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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • Bullet for my co-worker

    This was a really good episode! I feel like I should type that a few more times since I was expecting the premiere to be a fluke. Not only does "Shield" swagger with a sense of cool and style, there's also some fantastic character development on offer, with some really great material coming from the unusual pairing of Lois and Carter Hall (Michael Shanks). While Cat Grant may infuriate many viewers, that was pretty much the point of her character, but she also plays a pivotal role in developing this seeding distrust within Metropolis regarding costumed heroes, or serial killers as Cat would think of them (there's an hilarious scene when she thinks Green Arrow shows up to kill her). Clark learns quite a few lessons from Cat's bigoted perspective resulting in some spiffy new threads! Clark finally drops the Neo look -- yay!

    It was so refreshing to see a few decent looking sets on the show again. Smallville has had its budget hacked and slashed over the years, so I enjoyed Lois' little trip to Africa, and Deadshot (played by Bradley Stryker) hounding down Cat through a bus-station was a riveting piece of television by Smallville's standards. Even that same street -- you know, the one they use for every.single.outdoor shot on the show -- is tackled with more style, and that bullet-time FX sequence was pretty darn nifty!

    I think I would have lapped this episode up regardless of the main plot. Lois' conversation with Carter was just crowd-pleasingly geeky. I'm over the moon that Michael Shanks agreed to come back to the show, as he delivers great pathos to his character when discussing his love for Shayera (!!) and of their doomed love. It's also fantastic because there's no beating around the bush. Lois doesn't let on that she knows Clark's secret, trying to throw all sorts of hypothetical superhero-y questions Carter's way, to which he responds: ''Maybe you should ask Clark.'' There's no amnesia, people! No reset button! Lois has all of her memories intact. The writers are finally giving us what we want and it's about bloody time!

    The Suicide Squad is back in full swing but it's not made clear who exactly is pulling the strings. I'm guessing it's Checkmate, but is Amanda Waller still alive or is that organisation caput? Plastique, last seen in Season 8, makes a brief cameo, which is a nice touch, and the idea that they're branding superheroes can't mean anything good for our future Justice League. I'm really diggin' this whole humans Vs meta-humans subplot brewing and it's good to see the writers follow through from the destruction caused by Zod and his army last season. It makes sense, now more than ever, that the government would want to recruit super-powered individuals of their own to put a stop to the up-rise in vigilantism. I'm really curious to see where this is all going, especially in a season involving Darkseid. I just hope it doesn't become another case of villain overload like last year.

    Now, I guess I have to acknowledge it at some stage... Sigh.

    It's the first official episode without Allison Mack in the credits. It's good that she's being kept on the scene (via flashback, sure, but I'll take anything!), and it's a solid and logical arc for Oliver to find her by any means necessary. It's also only natural for Oliver to presume Tess had something to do with her disappearance since she was practically behind every single evil scheme last season, but the scene where she reads out Chloe's goodbye message to Oliver is an absolute cracker! Cassidy Freeman does a stunning job at relaying Chloe's message to Oliver, while trying her best to keep her own emotions at bay, as Chloe's words echo exactly how she feels for him too. Terrific stuff from Freeman!

    There's so much here that the viewers know but the characters do not: Clark has no idea Lois knows his secret; Lois has no idea Chloe is missing; Oliver has no idea that Chloe offered up her own life to save his; Clark, Carter and Oliver have no idea that they've been branded. And even though Clark saved the girl, he doesn't know that Deadshot has been released, which will surely come back to bite him in the ass. There's plenty of story elements just waiting to explode over the coming weeks.

    Again, I feel like I should type this over and over: I'm excited to see where Smallville takes us this year!
  • 1002

    The only way this episode contributed to the story line was explaining Chloe's departure, that somewhat salvaged the episode from me rating it a 1. The season premiere looked promising, but by the looks of this episode, it completely regressed. I thought I was watching a season 8/9 episode, it was just so bad. Not to mention, it was incredibly boring. Who cares about Cat Grant. Who cares about Carter Hall. Who cares about Lois in Egypt.

