Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on The CW

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    This episode was stupid I mean come on China why would high school students go to China for don't they have school to attend. It seems that Smallville is being combined with all the WB's shows there some Dawson's Creek in there, Charmed, and recently Buffy the Vampire slayer. I mean come on Smallville used to be unique and intersting and they didn't even need to go to China. If they keep putting this pointless dribble on the air it needs to be taken off the air. I hate that Lana is a witch and this story line needs to be put to rest. Oh why has Smallville gone the downhill and its only in its fourth season I really hate to see what Smallville is like in a few years.
  • I'm tired of the "Lana As A Witch" stories...

    I thought I was watching "Smallville". (The story of young Clark Kent before he becomes Superman) Turns out it's equal parts "Charmed", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (with VERY bad wire stunts) and "Scavenger Hunt" (a 1979 film comedy) with the torture scene from "Lethal Weapon" thrown in for good measure. The premise of the episode with high schoolers Clark and Lana able to jump on a corporate jet and fly off to China strains credibility. I know the show is fantasy about a teen who lifts cars like feathers, is bulletproof, and shoots fire from his eyes, but come on! SOME basis is reality would be nice. -Slaughter
  • China

    They went to China? A stupid episode. Thankfully though Lan's stone/witch story is coming to an end. It was hard to watch, but it was somewhat cool to see Lana kick butt. Waite it wasn't Lana it was the witch who takes over Lana's body who kicks ass. This episode was filler and nothing more for the stone storyline.
  • I don't like this episode at all, it's very badly written, not credible, even the casting is quite lousy......

    What happened to my favorite show? The story of this episode is the worst for the show up till now. Nothing makes sense any more.
    It seems that all of a sudden, the whole story is about the three precious rocks. But we aren't even informed before this episode. And all of a sudden, it seems that everyone is chasing after them and some of them has already chased them long time ago.
    And the casting, that's a pure catastrophe, being a native Shanghai, it's awful to see my city pictured in such a lousy way! Hope that the show will become better!
  • The smallville crew, minus chloe and the kents, go on a quest in china.

    In my opinion this was a pretty bad episode. There were a lot of fatal flaws and this episode continued the streak of bad dissapointing episodes since pariah. First of all, there was no chloe- I missed her sly-in-her-opinion-but-really-obvious comments about clark's powers, but thats just me- it kind of reminds me of how i used ot flirt before I really got it down. Then there was the really bad matrix/crouching tiger hidden dragon style fighting later. And the whole thing of even being in china- I just didn't like it. Only two things really saved this episode form dipping below a six- lana turning into isabel and the rocks.
  • Looking back on this episode I have to wonder - where did it come from ? The script seems to be poorly written, and it is as if the writers suddenly remembered they have to have a season ending move on..

    With time, I've become addicted to the series.
    Watching all the episode from beginning to end for the second time, this episode caught my attention with its poorly written plot. I keep thinking - where did this episode come from? If you did not read the Trivia part yet, I suggest you do, because they have several things from my mind pin-pointed: * Lex's treatments after got poisoned
    * Clark uses powers poorly * Isobelle character is inconsistent. But inconsistency is NOT the biggest problem in this episode. The writers simply lost it. The most troubling part for me in the whole serie so far is the professor's monolog! - which has nothing to do with storyline, but simply needs to be well written, even that requirement was not fulfilled this time, and in my opinion it's a trivial one for a WRITER! In the monolog - the professor keeps referring to the strone as "treasure" and doesn't mention a stone. However in the last sentence she says (out of the blue)"as long as the stone is still there.." - And I keep pounding my head asking my self - why? why couldn't they just write "the treasure" one more time. For all the other "mistakes" - I could somehow let them go, brushing them off as if "they simply didn't show it, but it doesn't mean it's not there".. I mean not all has to be shown in a clear way. Maybe Lex treats himself in another way or maybe he finished all treatments, and maybe Clark is just not experienced yet as a fighter (think about it), and maybe Isabelle did keep Lana safe all the season - because otherwise you have to ask youself - how did she survive? Not everything needs be explicit... But there's no escaping poor writing. The professor's monolog is poorly written, and the mistake that was made is so trivial, I have to ask - who wrote it ? Because usually the writers of smallville are much better than this. And there are so many people working on the show (even the actress itself that played the professor could catch this error easily), but still this error slipped in somehow. For those of you who watched the episode again and still don't know what I'm writing about - The character refers to the stone as "the treasure" and doesn't reveal that it is a stone. Without that last sentence, it is mandatory to understand that it doesn't know about the 3 legendary stone, or at least she assumes Clark and Lana don't know it is a stone, and simplifies the story and uses "the treasure". In the last sentence the character uses the words "the stone", and none of the characters finds it strange that this is the first time a stone is mentioned.. No matter how you look at it, it's a huge mistake to use the words "the stone" here. And I can't find any other way to explain myself better.
  • This is a good series. I lost this episode

