Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Where would Isabelle/Lana get the Chinese sorcerer's cloak anyway? She didn't use any magic, but for some reason it's just in the torture chamber.

    • Luthor's scientists went over the cave with a finetooth comb and never found that secret room, back in the "Lionel Luthor searching for the hidden meaning of the caves" episodes. However, with as much natural light streaming in from the top of the chamber (and there's a lot of it) you'd think that maybe, just maybe, one of those scientists would've accidentally stumbled across the secret room by looking though one of the huge cracks on the outside of the cave.

    • Clark says "...seeing you spew Latin and chuck those guys around like matchsticks..." but Clark came in to the torture chamber after those guys were already knocked out and didn't see Lana/Isabelle do anything like that.

    • Joanthan displays no sign of the arm wound from "Krypto," the episode just previously. A wound severe enough that it bit "clean through the bone" would take much more time to heal, and would be a major hindrance.

    • In the torture room we see Lex without a shirt on - there's no sign of the implants he needs for cleansing his blood as seen in "Crusade." clearly showing again that he has no implants on his chest which he needs for cleansing his blood every 72 hours according to his Doctor in "Crusade." What happened to the life-threatening situation of his blood being poisoned by his father which has left him on borrowed time?

    • When Clark gets the crystal from Isabelle the witch the first time with his super-speed, he stops running 10 yards from her to look at the crystal. Not surprisingly, she attacks him. If he'd run a couple thousand yards he would have escaped. For that matter, why stop until he's hidden the crystal somewhere?

    • When Lana talks to Jason at her apartment near the end of the episode, she walks over to the stove and pours a clear substance, presumably water, from a kettle, then takes a sip. Why is Lana drinking hot water?

    • When the Chinese woman gets shot, we can hear the sound of a silenced gun. However, the smoking gun that the Chinese officer points at Lana, doesn't have a silencer on it.

    • Clark goes to visit Lana as she packs and...just walks right in, surprising her. They're friends (kinda-sorta) and ex-boyfriend/girlfriend (again, kinda-sorta) but does it seem odd he just strolls into her apartment over the Talon? What if her and Jason were...engaged? What if she was taking another shower?

    • Isabelle/Lana says, "Did you really think I would let any harm come to this body I possessed?" Here Isabelle emerges out after a couple seconds of non-lethal-but-painful electrical shock. Where was she when Lana was being strangled in "Pariah"? Or about ready to die of a heart attack in "Scare"?

    • Who got the LutherCorp plane for Clark and Lana? It can't be Lionel - he doesn't have money and Lex'd be nuts to give his father, the guy who tried to poison him twice, authority to do anything involving the company, no matter how persuasive he is. And if Lionel has secret contacts, why would he reveal them here when Lex'll figure things out? But Lex doesn't want Clark or Lana in China either.

    • Why does Isabelle/Lana bother stopping to don a Chinese dress? And being a French witch (with an American accent, who speaks Latin and calls Jason "lad"), why would she want a Chinese dress?

    • Lana and the professor don't hear Clark move the incredibly heavy stone across the floor, scraping loudly as it goes, but they hear the quiet noise of him moaning next to it a little later.

    • Why doesn't Clark use any superpowers against Isabelle/Lana? He eventually figures out to use his super-speed, but why doesn't he use heat vision?

    • Where did Isabelle/Lana get super-kung-fu skills? They would have been useful back in "Spell" but she didn't display any such abilities then.

    • Anything resembling a decent computer security system conceals the password with asterisks. No wonder Lex has trouble with people breaking into his mansion, his computers, etc.

    • How did Jason get away with the stone? Clark has x-ray vision - why wouldn't he have scanned his surroundings to find it at the temple after Lana reverted to normal?

  • Quotes

    • Jason: How could you put Lana in the middle of this? I swear, Clark, if anything happens to her...
      Clark: She's here because you lied to her.
      Lex: I get the feeling Lana can handle herself right now.

    • Lex: You stole copies of my map and gave them to Lana and Jason. You used them.
      Lionel: No, Lex, it was you who was using them. And you'll do far worse to find those stones. You have a ferocious desire to find all the answers, son, but don't let your search for those stones turn into your personal Tower of Babel.
      Lex: I'm not trying to get closer to God, Dad. I'm trying to solve the riddles He's laid out for me.

    • Clark: (about the stones) I'm sure they'll end up in the right hands.
      Lana: I hope so because right now I kind of feel like some random piece of a puzzle I'll never understand.
      Clark: Well, maybe we're not supposed to understand it just yet. (Lana looks questioningly at him) I get the feeling that our lives are a lot less random than we think.

