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  • Great cast, lovable characters and action: Superman'd be proud!

    Smallville is a legend, or something. Years ago, of course I've watched some episodes of this huge hit of its age. But in 2011, when I bought the entire collection and decided to watch it for real, I've realized how fantastic this show actually is. Yeah, I agree, maybe it's slow-paced, but although repetitive, episodes don't get boring, since each one introduces a new thrilling situation for the characters to deal on. I always praised the writers of show for that: they've always manage to pull crazy plots and end up coming up with an even more creative idea to solve it. This is a tale for everyone. Following up Clark's adventures, from High School, to his biggest conflicts with Luthorcorp. His love interests, from his first love with Lana Lang to his epic love with Lois Lane. His friend Chloe's adventures while growing up and putting a little more of humanity into the show and into Clark's mind. His friendship with Lex, and hot that turned out drastically bad, his later friendship with Oliver Queen, the playboy who became hero and started to grow closer to Clark, his parent's life... Anyway, I can only compliment Smallville. Every episode is a masterpiece, and, when this show digs on its mythology, than nothing can stop it. I'm actually really glad I've watched this show, because, believe me, all 10 seasons was a crazy emotional ride that was totally worth it.
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