Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on The CW

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  • Looking back on this episode I have to wonder - where did it come from ? The script seems to be poorly written, and it is as if the writers suddenly remembered they have to have a season ending move on..

    With time, I've become addicted to the series.
    Watching all the episode from beginning to end for the second time, this episode caught my attention with its poorly written plot. I keep thinking - where did this episode come from? If you did not read the Trivia part yet, I suggest you do, because they have several things from my mind pin-pointed: * Lex's treatments after got poisoned
    * Clark uses powers poorly * Isobelle character is inconsistent. But inconsistency is NOT the biggest problem in this episode. The writers simply lost it. The most troubling part for me in the whole serie so far is the professor's monolog! - which has nothing to do with storyline, but simply needs to be well written, even that requirement was not fulfilled this time, and in my opinion it's a trivial one for a WRITER! In the monolog - the professor keeps referring to the strone as "treasure" and doesn't mention a stone. However in the last sentence she says (out of the blue)"as long as the stone is still there.." - And I keep pounding my head asking my self - why? why couldn't they just write "the treasure" one more time. For all the other "mistakes" - I could somehow let them go, brushing them off as if "they simply didn't show it, but it doesn't mean it's not there".. I mean not all has to be shown in a clear way. Maybe Lex treats himself in another way or maybe he finished all treatments, and maybe Clark is just not experienced yet as a fighter (think about it), and maybe Isabelle did keep Lana safe all the season - because otherwise you have to ask youself - how did she survive? Not everything needs be explicit... But there's no escaping poor writing. The professor's monolog is poorly written, and the mistake that was made is so trivial, I have to ask - who wrote it ? Because usually the writers of smallville are much better than this. And there are so many people working on the show (even the actress itself that played the professor could catch this error easily), but still this error slipped in somehow. For those of you who watched the episode again and still don't know what I'm writing about - The character refers to the stone as "the treasure" and doesn't reveal that it is a stone. Without that last sentence, it is mandatory to understand that it doesn't know about the 3 legendary stone, or at least she assumes Clark and Lana don't know it is a stone, and simplifies the story and uses "the treasure". In the last sentence the character uses the words "the stone", and none of the characters finds it strange that this is the first time a stone is mentioned.. No matter how you look at it, it's a huge mistake to use the words "the stone" here. And I can't find any other way to explain myself better.
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