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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on The CW

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  • dissapointing

    One thing really bothered me Lois ia all bout Lois and no one else. She cant take a moment for Chloe and we never see her offereing condolences for Jimmy dying. This is why i never liked her. she rambles and doesnt listen. I dont see what clark sees in her. for me Lana is the one for him. but besides that i liked it ok. I love oliver, clark and chole so hoepfully its a good season.
  • Clark Kent is dead... Only Superman... I lOVE SMALLVILLE - CLARK AND LOIS/SUPERMAN AND LOIS

    A great start to the season... Clark beings his training again, putting his destiny in front of everything else, trying to escape his human side.

    Clark stops a train full of people, including Lois who has been missing for the last 3 weeks with a ninja girl on her back trying to kill her. Trouble arises as soon as clark sees lois, his human side starts to come back, as he cant seem to escape his feelings for her. This season starts exploring the life of Lois and Superman, Lois talking to Superman continuous on the phone, taking it in to her self that she is his number 1 source. Lois feelings for clark is also explored (LOVE IT)... We see her missing him, asking where he is and when he will be back...
  • After disappearing with the Legion ring, Lois returns from the future, with no memory of the past 3 weeks. Clark, having been training in the FoS, saves her, bringing his feelings for her to the surface. Meanwhile, Lois meets new coworker John Corben.

    Recap -- After mysteriously disappearing for three weeks (see DOOMSDAY), Lois returns from the future, bringing with her Alia, a mysterious ninja assassin with Kryptonian powers. When Clark learns Lois has returned, it immediately brings his feelings for her to the surface. Later, Lois, who doesn't remember her time in the future, tries to get in touch with the Red-Blue Blur, while Clark realizes he has to say goodbye to Lois in order to continue his training with Jor-El. Meanwhile, Chloe asks Clark to use the Legion ring to save Jimmy, and Clark refuses; Lois tracks down Oliver to an underground fight club; Major Zod and his army of powerless Kandorian soldiers, including Alia, take over the Luthor Mansion; and Lois meets new colleague John Corben, who seems to have a grudge against The Blur.

    My Review -- Those familiar with SMALLVILLE are also familiar with the show's habit of disappointing in the premieres, after building up excitement with awe-inspiring finales (though last season's DOOMSDAY had its disappointments as well). Thankfully, it seems the show has *finally* broken itself of that habit (for now, anyway, now that a tenth season has been confirmed). SAVIOR gives us plenty of stunning visuals, such as the Superman shield scorched onto a building or Clark nose-diving from atop the Statute of Liberty. Now, I didn't much care for the whole powerless Kandorian army storyline, nor did I care for John Corben, what few scenes he was featured in. Although, I'll admit, the Alia of the future piqued my interest in what was to come, and I loved the "Kneel before Zod" homage. And anyway, the Clois moments, including a few scenes not starring my favorite couple (i.e., Chloe confronting Clark over his feelings for Lois), more than made up for all of it, as did the stunning visuals, as I've already mentioned. All in all, I'd say not a bad start to the season, and give it nine Legion rings out of ten.

    Highlights -- Clark saving Lois and leaving his mark on a nearby building; Clark standing over Metropolis dressed completely in black; Clark training in the FoS; Clark trying to master flight from atop the Statue of Liberty; Lois undercover as a card girl; Clark vs. Alia; Lois getting a call from The Blur; and Lois's dream of the future.
  • Season 9 Premiere

    Wow, this would have to be one of the worst premieres of Smallville, if not just the worst. I have never seen an episode so all over the place like I did here. None of the plots tied in in any way, and most were just plain uninteresting. Lois is really out of character here, where's the snarky remarks we always hear from this character?

    I have no idea if "John" is going to contribute to the story line in any way, but if he isn't, this would just be a big waste of time. I wouldn't say Smallville isn't good anymore, it just has lost it's way. And it remains a shadow of what it once was. The writing was pretty weak here too. The conversations between Chloe and one of Oliver's representatives were intolerable. Don't even get me started about the conversation between Lois and Oliver. What was the point of that scene, really? If someone asked me what this episode was about, I couldn't tell you much really. It couldn't find it's main focus.

    I'll give this episode points for Lois's intriguing dream at the very end, but other than that, this premiere was pretty muddy. Not the best episode of Smallville.
  • Actually kept my attention throughout...

    You know, it has been a long time since I enjoyed Smallville completely. This episode didnt break that routine, however, it did keep my attention. And that, is why I rated it so high.

    It seems like this is going to be an interesting season. They set up quite a few storylines with this episode. I just hope they remember to finish all of them this time. Lois and Clark's dynamic is full circle. She likes him, you could see it when she picked up his desk plaque. And for once, I think she realized that she needs him. That was a good moment for me in this episode. I went into some more detail on my forum post.

    Overall, this episode was forgettable. It was nice to see the symbol, though, and his attempting to find out why he cant fly. He finally realizes he needs to use his powers, and use them well. I think this episode showed us that he is, in fact, on his way to Superman. Here's to hoping for a good run this season!
  • Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress, but Jor-El insists that he return to Metropolis to cut his ties with Lois before he begins. Lois reappears in the city with no recollection of vanishing

    I really wanted to like this episode. Alas, though, it seems that Smallville has completely lost its heart. It seams that the writers just skip around, deciding to focus on whatever incomplete theme has already been introduced (and likely poorly explored) & bleeding out a 45+ minute episode. And can we possibly make the whole return of Zod theme more boring? Does anyone really care that he's back? And I think the best thing for the producers to do at this point is put this Baby to bed. This show has become a sad shadow of its former self. Trust me, I'm just keeping it real. What we have now folks is simply a bunch of pretty people collecting a nice paycheck.

    The above is a quote from another reviewer and I couldn't agree more. This show just has long ago lost it's ability to make exciting the concept of seeing Superman prior to him becoming the legendary hero. I'm sorry but as a young kid I loved the Superman movies and comics; I don't know what this is.
  • such a good ep and way to start the 9th season

    in this ep clark wantes to start his training with jor el but jor el wants him to cut his ties with louis before he begins his training. and in this ep the friendship between cloe and clark takes a huge hit due to the fact that jimmy is dead and clark wont use the ring to bring him back. and louis meets a man by the name of jim. i foget his last name lol. but anyway in this ep things get right to the point right away in this start of the 9th season zod is making luther mansion like his home basicly. it is a good ep .
  • Lets start this Party with a BANG!!!

