Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The CW

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  • Alien bugs start making people nuts

    I liked it was going before Lana got pissed at JUST Clark for kissing Chloe. That made NO sense at all. It takes two to do a kiss like that so it gets illogical not to hold a grudge against Chloe too. But it didn't makes sense for Pete to be all of a sudden having pieces of kryptonite ready to use against Clark either. I thought that stuff wasn't readily available. Otherwise the plot was fine and I could understand a possible future tension between Clark and Lex. But it seems like they make it every episode some new alien threat comes that Clark has to stop. I thought this was before he became superman...
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep pete and cloey are at a wilde party in the caves and a guy that cloey knows jumps off the top of the thing and dies . but when pete goes to get up he is bitten by a nasty parisite that makes you want to live on the age that gives you that rush . so when pete starts acting werid clark realizes it but cant do anything when he starts to tell people in public clark is alien and almost jumps in the front of a truck. but clark saves him then he says stay and uses krptonight on clark the scientist goes and tells lex they found a parysite and he has it shipped to the lab. then clark and cloey go down and investiagate the story turns out cloey gets bit again. and she starts acting weird she tells the guy to kiss her ass. so clark must figure it out before its too late they then pete and cloey put red krptonight on him and he starts acting like he normal does when he is next to red krpotonigt thing is clark reaveals secrets to cloey and they start making out at the tallen before they og and jump the gorge thing is lana sees it when clarks comes out of red krptonight and starts saying he did not mean to do that but she does not listen and clark must figure it out.
  • A cave-rave turns up a nasty parasite, which bites both Pete and Chloe, who go off their inhibitions. They then convert Clark to his dark side using red kryptonite, and Lana spots him in a lip-lock with Chloe - bad times coming.

    This episode is geared to the high schoolers in fandom, starting with a noisy rave in the cave, but ending quickly when Chloe's lab partner is killed in a fall. Pete also falls prey to a cave-borne infection, which turns out to be a scorpion-like parasite with a nasty bite - leading to another bad-girl, bad-boy story line where hedonism reigns.

    Sam Jones has to make do with a stunt double doing his motocross wheelies down the Smallville sidewalk, while Clark slowly tries to figure out why everyone is going bonkers. Back at the cave, Clark meets a new character, Prof. Walden, whom Lex has hired to do hieroglyphics research - Lex presses Clark about his frequent cave visits, a probe which Clark neatly deflects by claiming a term paper interest.

    Clark barely rescues Pete from a city bus runover, but his worst fear materializes - Pete, not in his right mind, yells to everyone that Clark is an alien. Chloe gets a bug bite also, and she plays it better, but why does Clark fail to recognize Chloe's uninhibited behavior, even as her eyeshadow thickens and her bleached blonde hair makeover says "tramp?"

    When Pete slips red kryptonite to Clark so he'll join the pod-people, Clark demos superpowers to him and to Chloe, and Lana sees him and Chloe in a lip-lock just as the potent red rock falls out and Clark is restored to his senses. Pete and Chloe attempt an end-game off a cliff in a blue 70s-era Camaro, but Clark arrives to catch the whole car and cast. Both recover after parasite-removal surgery, but fortunately not their memories of Clark's power trip.

    Lana ash-cans a rose offered by Clark as a broken-date apology, so she and Clark are on-again and off-again. Allison Mack is the star here, with a wide range of characterizations and clever lines delivered just right. As a re-run, it's a C-.
  • I Like My Adrenaline Low, Thank You!

    Rush-Students are engaging in wild, sometimes suicidal stunts, and Chloe and Pete are the next ones to become "infected"...and they use a piece of red meteor rock to get Clark to join them.