    The only thing Lois did was rant about Clark, and it was just incredibly annoying. I thought season 10 was supposed to redeem Lois' character, not tarnish it. The Egypt scenes were intolerable. Clark's scenes with Cat Grant were absolutely pointless. We have a new villain: Deadshot, yeah okay, why couldn't they have made his entrance exciting? The whole thing felt like an unresolved mess.

    You know it's a bad episode when the guest character, Cat Grant gets as much lines as Clark. Chloe's absence isn't going unnoticed. I think us fans will realize what a huge impact Chloe had on the show, now that she's gone, what's left? Clark, Lois, Tess, and Oliver? 4 Characters? I don't know about this season, the premiere was superb, this was bland, hopefully the rest of the season isn't like this.
  • I don't know where all the good reviews are coming from.

    After Lois departs for Egypt, the Daily Planet hires a new reporter by the name of Cat Grant to take her place. An assassin named Deadshot takes aim at Cat but Clark learns the man has a dangerous agenda that involves the Blur. Carter Hall turns up in Egypt to keep an eye on Lois and he tells Lois about his wife Shayera Hall. This episode was terrible! I don't know where to start. The plot was bland, the characters were even blander, and am i the only one that hates Carter Hall. (probably the most annoying character on the show) It was a bad episode no doubt, but I wasn't surprised. I mean Smallville jumped the shark like 2 years ago.
    I just had such sort of high hopes for this season after i watched the premiere (Which was a pretty decent episode by the way). Now I'm not so sure.
  • Decent

    This episode was just that. Decent. It definitely didn't live p to the hype that was established in the first episode. Even that little segment in the end with Red/Blue suited Clark didn't shange my mind. The producers need to either decide to put him in that freakin' suit already, or just keep him dancing around the bush with costume changes. The fact that the assassin and the Suicide Squad are tracking the heroes is a reasonable backdrop but it still doesn't live up to the 'Dark Force' thing from the first episode. Finally, Cat Grant needs to either keep her prissy mouth away from the newsstand at the planet or drop dead. I can't believe that Clark and his friends tried to protect her life and all she had to say were negative, unsupported lies about vigilantes. So, like I said, good, but not ood enough.
  • The time is getting close. When destiny, becomes legend. Carter helps Lois to understand. Oliver is trying to understand. And Clark is wondering about peoples understanding. And the Suicide Squad want everyone to understand that, they are in charge.

    The story is setting up, a lot of different things. The key word here is DIFFERENT. They seem to be give us answers, at the same time adding new questions. While leaving us to wonder about key matters: They are throwing the word vigilante around a lot and hiding in the shadows. Looks to me like they want to bring are hero's into the light. But that won't happen until you get the police and the government to start thanking them for their help. Lois is trying to do what she thinks is the right thing and stay away. Carter is trying to help her, but he thinks his time is coming to and end. Cat Grant! She is happy go luck but, you'll want to run when you see her coming. She gave Clark something to think about. Oliver, he is just plan pissed. He maybe planing something of his own. And the suicide squad, well that's your government in action. Set a bunch of killers free, to keep and eye on the people that are trying to help. Your tax dollar at work. Oh, lets not forget Tess. She was being helpful to Clark and to Oliver. She wants them to trust her. Make's you wonder why she hasn't told them about young Lex. Hmmm!!
  • So many twist and turns

    I'm glad that the suicide squad are tagging our heroes and tracking down their every move. I'm so looking forward for Lois' return to Smallville and Clark. These two belong together and I hope Lois' conversation with Carter Hall changes Lois' mind about being with Clark. Chloe's story is still a little confusing, but at least she has a better storyline now than season 9 when she was all over the place. I love Clark's new suit. He's getting closer and closer to wearing the iconic suit. I bet he will look better than any other superman that has worn it before.
  • A step into the light...

    After Lois departs for Egypt, the Daily Planet hires a new reporter by the name of Cat Grant to take her place. An assassin named Deadshot takes aim at Kat but Clark learns the man has a dangerous hidden agenda that involves The Blur. Meanwhile, Carter Hall turns up in Egypt to keep an eye on Lois and he tells Lois about his wife Shayera. WOW! I'm impressed. We're two episodes in, and Season 10 is off to a great start. In this episode, we meet a few new faces. Cat was a fun character (yeah she's annoying, that's her thing), Deadshot was cool (when he wasn't opening his mouth), and Shayera's cameo was a cool way to flesh out Carter Hall's character.

