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  • Some great moments, some bad moments. Overall, a so-so episode...

    You guys remember "Bloodline"? That episode was GREAT. In that one Laura Vandervoort is utilized greatly and her goodbye before leaving for Kandor was very moving. But this isn't a Bloodline review, this is a Supergirl review. And I hate to say it, but this episode just felt...sloppy.

    I'm not saying I hated the episode. Quite the opposite, I actually really enjoyed it, but a few things didn't sit well with me. First off, this is a show about Clark Kent becoming Superman right? So WHY would they make Kara go public before her cousin? Also, the entire scene with Godfrey/Darkseid and Lois at the fetish club was just painful to watch. Erica Durance is a beautiful woman, but the scene lasted WAY too long. Felt like I was watching "Date Night". But what really irked me was how much they bashed Clark! He's not pure of heart, but Kara and Lois are. He's not ready to save the world, but Kara is?

    Now onto the positive. Every Clois scene was pure gold. I LOVED the flight "lessons" Kara gave Clark. It was good to see him stumble before the next episode ;) Justin Hartley was fantastic in this episode. I liked the Chlollie flashback. He was incredible in that church scene, it brought tears to my eyes. And that ending? Very Iron-Man, but very cool.

    "Supergirl" gets a thumbs up from me, I'm just glad "Homecoming" was PERFECT.
  • 1003

    Definitely better than the last episode and I know most people didn't like this episode because of Darkside's introduction and the fact that he was something that possessed people's bodies, but all in all, this was an enjoyable episode of Smallville.

    The last time we saw Kara, she was trapped in the Phantom Zone. Now Kara is back, and she definitely redeemed herself here. Season 7, I wanted to choke Kara, she became the most annoying character on prime-time, her and Amy from the Secret Life of the American Teenager, but I digress. She really wasn't annoying here, not at all. And thank god we didn't get any dreadful scenes with Lois harping on her love for Clark. Lana may not have been Clark's best match, but she was never this whiny.

    Oliver revealing his secret to the world was eventful, and although I feel like Oliver gets too much screen time sometimes, he has had some great moments in the series' run, and this was one of those moments. We got some fun scenes too, like Lois playing dress up to get save Oliver's reputation, or the banter between Kara & Clark. By the end, things get a little more serious. I think the only problem with this episode was the word vigilante coming up in to discussion in every other sentence. But that's it. Solid Smallville tonight.
  • Good episode

    I really liked this episode. I like how the final season is starting to shift towards more broad topics (such as an intergalactic threat and the countrywide persecution of vigilantes) and away from each season focusing on a personal struggle that Clark and those close to him face. If you ask me, that really hindered what this show could have done with the Superman character. Though, I guess, the producers would justify it by saying that Superman had to start somewhere. The cliffhanger with Oliver telling the world his secret left me on edge for the next week and also got me wondering, will the producers throw all DC continuity out of the window here by leaving Ollie's identity an open secret or will they somehow bring everything back around and somehow make Green Arrow a masked hero again? One thing that I did not like about this episode was how much it beat around the bush. We all know who Darkseid is and this show continuously refers to him as 'The ark Force'. It's a misnomer that, to me, echoes back to the primitive days of this show in which Clark's destiny was only hinted at with tiny easter eggs. It's long past time that the gloves came off. They should just call Darkseid by his TRUE name and take this show to the next level.
  • Clark is not pure of spirit, or whatever...

    This didn't feel like a Smallville episode at all. It felt more like a surreal episode of Supernatural with a superhero twist. Then there's that Iron Man vibe towards the end (which we'll get to later), and you have an episode that doesn't quite know what it wants to do with itself. And for an hour entitled "Supergirl", it's a bit misleading, as she barely features (at least not in any capacity that warrants her return).

    While I'm fairly certain there's no incarnation of Darkseid with the ability to transform into a flock of crows engulfed in dark smoke, enabling him to infect anyone who is not pure of heart (black eyes and deep voice all part of the parcel), I thought it was a neat concept. (Hey, it also makes sense from a budgetary perspective, and the potential for the inevitable possession of the entire main cast could be fun.)

