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  • Smallville is the best SHOW EVER!!

    Smallville is the best SHOW EVER!! i have watched all 9 seasons, loved the season finale and cant wait for season 10!! hope they continue the show for even more seasons. It has an awesome plot amazing characeters and i cant wait to see where they take the show for season 10. The writers are amazing and i hope Clark finally learns how to fly and gets his red and blue suit...Overall its my favourite show and cant wait to see what comes next!! It was also cool having Martha Kent come home, and is LEX Luthor coming back?? cant wait

    god i just love smallville, after waiting for a long 8 years for smallville to come so awesome for season 9. I just love it so so much. Now i am all depressed and sad and no more waiting for smallville on friday. Please someone, someone out there tell me when the season 10 going to start. i just cannot wait anymore. Also anyone, who was the women in hostipal outside tess room, maybe checkmate women or some other government operative or maybe LEX LUTHOR sidekick. Hmmmm.... Kind of interesting!

    God i just love superman and smallville. youre the best smallville. A++++++++++++++
  • Best show ever, Hoy girls, strong plots, lots of action, and the best character you could make a show of..... superman!!!!! I have seen every one of the episodes, never miss one, and is incredible how this show started in 2001, all of this years of

    Clark is amazing, he looks like the long hair superman, I am the kind of person who thinks that if they want to make a superman movie the should put him as the guy for that movie!!!!! Louis is funny, sexy..... she is even better than Lana, so that means that I don't even miss her, Louis and Clark relationship is funny and it brings a lot of the comedy that the show needs, because action isn't every thing. Chloe and Oliver, are cool as heel, she is pretty and intelligent, he is cool and rich!!!!.

    They only bad side of this show is the stupid ZOD, hey I dont know you guys, but they could have chosen anybody but this guy. He is just boring, and I dont like the way he talks. At the end I can only say, that I can never ever get tired of this show, if it was for me I hope it could be forever!!!!! This is my favorite show of all time!!!!
  • An insult to the original...

    Superman has a long a varied history, from the beloved comics, to original movies. Superman was about strength, and honor, and saving the world from the forces of evil. Until this show. Now Superman is being degradeg and abused by these writers and directors, who seem to focus on the teen angst and on "humanizing" Superman. Wake up, people! Superman is an alien, as in not human. The idea itself wasn't that bad, if completely unoriginal. At first I thought the show was going to be something along the line of "The Adventures of Young Superman," but in the end it was more like 90210 meets a vague imitation of Clark Kent. Writers, directors, and producers everywhere: Please stop abusing Superman!
  • One disapointing way to end a high expectations season

    All this for that? certainly, this expression was used for reviewing this episode. I really wonder what they thought when writing this. It feels like they wanted to please too many people with a multilayered cake that did not even rise.

    Really, I am extremelly disapointed. I was not expecting an all out WAR with Doomsday but somekind of a chase, a situation where Clark is forced to fligh to save himself or someone he loves, a moment when it all comes together and HE finally realize that HE HAS to become that Hero. I was expecting a hint of that Superman "crest", something that would make us say "Man! We have all summer to wait to know what happened???" Instead of that WE DO want to see what happened but for me at least, it's more like "what the heck will they do to patch it all up?"

    I do think though that they played a sneaky trick on us by having Lois get to that ring and maybe play with time a little. The writers just waiting to see the fans reactions... and they're far from extatic. Jimmy DEAD? WTH? They just can't do that without a backup plan to turn that back... He is pivotal in the life of Superman! That kido that got the camera, it won't be him that will take is place, not a chance in a million. NO! I think they goofed and they will try to pick up the pieces for S9. Olsen will be back and maybe so will Doomsday, only the leave room for Zod later when finally, Superman will emerge.
  • Best show ever

    this show is honestly the best show ever great acting great music great effects and great story lines and especially the hottest chick ever ERICA DURANCE people really cant judge a show that has been around for so long with such great reviews just by watching a season
    my opinion is Smallville rulez im a superman fan and tom welling is a great clark kent
    also Chloe is great she is a great asset to the show lex luthor im guessing will come back and if it was up to me id make smallville up to season 13
    and show the JLA more often BEST SHOW EVER
  • smallvill a great show that i been watching for almost 10 years

