Season 10 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2011 on The CW

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  • Not this again

    What has Smallville come to? Every other episode features someone (meteor freak, alien, clone or robot) who is as strong or stronger than Clark. How many times have we not seen somebody temporarily getting Clark's abilities and immediately use them better than Clark, at least beating him the first time around and escaping? And EVERY episode has either blue or green kryptonite in it! I want to see Clark superspeed around villains and superpunching them, like he can do to fodder-muggers on the streets of Metropolis as the Blur; however EVERY time he really needs his powers (like going to that female-only Orphanage with Tess) there's suddenly green kryptonite there. The worst part is the enemies don't even KNOW Clark's weakness or even that they HAVE meteor rocks in some form around them. They just go "Oh what he fell down on his own? Talk about weak".

    All shows get boring if the Hero is too powerful all the time, so all shows (unfortunately) find ways to nerf their Hero after EVERY powerup they get - Heroes ruined not only Peter and Hiro but their entire show, and Stargate...

    I really feel Smallville should have been taken a different direction than having green kryptonite in the hands of every villain. In 99% of all cases someone shows up to save Clark cause he is completely incapacitated. I love Clark, I strongly dislike they take away his abilities every time he really needs them.

    Only time he actually has his abilities in a fight versus a real episode-villain, the villain has some superhuman power as well, that in many cases should be way weaker, but somehow manages to beat Clark easily the first rounds.

    Well... Rant over.

    It was a good episode except for the major down-side for me that we have yet another super-powered potential villain here, who is only made up to 50% of Clark's DNA, yet somehow is at least just as strong as Clark, and has at least as good control over the abilities.

    I can't wait till he turns darkside on Clark and beats him in the first round.

    Hadn't this been Smallville, the show I have loved the 8 years, the rating would have been waaaay lower. 6/10
  • Seriously?

    ok, smallville has got worse over the years with the countless unrelated storylines including multiple counts of memoryloss and inch square pieces of kryptonite preventing clark from doing anything (kryptonite in junior lex behind his back and clark goes weak when he sees it???? COME ON!!). Then they have the liberty to have another month break without even a sniff of supermans arrival. And what was this last episode about? Lutessa?? who cares?? So far in season 10 there has been 1 episode with the suit, then no mention of it at all, then he flies in his dream and doesn't know how to when he awakes.... PLEASE!! he floated in season 2. Now i know i am ranting here but i am a huge superman fan and absolutely love smallville, but i know i am surely not the only one with this opinion? Guarantee you guys who have read down this far that clark will become superman in the last five minutes of the last show.

    Rant over, phew!
  • Superboy makes a triumphant debut as Smallville pays homage to the glory days!

    "Didn't see that one coming" is an understatement here folks. This whole time, we were led to believe that Alexander would rapidly age to become the Lex Luthor from the comics. So you can imagine my genuine shock when I heard the news that Alexander was going to become the Smallville version of Superboy! It's certainly an unexpected route to take with the character but it definitely worked.

    As sort of a sequel to "Beacon", "Scion" successfully continues the ongoing Luthor saga. With Earth-2 Lionel in desperate search of his son Alexander and Tess desperate to keep the clone of her half-brother safe from the clutches of her mirror universe father, it makes for a great hur of television.

    Being a fan since Day 1, it thrilled me to see callbacks to episodes as early as "Heat", "Red", and "Exile". Seeing Clark serve as a father figure to Conner went a long way in showing just how far Clark has come over the years. Overall, "Scion" was a fun, action-packed hour of Smallville. The ending with Lionel visiting Lex's grave was awesome enough, leading to the reveal of Darkseid! Epic beyond words.
  • John Glover takes screen honors with a classic Lionel performance, as he tries to turn Alexander to his side, while Clark, Lois, and Tess fight to keep him on the virtuous path.

    "Scion" is memorable for the riveting performance by John Glover, who simply owns the screen when he's on. Lionel from any universe still is Clark's nemesis, throwing kryptonite around and trying to subvert his clone-son Alexander.

    Tess had a strong confrontation with Lionel, but the outcome of the break-in to his office by Lois was transparent - we just knew she would be captured. Alexander's downfall via red kryptonite, and subsequent rescue from its effects by Clark, happened a little too quickly, as if pressure existed to create the crisis and resolve it within this one episode.

