Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Lana is coming in the hospital room to talk to Chloe, Clark gets up and walks out of the room. The camera goes to Chloe and you hear the sound of a closing door. When the camera goes back to Lana, the door is still open behind her.

    • Trivia: The Talon sign says "Espresso - Your morning rush".

    • Chloe was a big part of the "Save the Cave" campaign in the "Skinwalker" episode. Why would she want to go to a rave party in the cave without even giving Clark a call? A party like that is sure to do damage to the cave that she fought so hard to save, and those caves mean a lot to Clark.

    • When Clark is cleaning up the cave, all of the metal framing used to hold the rave lights and speakers and such are still in the cave, complete with different colored lights still attached to them. That kind of equipment is not cheap, and it seems out of place for the DJ and crew to have left it all in the cave. Assuming they might have been forced to, given the death of a student, then why are the mixing equipment and turntables gone?

    • At 30:21, when Pete, Clark and Chloe are in the car. There is a car visible right behind them. (The car is really pushing the car the three are in.)

    • At 33:30 as Chloe sits on the hood of Pete's car, the boom-mic is reflected in the window.

    • Immediately after the opening credits, "Pete" is riding a motorcycle on the sidewalks of downtown Smallville. However, the camera makes no attempts to conceal that this is instead a stuntman. A simple pausing of the scene makes this glaringly obvious. Additionally, he makes quite a large jump off of a small sandwich board sign?

    • Lex said the security guard that he hired "won't let anyone in without my permission, except for Clark Kent, of course." So how does Chloe get in when she and Clark are investigating the cave?

    • Pete slips the red-k into Clark's pocket to affect him. In previous episodes ("Red") Clark was actually holding the ring and it didn't affect him. But here, separated from him by a couple of layers of flannel, it still affects him.

    • Why doesn't Clark just tell the truth? When Lana asks, "Why were you kissing Chloe back?" He could easily and truthfully, answer, "I was trying to keep her from kissing me, but also trying to keep control of her to get her and Pete to the hospital for help." There, he's a hero instead of a jerk. Or he could even say, "Pete slipped me something when he was out of control that caused me to lose my inhibitions. I wasn't myself any more than they were." There, now he's a victim instead of a jerk.

    • When Pete punches Clark with the kryptonite outside the Talon, he goes back and crashes into a blue Daily Planet newspaper stand, where it becomes dented and falls to the ground. But when Lana throws the water on him in the next scene, the newspaper stand is not present.

    • After Clark loses the red rock, he puts on his coat and zips it up. Then, when Chloe goes and kisses Clark again and gets caught by Lana, Clark's jacket is mysteriously zipped down again.

    • At the beginning of the episode Chloe claims, "These caves have survived for hundreds of years, I don't think a little Moby is going to hurt them." However, the song playing during the intro is "Never Gonna Come Back Down" off of BT's album "Movement in Still Life"

    • A moment after Pete lectures the couple that was making out to not lean on the wall with the pictographs, Pete himself sits against the wall before getting bit by the parasite.

    • When Lana catches Clark and Chloe kissing in the Talon, Clark is obviously pulling away. But later Lana accuses Clark of kissing back. If she had caught them earlier when Clark had his shirt off then she'd have a case but from her perspective she is making things up (or I guess maybe her emotions are causing her to exaggerate?) (editor's note: a couple of viewers noted that the waitress saw them kissing, and may have told Lana)

    • When Clark finally catches Pete's car, how does he finally get them to the hospital? Pete would still have his piece of meteor rock.

    • Lex had security guards guarding the caves? Why weren't they able to stop that rave from happening? (editor's note: Lex does say he fired the guard working that night - but why would a guard be that careless in the first place? Particularly with a Luthor for a boss? Would you want to piss off Lex, even if some ravers paid you some bucks to look the other way? :) )

    • Pete has a blue sports car now? Where does he get all these cars? He just had one blown up a on-screen week ago in Suspect - being an insurance adjustor in Smallville must be a very well-paying job! (editor's note - and when evil Clark, Pete, and Chloe drive it down the road later, it's missing its front license plate...)

    • Chloe says that at the rave Pete tried to save Travis. When did he do that? He just kinda leaned up against the cave wall and called out but didn't actually do anything while Travis did his death-dive.