    And they did.. Clark is back in training. Lois returns from wherever she was, and Chole is one raw nerve, and Oliver is getting himself beat up in cage matchs. And Luthor Corp is going down the tub. Tess has been getting *itch slap by Zod's people. And even Zod is having a very bad day with his own people. As the story goes on, you would think that everyone's day would starts to get a little better. But,it doesn't. OOPS! I forgot Corbin. His day started off pratty good. He got to put Lois in a lip lock. Until, it looking like Lois broke a toe.
  • Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress, but Jor-El insists that he return to Metropolis to cut his ties with Lois before he begins.

    This episode is so great i liked it so so much clark finally realizing his destiny and training while loise came back and does not remember a thing about her going into the future while chloe is trying to find clark and oliver and the others but when loise apears clark coming to help her and chloe found him and finally they brought zod in smallville iam a big fan of zod and i think with all these kreptonions coming back with zod its going to be a very great season for smallville and still one thing bugs me that clark does not fly till now so i hope he learns how to fly soon and i hope this is not the last season of smallville
  • Clark decides he finally wants to do his Neo thing, but has to settle for Matrix style weapon fighting.

    So is Clark Kent becoming Batman, or Neo? I can't quite work it out at the moment. I'm sure this show has something to do with Superman; I recognise the "S" crest. But it seems black is the new 'red and blue', so we'll have to wait to see where this is going.

    So, not bad actually. Only one continuity problem; the Fortress is suddenly working - the data that Brainiac absorbed from its memory banks seems to have been backed-up, because Clark is back in training with Jor El again. Perhaps the Fortress had a "repair and start-up" mode? If Windows XP can do it, then surely advanced Kryptonian crystals can! Well, we'll probably never know, just like we never knew who sent the crystal to Tess in the last season to get it all going again. You learn to turn a blind eye to these things, but sooner or later long-term Smallville fans like me are going to be permanently blind if the writers keep this shoddy writing up.

    But as I said, not bad. I actually liked this episode a lot - I really think that season premieres should be longer, or at least be double episodes, as with season 3. But never mind, the new stories were condensed into a 40 min teaser trailer and the meaty episode will probably be next week.

    Clark's catching the train was an act I consider Superman worthy, and it's the first time since Season 5 and the nuclear missile that he has done something on this sort of scale. Of course it would be great if he could fly and catch a plane instead, but we're not quite there yet. I was always hoping that Clark's mental problem with flying was due to the trauma caused by his flight from Krypton to Earth; after all he used to have a fear of heights, but I guess that disappeared after he fell out of the sky for the tenth time.

    So Lois gets another reporter from a war zone who tries to cuddle up to her. Last year Iraq, this year Afghanistan, maybe next year Iran...? Well if this goes to a tenth season Clark better be able to fly. I wouldn't mind them having a 12 episode final season, so that they can spend their budget on some really good special effects, but I'm sure it doesn't work that way. Whatever happens I'll keep watching, even if it means that Clark doesn't learn to fly until he accidentally kicks out his zimmer frame and has to stop himself from hitting the floor.

    I think the new characters will be good for the show. At first I didn't want Davis Bloom to be a one season wonder, but then he got way too whiney (which seems to be a Smallville trait) and one season was probably enough. Boy, we really need some upbeat happy people apart from Lois, and even she seems to be heading into the blues more than average these days. A guest appearance by Martha Kent would be welcome in this vein, and a lot more of Mr Martian. Hopefully Clark will cheer up soon and become a super red and blue dude, rather than a dark knight.
  • Good The Dark Blur arc, puzzling Zod story, psychedelic editing but some fan candy

    It was great to see our favorite characters back and in fact I can't believe I have waited so long before watching it. The story began three weeks after Doomsday's ending. As expected Clark's side was dark but I thought he would be far much more disturbed after what happened. So it wasn't as The Dark Knight inspired as I thought it would be. However his interaction with other characters was interesting and revealed how hard he was actually working to embrace his destiny. About Tess and Zod I have to admit that the writers lost me in the hook. I didn't quite get what happened and in general I found the two stories editing quite messy. It kept going back and forth without any smooth transition, one minute you were in front of Clark in his black outfit and the next you were at Lex's Third Reich-like mansion with Tess and a bunch of creepy Zodiers. I appreciated the historical reference and the monochromatic visuals were well designed but it didn't fit in the Smallville universe. And like if it wasn't enough to swallow a new character was introduced, casually played by Brian Austin Green. But in fact it was a nice surprise as the acting was good and I also liked his playboy attitude. I can't wait for the inevitable confrontation with Clarkie. Chloe and Oliver were also featured but they didn't bring anything really new nor worthy. I was specially disappointed by his scene with Lois as it felt like déjà vu. However there're a few scenes that should appeal to the long time fans, like the barn one and the scene where you know who finally try to do you know what. So overall it wasn't flawless but it's definitely a must see if you want to learn more about Clark's dark arc. After all it's not everyday you see the Red-Blue Blur almost dressed as Batman !
  • Despite a few issues this was still an enjoyable episode.

    I've gotta say that while Smallville usually does the previously montages very well, this one felt very unimpressive. Maybe it's just because the previous season didn't have an exciting ending but it wasn't the best way to build excitement for this episode. Still the previously bit doesn't really count as part of the episode so let's just get onto the review!

    There are certain flaws that Smallville will always have and poor dialogue is one of them. And it was on show in the very opening scene between Chloe and Dr. Hamilton. It's difficult to say "no one talks like that" because even taking a show with great dialogue like Buffy you have to realise that no teenagers talk like that! But when Hamilton specified the make of the gun it just made him sound pretentious. Bad dialogue can really remove you from a scene, so you don't want it in the very first one of the season!

    Of course what the show can do well is action and fight scenes between human (or seemingly human) characters. Lois' reintroduction on the train was great and her fight with Alia looked very cool. I loved the way Alia was throwing passengers aside to get to Lois and it all flowed very nicely. It wasn't Delete (hard not to think of that fight when there's girl-on-girl action in Smallville) but it wasn't far off. However I couldn't help laughing that Lois was knocked out before the opening titles, even for her that's a record. I know it's tough to have any other way for her not to see Clark using his powers, but the number of times she's been KOed is a joke. Speaking of, the train crash looked awesome, with the top CGI Smallville tends to pull off. However I have to complain that we didn't see Clark's first super-speed effect (just heard it) and also, while the heat vision symbol was cool, again it was off screen. As we've hardly seen heat vision used at all in the last four years any time it isn't shown makes me feel very cheated.

