Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The CW

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep pete and cloey are at a wilde party in the caves and a guy that cloey knows jumps off the top of the thing and dies . but when pete goes to get up he is bitten by a nasty parisite that makes you want to live on the age that gives you that rush . so when pete starts acting werid clark realizes it but cant do anything when he starts to tell people in public clark is alien and almost jumps in the front of a truck. but clark saves him then he says stay and uses krptonight on clark the scientist goes and tells lex they found a parysite and he has it shipped to the lab. then clark and cloey go down and investiagate the story turns out cloey gets bit again. and she starts acting weird she tells the guy to kiss her ass. so clark must figure it out before its too late they then pete and cloey put red krptonight on him and he starts acting like he normal does when he is next to red krpotonigt thing is clark reaveals secrets to cloey and they start making out at the tallen before they og and jump the gorge thing is lana sees it when clarks comes out of red krptonight and starts saying he did not mean to do that but she does not listen and clark must figure it out.
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