    I think smallville is a really good show like i said i been watching it since it started in 2001 . i think it was really cool with all the meator problems. and how clark learned his ablites. but the show hit some snags with lex dieing and jimmy allson dieing. any superman fan would know that those two things never really happen . i think in the early season from 1 to 3 were really good season 4 throu 6 were kinda slow when they maninly focused with lana and clark and the new season are more intence with all the action that has been taken place season 8 and 9 have been really good. so i think the show is really good . it has been on for nearly 10 years and people though it was not going to last this long.
  • One of the most emotional episodes on the series.

    I didn't know what to expect when I watched this episode. Knowing it was Lana Lang's last episode I wondered how they would leave her, is it possible they would kill her? To my surprise it was almost worse than death. They cannot touch eachother! Heartbreaking, they became one of those fobidden love couples. It was a tearjerker, and the way they integrated Lex back in without Michael R. was very interesting. All in all it became a personal favorite of mine, a classic for the series more on the Lana Clark sides of things...Now the Lois and Clark storyline can progress.
  • This is the worst episode I can remember seeing. Sure I may have repressed the others but wow this was so frustrating to watch and even worse to remember.

    Pretty much everything about this episode annoyed me. From the absurd overall story to the ridiculous plot devices they needed to use to "explain" away some of really bad aspects. Then theres the return to lana/clark love story . oops its lois/clark now right?

    I can't understand how anyone could score this above 4 or 5 / 10 let alone 10.

    The only thing that was slightly interesting was Davis deciding he likes killing people although that scene was incredibly clunky too.

    I think they are lucky they renewed for season 9 before anyone saw that ep as it might have changed a few minds ...

  • This episode sucks. I think that this Clark-Lana relationship is sick, and it makes the audience to be sick too. They are always getting in love and breaking up since the first season. We, viewers, did not need this again.

    Anyway, here we can see that Clark and Lana are falling in love with each other again. Now Lana has super powers too and she super makes out with Clark and yadi yadi yada. But, oh no! Here comes Lex Luthor again! Oh, I wonder what Lex is going to do know to screw Clark's life. Why would Lex, someone with a bazillions of dollars, try to destroy Clark again and again? And why is he so pissed off with Lana? Uhm, maybe, and this is my personal opinion, Lex is so sick of this relationship of Clark and Lana as much as we, the audience, that he can't stand it anymore. Well, good job, Lex! Giving Lana those super kryptonite-crazy-wild--that-no-one-understands-and-that-doesn't-make-sense powers was such a good idea! Now Clark will be able to focus more on Lois, who is hotter and sexier than Kristin Kreuk (or whateveer her name is). I am a Superman fan, and commic collector. I believe that this show was so good, until a couple of seasons ago. I like season 5 and 6. I like when they introduced the fortress of solitude, Kara, the phantom zone, villians, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and other things from the DC Universe. But I think that season 7 and eight just postponed Clark becoming Superman too much. So, they ran out of ideas of what to do with the show and they screwed up Smallville. This episode serves as another evidence that things like Lana Lang should never come back to the show.
  • this show is a great show it had some flaws but it is still one of the best shows ever

    i like this show because it is about a teenage Clark Kent and how he becomes Superman i never knew how he became Superman and this explained so much and i liked the Lana and Clark story at first but it became boring and now it's about Clark and Loise which is much much better in my opinion Loise added some comedy to the show from her first episode and not like Heroes this show survived 9 years and it's still so so great and it didn't become boring like Heroes the first season of Heroes was great but then it is so so boring and Smallville is getting better and better this season with Zod and Oliver and Tess and even there were 2 episodes that Metallo was in them and they where great i think a young Superman story is much much better than the real Superman i never like the suite and glasses and this show doesn't have any of these and this is why it is better
  • Had to change my rating from a 10 to a 6.5, and I think I'm being generous.