    But there was a lot to like here. Clark's training in the fortress looked very cool and his conversation with Jor-El was great, including a bit of confirmation of why he can't fly. While it was pretty much common knowledge that he had the physical capability for flight, just not the mental capability it was cool to have it confirmed. While jumping off the Statue of Liberty seemed a bit random it did look cool, which I guess is all they were going for.

    We also had a few good introductions, one of which being future Metallo John Corben. Despite only having two scenes he was very good and was great fun to watch alongside Lois. Sneaking a kiss to fool the cop was a nice touch and a cool way to make him likeable, despite his dislike of the Blur. Of course the main new character was Major Zod. I wasn't big on the idea of bringing him into the show, as he'd already been on it and that wasn't too great either. However almost instantly I was won over by Callum Blue. His "kneel before Zod" line was incredibly cheesy (not helped by the over the top music cue) but he somehow managed to sell it. In fact most of his dialogue was actually quite good and he had a strong screen presence that you could believe he would have hundreds of followers.

    For a while I was worried Ollie wouldn't be in this episode, but he turned up in an underground fighting ring. That he was losing the fight surprised me, but it was established he was drunk so I could buy it. The scene was very cool and while I prefer the noble Green Arrow Oliver, it's great to expand his character more. Lois showing up made sense as she was desperate to find someone to help her and you couldn't complain with the outfit she was wearing! Her scene with Oliver was great to watch and despite being exes they still come across realistically onscreen together. I really hope they have more scenes together this season as they both play off each other superbly.

    So Alia found Lois and managed to draw out Clark. It was a nice way of explaining how she didn't just kill Lois instantly and led to a showdown between the two Kryptonians. Alia and Clark's fight looked very impressive with some awesome tricks and stunts. However the logic for Alia using the Blue K was a bit dodgy. If she thought Clark had the advantage when they were both superpowered it shouldn't have been any different with them both powerless. The real reasons were quite clear; the first one would've been budget as the superpowered battle would've been too expensive in an already effects heavy episode. The main reason for it I believe is that the writers seem to have finally acknowledged that they can't do superfights. So the next episode after the incredibly disappointing battle with Doomsday they didn't want to disappoint us again. I don't know whether to commend or condemn this as it's good that they can address their shortcomings, but it's still annoying when it doesn't work well for the plot.

    Alia also died due to another common Smallville writing technique, by falling on her own sword (literally in this case). It's understandable that Superman can't really kill anyone, even in the heat of battle, but it's an unoriginal technique on Smallville. What annoyed me more however was that Clark didn't even try to save her. Considering the wounds Clark's healed from over the years you'd have thought that getting rid of the Blue Kryptonite and throwing her into direct sunlight would've healed her instantly. You could maybe claim the blade was made from Kryptonian metal or something, but it still felt like a major plothole to me.

    After that we saw Chloe begging Clark to use the Legion ring to save Jimmy. I did like that scene quite a lot. Chloe was trying to justify to Clark and herself that Jimmy didn't deserve to die and so changing the past to save him would be different than if it was anything else. However the real reason was that she loved him and wanted him back. It fully made sense and worked well within the scene. Her last line to Clark about him not being human anymore was a good one and I'm glad that he hasn't just gone straight back to being the old Clark Kent. He still needs to find that balance which should hopefully be fun to watch over the course of this season.

    With the episode's main threat dealt with and all the characters reintroduced it seemed like the episode was over. However it ended with a superb vision from Lois, which was presumably some kind of memory from her time in the future. It was shot very well to be exciting and basically worked as an exciting trailer for the rest of the season with some really epic things happening in it as well as a lot open to interpretation. If this was any other show I'd say that I'm excited about what was seen. However Smallville has never been great with long running stories. I very much doubt they have a clear vision for how this season will end which you'd think would be needed using a storytelling device like this. I'm sure it'll all still be good, but Smallville has disappointed with things like this so many times before that I can't get fully excited about Lois's vision, despite how cool it looked.
  • Clark is fulfilling his destiny and Lois comes back from the future...

    This episode of Smallville is terrific. It really shows characterism in the actors on how Clark is fulfilling his destiny when Lois comes back and cause Clark has feelings for her he is distracted in his training with Jor-El, so Jor-El tells Clark to go back and sort it out with her.Clark doesn't end up sorting it out with her in this episode but Chloe still grieving over Jimmy's death really wants Clark to go back and save Jimmy but Clark doesn't want to change fate. Also a ninja comes from the future to kill Clark but doesn't succeed cause she dies in the fight between her and Clark without their powers
  • Lois comes back and Clark is on his way to embrace his destiny.

    Oh, come on! This episode was more than great! Something we haven't had lately in Smallville. I like the new Clark, hope Chloe gets back into her real self soon, Lois - perfect as always. A promising premiere, leaving many questions. Can't wait for Metallo! I can't find a better word for this episode than perfect and I would have stopped reviewing but 100 words min... you know :) I liked Oliver but let's say, we want Oliver the hero :) Zod was a little teasing but the story there promises to be exciting and intresting. As for Clark -finally we can see him growing up and taking on his real path :)
  • As Sophia once proclaimed on the always hilarious Golden Girls, "And you, Dorothy, are the biggest disappointment since the AMC Pacer!"... only in this case, "Dorothy" is the season premier of Smallville...

    I really wanted to like this episode. Alas, though, it seems that Smallville has completely lost its heart. It seams that the writers just skip around, deciding to focus on whatever incomplete theme has already been introduced (and likely poorly explored) & bleeding out a 45+ minute episode. And what the heck is Chloe doing hanging out in what must be the world's most uncomfortable loft? Surely, she deserves something much more upscale and sophisticated. And even though Tom Welling seems to have spent his time off taking care of himself (the man certainly looks better than he has in a minute) I still prefer to spend my time looking at the always gorgeous Oliver Queen. More shirtless and sweaty OQ, please! In fact, I think Smallville would be infinitely more interesting if they focused instead on the always beautiful Lois Lane and a rekindling of her romance with Oliver! And can we possibly make the whole return of Zod theme more boring? Does anyone really care that he's back? And I think the best thing for the producers to do at this point is put this Baby to bed. This show has become a sad shadow of its former self. Trust me, I'm just keeping it real. What we have now folks is simply a bunch of pretty people collecting a nice paycheck.
  • A muddled mess of a premiere

    Over the course of the series, I've noticed a trend regarding the treatment of the mythology. It's not so much the internal mythology that has been the issue; it's the external mythology that is mostly familiar to the DC Comics fandom. The writers are eager to bring in familiar faces from the Superman comics canon, but they struggle with the process of bringing all of that continuity into the "Smallville" world.

