. In this we got know more about the man he is to come, we get the return of Jonathan Kent, for a couple of episodes, we get the return of Lionel Luther, and we get to see Superboy in this season. Lois and Clark decides to marry and Chloe and Oliver do without even remembering it. In this season we get the epic ending which includes the return of Lex Luther, Lois and Clarks "successful" wedding, Clark has a new amazing looking suit :D, Darkseid (that says it), Clark picks up flying and the suit but the only bad thing was the rushing in the show to get to the point when some unnecessary episodes could have been used to make it slower and better. There was also no epic battle between Clark and Darkseid which ruined it abit for me
    To make it shorter this was an amazing journey and I enjoyed every moement of it and love this show with all my heart. I really hope they make a spin-off maybe Justice league or maybe just a Superman show with Tom Welling starring ofc :P PEACE OUT :)
  • Smallville is Super! Thanks for asking! **SPOILERS WITHIN**

    I am proud to say that I have been watching this show since day one. Furthermore, I'd like to say that I hate the term "filler". What are we filling, people? Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's a filler. Every episode contains pertinent information that contributes to the story arc. Another term I hate is "canon". Am I reading a comic book? No, I'm watching a show...A made up show that approaches the concept of a young Clark Kent, an intergalactic superdude raised by salt of the earth farmers. Clark learns that he's from a planet called Krypton when he meets Dr. Virgil Swan (played well by former Superman, Christopher Reeves). Truth, justice, and the american way becomes a decade of struggle for our hero who is a liar and occasional bad guy thanks to Kal-el and Red K. Clark is an alien raised by humans, which is the main contributer to his struggles. He loves, feels, wants, and needs as a human, but he thinks like a Kryptonian, never fully trusting. The first four seasons introduced a number of new superpowers, different variations of kryptonite, and a beautiful, sassy future ace reporter(more about her later). In the fifth season, he gains a father through the awesome advanced technology of his home world and loses another due to his inability to follow simple instuctions. His Fortress of Solitude allows Clark to create a bond with Jor-el,the father lost to him after Krypton's destruction, but Clark is leary and defiant. In the 100th episode, Lana Lang, Clark's high school sweetheart is killed in a car wreck. Clark goes to Jor-el and asks for a second chance. Jor-el gives him one with a warning: You can't stop fate. Clark, ever-defiant, thinks he can save everyone and he tries, only to fail. The heart wants what the heart wants and Jonathan Kent's heart wanted no more of his tirades. Pa Kent died in the Kent farm driveway, as his wife and son were left to mourn. And mourn, Clark did. Suffering in silence, blaming himself, struggling in the dark, waiting for the light to take him up, up, and away. Enter, Lois Lane. When she, first, arrived in season 4, I was a little leary, but she won me over rather quickly. Lois is a firecracker. The thing I love most about her is that from season 4 through 8, she never thought much of Clark. Well, she did think he was a dork and slightly overconfident. She never asked for explanations or made super-assumptions, where Clark was concerned. This is mainly due to her preformed opinion that Clark is a nerd. In season 9, Lois began to suspect Clark as the Man of Steel through a phone glitch caused by a future fellow JLer. Oh, another term I hate is The Blur. Boooo. Hate it passionately. Anyway, Clark lied and denied again as the woman was dangling off the roof of the Daily Planet. In season 10, she finds out definitively and offers loads of fun as Clark continues to spin his web of lies. In the 200th episode, we get a glimpse of the future uptight and nerdy Clark Kent and his all-knowing lady love. This becomes the catalyst to him finally divulging his secret and his love to her, which leaves everyone walking on air. Now, all that's left is true flight, a supersuit, and Lord Darkseid. Smallville, to me, has become a decade long epic saga destined to bring forth a Superman.
  • SMALLVILLE comment..

    I watch this show in 2010.. before i didn't know there was show like this..i purchase its 9 seasons on dvd.. from first season to 10th season.. this is the best show i ever saw from dc comic character..the characters choice are awesome.. TOM WELLING you did great job and erica durance you to.lois lane character is fit on you.. i hope you both come in big screen for superman movie.. and iam requesting to the producers of smallville plz.. after season 10th continue this show with metropolis name.. and continue the legacy of Superman (man of steel).. and in the end i say thanks for giving us that great show..
  • So now to oblige your contract you'll just make the worse garbage on tv to spite your fans. Way to suck!!!

