Season 10 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on The CW
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Kara returns after being sent by Jor-El to stop a dark force that he believes Clark cannot handle. Meanwhile, Lois confronts a shock jock who threatens Green Arrow, but is taken hostage when the man becomes possessed.

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  • Some great moments, some bad moments. Overall, a so-so episode...

    You guys remember "Bloodline"? That episode was GREAT. In that one Laura Vandervoort is utilized greatly and her goodbye before leaving for Kandor was very moving. But this isn't a Bloodline review, this is a Supergirl review. And I hate to say it, but this episode just felt...sloppy.

    I'm not saying I hated the episode. Quite the opposite, I actually really enjoyed it, but a few things didn't sit well with me. First off, this is a show about Clark Kent becoming Superman right? So WHY would they make Kara go public before her cousin? Also, the entire scene with Godfrey/Darkseid and Lois at the fetish club was just painful to watch. Erica Durance is a beautiful woman, but the scene lasted WAY too long. Felt like I was watching "Date Night". But what really irked me was how much they bashed Clark! He's not pure of heart, but Kara and Lois are. He's not ready to save the world, but Kara is?

    Now onto the positive. Every Clois scene was pure gold. I LOVED the flight "lessons" Kara gave Clark. It was good to see him stumble before the next episode ;) Justin Hartley was fantastic in this episode. I liked the Chlollie flashback. He was incredible in that church scene, it brought tears to my eyes. And that ending? Very Iron-Man, but very cool.

    "Supergirl" gets a thumbs up from me, I'm just glad "Homecoming" was PERFECT.moreless
  • 1003

    Definitely better than the last episode and I know most people didn't like this episode because of Darkside's introduction and the fact that he was something that possessed people's bodies, but all in all, this was an enjoyable episode of Smallville.

    The last time we saw Kara, she was trapped in the Phantom Zone. Now Kara is back, and she definitely redeemed herself here. Season 7, I wanted to choke Kara, she became the most annoying character on prime-time, her and Amy from the Secret Life of the American Teenager, but I digress. She really wasn't annoying here, not at all. And thank god we didn't get any dreadful scenes with Lois harping on her love for Clark. Lana may not have been Clark's best match, but she was never this whiny.

    Oliver revealing his secret to the world was eventful, and although I feel like Oliver gets too much screen time sometimes, he has had some great moments in the series' run, and this was one of those moments. We got some fun scenes too, like Lois playing dress up to get save Oliver's reputation, or the banter between Kara & Clark. By the end, things get a little more serious. I think the only problem with this episode was the word vigilante coming up in to discussion in every other sentence. But that's it. Solid Smallville tonight.moreless
  • Good episode

    I really liked this episode. I like how the final season is starting to shift towards more broad topics (such as an intergalactic threat and the countrywide persecution of vigilantes) and away from each season focusing on a personal struggle that Clark and those close to him face. If you ask me, that really hindered what this show could have done with the Superman character. Though, I guess, the producers would justify it by saying that Superman had to start somewhere. The cliffhanger with Oliver telling the world his secret left me on edge for the next week and also got me wondering, will the producers throw all DC continuity out of the window here by leaving Ollie's identity an open secret or will they somehow bring everything back around and somehow make Green Arrow a masked hero again? One thing that I did not like about this episode was how much it beat around the bush. We all know who Darkseid is and this show continuously refers to him as 'The ark Force'. It's a misnomer that, to me, echoes back to the primitive days of this show in which Clark's destiny was only hinted at with tiny easter eggs. It's long past time that the gloves came off. They should just call Darkseid by his TRUE name and take this show to the next level.moreless
  • Clark is not pure of spirit, or whatever...

    This didn't feel like a Smallville episode at all. It felt more like a surreal episode of Supernatural with a superhero twist. Then there's that Iron Man vibe towards the end (which we'll get to later), and you have an episode that doesn't quite know what it wants to do with itself. And for an hour entitled "Supergirl", it's a bit misleading, as she barely features (at least not in any capacity that warrants her return).

    While I'm fairly certain there's no incarnation of Darkseid with the ability to transform into a flock of crows engulfed in dark smoke, enabling him to infect anyone who is not pure of heart (black eyes and deep voice all part of the parcel), I thought it was a neat concept. (Hey, it also makes sense from a budgetary perspective, and the potential for the inevitable possession of the entire main cast could be fun.)