    While Tess still tries to do the best for her faux-brother, her conflict with Lionel makes her, in my estimation, the character most likely to be killed off before the series end. I think we'll see Tess end her own life by taking out Lionel at the same time. Meanwhile, the final shot of "Scion" tells us that Lionel is about to participate in an unholy partnership with Darkseid, so Clark and company are being set up to combat both these forces together. This indicates that the Lionel storyline does not have to be resolved separately from Darkseid in the few remaining episodes.

    The ongoing commitment to the Alexander character and his development is evidence to me that Michael Rosenbaum is not needed in the final episodes, although one site lists him in the finale. At one time I hoped he would appear, but character and plot developments since then have made me indifferent about his return. Some have seen Connor as a continuing character, but I could believe that he continues growing, and becomes...Rosenbaum.

    With coming appearances by John Schneider and Annette O'Toole, and a couple cartoonish heroes, plus vanquishing Darkseid and saving the entire human race from it's threat - well, that's lots of ground to cover. I hope they don't overload the storylines. Keep it simple, feature the key characters, and end on a high note. As for Scion, good episode, re-run rating B.
  • Speechless.....

    WOW!! This episode lived up to all of my expectations and then some. Talk about a major flashback type episode. Clark taking on a Jonathan Kent type role about training Connor and helping him master his abilities. The whole heat vision thing brought me back to season 2 "Heat" and then the Red K ring made me thing of Clark with the red ring in the beginning of Season 3. Also loved the Helen Bryce reference from when Clark was sick in "fever" season 2 i think. The writing in this episode felt more natural and more like the earlier seasons than like the later ones. It was very nice (in a strange way) to see the Luthors back. That Lex like figure in Connor when he had on the ring was amazing to see again and made me even more excited to see MR again. The ending was great too, With the Smallville High application for Connor Kent. I really hope we get to see a lot of Connor in the next few episodes and revisit Smallville High at least once. This was a great episode, and i feel that i may have been wrong about losing Chloe and Oliver....if this stays up maybe they were not as big in this show as i thought they were. Fantastic episode!! I really don't want to wait for 6 more weeks, but i hope that it will be worth it! It is so sad to see this show coming to an end.....
  • 1016

    We got a lot of development on the Spring Finale of Smallville, it was definitely better than I had hoped with the new developments on "Superboy" and I can now definitely see things come full circle in the series finale as a new generation emerges.

    The Red K thing has been so over done though, the fact that it was on a different person didn't change much, it's probably happened at least once ever season. The Connor/Lois scenes were a little too predictable for my liking.

    The Darkseid appearance was quite unexpected, and it's definitely something that could hold me over for a whole month. Tess is really coming in to her own, not a Lex-bot as she was when she first appeared. Overall, good episode, with great development.
  • Smallville on the rebound.

    After some episodes that didn't live up to the demands of a final season, Smallville hit out of the park with Scion.

    I have to say that the Luthor oriented episodes have been among my favourites this season. One reason, is because they are throwbacks to the earlier seasons and they endless conflict between Clark and Lex. Another reason is that it's the villain arc that has captivated me most this season. And this episode focused on that perfectly. Only this time, the Kent-Luthor conflict was inside Alexander/Conner. And it was nice to see Clark's influence play such a huge part in how Conner turned out.

    The characters had solid outings. Clark had one of his best and most active episodes this season. Lois was back to her best in terms of investigating. Tess, after some low key episodes in 2011 was back to ger best here. When she is not getting into romantic storylines and she is kicking butt, she is at her element. I like how her relationship with Clark and Lois has evolved. Lionel had another great episode. Glover never disappoints. Finally, Lucas Grabeel gave us a fantactic performance as Conner. I wonder if they are considering a Conner spin off.

    Finally, the cliffhanger was jaw dropping. Can't wait for Kent now.
  • Great Episode!

    I'll give it a 10.