    • When Pete and Chloe go off the cliff into the canyon, you can see big beautiful mountains in the background. In Kansas.

    • So why doesn't Clark x-ray Chloe as soon as she starts sucking on lollipops and kissing random passing boys in the newspaper office? Even if he doesn't tell her about it, at least he'd know and could act accordingly.

    • Why doesn't Clark get weakened by the green meteor rock before Pete hits him with it? It's just in Pete's hand and pretty close to Clark - not like it's in lead or anything.

    • Seems like the car coming to a dead halt after going off a cliff and coming to a dead stop 50'+ down would be pretty much fatal to Pete and Chloe, even with the 3'-6' of kinda-sorta absorption Clark would get. They seem to be wearing seat belts, but being rush-addicted and all you wouldn't think they would be - the parasites seem fully capable of overriding their hosts' self-preservation habits.

    • Lana says she "knows what happened to Chloe". Really? Setting aside the fact that the discovery of such a parasite would draw huge scientific and possible CDC (Center for Disease Control - although its apparently called the Disease Control Agency in a later episode) attention, is Lana really able to so readily dismiss the fact that Clark might not have been influenced in some manner, even if there was no obvious source of infection? He was unconscious (and she wasn't aware that Pete knocked him out) when she dumped him with water from a flower vase. For that matter, would Pete be so casually released from the hospital?

  • Quotes

    • Lana: Clark, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you and Chloe still have feelings for each other.
      Clark: Lana, Chloe and I are just friends.
      Lana: Obviously closer friends than we are.

    • Chloe: Why the sudden Jekyll and Hyde? What--don't tell me you're thinking about Lana?
      Clark: This has nothing to do with Lana.
      Chloe: You don't have any real feelings for me, do you, Clark? Every time we hang out, it's just to get answers. "Chloe, why don't you research this?" or "Chloe, why don't you look up that?" I'm nothing more to you than your own personal search engine, and I'm sick of it. I want you, Clark.

    • Chloe: I heard about that thing they extracted from me. Did they get a picture I can see?
      Clark: You don't need to see it.
      Chloe: It's gross?
      Clark: (nods his head) Pretty bad.

    • Clark: Hey, Chloe, I need the... (stops as he finds Chloe making out with a random student)
      Chloe: Don't worry, Clark. We're done.
      Guy: Can I get your number?
      Chloe: Why? The thrill is gone.

    • Pete: Guys, get a room.
      Clark: Where's the fun in that, Pete?

    • Pete: Clark, I know you're worried about me. You're my boy. You always have been. But I figured it out. In your world, green means stop. And red--red means go.

    • Chloe: Hey, lovebirds. Look who I found.
      Clark: Chloe, we were supposed to meet at your house.
      Lana: Pete, how are you feeling?
      Pete: Awesome, never felt better in my life.
      Lana: Huh. Clark made it sound like you were on your deathbed.
      Pete: And you believed him? Haven't you learned by now? That's just Clark being Clark.

    • Clark: Remember you said there was this weird hole in the back of Travis's neck? I was wondering if it could be from some kind of parasite?
      Chloe: What orifice did you pull that one from?
      Clark: That's kind of harsh, isn't it?
      Chloe: Come on, Clark. It's not like you hit the mute button on your skepticism when I take a logic leap.

    • Dr. Walden: (upon finding Chloe snooping around the caves) Hey! This cave is off-limits. Why don't you find somewhere else to make out? (Chloe's suddenly infected by the parasite) You all right?
      Chloe: Yeah, I'm fine. As for your snide remark, people haven't made out in this cave since the 20th century. Now back off.

    • Chloe: Well, have you gotten him to a doctor yet, or is he as needle-phobic as you are?
      Clark: I haven't been able to find him. My dad called the Rosses. They haven't seen him all day.
      Chloe: So what exactly are we looking for?
      Clark: I don't know. A certain reporter friend of mine always said to explore all options.
      Chloe: (smiling) In that case, I'll look over here.