    The show felt out of its element. It aimed for dark and dingy, but ended up coming across as a cheap skin flick. The scenes in the bondage club looked utterly ridiculous, and the idea that Darkseid would go to the trouble of holding Lois hostage in such an elaborate S&M get-up was completely mind-boggling. Unless, for some unforetold reason, Darkseid somehow channels the persona of the sack-meat he possesses? Gordon was he tied Lois up in a giant spider-web of robes?...Yeah, I got nothin'.

    Darkseid, at this point in the show's run, and given his current abilities, is more of a convenient baddy rather than a threat to be taken seriously. He can see the chinks in someone's armor and play off of that and possess them; he can basically toy with Clark's struggle with his dual identity and his performance anxiety as a superhero, effectively keeping him grounded until the finale. Very convenient, wouldn't you say?

    Clark can't fly because he is unable to detach himself from the world, from the hustle and bustle of Metropolis, and from his loved ones. Kara shows up to tell us this. But, er, we already knew this, right? She also tells us that Jor-El has disowned Clark and has asked Supergirl to step in to take on the biggest threat the world has ever faced. Harsh, but fair enough.

    This all sounds awesome. It sounds amazing.

    I mean, I'm gonna put my hand up and say it right now -- I generally love Supergirl. In the comics. In cartoons. Laura Vandervoort, however, can't deliver a line to save a scene, never mind trying to convince us that she's the chosen one to save the world. Yes, she is absolutely stunning, but she wasn't so much cast as she was carved. I did like her little disguise at the end though, and the idea that she's sticking around means we'll hopefully be in for a super-slugfest down the line. But, just like in the seventh season, we're teased about Clark's inability to fly, and highlighting such a fact once again only adds more salt to a gaping wound; an event that should have happened years ago!

    Ultimately, though, this episode served its purpose: it furthers the ongoing mass doubt regarding costumed vigilantes. Oliver coming out of his superhero closest towards the end almost plays exactly like the ending to Iron Man, which cheapens its impact, but nevertheless should cause some hassle for the archer down the line, and allow Clark to see the road he's never going to take, hopefully drawing him closer to the conclusion that a disguise is absolutely pivotal.

    He really needs to go to Spec-savers.moreless
  • SUPERgirl!!!!!!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was great to see kara back i cant believe the last time we saw her was season 8, i thought the scene when she was teaching clark to fly was great, but i cant believe the show has gone nine years and he still hasnt taken to the skies but atleast he tried in this epsiode, it was great to have lois back in town after her trip and the scenes that clark and her shared were really sweet, no tess this week but that not really any big lose her character has grown usless, oliver had a good storyline this week i thought the scenes where he was talking to his parents was really sad, and the end when he reveals himself as green was shocking cant wait to see where that goes.

    Overall a great episode cant wait for the 200th next weekmoreless
Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Clark tries to fly and crashes into the barn, it's approaching sunset, but the sun is still out and it's relatively bright. He and Kara have a brief conversation and superspeed to Metropolis, and it almost instantly becomes a pitch black night.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Clark: (about Kara) Maybe someone figured out where she flew off to. I can't believe I just said that out loud.

    • Publicist: I don't know what's gotten into you recently. Three weeks ago you're a small-time radio show host. Now the whole city's listening.
      Godfrey: I need you to take me further. I want to be on every television, in every newspaper, on every computer screen. I want to touch every soul.
      Publicist: The whole world. Exactly how do you propose to do that?
      Godfrey: If I can plant an idea, a seed of doubt within people... it will grow until it devours their faith in each other and in these heroes. Faithless, they'll be ready to be lead down a new path. Humans are the best architects of their own undoing. All you have to do is give them enough rope... they'll hang themselves.
      Publicist: Take it easy, Gordon. You sounded a little scary there.

    • Clark: The more I try to clear my mind, the more I hear.
      Kara: Kal-El, instead of trying to force the noise out, why don't you just focus on one thing? Like that butterfly. Live inside that one noise. Make it your whole world.