    I really enjoyed Conner, more than I thought that I would and it really did add to Clark's development.
    I loved the parallel between Scion and season three's Phoenix.
    I enjoyed the Clois scenes, they were very sweet and it showed them deepening as a couple. I loved that they mentioned having children!.
    I liked the Lionel scenes with everyone, he plays off every actor really well.
    I liked the cliff hanger. That was creepy though. Darkseid!
    Oh and I thought it was hilarious how Lois triggered Conner's heat vision.
    All an all a great episode. Good story, action, and all that. The nods to the past were great. Plus what a good cliffhanger to hold us older for the next 6 weeks. Cant wait to see what happens. Promo for the return in april was very good. Really cant wait to see how the show ends.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Long live Smallville ! Divine soundtrack, skilled direction, wicked educative writing, super women, almighty John Glover, dark top notch production, digestible fan service

    Even if I loved Masquerade and enjoyed Fortune one can only admit that these refreshing gems have an inevitable drawback. It seems they break the pace and when a character reappears even after a few episodes it always take some time to adapt. Alexander, now Conner, was no exception but knowing he was genetically engineered from Lex Luthor makes it easier to recap between these entertaining escapes, but never far from their nexus.

    For once I would like to start by praising the soundtrack. Indeed I think Louis Febre doesn't get enough credits for the impressive and passionate musical work he has done so far. How often do we mention him ? Imagine how less immersive the installments would be without his audio magic ! The first time I noticed how skilled he is was probably in Idol. I can still hear its Danny Elfman-like bells ringing in my ears and they brilliantly served the fantasy elements, specially the cute little beetle flying around. Mark Snow can be proud because he tutored Febre very well and the last succeeded in powering the show music with his heart, soul and inspiring talent. In Scion it shined again, probably like never before. As a fan of dark arts in general I was quite impressed by the few original tunes that we could hear in the background while performers were doing their part. You probably wonder why I consider it's so important to mention it. It's not a question of principles or respect toward the composer. It's a question of sensation. Trust me, paying more attention to the soundtrack will transform your viewing experience !

    Dark music is delectable but dark visuals are lushier. Human eyes are just more sensible than the ears, it's our nature. That's why Scion was so wicked ! Its oppressive ambiance and almost horrific at times was reminiscent of season 8 and doomed episodes like Savior. Al Septien's direction was in the same vein as Turi Meyer's one in Harvest but in the end it eclipsed it thanks to a better script. In fact it's interesting that they wrote both episodes because it highlights how an individual or dream team can make a difference. Indeed the story was infected with numerous exciting and edgy scenes. From the rotten butchery to the clashing encounters between characters these bones should have enough meat to feed the most starving velociraptor ! My only complain would be that Septien's execution is not creative enough if you compare it to Tim Scalan for example. It lacked the sparkles that made Masquerade so superb.

    Reading that Fortune was Allison Mack last appearance as Chloe Sullivan was shattering. But the journey she has offered us was so wonderful that I don't regret her decision. I respect her even more considering she didn't leave without giving her best to the fans of the first hour. Moreover we have to consider that she only had a minor role after her red ride in season 8. It allowed Tess Mercer and Lois Lane to reveal themselves as strong, beautiful and smart wow-men. Definitely a match to our favorite colorful leather cross-dressers ! Cassidy Freeman and Erica Durance's role was only supportive this time nevertheless they fueled Scion with sexyness and craving talent. I question Freeman's acting at times, specially at the beginning, but overall she was exquisite against John Glover's charisma as Lionel Luthor. I still wonder about their atomic-synchronized meetings in dark alleys but I've get used to them and think other things matter more. Lionel for instance, I always missed him and hiring him back for the finale season was the best thing that could happen to the show ! Phil Morris as Martian Manhunter managed to fill the gaps from time to time but he seems to have just vanished into thin air. We absolutely need him back !

    Beside these vivid dual elements there was one that shadowed them all. Scion wasn't just about saving the day or getting closer to the unavoidable ending. The episode was very special because it allowed Clark to finally understand what it took his parents to raise a son like him. At the beginning I have to admit that Tess made me skeptical about her bizarre idea but slowly it grew on me thanks to Tom Welling's convincing performance. It shows how much they all care about doing their best to wrap the finale season into a mind blowing fireworks ! Moreover it's hard not to mention Star Wars when it comes to the character development because of the master and apprentice relationship. Its coverage wasn't perfect but good enough to remind the good old days when John Schneider as Jonathan Kent was teaching Clark how to superfarm his life. So the fan service was there but it wasn't like a bellyful of it. In fact a few scenes should still manage to make you laugh and move you. The candle joke could even have been featured between two slapsticks of Fortune !