    • (Chloe's suddenly kissed by Travis, her chem lab partner)
      Chloe: Travis?! What are you doing?
      Travis: Taking my shot. I always thought you were hot!
      Chloe: I think you're kind of wasted.
      Travis: No, I'm just high on life! Whoooo!

    • Jonathan: (to Clark) When you see Pete, make sure you tell him to stop cutting doughnuts out in the field. He's scaring the cattle.

    • Clark: We should go on a date. Together. In the near future.
      Lana: Are you serious?
      Clark: I was. But if you don't want to go...
      Lana: When?
      Clark: You mean you'll go?
      Lana: Yeah. I assume that was the answer you were looking for.
      Clark: Yeah, I just didn't think it would be that easy.

    • Pete: All you ever want to do is talk. For a guy who can't get hurt, you never take any risks.
      Clark: That's not true.
      Pete: What about Lana? Now that Fordman's toast, when are you gonna take a shot with her?
      Clark: Come on, Pete, Whitney was your friend. Besides, it's not that easy.
      Pete: Why? Because you can't share your secret? You shared it with me and, uh, we're still cool.
      Clark: That's different.
      Pete: Clark, you're just afraid she'll shut you down. You only go around once. Forget about the past. Focus on the future!

    • (Chloe climbs into the backseat of Pete's car)
      Pete: Dang, Chloe! I never knew you had all that!

    • Chloe: My own personal superhero. I always knew there was something special about you, Clark Kent.

    • Lex: I like to see you standing up for yourself, Clark, I really do. Be careful not to cross the line.
      Clark: Is that a threat?
      Lex: I'm just giving you a friendly piece of advice.
      Clark: Let me give you some back. If you know what's good for you, stay the hell away from me.

    • Chloe: Does he know?
      Clark: No. I only tell people who don't go around stabbing me in the back and lying to me.

    • Chloe: Can you fly?
      Clark: I'm an alien, not a cartoon.

    • Chloe: My feelings for Clark are so ancient, they're fossilized!

    • Lana: What is this?
      Clark: My pathetic attempt at an apology.

    • Martha: Pete, you're out.
      Pete: Yeah, back to normal - whatever that is.

    • Pete: Clark may be a boy scout, but I'm always prepared.

    • Chloe: What other powers do you have?
      Clark: Why don't you come back here and find out?
      Pete: Hey, this isn't a pimpmobile!

    • Chloe: You know, for a boy who has all the money in the world, you'd think (Lex) could buy a good toupee.

    • Pete: (Clark's) my brother from another planet.

    • Chloe: What are you?
      Clark: Let's just say...I'm not from around here.

    • Chloe: You're the cunning linguist--why don't you translate this? Kiss - my - ass.

    • Lex: Now you wouldn't be keeping secrets from me, would you, Clark?

  • Notes

    • Music: "I Just Wanna Be Loved" by AM Radio, "Never Gonna Come Back Down" by BT, "Bread And Water" by Sheila Nicholls, and "Don't Dream It's Over" by Sixpence None the Richer.

    • John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

    • We get another mention of Principal Reynolds (Richard Gant) from "Redux" - so when do we get to see him on-camera again?

    • Note the use of title ("Rush") within the show - Peter mentions it the first pre-credits sequence and the Talon's marquee has it too.

    • Working title of the episode was "Adrenaline".

  • Allusions

    • Pete: Clark's Achilles' heel.
      Pete is referring to the Greek mythology of Achilles. Achilles' mother tried to make Achilles immortal by dipping her son in the river Styx. She neglected to wet the heel that she held him by, thus leaving this spot as Achilles' only vulnerable spot. This vulnerability would later be exploited in order to kill Achilles.

    • Chloe: Why the sudden Jekyll and Hyde?
      Chloe is referring to the novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. The novel vividly portrays the psychological condition of split personality.

    • Chloe: These caves have survived for hundreds of years, I don't think a little Moby is going to hurt them.
      Moby is an electronic musician who is best known for singles such as "Go", "Porcelain", and "South Side" with Gwen Stefani. He took his performing name from the novel, Moby Dick (which was written by his great-great-granduncle).

    • Pete: Clark may be a Boy Scout, but I'm always prepared.
      In comics and TV shows, Superman is often referred to as a "Boy Scout," or "the Big Blue Boy Scout."