    This is a wondrefull history and I remember when I was young and went to the movies to see superman. The series is amazing and I try to dont loose any episode. Unfortunatly I lost this one and here in Brazil they dont repeated again.
    This is a wondrefull history and I remember when I was young and went to the movies to see superman. The series is amazing and I try to dont loose any episode. Unfortunatly I lost this one and here in Brazil they dont repeated again.
    This is a wondrefull history and I remember when I was young and went to the movies to see superman. The series is amazing and I try to dont loose any episode. Unfortunatly I lost this one and here in Brazil they dont repeated again.
    This is a wondrefull history and I remember when I was young and went to the movies to see superman. The series is amazing and I try to dont loose any episode. Unfortunatly I lost this one and here in Brazil they dont repeated again.
  • Finally we find out more about stones in this episoide and we get to see a diffrent location:china. nice change from smallville metropolis.

    Well this episode bought stones story-line to front page so to speak, this season has based on this story-line but until this episodes it always been a back-story. I liked how it all relates I mean Jor-el give Clark that warning refers what happened at season-finale.

    So great seeing Isabelle again. I like that character more Lana mainly because of all her cool powers, still kung-fu flying dragon fight between Clark and Isabelle was a bad rip-off kung-fu movie. Still to a certain extent is rather amusing.

    Lex, for a rich man he isn’t very smart I mean obvious if u pay Chinese police to capture and get the information they must be a back-up plan if it doesn’t work, I’m not surprised it back-fired on him, it’s a good thing Clark went with Lana otherwise bye bye Lex we couldn’t very well have that.

    Who figured out Jason the one with the stone, he was only one they’re that wasn’t unconscious.

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lana

    Sacred-After Clark receives a message from the recently-deceased Dr. Swann, he and Lana follow Jason and Lex to China in search of one of the kryptonian crystals. Lana is tortured, causing Isabelle to emerge and wreak havoc in her search for the crystal.

    Okay, at this point, the whole stone search storyline has only been hinted on and never fully developed. This storyline came out of no where at the beginning of the series and was never really hinted on in the previous seasons. But whatever the case, the stones themselves and the power they hold make for an intriguing premise and "Sacred" kicks up the whole stone storyline to another level. While "Sacred" has it's plot hole and lackluster moments, it's overall a great ride from start to finish. The episode begins with a touching tribute to Christopher Reeves (the actor died in late 2004 I believe) as Dr. Swann is found dead and Swann has sent the octagon key back to him. Clark goes to the caves and uses the key to talk to Jor-El, who tells him he must find all 3 stones before they get into the wrong hands and cause destruction.

