Season 8 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lois is trying to get into a press society presentation for journalistic achievements but the greeter doesn't have her on the list and refuses to let her in. Chloe arrives and offers her a ride. Lois complains that she hasn't had any hot stories recently and the Red-Blue Blur ignored her public letter asking for an interview. Chloe figures Lois has a crush on the Red-Blue Blur, and points out that the heroes don't want the publicity. When Lois pauses to adjust her high-heel shoes, two carjackers attack Chloe and knock her out. One escapes in Chloe's car but Lois attacks the other one and subdues him. He's unable to make out her face in the lights, and wonders if she's some kind of superhero. Lois tells him to call her "Stiletto." At the hospital, Chloe checks on Davis and makes sure that he's still in the basement, and she'll be back shortly. Clark arrives and wonders where she's been, and Chloe lies and says she's working as Watchtower. However, she warns Clark that her laptop was in the computer and someone could decrypt it. Chloe explains that when she woke up, Lois was talking about a new hero, Stiletto. Lois talks to her city editor but he refuses to run the story without a picture. Clark arrives and asks her for information on Stiletto, and notices her story, with a lot of inside quotes. He asks Lois to put her in contact with Stiletto, but Lois refuses. Clark explains Stiletto might be able to provide him with information on Chloe's stolen laptop, and Lois suggests he talks to the captured carjacker. At Ace of Clubs, Jimmy is working as a bartender when Bruno Mannheim, the carjacker who escaped, comes in. Mannheim gets called away by the boss, but Jimmy asks for an advance. Mannheim says he'll see what he can do but warns it's the last time. In the back, Mannheim talks to Ricky Milano, who is running a counterfeiting operation using kryptonite to duplicate the metallic tint of the ink. Ricky says they're trying to move out of petty street crime, but Mannheim insists that they need to show the Metropolis citizens that they still control the streets. When Ricky disagrees, Mannheim shoots him and tells the men it's time to take out the heroes, starting with Stiletto. Lois makes a costume and mask and prepares to hit the streets as Stiletto. She meets with Jimmy and offers him the chance to recover his career by giving him the chance to take photos of her. She sets up a photoshoot to have a photo to give her city editor. Lois figures that she once she's recognized as a superhero, she'll meet with the Red-Blue Blur and get his story. Clark meets with Chloe at Isis and admits the carjacker has already been released on bail. Chloe reveals that the Red-Blue Blur has his own fan page, and his fans think he and Stiletto belong together. Chloe suggest he could use a sidekick but Clark isn't interested. He returns to the Daily Planet where he does some work while listening to the police radio. Lois is doing the same thing and wonders when he's leaving. Lois finally admits that Clark is doing better than expected, stealing her thunder. A crime report comes over the radio and they both make hasty excuses before leaving. At the Ace of Clubs, Jimmy arrives with his camera and Mannheim notices him. They take his camera and look at the photos, including one of Chloe that he recognizes from the car-jacking. He also sees that Jimmy has pictures of Stiletto. Mannheim demands to know where Stiletto is, and beats Jimmy unconscious when he refuses to talk, knocking his camera off the rooftop to the lot below. Mannheim tells his man to decrypt the laptop and find out more about Chloe. Stiletto arrives at a jewelry store robbery, only to discover the robber tied up in a metal girder. Clark arrives as himself and immediately recognizes her. She tries a fake voice but Clark doesn't buy it and removes her mask. Clark says he came there to help her and Lois explains she made up a heroic ID to write a story and get an interview with the Red-Blue Blur. Clark points out it won't work but Lois says she figures that the hero needs a sidekick. He tells her that the other carjacker was released and Lois suggests they investigate with Clark as the sidekick, but he refuses to help her. Mannheim's goon attacks Chloe at the Talon and demands answers. He prepares to cut her, but a transformed Davis yanks him away and kills him. Later, Lois arrives and explains she's had no luck finding Stiletto. Chloe hastily tries to get rid of her and Lois notes that Jimmy has disappeared. She reveals that she's Stiletto and admits she may have gotten in over her head. She wonders if Chloe has ever gotten in over her head and Chloe starts to tell her about Davis… then tells Lois she can find Jimmy at Ace of Clubs. As Lois leaves, she thanks Chloe for understanding. Clark goes to the club and uses his superhearing to hear Mannheim in the back, unlocking the computer files. Clark races back there only to discover that Mannheim's counterfeiting operation uses kryptonite-tainted ink to prevent duplication. He pauses and Mannheim knocks him down, where Clark sees an unconscious and bleeding Jimmy. Lois arrives at the club but finds Jimmy's camera in the parking lot where Mannheim dropped it. Mannheim beats Clark and demands to know how he found the hideout. Lois climbs up to the roof and sees Clark, but her phone battery is dead and she can't call the police. Mannheim finds Clark's press ID and prepares to kill him. Lois drops through the skylight and knocks down Mannheim and his men. She goes to help Jimmy and Mannheim prepares to shoot her. Clark leaps in the way of the bullet and is wounded. When Mannheim prepares to fire again, Jimmy grabs him and struggles long enough for Lois to knock Mannheim out. As Jimmy dials 911, Lois wonders why Clark did it. Clark tells her to get him out of the room. At the Talon, Chloe takes out two garbage bags… with something bloody inside. She drops to her knees in horror at what's happened and how she's helping. The next day, Clark is pretending to recover from his wounds at the Planet as an apologetic Lois brings him breakfast. Lois admits her enthusiasm may have gotten the better of her, and reluctantly thanks Clark. She admits she's giving up her Stiletto identity and then takes his pastry. Jimmy goes to his drug dealer and buys morphine, paying with counterfeit cash from Mannheim's collection. Chloe is making a meal when Clark returns her laptop. Clark wonders who she's expecting and Chloe claims she's started baking as a reaction to stress and the loss of her computer. Clark doesn't believe her but Chloe insists she's fine. He assures her he's there for her if she needs him, but Chloe says she needs some space. Lois gets a letter from the Red-Blue Blur asking for a meeting. Nobody's at the rendezvous spot, but a nearby phone rings and she answers it. Clark, using a voice scrambler, superspeeds by and leaves her invitation in the paper to prove he's who he says. Clark admits there's probably a better name then "Red-Blue Blur" and suggests she find one. Clark says she's a great reporter and doesn't need a gimmick. Lois says she doesn't want the story, but wants to know what he needs. She says that if he's lonely, he can call. Clark tells her that she'll be the first to know when he tells the world his secret.