    "Shield" nicely sets up some new storylines like the Suicide Squad (Plastique AGAIN!?!), the search for Chloe, and Clark's main quest this year to become the man he was destined to be. Tom, Erica, Justin, Cassidy, and the guest stars all do great jobs portraying their characters. All 3 main storylines (Clark/Cat/Deadshot, Lois/Hawkman, and Oliver/Suicide Squad) are strong and make this one phenomenal hour.

    Finally...Clark makes an important decision to step out of the shadows and into more colorful attire. Okay, so it's not THE suit his mother made for him, but it still looks awesome. That final scene of him on the Daily Planet rooftop is one of the best in the series. Only 20 episodes of Smallville left, and I can't wait :)
  • A mixed-up episode with a couple new throw-away characters and no discernable story thread. The suicide squad is introduced, but there's little reason to care.

    Lois arrives for her new assignment at the news desk in Kenya - so why is she abruptly plopped in Egypt? Here she meets Hawkman, somewhat subdued from his usual over-the-top dialog. Ancient artifacts are laying about, unsecured, but seeing the results of some expensive set decoration is a refreshing change from the usual fringes of Vancouver. She has no curiosity about her assignment, and seems to be doing nothing but chatting with Hawkman, and we finally learn Clark sent him there to watch over her. Both Oliver and Clark engage in several discussions about Chloe and her whereabouts but these seemed both forced and trivial - as if the writers are trying to keep her in our minds, but why? Her contract status is well known - Ms. Mack doesn't even get "starring" billing any longer.

    Sub reporter Cat Grant was hard to take, over-bubbly and rapid-fire dialog making for disappointment, mostly. Her crusade against the hero culture was just a way to make Clark wince and act defensive. A well-crafted explosion takes out her Grand Am, a car that was junk even before it blew up. Once again, Cassidy Freeman gets the best dialog, and puts forth the most dignified acting job in the episode, even collaborating peaceably with Clark to identify antagonist Deadshot, a one-shot bad guy allegedly from Checkmate. Cat's attempt to escape from him while standing in for Clark's bullet shows her as inept and weak, so why is this character in the episode at all? And I simply have no idea where we're going with the skull and crossbones emblem imprinted on both Clark and Hawkman.

    "Shield" is saved from mediocrity by Oliver's thoughtful discussion with Clark about their losses, and that something must change, portending some actual developments in future episodes. The Ubermensch-Superman thought given to Lois by Hawkman is a nice ending shot, just enough to keep this episode from landing in the forgettable bin labeled "average." Re-run rating C+.
  • Really producers and writers? Are you serious?

    I've been watching this show since the first day it premiered on the WB. However this 45min episode is really making me reconsider the quality of the show, and whether I should bother tuning in. There was simply no plot in this episode that was worth its own episode. Cat Grant has a son? This isn't an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful, it's supposed to be about Superman, a story that has multiple resources and material to look at to portray the character on screen and none of them said she has a son, or that she changed her name. What really upset me was the fact that Deadshot (DC's answer to Marvel's Deadpool) was turned into a poorly acted Jonah Hex wanna be. Deadshot should be sophisticated and an intellectual as he's depicted in the comics. The costume shown at the end of the episode looks like a Guess By Marciano advertisement. Very very disappointing. Good thing this show is ending, because its about time Superman went back into the hands of actual talent and artists.
  • Boooooooooooring!!!

    OMG this was like one of the worst episodes ever!!!!!! ! ! !!. I mean, it really sucked, absolutely no plot, no real action, no anything.
    Usually, Smallville's episodes make me feel something, excitement, adrenaline, SOMETHING. but this episode was so Bla. The only part where i felt something, was during the tittle sequence and Allison Mack wasn't there anymore, anger, sadness, dissapointment.
    She was Smallville, this show is turning into crap now. I just want clark to start flying and it to end, so I don't have to watch it anymore. (I still do because I love Smallville, but if this kind of episodes keep coming up, y guess I'll have to say I used to love Smallville, I hope this doesn't happen).