    The show felt out of its element. It aimed for dark and dingy, but ended up coming across as a cheap skin flick. The scenes in the bondage club looked utterly ridiculous, and the idea that Darkseid would go to the trouble of holding Lois hostage in such an elaborate S&M get-up was completely mind-boggling. Unless, for some unforetold reason, Darkseid somehow channels the persona of the sack-meat he possesses? Gordon was he tied Lois up in a giant spider-web of robes?...Yeah, I got nothin'.

    Darkseid, at this point in the show's run, and given his current abilities, is more of a convenient baddy rather than a threat to be taken seriously. He can see the chinks in someone's armor and play off of that and possess them; he can basically toy with Clark's struggle with his dual identity and his performance anxiety as a superhero, effectively keeping him grounded until the finale. Very convenient, wouldn't you say?

    Clark can't fly because he is unable to detach himself from the world, from the hustle and bustle of Metropolis, and from his loved ones. Kara shows up to tell us this. But, er, we already knew this, right? She also tells us that Jor-El has disowned Clark and has asked Supergirl to step in to take on the biggest threat the world has ever faced. Harsh, but fair enough.

    This all sounds awesome. It sounds amazing.

    I mean, I'm gonna put my hand up and say it right now -- I generally love Supergirl. In the comics. In cartoons. Laura Vandervoort, however, can't deliver a line to save a scene, never mind trying to convince us that she's the chosen one to save the world. Yes, she is absolutely stunning, but she wasn't so much cast as she was carved. I did like her little disguise at the end though, and the idea that she's sticking around means we'll hopefully be in for a super-slugfest down the line. But, just like in the seventh season, we're teased about Clark's inability to fly, and highlighting such a fact once again only adds more salt to a gaping wound; an event that should have happened years ago!

    Ultimately, though, this episode served its purpose: it furthers the ongoing mass doubt regarding costumed vigilantes. Oliver coming out of his superhero closest towards the end almost plays exactly like the ending to Iron Man, which cheapens its impact, but nevertheless should cause some hassle for the archer down the line, and allow Clark to see the road he's never going to take, hopefully drawing him closer to the conclusion that a disguise is absolutely pivotal.

    He really needs to go to Spec-savers.
  • SUPERgirl!!!!!!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was great to see kara back i cant believe the last time we saw her was season 8, i thought the scene when she was teaching clark to fly was great, but i cant believe the show has gone nine years and he still hasnt taken to the skies but atleast he tried in this epsiode, it was great to have lois back in town after her trip and the scenes that clark and her shared were really sweet, no tess this week but that not really any big lose her character has grown usless, oliver had a good storyline this week i thought the scenes where he was talking to his parents was really sad, and the end when he reveals himself as green was shocking cant wait to see where that goes.
    Overall a great episode cant wait for the 200th next week
  • I'm sorry but this is just not the superman story line

    DarkSide is NOT a smoky thingy which take over bodies of humans! Its the most powerful villain Superman has ever faced and it has a body of its own and really doesn't need to be advertised on TV like he did in this episode. They just took the potentially best villain he has ever faced and made him bound to human bodies.. Its just not how it is in the original superman comics/shows. Smallville should have ended when Lex Luthor died. He gave the best season smallville had to offer and when he was gone.. the show just didn't remain the same as it was.
  • The Emasculation of Clark Kent

    Supergirl-Kara returns after being sent by Jor-El to stop a dark force that he believes Clark cannot handle. Meanwhile, Lois confronts a shock jock who threatens Green Arrow, but is taken hostage when the man becomes possessed.

    Just to warn you before continuing on, this will be more of a rant than review because after last night's episode, my excitement for this season has nearly left the building. Here we are in the final season and the writers have been bragging about how much this season will be "the kitchen sink". Well writers, it doesn't matter how much you throw in the sink if the plots aren't good. The spoilers of this episode put me off weeks ago, but I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst, of course, I go the later. "Supergirl" feels like a lost episode from Season 7. Kara stealing Clark's thunder? Check! Inconsistent and contradicting character development? Check! Lame plot developments? Check! Zero progression? Double Check!

