Season 8 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on The CW

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  • Another hero that's not Clark Kent.

    Storyline was weak. The only person not lying in the whole episode was Jimmy, and the writers seem determine to make him a weakling. Not a fan of Lois Lane being in the storyline yet anyway, but did the writers have to mess with her integrity button. The one thing Lois rarely does is lie about a story. Her making herself a super hero was a desperate move that didn't really need to be made. And I'm sorry I didn't see what she did to make what she did that special and the belief she would fly down from a roof, through glass and not be injured is farfetched at best. And the hero of the whole show was Jimmy, and he got no Kudos. In fact the writer rewarded him by making him seem no more then a strung out drug addict. Which brings me to Chloe, you would never thought she even loved Jimmy. The way she cringes when his name is mentioned. Did she forget Jimmy was the one that was almost murdered and spent months trying to get well to come back to her to only find she had taken the side of a total stranger over that of her husband. The same man she knows now tried to kill Jimmy. I must say, I do like Lois's loyalty to Jimmy. When Lois told Chloe that Jimmy might be in trouble, Chloe should have went with Lois to find him. Enough of that though, I do like Clark in all the episodes, but I still feel he is at his best when he's around Oliver and other like him. I thought this was a filler episode to give Lois something to do.