Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The CW

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  • Parasites in the Kawatche Caves are causing Smallville High students to participate in deadly stunts. When Pete and Chloe are infected, Pete slips red meteor rock into Clark's shirt pocket, then Clark reveals his secret to, and makes out with, Chloe.

    RUSH gives viewers the brief, but memorable, return of Clark's bad boy alter ego, as well as personality changes for a couple of other characters. During a "rave in a cave", Pete becomes infected with a parasite in the Kawatche Caves, and it's soon discovered that the parasite feeds off adrenaline and that other students have died after being infected. Of course, when Clark and Chloe poke around the cave trying to figure out what happened to Pete, Chloe also becomes infected and begins flirting with Clark. To get Clark to join in on the fun, Pete realizes that he needs help from red kryptonite, and slips a piece of the red rock into Clark's shirt pocket, instantly transforming our favorite boy scout. Under the influence of red k, Clark reveals his secret to Chloe, then proceeds to make out with her in the backseat of Pete's car and in the Talon. Luckily, Chloe doesn't remember any of it after becoming uninfected, but during all this, Clark finally gets up the nerve to ask Lana out...and she actually says yes! However, Pete and Chloe soon make him look like a liar, then Lana's patience runs out when she catches Chloe and Clark locking lips.

    Highlights, for me, include: Chloe spontaneously being kissed by her nerdy lab partner, Chloe being infected and telling off Dr. Walden (who Lex hired to translate the cave symbols), Clark and Pete revealing Clark's secret to Chloe, Clark and Chloe making out in Pete's car, and Clark and Chloe's game of strip poker using imaginary cards. Overall, I give the episode four out of five stars. I would've given it the complete five, but I hated that Chloe and Pete made Clark look bad in front of Lana, despite me being an avid Clois supporter and therefore unable to stand even the idea of Clark pining after Lana, much less dating her.