    Bring Chloe back. Allison is the best that show can have.
  • The Cat and the Bullet

    Shield-Clark becomes involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as he tries to protect Lois' replacement at the Daily Planet, who is being targeted by an assassin named Deadshot. Meanwhile, Hawkman introduces Lois, who currently resides in Egypt, to his wife, Shayera. I have to admit, after such a great set and emotionally charged premiere, "Sheild" was kind of disappointing and almost felt like a step back. The episode wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't exactly the best follow up. The episode was very light on action and whilewe'd had light on action episodes before, there wasn't much to make up for it. "Sheild" does more setting up for future storylines instead of actually progressing the ones set up in the premiere.

    The episode is seperated into 3 plots: Clark meeting Cat Grant, Oliver tracking down Chloe and Lois running into Carter Hall in Africa. Let me just get this out of the way, "This" Cat is annoying, sometimes to the point where nails on a chalkboard sounds inviting. Keri Lynn Pratt certainly has the youthful enthusiam and over-achiever attitude down pat, but she does have a tendency to over play it to the point where Cat's scenes were nearly untolerable. Thank God for Tom Welling with his perfectly timed facial expressions and impeccable charisma during these scenes. He made these scenes watchable, as I found it hard to engage in Cat's story. I'm glad it was established she wasn't the "real" Cat Grant (yes, another Henry James twist!) but that she took up the name to hide from her abusive husband. I even enjoyed that they briefly referenced the "real" Cat Grant from Crossfire. But when it came to the heavy drama of her story, I just couldn't into it and felt Keri just couldn't carry those moments. I'd say the best scene was Clark and Cat's first meeting and the car explosion set by Deashot. Speaking him, as far as DC villain intros, this was one of the weakest. Instead getting the menancing mercenary we know from the comics, we got Jonah Hex-lite. Not to mention was under-written and underused. I would have loved more scenes with Deadshot planning his next attack on Clark instead Cat's personal issues. Oliver's hunt for Chloe was pretty good here and we got another confrontation between him and Rick Flag. I go to say the Suicide Squad plot is being set up pretty well and the way each member brand a hero to track them was a clever little twist, I was even surprised by Plastique's return, forgetting she would return with the Squad in this episode. This new determined side of Oliver is much more entertaining than the dark side parts 1 and 2 from the last two seasons. Also, the scene between Oliver and Clark was excellent insight on the state of heroes today and how they are beginning to me scorned by the world and will continue to be unless they step into the light.

    It was great seeing Carter Hall again, especially watching Michael Shanks grow more vcomfortable with the role each appearence, he was wonderful here although, Lois' ramblings kinda distracted from the earlier scenes. But it was priceless watching Carter texting to Clark that he owed him one as Lois kept rambling on, lol. The last scene between them was the best of them all, especially Lois's "a Superman". Not to mention, the transistion from that scene to Clark waking onto the roof of the Daily Planet in his new suit was pretty epic. The new proto-suit is causing mixed reactions from fans, but I like the new suit and shows Clark is really stepping up even more. Although, a some yellow with the "S" wouldn't hurt, maybe leather blue pants, but this is a step in the right direction. Lastly, we had awkward Tess interaction this episode, first, her reading Chloe's ridiculous final love letter to Oliver. I won't go into it but basically the letter was a slap in the face to her relationship to Jimmy, you know, the ex-husband she got killed! It also seems Tess will be like Watchtower 2.0 for Clark this season, which so far, feels kinda weird. but we'll see how it goes. "Shield" gets the job done with setting up more potential arcs for the season, but as an episode itself, it's just decent I guess. Next week, A great darkness is unleashed on Chloe not coming back's Kara worship!!! I know, WTF!? *sigh*
  • Savior or menace?

    The final season is already in full swing as the stage is being set for Clark to face his inner demons, while the world struggles with the notion of masked vigilantes taking whatever measures are necessary to keep the streets safe. It's all very familiar territory, but it's a good reminder that the writers are not resting on their admittedly limited laurels.

    There's little chance that the discussion over the masked hero as savior or vigilante is going to go as far as, say, "Watchmen" or any other deconstruction of the archetypical hero. But it is a central question in any exploration of the role of the superhero in the modern popular mythology, and it is central to the direction they have taken with Clark in recent seasons.