    It's a refreshing change for the series as they writers take most of the cast to China. This could have either been a huge mistake or a success, and luckily, the new setting works well for the episode. The scenes of Jason and Lex running through the streets of Shanghai are undeniablly entertiaing as well as watching them get tortured by the Shanghai police. It was a nice little twist with Lex working with them at the beginning only for them to turn on him in the end. I loved Lionel througout the episode, giving Lana hints about the truth about Jason and his affairs. The character has been pretty quite since his release from prison and I'm glad the writers are having him manipulate the characters' decisions, like how Lana choses to go to Shanghai. Of course, it's quite far-fetched how Clark and Lana could get away with going on a jet to China with their parents just letting them go, but at this point that's only a minor plot hole. Also, I wonder how the ancient armor of a Chinese warrior could be covered with kryptonite? It's never explained why in this episode and most fans speculate about it. Then there, when Lana gets tortured by the Shanghai police, Kristin Kruek acts as if she's getting a shot from a doctor and not tortured to death!

    But despite those faws, the episode progresses the main arc of the season well and Isabelle's return isn't that much suckfest as it was in "Spell". While Kruek still plays the character over-the-top, at least Isabelle moves the story along. the discovery of the map being painting all along is a good twist and I love the shot of the map becoming the area where the stone is hidden. There are also some great special effects with the energy throwing from Isabelle and Clark superspeeding about. The rather poorly choreographed fight sequence between Clark and Isabelle can be overlooked as we don't get that many fight scenes like this one Smallville. But yet, how the hell did Isabelle know how to fight? Anyway, I was a bit of a shock that Jason got the stone afterwards, at least the writers are making him smarter. Minus it's share of plot holes and inconsistent storytelling, "Sacred" is a great episode the moves the stone search arc forward with a wonderful setting and entertaining special effects.
  • Sacred!

    Lex and Jason end up in China in order to investigate the last stone they are missing, Lana discovers this and decides to go to China, as Clark recieves the news that Dr. Swann is dead, he decides to go with Lana in her trip. Later, they find Jason and Lex being torture in an electric chair and later when Lana gets torture to death, she becomes Isabelle again and knocks out Clark and managaes to get the final stone, Clark and her battle into a sword fight to recover the crystal and it ends up dissapeared, and later we find out that it was Lana. Such a cool episode!
  • Whoa! So this is the episode where that "mysterious stone storyline" is advanced a bit. And who wouldn't enjoy an episode mainly taking place in China that is a tribute to the beloved Christopher Reeve, shows that violent and evil side of Lana (Isabelle),

    Whoa! So this is the episode where that "mysterious stone storyline" is advanced a bit. And who wouldn't enjoy an episode mainly taking place in China that is a tribute to the beloved Christopher Reeve, shows that violent and evil side of Lana (Isabelle), and has some great action scenes!

    So Clark gets the octagonaly key back- int-ter-est-ing, very interesting...
    Clark uses it immediately, and finds out that he had better stop ignoring his destiny. The stones werre meant for him, and if Clark doesn't get his hands on all three of them soon, the greed of others (in the search for the stones) will lead them to war, famine, and the Earth's ultimate destruction! Yikes!
    (Mr. and Mrs. Kent, give your son a break, and let him decide if he wants to accept his destiny already, will you?)

    Jason (to Lana): "Goodnight!"
    Lana: "Goodnight?"

    Yes, this is how Lana gets her first hint that Jason is in China, and has been lying to her about everything under the sun. When Clark comes in to Lana's apartment over the Talon and asks her if she's going somewhere, and Lana informs Clark of her imaculate tattoo, the fact that she's been harboring a 17th Century witch, and that she's going to China, Clark decides to just get up and go with her. Lucky for them, Luthorcorp jets provide an apparently free round trip where they don't even need luggage for the extremely short trip (regardless of the fact that it's three time zones away).

    So, when Clark and Lana arrive at China, and we viewers find out that Jason and Lex are being tortured for information meanwhile, Clark finds something in the temple within seconds that none of the people who have searched for hundreds of years could find. Lana is taken hostage instead of killed because, luckily for her, they notice her tattoo that is identical to the symbol for water. Clark is stopped abruptly by kryptonite, which makes Clark and Martha wonder if the stones are really meant for Clark. Either way, after Isabelle possesses Lana's body and (in a kung-fu style) fights Clark, Jason ends up with the stone, and only Lana and Jason know it. Clark returns to college applications and the cave, to ponder over Dr. Virgil Swan's words ("Kal-El, you must write your own destiny.")
  • Jason and Lex, and later Lana and Clark travel to Shanghai, China, on a quest for a mysterious stone, or element, foretold through centuries of legend and mystery. Who will be first to find it?