    First and foremost, I honestly don't know where the writers are going with this "Clark has a darkness inside him" plot and I'm pretty sure they don't know themselves as usual. After "Salvation", this is feeling more and more like a step back in terms of Clark's progression. I thought in that episode, Clark has already rid himself of all his doubt and fears, he wants to officially step up to be the hero the world needs, but all of sudden her can't be because he's filled with darkness? Huh? Not to mention, the writers are having fun ripping apart Clark's confidence again in this episode. In "Lazarus", we had that beautiful scene between Jonathan and Clark to soften the blow and give us wonderful retrospect but Jor-El completely disowning Clark and sending Kara back to Earth to be the world's savior and stop this dark force....WTF!? 1) Kara and Jor-El have never been on good terms, Jor-El even warned Clark about Kara back in Season 7 2) When has Kara even been interested in being a hero, last time I checked, she left knowing Clark's path was on Earth to protect mankind and she wanted to find her own, now she reveals herself to the world and wants to face this evil alone...again...WTF!? 3) What's with the betrayal from Kara, she has never listened to Jor-El before and has always sided with Clark, now she's Jor-El's little puppet and is committed to the mission he sent her on? Has Kara forgetton that Clark took her in for a year and tried to help her find her place on Earth. But when it's time for soem support from Clark, nope, she thinks Clark can't handle it and don't even get me started on that last scene between them where she basically tells Clark to f@#$ off and she will take care of the dark force herself? Now Clark is back to doubting himself because it! Seriously, what the hell is going on? Where are the writers going with this because it's pissing me off! Also, why even call the episode "Supergirl" when Kara wasn't even acting like her, she was just a preachy, mindless drone spewing more of Jor-El's none sense. At least, Kara from Season 7 has a sense of humor to her and a bratty side, at least Kara from "Bloodline" has a balance of her sense of humor and the mature woman she is destined to be, THIS Kara...I'd rather not see...ever..AGAIN! Sure, she tried to teach Clark to fly and he actually attempted to this time but whether Clark flies or not is becoming a joke. Last time the excuse was "you see yourself as a human", now it's "the darkness" thing. Pheesh, whatever!

    But this episode wasn't all about Stupidgirl, we got our first official introduction to Darkseid this episode and I gotta say.....really? 1) Darkseid is now a demon from Supernatural, the same exact effects and all! 2)Apparently, Darkseid has a thing for S&M clubs which leads to one of the most excruiting and painfully unfunny moments from the series where Lois (in her most degrading undercover costume yet!) ties Darkseid up in dirty sex room to get some pictures of him for a story. Really Lois? Really Darkseid? Shame on you writers! This use to be a family oriented show too! That scene just felt SO out of place on Smallville. 3) Darkseid and Clark's first confrontation was about as anti-climatic as it gets, Darkseid: 'I see your darkness, I'm gonna possess you!" Clark: "No, stop, I won't let you!" At least the writer could have taken some notes from Superman: TAS or Justice League, Darkseid isn't just any old villains, he's the baddest of the bad, the king of intimidation and fear and all we got was....that? Michael Daingerfield gave a menancing enough performance, but the writing for Godfrey/Darkseid was hit and miss for the most part. I know we can't have Apokoplis/Evil ruler Darkseid with Omega beams shooting from his eyes but this is arugably Superman's most powerful and evil villain, this should have been a dark, game changer episode, not come contrived Kara worship episode with bondage thrown in.