    Overall it was an other kryptonite solid episode and confirmed the best one can only think about season 10. The many action scenes were powered by top notch visual effects and the artistic direction was reminiscent of David Fincher with its tainted colors and gloomy lighting. Let's also not forget how well designed was the burnt mansion set ! You should almost smell its smoking ruins. Last but not least I'm sure it was a comics heaven because even with my relative ignorance I was able to spot a few references to the genre. Conner ? Darkseid ? A mythology episodes like Scion should definitely convince you to dig deeper. And with the usual intriguing cliffhanger I don't worry anymore about the audience meter. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if more viewers decided to tune in because the best is yet to come !

    Note : Congratulations for reading this long review ! I hope you found it useful. As the end is coming all feedback and comments are even more welcome than usual. I would be delighted to discuss Scion and the remaining episodes with other viewers so don't hesitate to drop me a line ! Thanks for your time.
  • Wow, what an episode! :) ( spoiler free )

    This episode was soooo awesome and epic! Just like this season has been, and just like this whole series has been! This season tho has definitely been the strongest season, but then again I think every season got better and better, but then again I thought that season 6 was very very consistently awesome from start to finish! But season 10 has definitely been the most consistent and strongest and best season ever! Which is the way it should be with it being the last season! But this episode was without doubt one of the best episodes ever, it had it all,

    It had a very very strong storyline, which is the mythology storyline of this season which has been amazing!

    It had some really funny moments when conner and Clark!

    This episode made you have flashbacks to earlier seasons!

    It had awesome action!

    It had Lionel! Enough said!

    And it had a great cliffhanger, actually it had an amazingly awesome cliffhanger! Which will make even people who ain't into smallville wanna tune in in 6 weeks time! I'm so excited about the rest of the season, it's simply gonna be epic as f**k! And all us awesome and true smallville fans know it! But I'm also going to hate it when smallville ends! I don't want it to end, but apart of me does, all good things have to come to an end, and smallville will go out on a high!
    Can't wait for Kent! Smallville rocks!!!
  • Scion

    Scion was a perfect and entertaining episode of Smallville. I enjoyed watching this episode as the Lionel from the other universe gives Connor a Red Kryptonite ring which unleashes his inner primal self, Lois is taken hostage, and Clark does all he can to help Connor. This episode was a great example of Clark's values, dedication, and mentoring skills. There was action, drama, intrigue, humor, and even some touching scenes. I thought it was great how Tess dealt with Lionel. The end of this episode was an interesting surprise as Lionel visit's the grave of the Lexx from this world. I look forward to watching the next episode of Smallville!!!!!!!
  • Tess gives Clark a interesting piece of info. Lionel returns.

    Well very good episode with agreat ending. I like that they mentioned where and what Oliver was up too. Tess and Lionel going at it was ok. I think it's weird that Lionel is back anyway but interesting story with him. Lex and or Connor whatever you want to call him. It was a good story how He had CLark and Lex's DNA in him. They talked about something from the second season, the vile of blood. Now the clone isn't sure about what's up but it will be cool to see what happens. Lois had a good part and I like how Lex liked her. The fight was a decent one. I thought it would've been cool if Clark had somehow gotten red kryptonite inside him and then the fight would've been sweet. The part at he very end; how cool. It looks like Lionel is going to meet Darkseid and it will be cool to see where they take it. I hope they start focusing a little bit more on Clark becoming Superman like they did at the beginning of the season. Anyway later.
  • Smallville: The Next Generation

    Scion-Clark is shocked after Tess reveals Alexander's secret. Meanwhile, Lionel and Tess face off for control of LuthorCorp, and Lois must deal with a super-powered menace under the influence of red kryptonite.