    CW well done!!! You got paid, fooled your fans, brought back characters only to trick us into watching, knowing you weren't going to follow any storyline. Nice touch tonight hiring a soap opera guy from Days of Our Lives to keep the bills down. I'm done!....We get it, you don't care and haven't for a long time. Glad we kept you on the air all of these years, kept you employed. As fans we get to watch another great show tank even worse than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is no excuse. Stick a fork in Smallville, it is done!!!
  • The birth of a superhero is something you can't miss!


    Smallville is my #1 favourite show on television as you probably can guess from my picture. I've loved Superman since I was a little kid but I didn't start watching it before season 8. I was sick for two long weeks and in those two weeks I saw smallville. Day in day out, it was like i was obsessed with it. Really, it is that good! I saw season 1-8. And man it was worth it! I remember as a kid, me and my buddy used to watch this show after school, so it brought up some good memories.

    It is really awesome seeing the birth of a superhero, especially Superman. And the relationship between Lex and Clark, bestfriends, later on enemies. Lex Luthor, played by Michael Rosenbaum is the best Lex in my opinion. He is likable,(in the first few seasons) and later on, the show makes a remarkable job making you hate him. Especially in season 6. Believe me when I say, it is worth your time watching this show. Seeing Clark Kent beeing shaped by his actions and his relationships.

    Season 10 is the final season of Smallville. That makes me kind of sad. I've watched this for a long time, and I think that renewing the show for one or two more seasons would be a good idea. I love the relationship between Lois and Clark this season, and with them getting married, it would be awesome seeing them working together in another season. They could change the main title from "Smallville" to: "Smallville: The adventures of Lois and Clark". Now that would have been awesome!

    It is a lot more to say about this show, but if you don't find this interesting, you will probably don't know more about it. So do yourself a favor and start watching season 1, you will have a great time watching it with all it's humor, drama, action etc. The show have 10 seasons, that mean only one thing, it's a hell of a show, and if you're interested in the DC Universe, you should definitely check this out. 10/10
  • This show started off ok showing us Supermans past, and who didn't like Superman? Well it went all downhill from there, the show took on a life of itself, more like a tumor.

    Who knew Superman could be such a wuss? Almost every episode he gets beaten up becuase everyone and their mother has krytonite. Episode after episode is like a bad cliche. The cartoons had better writing than this. The only reason people watch this show is for KK. Season 4 was absolutely horrid. Everthing is stale, Clark and Lanas "relationship" is anything but rotten. Whats this BS with Lionel turning good and then in a 5 minute rage going back to normal? Holy crap mood swings batman! Even with his power Clark seems the most normal one in school, every episode they find someone with crazier powers than Clark ever had. Seriously clark if you just tell everyone you won't have to be such a wuss all the time, everyone will probably be like, is that all you can do, show me some real powers.... They need to hire some real writters.
  • Smallville; it wasn't ever about him taking on the mantle of Superman, rather his journey. He hadn't even been openly named...But (Possible spoilers ahead)

    I'm in nostalgia over Smallville. I remember it. All the rave I personally made about it when first gracing our television screens. Man was I uber excited. I'd never missed a single episode. All the happenings of the small town of conspicuous phenomenon, the relationships, the twists, the disappointments, the who will end up with who and would Chloe ever get a shot at the man of steel?

    Ten seasons have past and there's too much I've forgotten or can't remember for the life of me. We saw a change of setting to Metropolis, new characters being introduced, new heroes, Tess mercer (fav eye candy), Luthors death :(, Lionels (:-{~ too, Mr kneel before Zod!, Laura Vandervoot ;), Jimmy!, D day, so much has happened.

    Spanning over seasons, other shows only dreamed of. Sure there have been some up's and lows to this series, but it kept on trucking because we loved it and the higher ups apparently too. Now, I know. I know other's may scorn at what could've been but I for one and I'm sure plenty of viewers find this super hero to be of epic proportions. Whatever movie or comic comes out it will only put the face of Superman on a pedestal. Because he's simply too awesome. I loved the finale and feel really proud of how it closed the curtains or rather put them on Clarks shoulders. Couldn't have gone any better, unless making it an hour longer for some more detailed fight scenes it finished with fairly epic leaps and bounds.