    The biggest moment of the episode was Oliver's coming out party but even that was a lame development, feeling like a knock-off verison of the ending to Iron Man. Once again, where's the originality writers? Not to mention, with Oliver's identity revealed and Kara off to make a difference in the world, Clark's significance to the superhero world is getting smaller with each episode. The writers keep promising that Clark is the essential to superheroism and his destiny is so great like the Superman legend has always been, but they keeping writing themselves into a wall. Anne Cofell Saunders, I don't know what the h@ll happened but this is a huge step back after her awesome episodes from last season. The episode felt so disjointed, rushed and feels like things were cut. Actually, the episodes are feeling shorter with each season. "Supergirl" was just bad, and when it's not bad, it drags and when it's doesn't drag, it's weird and when it's not weird, it's back to being bad! I have a very bad taste in my mouth from this. Next week is the 200th and looks like we might get some pay off from this "Clark has a darkness" crap, let's hope it picks this season back up...pronto! Also, what the hell was up with the special effects, that billboard/Kara save at the beginning was just embarrassing, some of the worst I've ever seen from the series.
  • when i was watching this episode i felt like iam watching the season premiere ..i totally forgot the 1st 2 Es ..ididn't like them actually :(

    i totally forget the 1st 2 episodes i didn't like them very mush ..its writer and director disappointed me really ..i expected something more .. the only thing i hope now is that the coming episodes will me mush more great ...i want clark knows that lois know his secret's fun ya ..but if it's get longer would become boring .. :) cara would have come back in season nine at least for once ... besides she is only one who can fly and that 's awesome .. clark can teach himself how to fly ..but he doesn't want that's been a long time since clark has a new ability .that getting disappointed actually
  • Kara returns, making a public appearance as Supergirl, and showing Clark he still has some maturing to go to meet his destiny. Lois plays a key role, mediating between Kara, Clark, and the now-public Green Arrow.

    Smallville is not so successful when it ventures into current political issues, as it does in "Supergirl," wherein the antagonist is a talk-show host railing against illegal immigration. He is soon taken over by the dark force that's coming, giving us southlanders a lecture on Canadian political philosophy. Radio jock Godfrey then takes to the street, making our heroes stand-in as "mutant vigilantes." It's a strange place for Lois to pop in on Clark, returning from a brief and almost pointless trip to Egypt. She could have received Hawkman's enlightenment on her relationship with Clark almost anywhere, and saved plane fare.

    Kara makes a nice public appearance, saving the day and Clark the risk of exposure as a billboard falls toward a crowd. I doubt that this story line will extend very far - her return, I think, is more about wrapping up the series with Ms. Vandervoort's final guest shot, rather than something essential to the end-times saga. But why Kara poses for publicity shots and isn't mobbed about her origins and purposes is a plot question that won't be answered.

    I did like the continuity of Oliver's story - moving on from his hints last week about going public, and Godfrey already intending to expose him, anyway. More thoughtful contemplation of his purpose goes well - his soliloquy to his parents reveals more about his intent and plan. Clark's first solo was interesting, wish he and Kara had talked about the state of consciousness needed to propel oneself into the sky. Free your mind, Neo.

    Godfrey's foray to Club DeSaad was a cheap excuse to get Lois into the wet vinyl look, as she tries to take him out, before discovering that he has powers of his own. When Kara deflects the threat to Clark from the Darkness, he continues seeing his own self-doubt. Room remains for Kara to appear in another episode, as she stays in town, in disguise, which involves black-rim glasses, a humorous play on the Clark Kent myth.

    With fewer characters and a more coherent plot, and some secret identity vs. public identity considerations, "Supergirl" stands out as the best of the season's three opening episodes. Oliver announces his Green Arrow identity, leaving me to wonder whether his going-public approach, or that of Lois (Stay-in-the-shadows, Clark), will prevail. Unless the writers re-wind the Green Arrow story, Oliver's exposure will be a big change in Smallville's series-ending story arc. Re-run rating B.
  • Clark & Lois again together and also Supergirl.

    A awesome start and all heroes done great.
    and super-girl save the day with Clark. and rescue Lois Specialty Lois (Erica Durance) & Clark (Tom Welling) did great job . They both boost the show again and again .

    And the Lois is really key of the show. this episode is very great great and funny moment was that when Clark flew away like rocket and after that he fall very badly
    .but i like when supergirl and Clark fly together
    and i enjoyed all of the Lois/Clark moments
    but miss Chlollie and what i can say about Oliver he's going to exposed all the acting is impressive it was an excellent episode. 10/10
  • Could have been so much more....