    He has tried to be the beloved savoir that he was always meant to be, but anonymous in the process as the Blur. To a certain extent, this makes sense; Clark has been given too many examples of how exposure has led to danger and suffering for his loved ones. But as Lois is reminded in this episode, isolating Clark will not help him, either. There has to be a balance.

    While we all know the traditional approach to the Clark Kent/Superman dichotomy, right down to the funky glasses, it's almost impossible to imagine how that would work on "Smallville". Having already adjusted the usual continuity to the breaking point, I see no need for them to revert back to the classic mold. Instead, in this incarnation of the Superman myth, why not have Clark stand openly as Superman? It would appear to be the logical conclusion to the emerging subplot involving public perception of masked heroes.

    That said, the almost zealous hatred for masked heroes tossed out by Cat Grant is a bit heavy-handed, and it doesn't really serve as much of a smokescreen for the real intentions of the plot. Deadshot's agenda never quite meshed with his reputation, so it was clear that something more was happening. By the time the mysterious young woman walked into Carter's tent, it was just a matter of time before the truth was revealed.

    The emergence of the Suicide Squad is a good follow-up on the hints given in the ninth season, but if they are the legacy of Checkmate, the writers need to make sure that they have a very clear motivation. Checkmate's portrayal was hobbled by a lack of clarity, and there was no reason for it. They could be a means of exploring Checkmate's apparent design to control masked heroes to prevent them from becoming a threat, but I suspect there is more to the story.

    Cat Grant, on the other hand, seems to be following in the footsteps of her comic book origins. Just from what I've been able to find on the character, she seems very similar. As it seems that Lois will be hanging out with Carter for a little while longer, I imagine Cat will continue to work with Clark. If nothing else, this should give the writers enough time to make Carter's apparent impending demise a logical plot point.

    One last point: it appears that the writers are putting some effort into resolving some dangling plot threads. Whether intentional or not, Chloe's decision to wipe out all records of her existence and fake her death goes a long way towards explaining why the future Legion had no idea who she was. And it may also suggest that she is working with the Suicide Squad in some capacity. There's plenty of time left in the season for Chloe's fate to be explored.
  • See Summary

    Shield, the second episode of the final season of Smallville, was great. It had a lot of revelations and sets the future season into progress. There are some ironic points in this episode. I find it funny that Hawkman is played by Michael S. Who was Daniel in SG1, and his wife was Sharre, of egyptian decent more or less, on Abydos. This episode is moving the story lines along, which is good. I feel like so much needs to happen in a limited amount of episodes. Each episode has to keep up a pace, and no room for fillers this season!
  • Great Episode!

    I loved it. The last shot was amazing, the new suit ,awesome! He's coming out into the light one step at a time! Clark is rockin so far... got some great growth and pov from Clark.

    Carter/Lois interaction was awesome. Michael Shanks is an absolute delight, him and Erica have awesome chemistry.

    Loved how Clark was super annoyed with Cat but he warmed up to her. Cat/Clark interaction was fun to see, its nice and refreshing to see Clark out of his element. Oh and loved the save from Cat's pink car, that was great!

    Glen Winters did an awesome job directing this episode, really great stuff. And Jordan Hawley the writer props to him for a solid story.

    I loved what Clark said to Oliver at the end there, they both have to trust Lois and Chloe for the decisions they make, they cant go running after them but what they can do is make better decisions themselves, come out of the shadows, be better heroes, be confident their fighting for them in that way.

    Overall I enjoyed the episode very much! Clark was his ever confident self its so great to see! And its great to see him continue to take steps and not falter, really cool! This was a Clark episode, he showed growth and maturity. Clark was very well written by Jordan! Go Clark!
  • Season 10 begins to take shape.

    Lazarus rounded up a few things and now Smallville seems to be kicking off it's new arcs. It wasn't a great episode, but it accomplished its task of setting up the storylines. We got more info about Chloe and what she might be up to. It was always going to be a tough challenge to continue as normal when she disappeared like that, but they explained it as best as they could. Based on what we heard, she might not be held hostage right now. She might have started a new life somewhere else. We will see. I see a lot of promise in the Suicide Squad plot. As for Cat Grant, she was less annoying than I thought she would. I understand why Carter Hall was in this, but I didn't like how he was used. I liked him more in Absolute Justice. And what the heck was up with him kissing Lois? Reminded me of Zatanna kissing Clark. Unnecessary.