    Watching this episode, I felt like I had missed the real premiere. In particular, I had no idea what was going on with Major Zod and this battle in Kandor. They tied it into Tess and her actions at the end of the previous season with the Kryptonian "orb", but I'm not so sure that it all makes sense yet. Adding that layer of time travel with the Zod follower (Alia?) only complicated an already murky story.

    My interpretation of Alia's warning was that Clark's solution to defeating Major Zod and sending him back to Kandor would precipitate the destruction of Krypton. This would make sense if Zod was the one, as often said, who triggered the cataclysm that brought about that destruction. Unfortunately, not knowing the comics continuity for Zod, I have no idea if this is presumed to be common knowledge for Superman fans or if this is all a new construct specifically for "Smallville". It just doesn't quite add up at the moment.

    Lois' dream, however, strongly suggests that Major Zod's arrival is not a good thing for Earth. It seems that there will be a choice between the salvation of Kryptonian civilization (assuming Kandor is still the capital city of Krypton during Major Zod's time) and preserving civilization on Earth. Given that Clark's character arc this season is all about making the choice between his Kryptonian destiny and his humanity, this is a logical enough circumstance.

    This could tie into Tess and her experience with the orb in "Injustice" more than it seems. What if the voice she heard from the orb, connected to the Traveler and not Zod, was actually Jor-El? Was Jor-El's plan all along to prepare Earth as a place for Kal-El to defeat a younger version of Zod, so that Krypton might survive? Was that why Jor-El was always trying to get Clark to take control of Earth, so he could rally a proper response when Major Zod arrived? (Like I said, to me it's still a massive jumble.)

    As confusing as the story is at this point, I was very impressed with Callum Blue as Major Zod. He's taking on a thankless role; there will be inevitable comparisons to the iconic film version of Zod. Callum seems to be letting that iconic version inform his portrayal of Zod without falling into simple mimicry.

    Not all the characters fare so well. Lois is annoying as a starstruck Red-Blue Blur devotee, and Tom Welling seemed to be phoning it in throughout the episode. Chloe wasn't quite herself either, but that made a bit more sense, given the loss of Jimmy and her frantic attempts to find Lois. Hopefully her work with Emil, getting the Watchtower in place, will give her a little more direction, especially now that she's no longer Clark's support system.

    My overall initial impression is that the writers may have bitten off more than they can chew. They've never been particularly good at setting up strong season-long arcs, but they usually start with a clear enough beginning to get the audience set for the journey. This episode was too confusing for its own good.
  • Lois returns from the future; Clark rescues her while on recess from his lessons. A future adversary returns to the Earth, camping out with an unwilling Tess. Chloe and Clark begin to go separate ways; Oliver falls from grace.

    Following up on S8's finale was bound to be difficult, and I was prepared to complain about a lack of continuity on the story lines and cliffhangers. But the long, hot summer causes a loss of memory and enthusiasm, so I mentally disengaged from insistence on a coherent transition to S9, and that's the right thing to do.

    "Savior" seemed choppy because of the new characters being introduced, and several story lines covered in a short time. Clark is back at the Fortress (I forget the details of its most recent final destruction), Chloe is setting up shop in the Watchtower when Dr. Hamilton reappears with 'way too many situation monitors, Zod (with a British accent?) is back on-planet at Tess's place with a new army and personality, Lois pops Back From The Future with a Kryptonian she-devil in pursuit, the capable Brian Austin Green plants a big one on Lois in their first scene, and Oliver is thrown into a gratuitous fight club scene so he can take off his shirt and have a stunning Lois tend to his wounds.

    Much of this does not hold together well, but I've decided to chalk it up to a lot of setup for the rest of the season. Let's hope for better stories and fewer characters to keep track of in future episodes.

    Clark re-entering training is a familiar scene, but he's so distracted from doing his lessons that Professor Jor-El sends him back to reality to say goodbye to Lois. That's a big shift from last year when he wasn't even sure he had a case on her. But with Mr. Green to be a fellow reporter, maybe Lois won't even miss him. How they will ever return Clark being a mild-mannered reporter is not clear. His header off a building for a test-flight reminded me of Bill Murray's trial suicide in "Groundhog Day," with the same outcome. You're still alive, back in your previous mental state, and can't escape your destiny.

    I rather liked Chloe's plea to Clark to do a time-shift and restore Jimmy. I still don't like the way that character ended, and dear Chloe had a point - she has sacrificed much to support Clark and rarely asked him for anything. His cold turndown creates the rift between the two we had heard about in the spoilers and previews, possibly clearing the way for Chloe to go it alone and try to round up the JLA for her own crimefighting club. Ms. Mack still holds this series together better than anyone.

    So "Savior" is all over the place, with shortcomings in logic and pacing, but it's still more fun to see these folks back at their jobs than almost anything else being broadcast today. I won't miss any episodes, I'll just gripe about the writing, lighting, and directing just because I know it could be better. Rerun rating C+.
  • A bit above average.