    I started out with this episode thinking that since the season was going so well, that this episode would follow suit, boy was i wrong. It was nothing more than a filler episode. Now having said that, and undoubtedly upset some of you i will start of the the few goods of this episode, first off there was the fact that Kara was back. I personally love Kara and think that she should be used more. 2. We learn more about "The Darkness" in the fact that it can control people and "read" into them. Now to the bads.....To start with what was all of that with Godfrey in the strip house. I personally think that that was uncalled for and took up way too much time. The second thing that bugged me was that we never got to hear the criticism from Jor-El. He would never miss out on a chance to lecture his son, why would this be any different. Something didn't add up there. Kara seamed to be off for the entire episode, i think something might be wrong with her but i am not quite sure. And last but not least, Why in the world would Oliver tell the press that he is Green Arrow. He just threw away all that Chloe did to try to protect him, That was bad judgement by Oliver, Hopefully the writers will find a way to make that into something good, but i am not sure right now. I am really looking forward to next week and the 200th episode. I have read about it and it should be great!!!!!!
  • Supergirl is back.

    Didn't think this episode was as good as it could have been. I am a fan of Laura Vandervoort and the Kara character, but I didn't feel that this episode was as good as the last time she flew into town(Bloodline). The introduction of Darkseid is intriguing, because Smallville does it differently compared to villains of the past. But I wasn't a fan of the whole darkness angle. I don't think we should be wondering if Clark has darkness in him on the final season of the show. We know better by now. Kara's presence in the episode was kind of underwhelming. However, the Godfrey character was written very well in my opinion. The Oliver storyline seems to be interesting. You have to wonder what impact his decision will have on the other heroes. Finally, I wish we could have seen more of Tess this season. She has featured very little in the first 2 episodes and she misses the next two. Next week is a landmark episode for Smallville. The 200th one. Can't wait for that.
  • Great to have Kara back!

    Ok, this has been an episode I've been looking forward to for this season. Let's get on to the good.

    1. Kara is back and looking...older. Don't get me wrong, she still looks really pretty but she isn't as fresh faced as she was two seasons ago. I liked that her "supergirl" outfit was more for a photoshoot than her real out should be. And wow..she does look quite a bit different with brown hair and glasses. Still a cutey though.

    2. Clark flew....then crashed. I sort of liked this. Hard to explain. Clark can fly, but he just has to seize it and is too over focused on everything else without and within.

    3. The Season build up..sort of. I like the way that the bad is filtering it's way into the Smallville-verse. It's a true Darksied tactic....but that will lead me to a bad moment later.

    4. Lois in costume. She makes a good Mistress. Add the confused look of goody-goody Kara and the scenes were priceless. Funny how Clark said it was hard to explain...does Mr. Goody Goody know about these places?

    Now time for the bad. Oy I hate for their to be anything bad in a Kara ep.

    1. Darksied as the infecting spirit. NO! So not right. He is the god of evil in the DC Universe. This infection of sorts is what a minion of Darksied would do. Not Darksied himself.

    2. Jor-El....I hate the computer AI of Jor-El. Just 2 seasons ago he told Clark not to trust Kara at all. Now he is going behind Clark's back and recruiting Kara to fight this great evil because he trusts Kara more than Clark. Gah! I know it's the end of everything, but I wish the writers could keep consistent with Jor-El.

    3. Oliver revealing his big secret. Don't like it. No specific reason...just don't.

    4. Kara not knowing about the Kandorians. I might have missed it, but Clark never told Kara why he opened that portal and she didn't ask.

    5. Clark being a pansy. I don't like this direction they are going with. We know Clark has a darker side to him. We've seen it when he uses Red K-Rock. It didn't seem to shake himself up this much, so why is it now? Move on Clark.

    Ok...loved the return of Kara and she is still around. Cool, hope we see more of her.
  • Slow at bringing in my favorite villan but i'll give a ten

    I thought the episode was pretty awesome. Only two things really bothered me though. They are picky but i'm a picky person and i love comics so...

    1. Godfrey's should have turned red when he was taken over.

    Having them turn black every time he showed his true side just made me think he was a demon from Supernatural lol. I mean come on Darkseid's eyes are red, wouldn't it make sense. His cloudy self even had red eyes lol.