    Wow. I absolutely loved Smallville for the first 5 seasons. I wouldn't miss watching an episode on its first airing. Then, unfortunately, the six season rolled around. I admit, some things in Smallville deviated from the Superman mythos, and frankly I don't mind minor tweakings here and there. I could not stand the marriage of Lex and Lana. It pretty much ruined Lana's character, and although I like the actor Kristen Kreuk, Lana became extremely hard to like after the fifth season. Clark's constant drooling over Lana got pretty old even in the first five seasons, so it didn't help that now Lana's married so Clark had to deal with that. Another nail in the coffin for Smallville is the development of Clark. Clark is very naive and timid, and even when he is sort of becoming a man in the eighth and ninth seasons, Chloe is always there to pester Clark and question his manhood. The last issue is the writing. Like I stated previously, the first five seasons were very good in terms of writing, with a few episodes of weak filler. Filler became the theme after the fifth season. It was so hard to watch episodes that had no bearing on the plot of Clark becoming Superman, or if they did, it takes 5 episodes to advance the plot but they could have done it in one, well-written episode. I have watched Smallville all nine seasons and will continually watch it to see how it turns out, but I do not know if I could watch a tenth season. I only gave this show a 6.5 rating because I used to love the show and I will never tire of watching seasons one through five.

    Smallville is Amazing! I've watched it from the beginning and it has not disappointed me once. I love the plot and story that each character brings to this show. Loads of characters are explored through this series such as Justice League, Zod, Doomsday, JSA. Tom Welling is an amazing Clark Kent / Superman. I was a little disappointed when Michael Rosenbaum left because he was a great Lex Luthor. Erica Durance is the BEST Lois Lane! I love seeing her and Clark together. All together the show is amazing, the characters are amzing. I love this show and I can't wait until he Flies. GO SMALLVILLE!
  • smallville is simply fun to watch

    i've seen every episode, and i don't feel like i wasted my time. i do feel that the writers of the show lacked ideas, but they expanded well on the ideas they had. i would have liked the progression of the show to develop differently, and with less attention deficit, but the show has progressed, and it has created conclusions to most of the plot dynamics, even if many of them werent as important. i have some questions though, 1. what happened to kara, kal el's cousin? (aside from 'V') 2. what in the minds of the writers makes them think that kal el's flying is such a bad idea? why delay it so damn long? (still waiting) 3. why maintain so many soap elements as the show continues? its a sci-fi action/adventure story concept, keep it that way 4. there are handfuls of extra miniplots just waiting to be resolved, and you can only keep people on the edge of their seats until they fall off out of exhaustion, why draw it out so long?

    smallville could have been great, if they could have come up with more ideas, made it function like a real sci-fi action/adventure story, made it happen in 6 seasons, and used more special effects and creation of places that the real kal el went and explored

    however, i think that some of the acting was pretty damn good, tom welling, michael rosenbaum (i wish he didnt leave), and allison mack have done their jobs well, and i hope they have success in the future

    that all being said, i still think smallville is fun to watch, i just wish it had been managed by more creative minds, and maybe more money or whatever it is they needed to give it the full punch it could have had

    this is the only show that i wont let myself miss, it's so amazing! and it just keeps getting better over the years. i'll admit season 7 was only ok, but that was during the writer's strike and all shows weren't up to their usual standards, but smallville came back and has always been amazing! i love that the style of it has changed as the characters change, lke how it was more of a teen show in the begining, but now it's more of a sci-fi drama. it's the only show that could ever actually make me cry, and i never cry at movies or tv shows! LOVE SMALLVILLE!!!
  • The life trials and tribulations of Clark Kent on his way to becoming Superman. Relationships, Human Flaws, feelings, emotions make this the best version ever to be told.

    Hard to believe I was a teenager when this show premiered. I feel like I've grown up right along with the characters. Smallville is that rare, amazing show that keep's people coming back for more. The relationships, people, family elements. It's about much more then the rise of who will be known as Superman. This is the first show that (In my opinion) shows Superman as more human, with emotions and flaws like everyone else. That to me makes this the best and most likable portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman.