    Clark has given up his football scholarship, and gets a package from Dr. Swann in New York - just as the news reports that Swann (Christopher Reeve in previous episodes) has died. His final note to Clark urges him to contact Jor-El, and the package includes a cave key. When Clark takes it to the cave and inserts it in the proper receptacle, he makes contact with Jor-El, whose voice says that the knowledge of the Kryptonian civilization was encoded on three stones hidden "at the far reaches of the world," and he warns Clark that he must find the stones before any human finds them and destroys the Earth through their power.

    Jason calls Lana, telling her he's working for Lex in Metropolis, but we see that's a big lie, as Jason is actually in Shanghai, China. Lex suddenly appears there too, so he's been tracking Jason's movements, and knows Jason has a map from Lionel (last episode) which leads to a Kryptonian stone. Looks like Jason gets two business partners.

    Clark persuades Jonathan and Martha that he must find the stones first, despite their misgivings about contacting Jor-El again. Lana seeks Jason's whereabouts from Lionel, who drops the news that Lex and Jason are in China, and he's been studying Lana's ancestor Isabelle. He names Isabelle's archrival as Gertrude, obsessed with finding three mythical stones, but Gertrude found only maps leading to China. Isabelle stole the map, and Gertrude had her executed back in the 16th century, but the spirit of Isabelle lives ("Spell," earlier this season) and is using Lana for her quest. Some pretty important plot clarifications here. Why did Lionel give Jason a copy of the map? To circumvent Lex's quest to find the stones first?

    Lionel reveals to Lana that Jason is a direct descendant of Gertrude, a duchess, so Lana and Jason's ancestors have a lot of pre-history. This exchange between Lana and Lionel is critical to anyone wanting to follow the stones storyline, which extends through numerous episodes. How will Clark start his search for the other two stones? Clark sees Lana, who is packing for China - all at the expense of Lionel. Lana can't trust Jason, she says, and Clark insists on joining her. Hey, no airline ticket involved, just per diem.

    Over in Shanghai, Jason says he's searching for the stones because Lana will not be safe from his mother until they are found. Sounds plausible - if Genevieve thinks Isabelle is threatening her through a descendant, she's going to pursue that one - Lana - to the death. Just then, Lex and Jason are captured by Chinese federal troops, as Clark and Lana fly along a great circle in Lionel's Hawker-Siddley HS-125. Oops, the interior aircraft shots are from a much larger aircraft. Lana and Clark discuss the stones - Lana thinks something far more powerful exists within her - a foreboding that will become apparent in future episodes.

    In a Chinese dungeon, Lex tells Jason that Lionel already had the temple searched and found nothing. While Lex and Jason are undergoing a bit of torture, Lana and Clark arrive in Shanghai and are met by a woman who knows of the map, and they immediately trust her. She describes a legend about an all-powerful god who secured a treasure in the temple centuries earlier but it was stolen by Europeans. The Chinese torturers are discovered to be in league with Lex! But they soon betray him, having sold out their services to a higher bidder. Led to the temple, Clark sees, through an altar, a hidden garment, but it's laden with kryptonite and Clark is disabled. Troops invade and capture Lana and both Lex and Jason spend more time in the torture chamber - the troops demanding to know the location of the stones.

    They bring in Lana to the dungeon for some high-voltage treatment, which brings out her Isabelle-witch side and there's no fooling around with this gal! She quickly frees herself, leaving Jason and Lex hanging. Lana/Isabelle knocks Clark for a loop, and she's suddenly dressed in an ornate Chinese gown and headed to the temple. Lex, Jason, and Clark return to the temple, where Lana/Isabelle has a map too - it doesn't show the location of the stone, it shows how the surroundings would look if one were standing where the stone is located, under a tree on the temple grounds. A couple incantations and she digs up the stone. There's a nifty sword fight, but then zap - Isabelle is gone and so is the stone.