    2. Don't like the Ollie is already telling everyone about Green Arrow

    ...shouldn't happen till later in his life :(

    Great Episode Anyways!
  • Trying to hard to make a point

    As much as I enjoy the notion of exploring Clark's flaws before he takes the reins as Superman, it all comes down to the execution. For better or worse, Clark was originally portrayed as the "white knight", morally superior to nearly everyone and able to learn his ethical lessons from the occasional disapproving talk with Jonathan Kent. The writers made him a lot more interesting after Jonathan's death, but now it's a matter of pulling all of that back to the ideal.

    Darkseid would appear to be the perfect villain for such a purpose, as the possession of Gordon Godfrey seems to attest. Darkseid seems to feed on mass despair and other negative emotions, and Godfrey was the perfect vehicle for dredging up the fears of the populace over so-called vigilante heroes. (And apparently this is an homage to a storyline in the DC comics as well.)

    As mentioned in the review for the previous episode, the writers are touching on the basics of the argument. All things being equal, there are problems with unregulated individuals using powers and other specialized abilities to circumvent a law enforcement system that has its hands tied when dealing with certain threats. Yet it also touches on the endless gun control debate: if use of abilities is outlawed, then only criminals will be using abilities; the devastating effects of that villainy, currently addressed in secret, will suddenly be unstoppable.

    I'm not sure about the idea that Jor-El would call on Kara to take Clark's place as the savior of humanity, but that's not my biggest issue with the episode. Instead, it's the notion that Clark's flaws are somehow special or worse than anyone else's issues. The writers go out of their way to suggest that both Kara and Lois are "pure of heart", and thus effectively incorruptible by Darkseid. But that doesn't make a lick of sense, when previous episodes in previous seasons have been devoted to those characters' flaws!

    More to the point, Clark's struggles with his pride and righteousness are a by-product of not having Jonathan around to re-calibrate his moral compass whenever there's a crisis. Jonathan wasn't perfect, but his function was always to counter the cold hardness of Jor-El's demands with human compassion. Clark's problems since the fifth season are reflective of any young adult trying to take externally-reinforced moral lessons and internalize them.

    In other words, it was that internalization of the ethical struggle, especially in contrast to Oliver, Zod, and Lex, that defined Clark's humanity. It was proof positive that Clark had a human side that could moderate his Kryptonian legacy, as expressed in his dealing with Kara in the seventh season. Placing Kara and Lois on the "purity of heart" pedestal derails the entire point of Clark's character arc.

    Oliver's decision to reveal himself seems to echo recent Marvel storylines (think the "Iron Man" film) more than any specific DC source. But it does address another aspect of Clark's future decisions as Superman. If Cat made the point about people needing to see a face to trust a hero, then Oliver's upcoming journey may prove out, yet again, why having the refuge of a secret identity is a necessity. It's been demonstrated to Clark on the personal scale in the past, but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out when applied in a more public fashion.

    Perhaps the writers recognized that there were some weaknesses to the story, because this was definitely one of the more obvious examples of fan service in quite some time. Club Desaad was fairly tame by most standards, implying more than it showed, but it was mostly an excuse to get Lois into a dominatrix outfit. There were other ways to show that Godfrey's darkest impulses were being exaggerated by Darkseid, after all, and they wouldn't have felt so blatantly gratuitous in the process.
  • Could have been a lot better

    I don't know why Kara was in this episode. She was pretty much useless. I hope this "darkness" within Clark gets resolved pretty quickly because I'm sick of hearing Jorel and everyone else come down on Clark and he reverts back to how he was back in season 7. I like that he flew, kinda. So maybe before this season ends, he will fly. By the next episode, this so-called stupid suppose darkness should be gone since Clark will be looking at his past and coming to terms with it and finally able to tell Lois that he loves her
  • Someone tries to turn the people of metropolis against the heroes. Kara returns