    All in all, it was an ok episode. Looking forward to next week's guest star. Bring on Supergirl.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** High and low guests, confusing but intriguing story, messy but interesting Clark arc, substantial contents, smart visual effects, inspiring Lois, flawed ending

    I wasn't expecting Shield to outclass the astonishing Metallo but I never thought a season 10 episode would be so questionable. Indeed it was an awkward mix of dry and sweet sequences.

    First two guests were featured. One was an absolute surprise, as much as Brian Austin Green in season 9, but the other was really annoying at the beginning. Second too many arcs were developed and I found the story quite confusing. I think it would have been wiser to focus on Lois or Clark for once. Or their respective adventures should have been blended in a creative way. However I think they all have potential and I can't wait for them to collide because I'm sure they're linked ! Third the mark of a disappointing installment is when you remember its inaccuracies. Clark's side was a bit messed up even if I enjoyed the role of Tess, respective of Cassidy Freeman's talent, and consider his friendship with Oliver is very inspiring. Fourth even if it wasn't flawless I have to admit that the episode was filled with bright ideas and memorable lines. From the mythology to the philosophical dialogs there were plenty of material to satisfy the audience. Fifth I don't know what happened to the budget cuts but the scenes were heavy on visual effects. Well rendered and even informative they magnified the exciting events and made the upcoming arcs even more intriguing.

    In fact it's sort of frustrating, not to know what will happen next. I have no idea where the writers are heading and a few scenes puzzled me. What really happened to Chloe ? When will Lois come back to Smallville ? Indeed her story is probably the most inspiring so far because since Hostage she has become a role model, someone the viewers can really relate to. As for the end it was cut sharp and in my opinion a complete failure when it could have been as much as jaw dropping as Zod's cliffhanger in Conspiracy. Instead we had to digest the few seconds of a bizarre idea. The real issue was that it was actually inspired by the character who annoyed me the most, even if her chat with Clark at the Talon was touching.
  • And once again Chloe Sullivan is dead.

    No true Smallville fan was fooled for a second by the supposed "death" of Chloe Sullivan. Maybe we were fooled at the end of season three when the house she was in exploded, or perhaps at the end of season six when she "saved Lois from death" and supposedly "died" herself, but certainly not now when Chloe "dying" has become so commonplace we barely shrug at the notion. Props to the writer's for not dragging out her "death" as in previous seasons, we knew she wasn't dead, they knew we knew she wasn't dead, so they cut out the pretense and got straight to the "she faked it". Chloe might be alive but I don't think anyone failed to miss Allison Mack's absence in the title sequence. My heart skipped a beat during the title sequence of 'Lazarus' when I thought she was gone only to start beating again when I saw her shining face at the end, after this episode my heart's still waiting for revival. For the first time in ten years an episode of Smallville aired and "Allison Mack" was not in the title sequence. In other important news, loved the western feel of the episode, and who doesn't love seeing Clark in leather (especially under Red K), but didn't enjoy seeing Plastique AGAIN, I'm getting tired of her highlights and attitude. Guess I'll wait till next week to find out what's become of Alexander.
  • A guy named Dead shot goes after Clark and teh other heroe's. Lois meets Hawkman.

    This episode was pretty cool, not as good as last weeks but still good. The introduction of dead shot was cool. I'm looking forward to find out more about him and exactly what happened with the bullets and the mark left on all the heroes. Supposedly Chloe is dead now, well I'm waiting to see where she really is and how she will make her comeback. Lois meeting Hawkman was cool. She got to find out about another superhero and more about Clark. Cat Grant is an interesting character to, wonder if they will bring her back in a couple more episodes. The stuff with Oliver is expected, he went ot find Chloe and now thinks she's dead. I just hope he doesn't pine on it forever like he did with his parents death's. Tess joining forces with Green Arrow, how interesting. Let's wait and see what her agenda is this season. The thing with Clark at the end was interesting as well he wasn't in his blur outfit he decided to put on a jacket with a red S. I'm sure that is just to use until he gets to where the costume in the finale episode. Anyway good episode and next weeks will be cool I can tell.