Season 10 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Clark returns to the Kent farm after a night of crimefighting and finds Tess waiting for him. She claims that they haven't had much time together recently and tries to make small talk, and then tells Clark that Alexander has been "glitch-free" recently. However, she believes that Alexander needs a mentor and that Clark is the best person to serve. Clark is skeptical, worried that his presence could stir Alexander's shared memories from Lex Luthor. Tess starts to explain more about Alexander when they hear a noise from the barn. They go out and discover that Alexander is easily holding a tractor above his head, and Tess tells Clark that Alexander also has his genes. Later, Lionel explores the ruins of a LuthorCorp facility and finds Tess waiting for him. He warns her that she can't hide Alexander from him forever and demands his son. Tess notes that on this world, Lex killed Lionel, and Lionel insists that Lex proved he was a true Luthor. However, Lionel then admits that he made a mistake choosing the other world's Clark over his own flesh and blood, and boasts he would have also given Tess up for adoption because she's inferior. He tells her to imagine what Alexander could do with the right guidance, and Tess agrees. She invites him to come with her into an adjoining chamber. Inside is a tube of ash, and Tess claims that they couldn't find a cure for Alexander's accelerated aging. Lionel doesn't believe it, but Tess insists that Alexander is dead and Lionel will never be able to hurt him again. At the barn, Alexander is helping Clark with the chores and explains that he is using the name Conner. He believes that Tess considers him a freak, and wants to find out who he really is. Conner says that he wants to find out now, and tells Clark that he's leaving. When Clark tries to stop him, saying it's important to Tess that he stay around, Conner says it's his choice. He tries to superspeed away, and is surprised to discover that Clark has similar powers. He realizes that Clark is the Blur and suggests they go to Metropolis to fight crime, but Clark wants him to train first. Lois arrives and Clark introduces Alexander. The boy is smitten with her, and his heat vision goes off just like Clark's did when he was an adolescent. Clark gets Lois into the house and explains what's going on, including the fact that half of Conner's genes came from Clark. He insists that they help Conner, but Lois warns that they don't know what the boy is capable of. Clark says that he can understand not feeling normal, and that Lois is the only thing that has ever made him feel normal. Lois assures Clark that Conner will be different because he has both of them. Later at the Daily Planet, Tess meets Lois and tells her that they need to destroy Conner before Lionel finds and uses him. Lois gets an idea and suggests that they try to find evidence that Lionel is a fake. Lionel has a scientist examine the ashes and confirm that they came from a clone, not Conner. They've tortured Dr. Lamell to confirm that Conner is in Smallville, and Lionel says it's time for his son to return. At the Kent barn, Conner is practicing with his heat vision but quickly grows frustrated. When Clark arrives, Conner insists that he's had enough and wonders how Clark gained control of his powers. Clark talks about how Jonathan was there for him, and promises that he'll be there for Conner. Clark returns to the house and finds Tess there. He admits that Conner is mastering his powers faster than he did, and Tess notes that he's taking pride in Conner. She then tells him that her inside man has told her that Lionel has learned Conner's location. As they discuss the fact that Conner has Lex's genetics, Conner overhears them with his superhearing and speeds off. Lois breaks into Lionel's office and contacts Tess to let her know that so far, Lionel's paper trail has been perfect. As she goes, she finds an armed guard waiting for her. Conner goes to the ruins of the Luthor manor and finds a photo. He hears Lionel enter the ruins and hides, and Lionel calls out to him. He says that he's Conner's father , and Conner tells him that Clark lied to him to keep him from his real family. Lionel claims that Clark believes that Connor is a threat because he's a Luthor, and tells him to embrace his future. He hands him a lead case with a piece of red kryptonite mounted on it. Unaware of what it really is, Conner puts it on and his eyes glow red for a moment. Lionel takes Conner to a slaughterhouse where he's holding Lois prisoner, and tells the boy that Clark uses others. Lois insists she came on her own, and Lionel says that no one will ever take his son away from him. He