    At first I thought this was going to be a filler episode because that is how it started out. As it went along though i found out it was actually a very important episode with a lot of information. First off though, no Tess, what' she up to, who knows. Second they took Chloe out of the opening. Next Oliver is still in pain and getting over in slowly and him revealing he was Green Arrow, well let's just wait and see what's up with that. Onto the main stuff, it showed us insight into what this creature who i still think is Dark seid can do. He can put himself into other people and read people very well. He has strength too, and I think that is good because it hints that he can survive and will cause some damage later in the season. Gordon Godfrey was an interesting character and I wonder if they will bring him back it sounds like they might. They covered where Cat Grant was but didn't gives us insight into what happened to the heroes last week. The stuff with Lois nice, and she's trying to tell Clark she knowws about him, she really needs to come out and say it though. Clark is clueless as to the clues Lois keeps throwing at him about her knowing. Everything with Kara and Clark was great. Clark tried to fly again yay and is trying harder to move towards his destiny. Kara din't seem like herself this whole episode wonder if she's hiding something. I tink the darkness they were both talking about is either in Clark or Kara. Once again we have to wait and see. If Kara is back at all I hope we get to see the suit with the "S" and not jus the suit plain. Anyway good episode left some questions but they will be answered later. Next week episode 200 baby. Yeah.
  • Great Episode!

    I was impressed. Thought it was gonna be an episode about Kara but surprisingly she was a supporting character. Loved the beginning Clark and Lois both of them trying to hide the fact they really need each other and pretty much want to jump each other immediately, but both of them trying to keep their own secrets - so, not so much. Loved Clark and Kara flying scene and the callback to Nicodemus with the windmill (Although, they kind did blow that windmill in Season 4's ageless, but here's to assuming they just built a new one). The scene I least expected in a Smallville episode without magic - bondage. I thought it showed of Erica's chops as in actress and Lois's personality extremely well. Gotta say all the acting this season has been amazing; they are really all taking it up a notch in season10. Overall impression was that it was an excellent episode.
  • Almost total failure.

    Let's try this again, I think I posted incorrectly last time. It's my first time posting to this forum and website.

    The good: Kara is back and the "sexy librarian" look was great to see. I loved the glasses too!

    The bad: Everything else. Darkseid as a possessing spirit? Oliver coming out with his identity? Clark still can't fly? Clark has doubts? CHLOE IS GONE!!!!! Had bad will things have to get before they start putting things right? Geez CW, get Clark off the "oh woo is me" kick and get him to Superman mode before you turn off the viewers for good.

    And Darkseid as a possessing spirit? This is so far off the Darkseid lore it's embarrassing.

    Oliver Queen coming out about his identity? I don't think this was done even in the comics (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

    This season was hyped and had promise but so far it's failed miserably. And to think I waited on pins and needles for the season to start.......
  • Lois and Clark are back together again. A radio disc jockey is trying to turn people against superheroes. Lois finds out the guy has information that Oliver is Green Arrow and he's going to reveal it. It's up to her, Kara, and Clark to stop him.

    Once I heard that Chloe left, I was more than happy to start watching this show again. She had become an albatross around the show's neck. This is the first episode that I've watched since the season eight finale. I told myself that the only way I go back is if they get rid of her. The focus is back where it should be, on Clark. The one thing I wish they would get rid of is Clark's wishy-washiness. I realize that the "in" thing now is to portray heroes as flawed, but they have gone overboard with this. On the positive, it's also good to see Kara. I wish they would bring her back as a regular. Erica Durance is still my all time favorite Lois Lane. She is so funny, and yet also does the heartfelt scenes really well too. Justin Hartley did another good job. He's reveal at the end kind of reminded me of Tony Stark's big reveal at the end of the first Iron Man movie. I am happy to see that Darkseid is going to be this season's villain. He is my all time favorite Superman villain. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here. The plot of this episode as a whole was a commentary on society that they did a few years ago, how people love to build heroes up, and then tear them back down again. It's something that unfortunately is true. Anyway, I look forward to next week.
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    Supergirl, the third episode of the 10th season of Smallville, was excellent! There is a mysterious entity loose on Earth, as we learn, a result of Clark using the Book of Rao. It was nice to see the return of Cara, Clarks cousin. She had been sent by Jor-El to help Kal-El in battling this dark force. This dark being can possess anyone who is not pure of spirit, or who know their true purpose with out a doubt in their hearts. Clark thinks he is ready to handle this evil, however he does have doubts, and this was beautifully portrayed in this episode. It was a little heart heavy, and with all the action also came some drama. The season is still on track, and I hope it continues to be this entertaining!!!
  • *** Spoiler-free *** No Blur, convincing dark antagonist, questionable but indispensable Supergirl, average visual effects, inspiring and puzzling Oliver, neverending Lois & Clark teasing, underground but cliché investigation, intriguing dual Clark