    Not every episode is great, but they have produced the best show consistently for almost 10 years now. We have gotten the chance to watch the Actors grow and the stories have evolved just like they would in real life. I have never read a Superman Comic, but I like most people watched the original Superman Movies with Christopher Reeve. I think those movies were really good and I believe Smallville is of the same ilk. I hope the show keep's going and to the people that aren't happy with it, move on to something else. Leave the show to the true fans. Anytime you get nostalgic you can always go back and watch your favorites on DVD, the rest of us will continue with the Story of how Clark Kent becomes Superman.
  • Smallville is the best tv show in last 10 years.......LOIS I LOVE, you are the BEST :)i hope tha lois will have all episodes in season 10

    Smallville is the best tv show in last 10 years.......LOIS I LOVE, you are the BEST.i hope that lois will have all 22 episodes in season 10 :).i started to watch a new tv show V and is very interesting, but smallvile is just the best.10 minutes ago i put smallville torrent to downloading episode 19.....i am so exciting......i am angry becouse in this season lois will have 18 episodes, and tess and oliver will have the same.....they didn t deserve to be in so many episodes like erica durance(lois lane) which is her for 6 years, and tess and oliver only 2 years :)
  • Smallville is my all time favorite show.Christopher Reeve new what he was doing when he passed the role to Tom Welling.I either hope it goes even longer or goes to the big screen. It is time for his wings though.

    The series has evolved into the 21st century. It continues to get better. Like the best and latest series of Batman movies, Smallville has taken that form. Next the Justice league with the original actors. That would be great!It is time for Superman to mix in with the episodes before it is too late. Don't let it drag like Clark and Lana. This is the greatest show. Please make sure it ends that way.I think it would be awesome to have Clark and Superman to share the spotlight for what might possibly be the last season. All the Original main characters need to come back for a motion picture after that. It is also time for Perry White and the return of Jimmy Olsen and Annette O Toole needs to come back as a guest star one more time.This could be great if the producers put the money into it. Whatever happened to Lana?When will Lex make an appearance?
    It would be nice to have episodes on these questions.
  • Love it! The young Clark Kent learning how to use his powers and controlling them. Awesome!

    Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luther, Lana Lang all are portrayed very well in this tv show. They all have obstacles they face and must defeat them. Lex' past haunts him, same with Lana's. Clark's got to understand why he was chosen to be the savior of Earth and what his purpose in life is.

    Clark loses many close people to him, his adoptive father dies of a heart attack, hi best friend leaves with his mom, and he loses Lex because Lex can't stay out of Clark's past. He loses Alicia, who knew Clark's secret and still wasn't afraid of him. He also loses Raya who was the only other survivor from his planet.

    Just a awesome way to show a different view on the young SUPERMAN!
  • Smallville started out being an awesome show with great character interplay, along the way it lost its way some. But now, the show has a chance to return to being great if it takes the right path. Its history, plus its future is why I gave it a 9.5

