Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2002 on The CW
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Episode Summary

A young runaway, Ryan, has the power to read minds and flees his abusive stepparents. The Kents take him in and Clark soon discovers the boy's powers and that he's immune to them. But Ryan's stepparents have plans to use the boy's powers for financial gain against...Lex.moreless

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Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Whitney Fordman

Brandy Ledford

Brandy Ledford

Mrs. Gibson (Ryan's Stepmom)

Guest Star

Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley

Ryan James

Guest Star

Joe Maffei

Joe Maffei

Bowling Lanes Janitor

Guest Star

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Recurring Role

Rekha Sharma

Rekha Sharma

Dr. Harden

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • At the end of the episode where Ryan is meeting his aunt, Jonathan's sleeve is buttoned at the wrist. When he walks to Clark by the fence it is unbuttoned and pushed up to his elbow. They show Ryan wave and Jonathan wave back. His sleeve is buttoned again. The scene pans out and once again his sleeve is at his elbow.

    • When Ryan and Clark are playing basketball you can see a tractor near the guys. After some shots then the tractor moves for no apparent reason left and right about 1-2 meters.

    • Trivia: We learn that Lex had a brother, Julian, when he was young, but the boy died of crib death (presumably) on the day he was due to be baptised.

    • While Lionel is talking to Lex at the end of this episode, he's leaning against the pool table holding two balls. One is the number 2 ball and the other is the number 2 ball also. Why would Lex have two #2's on his table?

    • So what happened to Ryan's stepdad? Presumably he's still alive (it's pretty unlikely the writers want to show Clark killing someone directly) but it seems like the guy could ruin Ryan's life by telling anyone he felt like it about his psychic stepson. Granted, Ryan's life gets messed up later anyway, but in a different way.

    • Wouldn't someone wonder where the hole in the bowling alley wall came from that was made when Clark threw the ball in order to hit the stepfather?

    • When Clark tears open the back of the garbage truck to save the boy, you'd think the driver would notice and say something!

    • So does Ryan's powers come from exposure to kryptonite? It's a nice relief from the "super-powered kryptonite mutant" of the week if he doesn't, but it seems rather odd that they don't address the origin of his powers at all.

    • Why are TV characters always so much more dense than the audience? Despite some clear indisputable evidence of his telepathic powers, particularly when Ryan reads Chloe's mind about the other orphan kid, it takes everyone, particularly freak-theorist Chloe, forever to even consider that Ryan can read minds.

    • Once again Clark super-speeds to Lex's rescue over a great distance (see "Zero") with no indication that he used a vehicle or anything. In fact, Lex was dropped off a considerable distance away from where he last saw Clark. Granted, Lex has just been drop-kicked out of a moving car so he's probably not at his best, but you'd think he'd kind of wonder about how Clark gets to the scenes of the crimes so quick.

    • Ma Kent hits Ryan at what looks like 30-40 miles per hour, knocking him over the hood and onto the ground. And yet he only has "superficial cuts and bruises."

    • Like most TV characters, Ma Kent doesn't seem to know much about basic first aid. Bouncing someone off your hood and then pushing them around and into your car despite the possibility of internal injuries really isn't a good idea.

    • The package of Twizzlers that Chloe finds can't be found in the U.S. They have a mostly solid wrapping and look odd...unless you're in Canada instead of Kansas. They package them that way in Canada, but never in the U.S. (where the bag is mostly transparent except at the ends). The show, of course, is filmed in Canada.

    • How did the two crooks know when Social Services was supposed to show up so they could get there earlier and grab the kid?

    • Why doesn't Lex tell Clark something...well, useful when Clark runs up? All he says is Ryan is gone and that Clark should "get some help". He doesn't say who has the kid, or the license plate of the limo (Lex seems to have about five different vanity plates), or anything that Clark could tell the police if he did go for help. All Lex tells Clark is which way the limo went, which wouldn't be much help to the police by the time Clark got to them unless the highway doesn't have any turnoff roads.

    • When Ryan's stepfather shoots the janitor at the bowling alley, you can see the lower body of his "dead" wife lift up an inch or so -- hardly a plausible reaction when you've been shot point-blank in the chest with a shotgun. Chances are she was dead before she hit the ground, ergo her body probably wouldn't react like that. Just an accidental human reflex by the actress.

    • Lex's expert security at the manor extends to his limo service as well - kidnappers grab millionaires and their sons from time to time. That some petty-ante thief could sneak in and take a chauffeur's place doesn't say much for Luthor security.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Clark: Ryan does say weird things. I mean, he even said that you wanted me to ask you to prom and that you'd already bought a dress.
      (Chloe stops in her tracks and exhales nervously)
      Clark: It's not pink, is it?
      Chloe: Uh... okay, I... I, you know, I was just looking at it. It's not like I actually bought it.
      Clark: How would Ryan know that?
      Chloe: I don't know. Maybe he's an alien or maybe he called Miss Cleo. You know, I don't know.

