Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on The CW

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  • After receiving a message from Dr. Swann, Clark and Lana follow Jason and Lex to China, where the four race to find the Kryptonian Crystal of Air. When Lana's captured and tortured, Isobel emerges and wreaks havoc in her search for the crystal.

    Clark receives an envelope from Dr. Swann, just as a news report announces Swann's death. Inside the envelope, Clark finds the octagonal key, as well as a note urging him to seek out Jor-El. In the Kawatche Caves, Jor-El informs his son of three Kryptonian stones hidden around the world, and warns that Clark must find the stones before humans unite them and bring about "Earth's ultimate destruction". After learning that Jason and Lex are in Shanghai hunting for one of the stones, Lana and Clark follow and join the search. However, when all but Clark are captured and tortured, Isobel emerges and escapes, wreaking havoc in her own search for the stone. Meanwhile, Jason steals the stone after it's uncovered and hides it from Lex and Clark; and Lana learns that Jason's ancestor was Duchess Gertrude, Isobel's archrival and fellow hunter of the mythical stones.

    I loved the fighting scenes, the change of scenery, and, for some reason, the return of Isobel. It was interesting to see how Lionel factored into this episode, but then again, Chloe was unexplicably absent and Lex was already off in China, so Lana had to get her info from somewhere. I agree with Lex, though, that Lionel's true motives are still unclear. I'm not totally convinced that Lionel's done a moral 180, but that's not entirely a bad thing. The writers have to keep us on our toes somehow. Anyway, I give this episode nine out of ten stars. It would've received a perfect ten had viewers not had to endure so much of Lex, Jason, and their supposed intentions towards Lana.

    Highlights: Dr. Swann's message for Clark; Clark visiting the caves to speak with Jor-El; Lex catching up with Jason in China; Lionel informing Lana of Jason's whereabouts and family history; Clark surprised to find Lana packing for China; Clark and Lana's conversation on board the LuthorCorp jet; Lana and Clark arriving in Shanghai; Clark and Lana searching the Chinese temple; Isobel possessing Lana (again); Clark freeing Jason and Lex, then showing them what he found; Isobel unearthing the stone, and her ensuing fight with Clark; Lana and Clark discussing the day's events; Jason showing Lana the stone; Clark informing his parents on the two remaining stones; and Clark in the caves, remembering Dr. Swann's words.