    Supergirl could have been this season Idol. Indeed it shared a few similarities with the 9th season episode. But despite its many appealing elements it was also filled with disappointing ones. It's almost like if the writers had lost their inspiration so I really hope Smallville's last adventure won't turn into a journey in the desert.

    My first complain would be about the continuity. I don't mind special episodes as long as they're as excellent as Warrior and other gems. It's not that it was a rotten installment but it felt like skipping Shield. Will its cliffhanger be covered in the upcoming episode ? I hope so because for the moment fans should feel betrayed. To sum things up it was a direct sequel to Lazarus and its events covered the rise of a new nemesis. The guest star did a convincing job at portraying a dark and obsessed character. In my opinion his performance was even better than the actor who played District Attorney Raymond Sacks in Idol and Charade. There was something creepy and disturbing about him. One of his monologue even reminded me of the fascinating and creative Inception so the writers gave birth to an interesting creature. In fact I wouldn't mind if he came back for more like Sacks did !

    As for Supergirl even if I'm not really into the actress behind her mask I have to admit that her part was both entertaining and interesting. Using her to help shape Clark's destiny was a smart move. The visual effects of her first appearance were disastrous but I quickly forgot about them as the story unveiled. Moreover others were better but in general I think they should only render them in dark scenes, like in Jurassic Park for example. That way we wouldn't see their seams. An other issue was her moody attitude. One minute she's pro Jor-El, the next she's Clark's mentor. But in the end her contribution was priceless and viewers fascinated by identity crisis should be in heaven. It leads us to Oliver, sweatily and top less as always. Justin Hartley is a freak of nature. How is it possible to be so hot ? His training scene should drive the girls crazy ! Otherwise his arc wasn't just about showing off but actually more about moving forward. In season 9 his dark quest was captivating and I was wondering how he would deal with Chloe's decision. Its development was touching because it should make the man and hero grow on you even more. From the church moment, but not religious, to the surprising ending long time Green Arrow fans should be puzzled and intrigued. Crossfire is not far away, and that's definitely a good thing.

    Smallville is also a lot about Lois & Clark and Supergirl wasn't an exception. However I found that the writers are trying too hard to make their relationship as extraordinary as possible. I don't want them to act like Bones & Cie protagonists. We already played that teasing game in the past season. Episodes like Rabid and Roulette were exquisite but I think it's time to take things to the next level. Have they forgotten about Escape ? Of course since their epic kiss in Salvation they don't know how to love each other anymore but I worry that their scenes will get boring. In fact I found the endless close-ups a bit annoying and even worried that Lois would pull an other Idol. I also can't comprehend how Clark could possible not know about Lois. Even the silly chick from Spider-Man recognized Peter Parker's lips in the film ! Also for once I was slightly disappointed by Lois investigation when I'm a huge fan of her adventures. In Charade she was both smart and sexy. The superficial universe she dived in even reminded me of The Mask. But here the dark and sexual elements were misplaced and over the top. A lazy way to excite teenagers and the ultimate cliché of underground culture ! I think they should have chosen a completely different approach, a smarter and more original one. However there was something almost poetic about the way Lois fell into the web of the antagonist. How can you be objective when it comes to Erica Durance ? Last but not least let's also not forget Clark's dark journey because it's captivating. It actually reminds me of Davis Bloome's battle against Doomsday in season 8. It would be mesmerizing to witness the birth of a Dark Superman !
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