    Well, here is what I think:
    So far, blue (as well as red) kryptonite needs to be touched by Kryptonians to be affecting them- however, in this episode it radiates even further than green one.
    It seems to fill out the entire barn.
    With just a little more attention and creativity by the writers such unnecessary(!) contradictions and inconsistencies could be avoided.
    I also missed the effect from "Blue", when Clark was influenced as he took on the ring- but this was apparently only in that episode. And why did Clark let the assassin simply die? Even despite she was hostile: As soon as she was injured terminally he could have pulled out the tool, brought her out of the barn, into the sun and save her or so but instead he just let her die.
    Clark did survive longer and even recovered from more severe injuries, in "Wither", for example.
    But at least he looks sorry and concerned AS IF he could do nothing to help her and like he wanted to say:
    "I am sorry, you must die. The script wills it so." :-)
    But lucky for Clark, it was once again not his fault but the enemy's own(!) she died.
    So much for compunction.
    Lois is preventing Clark from flying? I do not like that. I'd prefer that she is the reason that ALLOWS him to fly.
    Perhaps similar to Lana who facilitated his heat vision back then.
    And then Chloe:
    She begs Clark to change the past and bring Jimmy back to life.
    Jimmy, her beloved husband who she was for some reason not able to revive with her superpower and whose brother she did obviously not even know before the funeral(!).
    And that going back in time would mean Clark would have to fight against Doomsday once more, she seems to not care about.
    Or is she secretly hoping a second fight was more exciting, longer and fulfilling, like many viewers do? ;-)
    I liked that Clark mentioned his father (and even showed his precious watch again in this episode) when he was objecting her. This gives the show some continuity.
    But why does he have to walk around with the "S-symol" on his T-shirt during this conversation? Lois (or someone else) could drop by any moment as we know it from several other incidents.
    And I wonder how the writers will fix the problem of Superman being recognized as Clark once (because so many people have already seen him without glasses).
    Or will the writers even care?
    They have already ignored enough other "Don'ts".
    But there is at least one "good":
    Smallville shows why some things should NOT appear- because it disappoints viewers (who first were attracted). (Consistently, in this case SUPERMAN would be the one having to be in disguise by wearing a mask or so).
    If Smallville had not shown so much good music to me and if I had not liked the actors so much, I would already have tuned out long ago. But I admit I will most likely watch this series till the end.
    Even though, I am afraid they will disappoint (and even fool) the viewers' expectation this time again- at this (last(?)) season's end at the latest.
    (Almost like in commercials: "Do not meet the fans' demands nine seasons and you will get the tenth for free." :-))
    I would really like to be wrong but I was sceptical of Doomsday, too- and it was justified unfortunately because Doomsday was supposed to kill Clark but the way it happened it was just another freak.
    Enough less important enemies succeeded way better in injuring (and even killing(!)) Clark.
    I somehow bet Kara will return in "Kandor". Red kryptonite will have something to do with the happenings in the bad dream Lois had at the end.
    And maybe we will even get to see a temporarily nice Zod... ;-)

    We will see.
  • Talk about hot, what's a good season premiere without...

    Talk about hot, what's a good season premiere without a new improved Lois Lane, a rogue hero complex, a steamy love interest who used to kick terminator butt and well another step closer for a man in a cape to become the 'Man of Steel'.

    What would the world be like without Clark Kent? In all the Superman based movies we've grown to admire, Kal-El and Clark didn't last long apart from each other. It is his human part that makes him who he is. That is why this is called Smallville and not Superman right?

    Here we are again, where we open with the Smallville cliche's; dark and stormy, a distraught Chloe and a MIA Lois. At least someone always seems to be missing or supposedly dead in a typical cliffhanger, but when Chloe reached a point where her search for Lois justified hacking into personal software then explaining why she was doing it, defined a new side of crazy Chloe we haven't seen before.

    This mystery filled Smallville was over pouring with non stop action and unending questions that would have you twitching your lip upward and scratching your head slightly. Upon watching the new storyline involving Zod and dips into the future, my fond memory of 'Superman' based shows like 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' and the definitive Movie 'Superman' itself came to mind. I found myself relating his character to the icons we knew of. Zod is nothing but human without his powers.

    Clark mentioned an important factor when he encountered Lois' crazy killer, he had one year to figure out why he betrayed 'them', which is one season for us. I know Zod would not remain powerless forever, he would find some way to regain his powers and destroy Kal-El and take over the world like so many before him has tried to do. I still think it was foolish of Tess to allow herself to be captured and beaten, especially since it was all in vein.

    Doomsday is out of sight, out of mind for now, but what about Clark? The only thing that made him come up for air was Lois. What are the odds, the one glass Lois decided to land on when Clark saved the falling train, was the exact one Lois landed on. I am sure Clark leaving a symbol meant something territorial like 'The Blur was here', but was it necessary really? Maybe he needed a count of the places he's saved before he erased Clark completely. It actually was nice seeing him squirm over Lois.

    I didn't think I would ever say this, but it looked as though the cancellation of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle' freed Brian Austin Green's schedule to be Lois Lane's love interest. Did you get that spark?

    If Clark doesn't clean up his game someone else might just win our hearts over, and it really wouldn't be so bad either.

    The most heartbreaking plot of this series was watching Chloe beg Clark to 'bring her Jimmy back'. At one point I believed he might do it and Jimmy would be a part of the theme, but lost hope when he wasn't seen in the credits. It was still heartbreaking when she practically called Clark a ruthless SOB. Was that fair of her or was she right? He did mean it when he said that Clark Kent was dead.

    Some questions though, why would Oliver join a death ring unless he seriously wanted to be killed and how much paparazzi news did Lois read to find him.

    Smallville has set its standard so high that each time it has to come bigger and better than before, just to keep viewer interest. This series has the most loyal fan base and would no doubt gain support. So, for a season premiere it was satisfactory, the production style has changed to dark and misty and there are many unanswered questions which I would like answered, but Clark standing on a roof top with his overcoat blowing in the wind was well... to corny and could have been mellowed down a notch. I can't complain though, I know I would still watch this series until the season finale episode. Until then let's hope some lose ends start tying themselves up.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four out of Five Stars

    Grade B-

  • The Hero Formerly Known As the Red Blue Blur

    Savior-Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress, but Jor-El insists that he return to Metropolis to cut his ties with Lois before he begins. Lois reappears in the city with no recollection of vanishing, and her investigation into a monorail crash brings her into contact with a new reporter named John Corben... who is opposed to the Red and Blue Blur. Meanwhile, Chloe's friendship with Clark deteriorates when he refuses to use the Legion ring to save Jimmy; Oliver turns down a dark path, and Zod makes his entrance at the Luthor mansion.

    Season 9? I'm sure most of us that Smallville would only be around for like 5 years tops! Knowing that a series that has had so many ups and downs (really bad downs!) is still around and is going strong into it's 9th year is quite an accomplishment for a show about a pre-Superman Clark Kent and his journey toward being the legendary superhero. But after 8 years,, it's hard to believe Smallville's fan base is so loyal, even sometimes I wonder why I still watch this series. The truth is...Smallville has a lot of potential and every season gives us fans that hope that we will get the Superman tale we deserve. But after the horror and backlash after last season's finale, that hope can be seriously tested. I mean Savior had nothing going for it, and I mean NOTHING after Doomsday aired. But thankfully, the writers did some damage control over the summer and introduced some promising ideas for Season 9. That's was "Savior" essential is: full of promise…actually one of the most promising starts to a season since "Arrival". "Savior" isn't like the usual Smallville premiere as it doesn't rap up all the events of the previous season and start with a clean slate. There is a remarkable change within the characters we've come to know and where they are headed this season, some good and some bad.