    Smallville is now halfway through its 9th season, and there has been a lot of really good things, a few bad and a few weird. Since it is overall a very good show I will start with some of the positives.
    The Characters. First of all the Luthors were written perfectly. So diabolical while at times both seemed to do good things whether it was selfish or in the wrong manner, meaning they stayed interesting. What I loved most about them is at first Lionel seemed to be evil incarnated and Lex, while most know will eventually become Superman's greatest enemy often did good things and had a level of ambiguity to him. Then the roles slowly changed to where even though both were still obviously bad people Lionel tried doing good things (the wrong way often) while Lex became even more devastatingly cunning and evil. Sadly, they both aren't on the show anymore so the lack of an interesting villain hurts the show (although Lex cannot really be dead who knows if he's coming back on Smallville) Also the other characters, mainly Lios' blatant sarcasm and strong character, Oliver and his more human approach to a hero and Chloe balance out a very good cast. Tom does a great job at Superman besides the fact that many times where he should have cried or at least teared up he didn't.
    The introduction of super heroes and super villains, mainly super heroes though. When I first saw Bart and realized he was The Flash I knew the show had the potential to grow into something epic. While it hasn't reached epic level yet, having multiple super heroes known to Clark and some backstory with him gives it the potential for a lot of growth. That being said, I wish that some of the other guys would be in the show more often, AC is actually relatively cool and Bart is a perfect counterbalance to the other main characters, both offer more depth to the story and another hero helping adds to the awesomeness. Also, the idea of Doomsday was/is really cool, and I would like to see more super villains rather than meteor freaks.
    While there are many other positives I feel I should mention a few of the negatives, but I will stick to only the current ones. The derisive relationship between Chloe and Clark adds to the drama and tension in the season, I believe it takes away from both character. Clark has been a real jerk to her at times and she has made it easy – they should be very close friends, yes they can be on bad terms but the show makes it seem like they barely trust each other now and I personally think they took it too far. Another is Clark can't fly…I don't remember the exact episode, but within the first 2 episodes didn't Clark dream about Lana and levitate in his sleep?? And since then he has kinda thought about trying to fly but he can't. I wish they would never have shown him levitate because I could just tell myself its like he is going through puberty and he hasn't gained the ability to fly but obviously that's not the case. The last thing I will point out is some of the writing. What I mean is killing off Jimmy, who is a big part of Superman and added a lot to the cast pre Chloe, Doomsday blowout, Ollie getting way to depressed too easily, Lana in general, and most importantly Clarks disregard of how urgently he should take out General Zod. He says that he doesn't want to make the same mistake he made with Lex, so instead of make Zod his enemy he is gonna try to help him, yet he shows him no respect at all an talks down to him. This aspect, more than any current problem in the show shows a lack of depth in Clarks character at the moment. I more than understand Clark not having a guys night out with Zod but he knows what kind of man he is and what he will most likely become so why does he still act so condescending instead of trying to be diplomatic and reason with him. It won't work, but I would rather have Clark explain to Zod why he should be more understaning of the humans only to be backstabbed by Zod than Clark just continually diss him (Like he did with Lex sooooooooo many times) until Zod has had it with Clark.
    I didn't want my review to be so long, sorry, but Smallville has a lot to talk about. Overall, like most fans I would say the first 5 seasons were awesome, then it got weird but still ok and now its gotten a lot better (to me not quite the first few seasons) and with the introduction of the JLA and now JSA the writers could with the write mindset make and incredible end of season 9 and hopefully season 10. I will say this though…bring back Lex! Its very easy to say he was never in the truck and just made a clone/left his dna in the truck and used it as a diversion in case anyone tried to get close. Even better that way because he could have planned being "killed" in the truck giving himself ample time to heal and work out a devious plan!
    If I said something stupid I'm sorry, but don't thumbs down me simply because I couldn't stop talking about a great show.
  • I want to be a hero too!

    This show makes me believe on people, trully. I known its fiction and all, but still, everytime a watch one episode I want to save people. Maybe is because I, deep inside, would like to be Lois Lane, so brave and also beautifull. Or maybe because we all hope for a hero to save man kind, even if its from man kind it self. I have all the seasons here, on my shelf. I hope the producers keep doing this great job along the others chapters, and pray for then dont loose the way and transform this huge show in something comom. It is the best, for sure. We all should be a little Jor-El

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  • great show

    Being a huge fan of Marvel comics, superheroes, and Superman, I find this show excellent.
    It has few flows, then again no show is perfect.
    Hope we will see more seasons coming, it would really be a huge lossif Smallville was to end, it still has potential especially with the continuous introduction of new superheroes and enemies.
    One of the worst episodes was the one where Kal El fought his Nemesis Doomsday, and both went into the ground, we expected an interesting battle to take place and this was really disappointing.
    Also sometimes we really miss Lex, but again some change was necessary in order to keep the series going.
  • Confusing, but I love certain things about the show.

    I love all the characters, but there is WAY too much DEATH! Why do you guys kill off main characters all the time? Every one of my favorite shows on every channel does this! I have enough death in my own life! At least Lana comes back. And people who didn't really die, is just as bad. HUGE crushed feeling, all the time, now. Smallville just creates an underlying depressed feeling ALL the time,in me, now, every episode. I don't know how you can lift up the mood, but one way, is to not kill people off, but just say they are gone away, like Mrs. K, and Lana.
  • This show is about Clark Kent coming into his powers as a teenager. In other words, Superman before he was Superman.

