Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Clark has dreams of flying in the Indian cave ("Skinwalker") and inserting the octagonal key into a hole. As Dr. Walden ("Rush") tries to get a sample, the key summons Clark to the cave and places itself in the hole, activating lights and a beam that hits Clark. Later Clark's heat-vision activates on its own, burning a symbol into the barn – a symbol which Clark can translate (as "hope"). A Dr. Swann sees the photo of the barn that Chloe takes and contacts Clark using symbols from the mysterious language. Clark goes to visit him and finds out Swann received a signal on the day of the meteor shower using the same language with a mathematical key. The signal identifies Clark as "Kal-El" from the planet "Krypton" and Swann says Clark must find his destiny. Clark and his adopted parents open the ship with the key and insert the pad Jonathan found and Clark translates it as a message from his father telling him to rule over Earth. Meanwhile, Walden finds the key left behind by Clark but gets mind-fried when he tries to use it in the cave due to an "information overload", leaving Lex with a few more suspicions. And Lana and Chloe have a fight when Lana snoops on Chloe's computer and finds pictures of Chloe and Clark – Lana starts to move out but they patch things up.
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