    • Lex: (to Lionel) I know why you want me back. I'm driving you crazy, aren't I? I'm not clubbing till 6 A.M., not getting arrested. I'm on track. That's what scares you. You want me back where you can keep an eye on me.

    • (talking to Clark)
      Ryan: You don't understand what it's like to be different. What it's like to have to hide so people don't think you're a freak. Everywhere I go, I hear people's thoughts. I can't block it out anymore.

    • Lex: You know what those emperors you're always talking about were really afraid of? That their sons would become successful and return to Rome at the head of their own army.
      Lionel: You think you can find your future in Smallville? I'm your future. Join me, Lex. Join me in Metropolis. How long have you been waiting to hear me to say those words?
      Lex: I've waited to hear other things from you for a lot longer. I'll return to Metropolis when I'm ready.
      Lionel: At the head of an army?

    • Clark: You have sources?
      Chloe: Yeah. A cute officer in traffic. I talked my way out of a speeding ticket. He told me I was plucky. Maybe I'll ask him to prom.

    • Clark: If anyone can choose who they want to be, Lex, it's you.

    • Lex: I think he saw Julian as his second chance. A chance for him to have a son he could truly love.
      Clark: I'm sorry.
      Lex: It's in the past, Clark. We would have ended up hating each other anyway. My father would have seen to that.

    • Lex: The day Julian was born was the only time I felt like I was part of a real family.

    • Clark: I didn't know you liked comic books.
      Lex: Are you kidding? A strange visitor from another planet who protects the weak? When I was young he was my idol, not to mention that fact he's bald. I have the whole collection.

    • Clark: Don't worry, Chloe's the queen of obscure and irrelevant references.

    • Clark: Warrior Angel, why him?
      Ryan: Because he protects people who can't protect themselves. I like being around you Clark. It's...peaceful.

    • Ryan: Maybe she (Chloe) has a romantic side you don't know about?
      Clark: And maybe my mom hit you harder than we thought.

    • Lex: I thought you were in Monaco.
      Lionel: The backbone of surprise is fusing secrecy with speed.

    • Jonathan: You can stay as long as you want. Maybe some of you'll rub off on Clark.

    • Ryan: (after being kissed by Lana) I don't know, but I'm definitely in love.
      Clark: Join the club.

    • Lionel Luthor: I've been harsh on you, Lex, but greatness is a rarefied air one has to be taught to breathe.

    • Lionel: Lex, your performance of late has been... more than adequate.
      Lex: That sounds dangerously like a compliment.

    • Jonathan: You always had a soft spot for strays.
      Martha: The last one turned out all right.

    • Lionel: We don't need to play games, son.
      Lex: Dad, games are all we have.

    • (giving Clark a present)
      Lex: It's a foil, Clark. Every hero should have one.

    • (talking about Lex)
      Ryan: I know you like him, Clark, but there's a lot of darkness he keeps from the world.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Music: "Superman" by Five For Fighting, "You And I" by Micah Green, "Lonely Day" by Phantom Planet, "Free to Change Your Mind" by Regency Buck, "Is It Love?" by Todd Thibaud, and "Dragging Me Down" by Todd Thibaud.

    • At one point when Ryan is reading the comic book, you can see a panel where the Warrior Angel is standing in the center of a gaping hole, and he says "Don't worry; you're safe now." When Clark rips open the garbage truck wall, you can clearly see the same thing, and Clark says the same line.

    • The bowling alley sequence was filmed at a bowling alley in Richmond, British Columbia. Coincidentally or not, the name of the alley is "Lois Lanes".

    • Several Batman-type in-jokes and/or further hints of a future Bruce Wayne appearance: Chloe calls Lex Clark's "millionaire playboy" (a term inevitably used to decribe Bruce Wayne), and at one point Lex asks Clark where his "sidekick" is: although Superman doesn't have a sidekick in the comics, Batman has had a number of young boys in that role.

    • Chloe having a secret involving the color pink that someone finds out about by using superpowers echoes Superman telling Lois what color her underwear is in Superman: The Movie.

    • There doesn't appear to be an "Edge City" in the DC Comics Universe. However, there is a comic strip called "Edge City", and its reference here was apparently another in-joke. Edge City is also the home city of Stanley Ipkiss in the Dark Horse comic "The Mask" a hero made famous by the Jim Carrey movie of the same name.

    • Neither Pete nor Whitney appear in this episode.


    • Chloe: Maybe he called Miss Cleo.
      Refers to the briefly (in)famous TV Jamaican psychic who runs a 1-900 telephone psychic line.