    • Clark: Seeing you speak Latin and throwing those guys around the room like toothpicks is kind of weird. And even when Isabelle's gone, sometimes I look at you and there's a part of you I don't recognize anymore. (Lana laughs) What?
      Lana: I'm sorry, it's just that... do you know how funny that sounds coming from you?

    • Clark: You know, Lana, I'm not sure we should trust this woman. Maybe we can do this on our own.
      Lana: I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you spoke fluent Mandarin and knew your way around Shanghai.

    • Lex: You wouldn't have lied to Lana and come all the way here unless you knew the secret to reading that map.
      Jason: No, I lied to Lana to protect her.
      Lex: Oh, right. I forgot. Lana's new self-appointed hero. She seems to have a way of attracting them.

    • Lana: So, um, what'd your parents say about coming to China?
      Clark: Nothing. I didn't tell them. I left them a message.
      Lana: It's funny. The two people I ended up trusting are Lionel Luthor and you.

    • Lana: I feel like you're the only person in my life right now who doesn't have an agenda.
      Clark: Lana, whatever their motives are, I'm sure they still care about you.
      Lana: That still doesn't change the fact that everybody seems to know more about me than I do.

    • Lex: (to Jason) Look, unless you hired your own Chinese security, I think we've hit a bit of a snag. Run!

    • Clark: Lana, what's going on?
      Lana: Which part? The immaculate tattoo, the fact that I seem to be harboring a 16th-century witch, or that Jason and Lex took off with a map to uncover it all behind my back?
      Clark: Why would they do that?
      Lana: I don't know, but Jason said that we were gonna figure this out together. But it turns out he has a rather limited definition of "we."

    • Lionel: Miss Lang. Please, don't be shy. You were looking for your elusive boyfriend, I assume.
      Lana: Uh, yeah. I was hoping that Lex could get in touch with him for me. He sent him to go catch up on this project and I can't seem to reach him on his cell.
      Lionel: Well, I would imagine reception would be rather shoddy in China. Lex is in Shanghai. If I had to guess, I would say that your boyfriend is there with him.

    • Clark: Going somewhere?
      Lana: China.
      Clark: China? Are you serious?
      Lana: And freaked out and mad and just about everything else you can possibly imagine.

    • Jason: I wasn't honest about going to China because I didn't want to put you into danger. If you remember a certain torture chair, I'd say that's pretty decent foresight.

    • Clark: Well, maybe he has a good reason why he's not being open with you. Don't you think you owe him a chance to explain?
      Lana: Clark, you know I don't give up on someone that easily.

    • Lex: Even though pistol-whipping wasn't exactly my idea of fun, I have to admit, it's good to have the old dad back.

    • Clark: I was just trying to figure out if hidden temples and body-snatching witches fits under community service or extracurriculars.

    • Clark: How did Lionel know these symbols are about you?
      Lana: There are two answers to that, and they're both three time zones away.

  • Notes

    • This episode won a Leo Award for Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series. This episode was nominated for a ASC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Episodic TV Series.

    • Injoke: In the episode teaser, the news reporter from New York is named Tom Flores. Tom Flores was the associate producer of Smallville in Season 4.

    • Chinese guard babble - most of the phrases shouted made no sense but every once in a while you do hear some Mandarin: hao kan - good looking (referring to Lex); wo da ni - I hit you; zoh - walk (as they push Lex or Jason along)

    • Music: "Hold On" by Newcomers Home, and "Spaghetti Streetwalkers" by Speechwriters LLC.

    • initially worked, providing Lex Luthor's insecured account and password: Lex Luthor and elements.

    • Allison Mack does not appear in this episode.

    • Michelle Goh previously played a different character - Suki, in "Jitters." Byron Mann previously played Kern, in "Insurgence."

    • Terence Stamp is billed by character name.

    • The Time magazine Clark had was an actual cover about Christopher Reeve, the name at the bottom was just changed.

  • Allusions

    • Lionel: Don't make this into your own personal Tower of Babel.
      The Tower of Babel is the universal symbol for human beings reaching beyond their station towards the gods and being punished for it. It comes from an old Babylonian legend about a king who tried to build a tower tall enough to converse with the gods. The story of the Tower of Babel can be found in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

    • Lana: We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.
      In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy (Judy Garland) looks out from her house that was whipped away by a tornado to set down in the Land of Oz and says to Toto (her dog) "We're not in Kansas anymore."

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