    "Savior" opens with a stunning action sequence where Lois returns from the future with a ninja woman on her tail. I was literally on the edge of my set as Lois and Alia went at it as well as when Clark comes out of now where to catch the train. It seems the show has gotten back its budget back or at least went all out for this episode. The teaser ends with an awesome shot with Clark looking down at Metropolis just after he burns the "S" symbol on the building. You can already tell that Clark isn't that shy kid from Smallville anymore! Clark's confidence and determination was through the roof this episode. Tom Welling really seems fully committed to this more defined version of Clark Kent and I'm all for it. I mean come on, Clark finally wearing a proto-suit (I don't care what anyone says, seeing an "S" finally on Clark's chest is pretty epic!), training with Jor-El (took freakin' 4 years!) and Clark actually wanting to fly (about time!) Erica Durance was also in top form as Lois and I like that the writers have Lois front and center for this storyline. I also love that we are also seeing signs for Lois' affections for the two leading men in her life: Clark and the Blur. The new characters introduced also have great introductions. Brian Austin Green makes a good first impression in just two scenes as John Corben. He has a unique chemistry with Erica and his already menacing charm makes me think he will be a good Metallo next week. There's Alia, the mysterious ninja/assassin Kryptonian who seems to have personal connection with Clark a year into the future. It's an intriguing revelation during an actual decent fight scene between Clark and Alia. But the most amazing character introduction by far is Callum Blue as Zod. While some might not appreciate Callum's style of line delivery and facial mannerism, his final speech toward his army of Kryptonians was beautifully delivered in my opinion. Callum brought a complexity to Zod that has the right balance of vulnerability but over-whelming dominance. Callum's performance alone has me intrigued about Zod's storyline and where it's going this season. While the premiere had tons to celebrate, there were some sore spots as well. I have to say, throughout this whole episode, I didn't care much for Chloe at all. In fact, I'm starting to dislike the character like I did back in the early years. It's seems Chloe can't help but force all her guilt and frustration over Jimmy's death on Clark. Chloe's request to Clark to time travel back to save Jimmy was uncalled for. Chloe should know more than anyone that time traveling has devastating consequences. Just think what could happen if Jimmy (Henry...sigh) was saved and Doomsday ended up killing Clark in the process. But of course, Chloe knows best, I mean she selfishly interfered with Clark's plans to stop Doomsday and she hasn't learned from her mistakes. Loved Clark for standing up to her and he's right, he isn't God, just because he saves people doesn't mean he chooses who lives and who dies. There wasn't that much of Tess and Oliver besides Tess showing obvious hidden attraction while being held hostage with Zod and Oliver going' all fight club on us. At least we had a nice, little Lolliver scene where Oliver reveals he doesn't see himself as a hero. Looks like Oliver finding his hero spirit will be his storyline this season. Hopefully this do-over of Oliver' storyline from last season will be more interesting. "Savior" feels like a whole new chapter of Smallville and feels significantly different than "Odyssey" did last season. The show seems even more focused, darker and more mature. The ending of the episode with Lois' horrifying vision of the future shows that the writers' have a clear and strong arc for the year. But once again, let's hope the writers don't lose focus mid season and lay a bomb on us (do I even have to explain what I'm talking about? lol). Anyway, "Savior" was a solid start to this long running series. But can Smallville maintain it? Here we go again...
  • Smallville - last season?

    Ok, so Clark is finally embracing his kryptonian heritage and doing some training with Jor-El.

    Like somebody said in a review, this episode was all over the place.. a lot of stuff happening at the same time.
    Like Clark was complaining about him not being able to fly, and then some random scene where he just drops down City of Angels-style and then back to the fortress with more exchange with his dad.

    The Tess storyline was weird. Zod is back with that black guy from seasons ago and some other chich and in a few scenes a whole battalion. I never knew they were all "semper fi" kinda behavior and don't forget, the chick said something about their powers, but if I remember correctly, kryptonians had no superpowers in their homeland. Only the yellow sun gave them all those super qualities..

    But anyways, the assassin from the future thing was enough to build some expectation about Clark's future and love triangle with Lois.
    Hope this season doesn't disappoint and give us a bit more than the last one..

  • Enter the now-not-so-red-and-blue blur!

    Those forty minutes just flew by. I am stunned.
    This episode was wonderful.

    I really don't know where to begin! I like the new dark Clark, but what I like more is the way miss Lane brightens him up! It felt like every character had it's separate story. We have the Chloe storyline, the Tess storyline, the Clark storyline, the Oliver storyline, and the one connecting all of them (except Tess's) - the Lois storyline. I felt sorry for Chloe and the way Clark has left her alone... When she said that she was a part of his life for only a little while, I remembered everything that they've been through and tried to imagine how she is feeling, and it surely wasn't good... I understand why Clark couldn't bring back Jimmy and think that Chloe was a little unfair to ask that, but I've felt sorry for her in that moment, also.

    I didn't really get the Zod storyline, but I hope it will get clearer further on in the season.

    But the thing that I'm most glad about is that Lois is finally a pivotal character in the show. I mean, she was quite important in season eight, but it seems it was just a warm up. Anyway, I'm psyched about next week's episode and will count down the hours!
  • Faster than a speeding bullet ...

    ... is this episode. From beginning to end, 'Saviour' never lets up, with Clark embracing (at a darker tone) his Kryptonian destiny, Lois front and centre battling a Kryptonian ninja-assassin (her words, not mine), the arrival of Major Zod to Tess' displeasure, Oliver getting down and dirty, and all with Chloe caught in the middle.

    If anything that was the episode's only flaw; there was just too much happening. Smallville usually tries only an A-plot and a B-plot, but this episode got to about a D-plot level if one includes the introduction of Metallo (who looks oddly like Adam Baldwin). But once I wrapped my head around all the plot threads they're introducing for the season, I have to say I've rarely been more excited to see what'll happen in future episodes.

