Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on The CW

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  • Shanghai, a treasure hunt, ancient temples, torture and epic battles - it doesn't get better than this!

    We make serious progress on the hunt for the Stones of Knowledge. Gertrude, Jason's ancestor, is the one who found the map to one of the stones, Isobel stole it and Gertrude had her burned at the stake. The three stones are the combined knowledge of Krypton, scattered across the Earth. Martha made a good point: if the stones are meant for Clark, why was it surrounded by Kryptonite?

    Everyone on this hunt has an agenda, even Clark - Lana thinks he's going to protect her, little does she know that everyone is lying to her right now.

    Lex set up the arrest by the Chinese military to get Jason to talk but it backfired - too many people are after the map and the stone. Lex naturally assumes Lionel was behind the betrayal in China. But this is the second time it's been implicated that there are people involved here that are more powerful than the Luthors: Lionel's release from prison and now this.

    The torture scene is my favourite scene in the episode - who would have thought we'd actually see people getting tortured old-fashioned-style in Smallville?! Love how Lex and Jason go nuts when they see Lana then suddenly everyone goes quiet when Lana/Isobel suddenly goes calm, the looks on Lex/Jason's faces are priceless! Loved Isobel taunting Jason, 'tragically doomed to pay for the sins of your ancestors'. Particularly impressive was the filming of right before Isobel emerges - closely resembles demonic possession which is almost what this is, stylishly filmed.

    *Love* Isobel's coat - makes her look more exotic than usual. Loved Isobel's fight with Clark, right down to that cool whirling-dervish thing she did.

    Jason is still defying his mother at this point and the proof is obvious: he hands Lana the stone.

    This is a spectacular episode - exotic locales, cool battles and always shifting agendas. For me, this is the best episode of the series and has remained my favourite.

    Watching season 5 now, I dispair - how did Smallville go from this fresh, exciting storytelling to the painfully dull season 5? Notice how season 5 has completely ignored the fact that Lana is the reincarnation of Isobel, just glossed right over it, ignoring how powerful Lana should be now. How can they introduce such a fascinating storyline only to completely forget about it the next season?
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