takes out a gun and prepares to shoot her, and Lois notes that the Lionel she knew never got blood on his hands. Lionel says that he's not the Lionel she knew and fires, but Conner whisks Lois away to safety. As she goes to call Clark, Conner insists that he can take care of her on his own. When Lois complains she's cold, Conner speeds away and gets a fur coat for her, and then expensive jewelry that he steals from a nearby store. She realizes that Conner is under the influence of red kryptonite. As the store owner accuses her of stealing the jewelry, Conner superspeeds away and then drives back in a stolen car, and Lois has no choice but to go with him. At his office, Lionel gets word of Conner's interest in Lois, and tells his people to make sure that Lois doesn't lead Conner to Clark. He tells them to ensure that Conner keeps the ring on, since it has a tracking device in it. Clark arrives and reveals that he knows what Lionel has done. He grabs Lionel, who says that he wants to unleash Conner's dark side and find out who he really is. Clark vows that he won't let Lionel destroy Conner like "his" Lionel destroyed Lex, but Lionel points out that Conner came to him when he realized that Clark was lying to him. He boasts that Conner is with Lois, and that he'll soon take her away from Clark. Conner takes Lois to the Luthor manor and promises that he'll keep her safe. Lois says that she's already spoken for and tries to walk away, and Conner knocks her unconscious. Lois wakes up next to the fire that Conner has prepared. She spots the ring on his finger, and Conner apologizes for losing his temper. Lois suggests that he get some champagne to toast their new relationship, but he realizes that she's lying. She tries to warn him about the ring, but Conner says that he's at the top of his game thanks to Clark. The one thing Clark has that he doesn't is Lois, and now he has her as well. Lois warns that the ring is unleashing the Lex side of Conner and they need to cure him, but Conner says that he doesn't want a cure. As he prepares to kill her rather than lose her, Clark arrives and Conner superspeeds away. Lois staggers off as Clark comes in and realizes that she was there. Conner tells Clark that he's not welcome, and Clark offers his help against Lionel. The boy refuses Clark's help and attacks him. Clark says that what the ring is making him is not who he is, but Conner insists that he's a Luthor. Clark grabs him and then smashes the ring, and Conner snaps out of his spell. Clark and Conner both collapse as Lionel arrives with a piece of green kryptonite. Lionel leaves it at Clark's side and drags Conner away, saying that he was meant to be a god. Conner hesitates and then tells Lionel that he knows who he is. He uses his heat vision to destroy the kryptonite and goes to help Clark as Lionel escapes. Later, Lionel returns to his office but Tess comes in and tells him that security is coming to remove him. She reveals that she has copies of all the documents that he signed, and one document that he was never aware of: her certificate of adoption. That world's Lionel's fingerprints are on the document, and the other Lionel's are reversed, meaning she can reveal him as a fake. When Lionel wonders why he should relinquish control, Tess explains that the scotch he's drinking contains nano-tracers, and she'll always know where he is. She warns him that if he goes against her friends, she'll have him killed. When Lionel asks why she doesn't have him killed immediately, Tess says that's not who he is. As Lionel goes, he tells Tess that she'll always be a Luthor. At the barn, Conner is doing chores to make up for the trouble he caused. Clark apologizes for lying and tells Conner not to beat himself up for not knowing what Luthor would do. Conner notes that the ring brought out his Lex half, and Clark tells him that he has to decide who'll he be, and that he's confident that Conner will become a hero. Conner agrees, and reveals that he has crafted a costume for himself. Clark gives him an application to Smallville High in the name of "Conner Kent" and welcomes him home. As Conner leaves to fix the fence, Lois arrives and notes that Clark's nurturing approach worked. She apologizes for not telling him about her investigation into Lionel, and Clark admits it's hard to know when to draw the line with loved ones. He admits that he's learned a new respect for his parents for raising him, and Lois assures him that he'll be an amazing father when they have children. Later, Lionel goes to the grave of Lex Luthor and says he would have given anything to have him at his side. As he turns to walk away, Darkseid appears before him.
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