    Those visions of the future (both Lois' dream vision and Clark's ominous warning from the ninja chick) were a bit 'FlashForward'-esque and should give focus to future events that may ultimately bring about what we saw, e.g. the love triangle between Clark, Lois and the Blur; Chloe's death; Zod's ascendancy. Bring on season 9!
  • Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress of Solitude to become 'Superman'. However, the spirit of Jor-El insists that he return to Metropolis to cut his ties with the people he knows before he begins.

    Arther last seasons doomsday season finale jimmy Olson and Davis bloom both departed from the show. Smallville had disappointed most people with a 10 second fight with doomsday and Clark. If you don't know Smallville has moved to Fridays. let's hope it's moved back to Thursdays or this show will have rating problems.the season 9 premiere of Smallville will my most watched recorded show on my TV. But now Smallville is back and better with the season premiere of Savior which in my opinion is the best premiere compared with season 3's. you even hear different music tone through out the episode. the acting by the cast is Perfect. I would give this episode 4 out of 4 stars for being just plain sweet.
  • Blech. Way too disjointed and muddled.

    Blech. Way too disjointed and muddled.

    Seriously, I know everyone's happy that the show is back, but let's not lose track of where it was, and where it's heading.

    Last season we had a ton of buildup and a muddled and weak conclusion. Can we forget the 3 second Clark v. Doomsday battle? Can we forget no Lex?

    Now, enter season 9...

    We have a thousand things going on, at the expense of explanation and proper resolution. This episode had no fluidity or sense of pacing. It felt like one hundred monkeys in a room beating on drums.

    The show needs focus, better pacing, and a better story approach. Smallville has always had multiple plot lines, but they were pieced together perfectly. Not so lately.

    My wife and I have watched every episode since day 1. The last 2 have been horrible.
  • Fool me once shame on you...fool me 9 times, definitely shame on me.

    So what did we get from this episode other than one cliche after another, hinting at what could possibly seem to be an intriguing storyline but after 9 seasons of experience tells me, will ultimately lead to yet another anti-climatic season finale. Leaving nothing more than a bitter taste in your mouth and a wish that you'd just never even bothered.

    With that in mind to the episode; Chloe has become even more of a numpty. Shouting mindlessly at some unknown person over the telephone who, rather than trying to find a missing Lois, is most likely more concerned with why a random whiney squit is calling at midnight and a second mouse cursor (not accurate, as only the original should be manipulated) has suddenly appeared on the computer screen, accessing confidential files.

    To Chloe's unwavering stupidity she almost looks surprised when, after declaring that she has hacked this persons computer, the person hangs up. I mean how dare that person do such a thing to the high and mighty Ms Sullivan.

    Meanwhile Clark Kent has now taken to dress like Neo and is saving derailed trains from plumeting its passengers to a very squishy doom. Not so much by catching the train from the top and slowing it's decent safely, than rather catching it at the point of impact, stopping it incredibly suddenly. Considering the height that that train fell from there should have been ample time for it to atleast come close to terminal velocity. As such I am fairly sure that the passengers would still have reached squish city regardless of whether the ground or Clark was the object which suddenly halted their momentum. Good save hero.

    Which leads me to the next gripe...he still can't fly!

    He's trying to learn now sure, but honestly, if anyone found out that they could fly they would be jumping off of the monkey bars face first into the sandpit the very next minute trying desperately to do it again. In this current age, flying certainly beats putting petrol in the tank every other week and it's definitely quicker.

    I mean this guy has known he could fly since the incident with red kryptonite back in something like season 4 (only guessing, but it was early on), why on earth has he not just gotten on with it already. Now, when he does eventually take the time to learn such a valuable power. For us, what should have been a moment where we the viewer gets to say "Yay he can fly now", we will now simply say, "About *insert appropriate expletive* time!".

    So in other news, Lois is sent back from the future 3 weeks after dissapearing (why exactly can no time traveller ever send people back to the point where they dissapeared I'll never know) with...wait for it...amnesia!

    Elsewhere Oliver has gone and done a Batman Begins on us and is now fighting cage matches as an escape from his problems (green arrow was never anything other than a Batman wannabe anyway).

    And Jimmy Olsen is still dead...I'll say that again, Jimmy 'Supermans Sidekick' Olsen is dead. Don't even try to explain to me how it's actually his little brother who is the real Jimmy Olsen and he's just going to take his name when he gets older. Nah. Sorry not buying it. The writers realising the steaming dog present they had in the episode, now appropriately named, 'Doomsday', merely decided to jazz it up by killing off a core character to the Superman universe, rather than the obvious choice in Chloe 'I have no place being in this story' Sullivan. Followed by then giving us the old, "Oh sorry this wasn't actually Jimmy Olsen" hand off. Terrible decision. Terrible.

    So what else happened? Oh yes, Zod. He now has an army of Kryptonians at his command with absolutely no powers...brilliant. 3 guesses as to when they're going to get those back.

    Oh and apparently Clark is now set to destroy the world in exactly one year. Convenient that one, it's never some obscure number. No it's always "This bomb is going to explode in 24 hours", "The world is doomed, one year from today". It makes it easier I guess. Lets face it, it's not as if the writing staff at Smallville central actually strive to make engrossing, competantly thoughtout storylines which don't simply peter out into obscurity and are not filled with obscure metaphors. No, they'd never do that...

    What's the phrase? Ninth time's the charm.
  • 'Savior' is everything Smallville is meant to be, plus more! As Clark embraces his destiny, Zod (and Tess) and his powerless Kryptonian troops are preparing themselves for what's to come. Meanwhile, Metallo gets added to the mix. This'll be great!

    After last season's finale I was ready to give up on Smallville; I was annoyed with the scattered plot, the anticlimactic end to Doomsday and, overall, a pretty weak season 8. Watching season 9's premiere, however, made me forget about that. 'Savior' made me squeal like a little girl, and I'm going to admit it with manly pride; I was ecstatically shocked at the 1000% increase of enjoyment compared to the whole of season 8. Clark embracing his destiny was a giant leap, no, a trampolining-somersault in the right direction for the whole Smallville story. I was skeptical at first, I never imagined the writers allowing the story to progress with such fluidity - As Clark learns to fly and embraces the 'red-blue-blur' (while spamming the superman-symbol), I could not have asked for more. The addition of Callum Blue (as Zod) and Brian Green (as Metallo) to the main cast is a smart move - as is the case with the ninja-woman and the other Kryptonian troops. These characters will add all the conflict necessary to make Smallville 'Smallville' again! These grand additions are but the prelude to what I expect to be the best season yet. I'd brace myself, the flood-gates have opened - expect more beefy special effects and sweet twists. This is how I remember Smallville.
  • This wasn't a jaw-dropping episode, but it certainly came across as an episode from a show with a plan. That's not something one would say very often about Smallville.