    Back home, Lana and Clark have a quiet talk about the events - everyone revisits the situation as this week's epilog, including Lex and Lionel, and Jason and Lana. As a last kicker, we see that Jason is the one who secretly retrieved the stone, just not sure we can trust this guy. In the final scene, Clark is in the cave, with the key and one stone. Any Smallville fan can't miss this episode - many major story developments have been revealed this week, so see it again. Re-run rating A.
  • After receiving a message from Dr. Swann, Clark and Lana follow Jason and Lex to China, where the four race to find the Kryptonian Crystal of Air. When Lana's captured and tortured, Isobel emerges and wreaks havoc in her search for the crystal.

    Clark receives an envelope from Dr. Swann, just as a news report announces Swann's death. Inside the envelope, Clark finds the octagonal key, as well as a note urging him to seek out Jor-El. In the Kawatche Caves, Jor-El informs his son of three Kryptonian stones hidden around the world, and warns that Clark must find the stones before humans unite them and bring about "Earth's ultimate destruction". After learning that Jason and Lex are in Shanghai hunting for one of the stones, Lana and Clark follow and join the search. However, when all but Clark are captured and tortured, Isobel emerges and escapes, wreaking havoc in her own search for the stone. Meanwhile, Jason steals the stone after it's uncovered and hides it from Lex and Clark; and Lana learns that Jason's ancestor was Duchess Gertrude, Isobel's archrival and fellow hunter of the mythical stones.

    I loved the fighting scenes, the change of scenery, and, for some reason, the return of Isobel. It was interesting to see how Lionel factored into this episode, but then again, Chloe was unexplicably absent and Lex was already off in China, so Lana had to get her info from somewhere. I agree with Lex, though, that Lionel's true motives are still unclear. I'm not totally convinced that Lionel's done a moral 180, but that's not entirely a bad thing. The writers have to keep us on our toes somehow. Anyway, I give this episode nine out of ten stars. It would've received a perfect ten had viewers not had to endure so much of Lex, Jason, and their supposed intentions towards Lana.

    Highlights: Dr. Swann's message for Clark; Clark visiting the caves to speak with Jor-El; Lex catching up with Jason in China; Lionel informing Lana of Jason's whereabouts and family history; Clark surprised to find Lana packing for China; Clark and Lana's conversation on board the LuthorCorp jet; Lana and Clark arriving in Shanghai; Clark and Lana searching the Chinese temple; Isobel possessing Lana (again); Clark freeing Jason and Lex, then showing them what he found; Isobel unearthing the stone, and her ensuing fight with Clark; Lana and Clark discussing the day's events; Jason showing Lana the stone; Clark informing his parents on the two remaining stones; and Clark in the caves, remembering Dr. Swann's words.
  • This episode is about when clark gets a message that he needs to seek for the stones and Lana and clark follow jason to china and follow the adventures there.

    I loved this episode it was worth watching because Lana kicked ass! in this episode and also it was worth watching and worth an hour and people that is reading this and that havent seen this episode you have to see this episode it was almost the best episode in the 4th season mostly because lana kicked ass and she looked hot at the same time and i wish it wasn't isabela that was controlling her i wish lana had those powers and it was hot when she was on the torture chair and also it was scary because it looked like it was the exorcist.
  • Best episode of Smallville.