    • Oliver: (to a photo of his dead parents) Mom. Hey, Dad. I've been, um, really trying to live my life in a way that would make you proud of me. I, uh, sort of feel like I've let you down. You always said the most important thing was taking care of others, and I, uh, I tried. But I failed at that. The woman that I, uh, I loved... she, she sacrificed everything to protect me, and, um, sorta trying to figure out how to live with that. I can't have other people risking their lives for me. This has to stop. I'm sorry.

    • Lois: (undercover as a dominatrix) You look like a man who needs a little correcting.
      Godfrey: I'm on the hunt... for a little distraction.
      Lois: I think the hunter has become the hunted.

    • Lois: (undercover as a dominatrix) You've been a bad boy. So...
      Godfrey: Dangerous. What's your favorite tool?
      Lois: Oh, uh, I'm pretty good with a torque wrench.
      Godfrey: Huh, kinky. I'm a torque wrench virgin.

    • The Dark Force: Are you sure you can win against me? You know what I am. You know the doubt in your heart. You so-called heroes are false gods, all of you. And when people stop believing in you, you'll shatter like glass.
      Clark: Just tell me! Where is she?
      The Dark Force: I can see it. Underneath all that bravado, you're afraid you'll never be the hero you want to be. You wish you could kill me. And I"m not the only one, I can see that. You've felt that way before. Your heart is racing. You're at war with yourself. The turmoil is overwhelming.
      Clark: Where is she?
      The Dark Force: There is darkness in you, and great power. I think we'll go far together, you and I.
      Clark: I will never help you.
      The Dark Force: You don't have a choice.

    • Lois: Who knew Mr. Family Values had such a dark side?
      Kara: Godfrey's not so special. There's two sides to everyone. Even heroes.

    • Lois: I thought it might get a little lonely. Maybe it's easier to be a hero when you don't have somebody tying you down. I'm sure you think of people without powers as... well, differently.
      Kara: It's easy for people to just see the powers and not the person behind them. I guess even heroes need someone to come home to, huh?

    • Lois: Your cousin needs a better handle.
      Clark: Just remember that heroes like her or the Blur... put them on too high a pedestal, they might let you down.
      Lois: Thanks, Clark, but I get it. The super-powered are people, too. They wrestle with their own flaws, but the Blur is different. He's my hero. No matter what he's afraid of, I know he will always be there for me.

    • Clark: You sound like my father, that I was destined to fail.
      Kara: Failure is something we all have to live with. But it's how you overcome it that defines you.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: March 18, 2011 on TV6
      UK: June 21, 2011 on E4
      Norway: August 13, 2011 on Max
      Turkey: October 2, 2011 on CNBC-e

    • Club Desaad is a reference to the DC Comics character Desaad, one of Darkseid's followers.

    • Injoke: One of Lois' nicknames for Kara, "Power Girl," is the name of another DC heroine, who was originally the Earth-Two counterpart to Supergirl in the comics. Furthermore, it's also an alias used by Lois Lane herself, in a dream, in Superman #125.

    • Cassidy Freeman is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Glorious Godfrey

      Godfrey first appeared in Forever People vol 1. #3 (June 1971), and was created by Jack Kirby. One of the New Gods of Apokolips, Godfrey has the ability to persuade people to believe whatever he wants simply by speaking, without any awareness they are being influenced. A servant of Darkseid, Godfrey's primary appearance was in Legends where he uses his powers to turn the public against superheroes.


    • Lois: Wow. Mortal Kombat meets wood chipper.
      Referencing the popular video game series created by Ed Boon and John Tobias. Players manipulate characters made from digitized sprites in battle against each other or the computer. The series has spun off two movies, comic books, a live-action series, and an animated series.

    • Lois: I just don't know how his chocolate and my peanut butter are going to mix.
      Referencing the 1970s-80s marketing slogan for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, "Two great tastes that that taste great together. In the TV commercials, a person with chocolate and a person with peanut butter would inevitably collide and mix up their food. One would say "You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!" and the other would say, "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!", and they'd end up happy with the resulting mixture.

    • Lois: "Wow, Lois, 007's got nothing on you."
      Referencing the fictional spy James Bond, code number 007, created by author Ian Fleming in 1953. Bond has gone on to be the feature character in numerous movies featuring several different actors, the the first movie being Dr. No in 1962.