    I gave this show 8 overall because the show started off great, then fell down to OK & went up to pretty good. Season 1-6 was pretty good. Season 7 was short & only had a few good episodes. I personally liked the "freak-of-the-week" style from the earlier seasons, but I do like that they have put Lois Lane into the plot in season 8 and 9. I'm glad that Allison Mack stayed on the show. I don't think the show would be as good as it is without her as Chloe Sullivan. I have to say though, I don't like the way the writers have removed the tight friendship Clark and Chloe had. They have made Clark look like hypocrite and a bit of a jerk in my opinion. That's another reason why I didn't give this show a better score. Overall this is a good show that I will continue to watch until the show goes off the air.
  • it's wierd how smallville has been ready for the season 9 story arc since season 5, and all it took was people to be fired and some re-modeling of the crew, what every show needs.

    now im not a smallville hatter i've watched every episode and liked most of them but the problem i have with smallville is that there all idiots they hear a clearly false and improbable lie and just accept it as the truth, i mean robbing the shops there should be briliant "im hear to inspect your money please hand it over while i check it in my car"
    not to mention the fact that most of them are bad liars, ohh anf the fact that people in smallville have the habbit of closing bokks or laptop lids when someone enters the room like the entire town is watching porn.
    but i do like the show its pleasent and you dont have enough show with super powers, this is only one thing i would really change about smallville and that would be lois's speach because in season 4 where she appears she is really funny like when she was talking to the kents about finding clark and she says "she has a soft spot for stray dogs and naked guys" in the episode now shes says the same stuff but she not as blunt as she used to be.
    i know it may seem like i have just listed negative things but its a good show once you cut out season 7
  • Wonder Twins give clark a bad time.

    Idol was great!! I loved Lois finding out about Clark and the dangerous situation she found herself in. For Lois' character to be believable, Clark is going to have to admit to Lois who he is. There is no way a 2009 Lois is going to believe the lies that the 1930 Lois did. Clark's relationship with Lana proved that you can not build a relationship on lies. I do believe Tom Welling is the cutest man on TV. But Justin Hartley has the looks when it comes to taking off his shirt. He looks great! Tom Welling needs to leave his shirt on until he get a six pack. Hopefully, he won't put on tights until he works on his legs.
  • best show ever4

    hey trust mi if this show stop comming on i dont know what i would do. it need to go to season ten and then change the name to superman and tom and the crew just start a new superman series. tom is the best man for superman, we need him in a movie in the reb abd blue suit.also we need to see him star flying in smallville,come ppl i've been waiting a longtime for this so plz lert it be. im thinking how are u ppl going to bring back lex cause we all know he aint out of superman life.anyway great show my favorite of all time
  • The story of the the beginings of the flag ship DC character namely superman.

    This show tries to present the early life of the lengendary hero we all know superman as he comes to terms with being an alien gift with a variety of powers.The show shines in the fact that although Clark is often presented in an unwavering light of moral this is not as the case and this is shown.It goes to show that even with the moral standards of superman one can still be tempted to misuse ones gifts for personal gain.
  • best tv show, let's just hope he will fly soon enough.

    Smallville caught my eye, not when it first appeared but only a few years agon when i first saw some more members of Justice League. From then i've been watching all episodes and it has deffiently become my favorite tv show. The embodiment of good, a man among men, and a metahuman, Superman fills in the shoes of Tom Welling, who does the most amazing job with his character. The thing that impressed mw the most is the large space of interpretation, since it's new and no one was expecting it, you can do with this show anything and everything. Every character is strongly connected to each other, they all are the people today due to their turbulent lives and helping hands. I've been seeing on forums lately KILL LANA, LANA has to DIE. Why? She plays probably alongisde with Lex the most important part in this show. Clark is the man he is due to them, and his father(not the biological one). If not for Lana's love or Lex's envy and hate who knows how Clark might've ended up. Lana is gone, i doubt she'll have any serious parts in this show, maybe some appearences here and there, but i have the feeling that Season 9 is only focused on Clark and Lois (so i hope) and probably get his FLYING skills already. I've heard that patience is everything, for 9 seasons we've been patient, now give him a cool suit and teach him to fly. Best show ever in my book, keep it up, Good Luck, Cheers!
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