Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The CW

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  • A cave-rave turns up a nasty parasite, which bites both Pete and Chloe, who go off their inhibitions. They then convert Clark to his dark side using red kryptonite, and Lana spots him in a lip-lock with Chloe - bad times coming.

    This episode is geared to the high schoolers in fandom, starting with a noisy rave in the cave, but ending quickly when Chloe's lab partner is killed in a fall. Pete also falls prey to a cave-borne infection, which turns out to be a scorpion-like parasite with a nasty bite - leading to another bad-girl, bad-boy story line where hedonism reigns.

    Sam Jones has to make do with a stunt double doing his motocross wheelies down the Smallville sidewalk, while Clark slowly tries to figure out why everyone is going bonkers. Back at the cave, Clark meets a new character, Prof. Walden, whom Lex has hired to do hieroglyphics research - Lex presses Clark about his frequent cave visits, a probe which Clark neatly deflects by claiming a term paper interest.

    Clark barely rescues Pete from a city bus runover, but his worst fear materializes - Pete, not in his right mind, yells to everyone that Clark is an alien. Chloe gets a bug bite also, and she plays it better, but why does Clark fail to recognize Chloe's uninhibited behavior, even as her eyeshadow thickens and her bleached blonde hair makeover says "tramp?"

    When Pete slips red kryptonite to Clark so he'll join the pod-people, Clark demos superpowers to him and to Chloe, and Lana sees him and Chloe in a lip-lock just as the potent red rock falls out and Clark is restored to his senses. Pete and Chloe attempt an end-game off a cliff in a blue 70s-era Camaro, but Clark arrives to catch the whole car and cast. Both recover after parasite-removal surgery, but fortunately not their memories of Clark's power trip.

    Lana ash-cans a rose offered by Clark as a broken-date apology, so she and Clark are on-again and off-again. Allison Mack is the star here, with a wide range of characterizations and clever lines delivered just right. As a re-run, it's a C-.