    A fun and sometimes disturbing episode, "Rush" sees Pete and Chloe getting infected by some meter infected insects in the cave that soon feed on adrenaline causing them to act out in disasterous ways. Sam Jones III and Allison Mack looks like they were having fun acting out of character for an episode which is to be expected. While I found Pete's antics annoying, Chloe's antics were much more entertaining. I loved her telling off the doctor in the caves and making fun of Lex's lack of hair. The parasites themselves looked disgusting and you can tell the designers put some real thought on how the parasties' look. Also, Red K Clark returns and it's always fun to have him around. The only downside is Lana's reaction when she sees Clark and Chloe together at the Talon. She's all upset about Clark kissing Chloe when it was obvious Chloe was all over him when she saw them. Just more needless melodrama to shake up the still non-existent Clana romance. Also, Lex continues to investiagte the caves which is an interesting development. All and All, "Rush" is very watchable episode with some cool scenes if yuo can get over the melodrama that is Clana.
  • Parasites in the Kawatche Caves are causing Smallville High students to participate in deadly stunts. When Pete and Chloe are infected, Pete slips red meteor rock into Clark's shirt pocket, then Clark reveals his secret to, and makes out with, Chloe.

    RUSH gives viewers the brief, but memorable, return of Clark's bad boy alter ego, as well as personality changes for a couple of other characters. During a "rave in a cave", Pete becomes infected with a parasite in the Kawatche Caves, and it's soon discovered that the parasite feeds off adrenaline and that other students have died after being infected. Of course, when Clark and Chloe poke around the cave trying to figure out what happened to Pete, Chloe also becomes infected and begins flirting with Clark. To get Clark to join in on the fun, Pete realizes that he needs help from red kryptonite, and slips a piece of the red rock into Clark's shirt pocket, instantly transforming our favorite boy scout. Under the influence of red k, Clark reveals his secret to Chloe, then proceeds to make out with her in the backseat of Pete's car and in the Talon. Luckily, Chloe doesn't remember any of it after becoming uninfected, but during all this, Clark finally gets up the nerve to ask Lana out...and she actually says yes! However, Pete and Chloe soon make him look like a liar, then Lana's patience runs out when she catches Chloe and Clark locking lips.

    Highlights, for me, include: Chloe spontaneously being kissed by her nerdy lab partner, Chloe being infected and telling off Dr. Walden (who Lex hired to translate the cave symbols), Clark and Pete revealing Clark's secret to Chloe, Clark and Chloe making out in Pete's car, and Clark and Chloe's game of strip poker using imaginary cards. Overall, I give the episode four out of five stars. I would've given it the complete five, but I hated that Chloe and Pete made Clark look bad in front of Lana, despite me being an avid Clois supporter and therefore unable to stand even the idea of Clark pining after Lana, much less dating her.
  • Great Episode

    Pete and Chloe are infected by bug-like creatures that burrow into the necks of those who get close enough. The bugs cause people to engage in extremely risky behavior. Pete uses red meteor rock to get Clark to join them. The red meteor rock is incidentally removed, and Clark manages to get both his friends to the hospital. Lex hires Dr. Frederick Walden, an expert in ancient glyphs, to try to translate the language found on walls of the Kawatche Caves. "Rush" is another great episode of Smallville. In this episode, Clark Kent finally invites Lana Lang to date, but the reason for the failure of the scheduled date is not compatible with the situation and problems of Pete and Chloe. Lana is not reasonable with her attitude.
  • strip poker

    Clark with red kryptonite, I will never get tired of watching Clark with red kryptonite. I like Chloe’s face when she learns the secret of Clark it was price less. I loved the end of this episode and the music was so appropriate. What I like the most about this episode it's when Clark catch the car it was really cool.
  • dangerous stunts and red kryptonite!

    In my opinion this episode was a big success. the tom, sa, and chloe did a great job playing the different personalities in this episode. the idea about the bug biting the people was a good story on the writers opinion and how they brought chloe into clarks secret. and but of course after they took the bug out of her system she "supposedly" forgot everything during that time. though in my opinion i think that she was just saying that because of when she was talking to lana in the hospital room her eyes made it look like she knew who was really kissing clark, which was her.
  • Red K episode!

