Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The CW

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  • I Like My Adrenaline Low, Thank You!

    Rush-Students are engaging in wild, sometimes suicidal stunts, and Chloe and Pete are the next ones to become "infected"...and they use a piece of red meteor rock to get Clark to join them.

    A fun and sometimes disturbing episode, "Rush" sees Pete and Chloe getting infected by some meter infected insects in the cave that soon feed on adrenaline causing them to act out in disasterous ways. Sam Jones III and Allison Mack looks like they were having fun acting out of character for an episode which is to be expected. While I found Pete's antics annoying, Chloe's antics were much more entertaining. I loved her telling off the doctor in the caves and making fun of Lex's lack of hair. The parasites themselves looked disgusting and you can tell the designers put some real thought on how the parasties' look. Also, Red K Clark returns and it's always fun to have him around. The only downside is Lana's reaction when she sees Clark and Chloe together at the Talon. She's all upset about Clark kissing Chloe when it was obvious Chloe was all over him when she saw them. Just more needless melodrama to shake up the still non-existent Clana romance. Also, Lex continues to investiagte the caves which is an interesting development. All and All, "Rush" is very watchable episode with some cool scenes if yuo can get over the melodrama that is Clana.