    After last year's whimper of a season finale, it would appear that the Smallville team took our concerns of how little action we got during Doomsday into consideration, as almost everyone trades blows in this one. It's an action-packed episode!

    The big selling point for me with Savior is that everything is left open to explore for the rest of the season. Premiers on Smallville tend to take all of the dilemmas from the finale before and tackle them on head on in the coming season's premiere – usually ending with ribbons and a bow. Savior, however, does the exact opposite: all of the struggles from the final few episodes of season 8 are addressed here, but if anything, the situations have been exacerbated. It may all stem from the same place – guilt over Jimmy's pointless death – but Oliver, Chloe and Clark are all completely lost. And I like that. A lot.

    The only character right now that doesn't sit right with me is Chloe. The writers really mucked up my favourite character last year, and while they are taking her to a new place, I found it hard to feel any sympathy towards her. I did enjoy her breakdown at the end, pleading with Clark to go back in time to save Jimmy. But, sweetie, it wasn't 'our' fault, YOU killed Jimmy. Well, actually, Davis killed Jimmy. OK, so the writers offed Jimmy. But you get what I mean! I'm all for exploring Chloe's guilt, but please don't drag Clark into it. Having said that, strong performances from Tom and Allison!

    Oliver is literally beating himself up over the death of Jimmy. His silly squabbling with fellow League members cost them an enormous amount. So naturally he chugs a few bottles and enters a fighting competition. This angle is perfect for Ollie. I also have high-hopes for this storyline as it has been confirmed that episode 4 or 5 has been entitled 'Roulette' which can only mean one thing – META-BRAWLS. =D

    Lo. I mean, er, Lois, kind of rocked this episode, didn't she? The future has done her wonders, cos she looks better than ever. And the opening sequence was one of my favourite teasers in a long, long time. Smallville has a very modest budget, but this entire sequence just oozed of cool. From the whooshing close-ups, to the refreshing new sky rail set and, oh, yeah, the totally awesome chick fight! Nice FX sequence with the train going off-rail and Clark catching it, too.

    As of right now, I'm not sure what to think about Major Zod. The scenes had this kind of green, military tint, which looked cool, but these scenes left me cold. It was a bunch of nobodies – ok, Zod IS somebody, but pssh – throwing pompous speeches at one another or else acting confused, usually both. I'm a little worried this may have shadings of track-the-phantom-creature, ala season 6, but there is potential here for something more exciting.

    Clark is finally becoming the man of steel. He's sporting a new Neo look, which I really like. It's a far cry from the boy in blue, but it works. It creates a menacing undertone to the season. While season 8's press release promised a darker, gothic tone, season 9 is bringing in once-loveable characters carrying guns, our colourful super-hero dawning a darker look, Ollie participating in underground fights and a Sin City-esq preview dream sequence of what to expect from this year – death, sex and drama. I'm sold.
  • Great Episode!

    reat episode. I loved everything about it.

    I know 'this' Clark won't last but I like seeing him like this. It shows us what he would be like if he abandoned his humanity. I can't wait to see him come back to the life he knows next week.

    Chloe was great this episode. The writers finally showed some Chlo-Lo scenes and feelings for one another. They are family and should care for one another! I understand why she had to ask Clark to go back and save Jimmy, who wouldn't in that situation? I like that she admitted she did wrong and Jimmy died because of some of her mistakes. I want to know what she was going to tell Lois too! All I around Chloe knows she did wrong and is trying to come back from them. I like it!

    Lois is finally in an interesting arc! She's got a lot going on and I can't wait for this season to unfold and for us to find out what actually went on in the future (Pandora). Many questions after seeing her vision/dream.

    Oliver.. well I know his downward spiral doesn't last too long but I don't care for seeing him like this. It's not fun to watch, I'd like to see him working with Chloe in the WT and saving people.

    Tess is in a huge mess. She's got a plan but we don't know it and I'm intrigued. Not much to go on in this episode but I'm sure we will learn more in the next couple episodes.

    Zod and his army are extremely secretive. Where did they go at the end of the episode? What are they looking for on Earth, I know they want their powers but how will they get them. Are there really hundreds more Kryptonians/Kandorians on Earth besides the ones at Luthor Mansion. Can't wait to find out more!

    All in all, it was a great premiere. It wrapped up some questions from last season and set some new questions that are very enticing! I can't wait for November to learn about them all but then I can because I don't want this season to fly by, it looks excellent. By the way, great continuity this episode, many remarks about the past seasons!
  • Smallville is back.

    Smallville returned last night, in what is shaping up to be one of it's most exciting seasons. The cast did undergo some changes, but the show seems to remain just as strong as it was last season. To be fair, Smallville did not sign off on a high note 4 months ago. So, there was a lot of damage limitation that was required here. Savior was not the best Season Premiere we have had, but it was a solid episode that got us back in the thick of things. It wasn't very action packed, but the storylines moved on fast. The show's main arcs look like being Zod's arrival and Lois' visions in the end. And the episode did a good job of selling both of them.

    As expected, the premiere featured all cast members and a few guest stars. Tom Welling was fantastic as Clark Kent here. His job was to portray how much recent events had changed Clark and he did it brilliantly. I liked the new suit and i wonder how long he will have it for. Allison Mack put in a great effort. Chloe has been through a lot and if one actress could showcase all that, it's her. Her last scene with Clark was very powerful and very well done by both actors. Erica Durance was her typical fantastic Lois. Lois' arc has left me intrigued as to what will happen in a year. Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley and Callum Blue didn't have a lot of screen time, but i think that the Tess-Zod arc shows a lot of promise. Both actors were exquiside in this episode. Glad to see Brian Austin Green on the show. He seem to fit into the role straight away. Can't wait to see his arc develop. Finally, i was also glad to see Dr Emil. Hopefully he will appear in future episodes too. Same goes for the Martian Manhunter.

    Overall, it's good to have Smallville back. I hope we get the best season possible. Bring on Metallo!
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