    I like this episode because i like episodes when Lana turns into a witch. It makes her more dangerous and you don't even know if its Lana or Isabella. She has kick but moves which can kill Clark. I also like the part when there shocking Lana and everything goes in slow motion and then automatically she turns into Isabella. I also like the part when Jason was in China talking to Lex on the phone and Lex was really right behind him. That was funny. Its cool how Jason and Lana make up at the end. This episode was awesome especially when Isabella (Lana) and Clark were fighting.
  • Great Episode

    When Dr. Virgil Swann dies, Clark Kent receives the octagonal metallic disc through mail. He goes to the Kawatche caves and after inserting the disc in a stone, he hears Jor-El ordering him to find the knowledge stones to protect planet Earth against destruction. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor and Jason Teague are in Shanghai trying to locate one of the stones. Lionel Luthor gives a copy of the map and an airplane to Lana Lang, and together with Clark, they travel to China and meet Lex and Jason arrested and being tortured in a temple. When Lana is captured and also tortured, Isobel returns to protect Lana's body.
  • Great episode.

    Clark receives a message from Dr. Swann. He and Lana goes after Jason and Lex to China in search of an ancient artifact. The artifact turns out to be one of the Kryptonian crystals. While Lana is being tortured, Isabelle is awakened and goes on a search for the kryptonian crystal. Clark must deal with the powerful Isabelle and at the same time recover the crystal. This is one exciting episode. The flying effects with Lana looks great, the effects fit well with the show's premise. Something that might look silly on other shows, but it looks good in Smallville.
  • finaly some action! thats what smallville needs.

    finaly some action! thats what smallville needs.

    This episode is one of my favorites. it is so good and keeps u on the edge of ur sit the whole time. It has action! mostly in smallville all we get is one hit and the bad guys is done boringgg. but wat smallville really needs is a two parter with the same villian not just a new villian every episode. believe me people would enjoy that. it would b more than a filler episode and hopefully it would have more action like this epsisode one of my favorites becuz it has wat smallville had been lacking. good ep!
  • Shanghai, a treasure hunt, ancient temples, torture and epic battles - it doesn't get better than this!

    We make serious progress on the hunt for the Stones of Knowledge. Gertrude, Jason's ancestor, is the one who found the map to one of the stones, Isobel stole it and Gertrude had her burned at the stake. The three stones are the combined knowledge of Krypton, scattered across the Earth. Martha made a good point: if the stones are meant for Clark, why was it surrounded by Kryptonite?

    Everyone on this hunt has an agenda, even Clark - Lana thinks he's going to protect her, little does she know that everyone is lying to her right now.

    Lex set up the arrest by the Chinese military to get Jason to talk but it backfired - too many people are after the map and the stone. Lex naturally assumes Lionel was behind the betrayal in China. But this is the second time it's been implicated that there are people involved here that are more powerful than the Luthors: Lionel's release from prison and now this.

    The torture scene is my favourite scene in the episode - who would have thought we'd actually see people getting tortured old-fashioned-style in Smallville?! Love how Lex and Jason go nuts when they see Lana then suddenly everyone goes quiet when Lana/Isobel suddenly goes calm, the looks on Lex/Jason's faces are priceless! Loved Isobel taunting Jason, 'tragically doomed to pay for the sins of your ancestors'. Particularly impressive was the filming of right before Isobel emerges - closely resembles demonic possession which is almost what this is, stylishly filmed.

    *Love* Isobel's coat - makes her look more exotic than usual. Loved Isobel's fight with Clark, right down to that cool whirling-dervish thing she did.

    Jason is still defying his mother at this point and the proof is obvious: he hands Lana the stone.

    This is a spectacular episode - exotic locales, cool battles and always shifting agendas. For me, this is the best episode of the series and has remained my favourite.

    Watching season 5 now, I dispair - how did Smallville go from this fresh, exciting storytelling to the painfully dull season 5? Notice how season 5 has completely ignored the fact that Lana is the reincarnation of Isobel, just glossed right over it, ignoring how powerful Lana should be now. How can they introduce such a fascinating storyline only to completely forget about it the next season?
  • China!

    After learning that Jason (Jensen Ackles) and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) are in China searching for one of the mysterious kryptonian crystals, Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) follow in the hopes of finding it first. Clark finds an artifact that leads them to the crystal but he must battle Isobel, the witch, who has once again inhabited Lana's body in order to take the crystal for herself. Meanwhile, Lex has more information on the crystals than he is letting on.