    Well, much of the fandom have a lot to talk about this week after "Fortune" caused an unnecessary amount of uproar. This week, we get back to the think of things with the Luthors/Clone Lex arc and after "Scion", I'm surprised by how well they pulled off the Conner Kent twist in the storyline. For those who are not familiar with Sueprboy, Smallville portrayed the character very similar to the comics. He is the hybrid (or as Lois' hilarious proclaims "genetic lovechild") of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. What really works about this storyline is that the writers waste no time in bringing depth to Conner and his relationship with Clark. I loved and I mean... LOVED the mentor role Clark immediately took when Tess revealed the truth about the other half of Clark's DNA. Unlike Superman on Young Justice, who completely avoids Superboy and doesn't talk responsiblity for his existence.

    Tom Welling was on his A game tonight portraying Clark as inspiring mentor to Conner and believing in the best in him, considering he has a part of himself in Conner. I loved the heat vision training and Clark always refering back to his parents helping him adjust to his powers. There was just much closure and cull circle-ness about certain aspect that just elevated the story like that. Now Clark has to be a parent to a superpowered boy in need. Other great moments were the reference to Helen Bryce and the vile of blood which was a perfect tie into the Conner story. I also loved Clark/Connor struggle at the ruins of the Luthor Mansion as it echoed Clark and Jonathan's struggle at the end of 'Exile" into "Phoenix", Clark even says at one point, "You're coming home with me"! :) I also have to give a lot of credit to Lucas Grabeel. He plays Conner exceptionally well, Conner becomes both a hero and a villain in one episode, showing how humble yet adventures his Clark side is and how dark and demented his Lex side is. From his training session with Clark to his assault on Lois, Lucas showed so much range and that this version of Conner was done nearly perfect. I also loved how Conner officially becomes a Kent in the end and is on his way to becoming a freshman at Smallville High. Makes me want a Superboy show...even though, Smallville technically one already.

    All the other character involved we top notch. Lois was her typical sharp self and I loved her questioning Clark's decision to take Conner up his wing since he is still part Lex. I also loved her teaming up with Tess to de-throne Lionel from Luthorcorp. Her scenes with a Conner toward the end were intense and disturbing. At one point I thought Conner was about to rape Lois but thank God, the writers stirred away from that. Her last scene with Clark was also another home run of great Clois moments and the mention of children in their future was heartwarming. Tess was awesome and her verbal clashing with Lionel finally hit it's stride. I'm glad while we have a happier, honest Tess now, it's nice to see she hasn't lost that edgy, manipulative side of her. I love how her and Lois team-up to prve Lionel 2.0 was a fake since his sudden over taking of Luthorcorp was never properly addressed. The whole reverse finger print was a nice twist and I loved Lionel's last line to Tess about her true nature. Speaking Lionel, John Glover always knocks it out of the park and loved him throughout as usual. Him using red k to bring out Conner's inner Luthor was a master stroke and a great reason to why Conner would suddenly act evil again for no reason. But the best moment, by far, was seeing Lionel at Lex's grave being confronted by none other than Darkseid himself. Talk about EPIC!! Lionel has never looked so scared in his life, which is VERY rare. What a amazing cliffhanger to leave off on for the second break. "Scion" was a fantastic mix of Superman mythology, the show's old school charm and an excellent entry in the Luthors/Clone storyline. When Smallville returns in April the final 5 will be upon use, I'm both extremely exicted and saddened. Weird...:(
  • BOMB! Freaking AWESOME!

    This episode was the best throughout the whole season. It kept me on my toes, Alexander turning out to be Superboy O: That was just effing amazing. Lois is Alexander's Lana; that was pretty funny. Then how he kidnaps her when on red kryptonite, epic.I thought it was pretty cute, when Konner asks Clark to be like a sidekick. What I don't get is how are they going to wrap everything together with just a few more episodes; it just started to get interesting! Oh and DarkSide confronting Linoel in the end very cool. Can't wait to watch the next episode :D
  • Finally !

    Until now, I found the 10th season episodes quite boring, too much of relationships. usually, they showed before, 5-6 minutes at the end, but now, 10-15 minutes, comon.

    We even saw Superboy in this episode, plus, Tess was awesome. she knew exactly how to deal with Lionel and tip Clark in the process.

    In addition, it was amazing to see the effects of red kryptonite. I saw that I missed the second and third season (well, that was good times !)

    Moreover, no Chloe and green-arrow !

    But I must admit that, even though it was little boring, the plots take place exactly as they should be. Seeing the Darkseid at the end proves it.