    I don't care what other ignorant people say, it was a great show, it was there for me when nothing else was on and it was well worth it and I loved the finale :)

    @juwanh @wordchemist It was a great finale, despite of everything!

    @Ssssuperfan Hey, shut your ignorant mouth!! *SMACK*
    You can stick a fork in all your harsh, ignorant, so-called opinions and STUFF IT right back in your mouth because everything you say is nothing but ignorant garbage! It's very pointless of you making, harsh reviews on shows you don't even like. Don't like it? Then simply, shut up about it and leave it alone for Gods' sake. It was a great show, it was there for me when nothing else was on tv and I tuned in for the last 10 years and it became the longest running sci-fi show ever and theres NOTHING you can say to take that away and It deserves more credit than what you have given it. After 10 long years of wonderful memories, I want to take my hate off to the cast and crew and I have nothing but respect for them.

    And personally, Tom Welling has earned the right to take the Superman part for the future JLA movie. He's earned it and he deserves it.
  • when a long hiatus spells doom...

    6.5 it did for me, anyway: I found out that i wasn't expecting eagerly the new episodes. I'm sorry because I realized I was watching this show "per inertia", I was like "I'm watching since the very start, let's see where it ends", but It's not enough. I survived the debacle of season 7, the gut-wretching Lana thing, the FRIENDSHIP(!!) with Lex Luthor (anyone is really surprise that the actor had enough and wanted out?), the fact the Clark met Lois before going to the Daily Planet, etc... Maybe I survived too many things and I hid from the fact the this show doesn't have a planned end or that It should have ended like 4 years ago.
  • I'd prefer just watching Superman I, II, III and IV over and over and over again...

    A friend of mine recommended this series. I always skipped it cause I figured, how can you make a good show about a guy that can't get hurt unless there's this kryptonite around without always returning to the same storyline? Anyways, since I like the genre, I decided to give it a shot.

    I watched about 5 episodes untill now, so my judgement might be a little premature, excuse me for that.

    Don't you hate it when a movie or series leaves you hanging with tons of questions in your mind?

    Well, Smallville does just that. After every episode I wonder: Why don't people question Clark? What he sees, knows does... For example he saves someone pretty much every week or so. Why do these school reporter friends of Clark know about all these bizarre things going on and not talking to anyone about it? Why isn't Smallville allready under military controll? Why did there fell at most 10 small meteors on Smallville and still they show up all over the place 15 years or so later? I can go on and on...

    Now, I'm not thát guy. I can live with a couple of unanswered questions if the show has a good enough storyline. Unfortunately, Smallville doesn't come near that.

    Every single episode until now has exactly the same scenario. Let me sum it up in five steps:

    1. Some person has supernatural powers because of the meteors
    2. That person is being naughty and harasses or hurts the people around Clark (80% of the time, Lana is involved)(original name btw, Lana Lane).
    3. Clark cleverly finds out the how's and what's and attempts to stop the villan just before it gets worse.
    4. Villan knowingly or unknowingly uses Kryptonite to hold back Clark.
    5. Kryptonite's gone and Clark stops the bad guy. (Usually by trowing him against a wall, tree, car, etc.)

    That's all there is to it, really.

    Nonetheless, this series has an amazing rating and allready is surviving for 9 seasons. This while other SF shows that actually do have a story that can't be made up by a 10 year old are cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons. It amazes me.

    Also I feel pitty for the writers of shows like Dexter, that come up with a genius story every time, while the Smallville 'writers' are grinding on a story that should't cary more then a single episode for 9 seasons.

    That last part, I admit, is a best guess. As I said, I only watched 5 eps so far, and I'm gonna give it another 3 before deciding to never look at it again.

    I guess a lot of people are just easy to please.
  • Surviving

    i think i Will not comment much on the whole show, as i loved it up to season 7...................... it was nice and simple

    But for a boring 8 and 9th, conspiracy theory dark whatever, really did not know what was going on, flash forward to interesting future, then back to a dark present

    Don't want to anger anybody, but we all should agree that the show needed more, and there was to much to process to it the great show it once was

    Then came season 9 finale finally started to get a bit interesting, and then "to be continued"……..........really sucks
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