    I love this episode. Pete and Chloe are infected by some 'bug' which dwells in the caves and causes them to change their personality. I really liked this episode because Clark got to use his powers in front of Chloe. I thought the dialogue was excellent. Chloe: Can you fly? Clark: I'm an alien, not a cartoon. Chloe: My feelings for Clark are so ancient, they're fossilized! I also liked Clark chatting back at Lex! I think the worst part of this episode was the drama with Lana after she catches Clark on Red K and Chloe making out - who cares! And the fact that they pulled the amnesia routine so that Chloe didn't remember.
  • Great episode.

    Students becomes wild and daring with something mysterious. It turns out that the red kryptonite have something to do with it. Things become really interesting when Chloe and Pete are affected by the red kryptonite and they Clark possessed by the red rock as well. This is a really nice episode, Clark gets to do something in front of Chloe, it's a great episode. I really had a good time watching this. It's a really great episode, the red meteor is a good narrative tool to tell an episode, it has all kinds of possibilities for many plots. It's awesome.
  • Chloe goes wild and Pete goes bad. Clark goes along only after Pete slips a red k into his pocket.

    Pete’s new car is the same as his old but it’s blue instead of being red. Ok if someone was to jump off of anything at a party must people would catch you. So why didn’t anybody catch Travis in the caves even if he had this “bug” in him?
    Good quotes:
    Pete: “You’re never more alive then the moment you are about to die.”
    Chloe: “You’re the counting linguist so why don’t you translate this.”
  • Rush!

    People begin getting to a party at the caves after Clark discovers them, after a while Pete becomes infected with a really strange worm that makes him act really rare, suddenly Clark and Chloe begin to notice and go out to the cave to investigate and Chloe gets infected too, and later Pete uses red kryptonite in order to make Clark join them and use their abilities to get some fun, but later Clark discovers what happen. It was a really good episode!!!
  • And the hits keep coming . . .

    Another hugely excellent episode with a great title to match. I really enjoyed the Chloe character in this one, the bad girl looks, the mischievous fun, the hair streaked with black. I like the cleverness of making the characters careless and foolhardy, and Pete’s slipping Clark the red rock so now his badness bounces off their badness. Loved the strip poker bit and how that caused Clark to take off his shirt and have the rock drop out. Loved Pete crying to the bystanders “He’s an alien!” And how Clark stops the car verticle in midair during their goofy joyride. Wow. Another really well-written, very well performed, and hugely entertaining episode from the folks of Smallville!
  • Why must we always play with evil bugs?

    The Smallville teen scene has invaded the Indian caves that Clark has not only sworn to defend, but that house the secrets to his past. But something else is already there waiting. Something that takes over the minds of Chloe and Pete. Something that kills one teenager during the teen's wild cave party.

    Also in this episode Lex hires an expert to try and solve the mysteries of the caves.

    After Pete Ross starts acting wacky, Clark x-rays him and finds that there is a small creature moving around inside of him. Unfortunately, crazy Pete doesn't like being x-rayed and he lays the green k on Clark.

    Later at the Talon, Pete puts some red kryptonite in Clark's shirt pocket. Now there's three crazy teens running around. One of which has super powers! Pete drops off Chloe and Clark at the Talon long enough for Chloe and Clark to kiss in front of Lana. But then Chloe takes off Clark's shirt which means no more red k and Clark is back to normal. Chloe and Pete take off in Pete's Camaro but not till after Pete bops Clark with a green k punch. Holding a chunk of meteorite in his hand he is able to punch Clark out.

    Chloe and Pete decide to go jump the gorge in the Camaro. Not too healthy. Lucky for them Clark wakes up in time to literally catch the Camaro at the bottom of the gorge. Later, Clark gets Chloe and Pete to the hospital to remove the parasite creatures that were controlling them.