Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Clark reads out what Ethan wrote about his dad it said "to Jonathan, a great quarterback, a better friend." But when Clark tried out for the team in the episode "Hothead" he said he got his dad's old position of tailback.

    • Why did Martha take the watch home in the first place? In her conversation with Lionel, when he gave her the watch, she told him that she couldn't accept it.

    • Why does no one miss the "octagonal disc" that Martha stole in the last episode? Both Lex and Lionel knew of its value, though not in specifics, and would have inquired heavily to its whereabouts. Why wouldn't anyone notice that Mrs. Kent is the only common denominator?

    • At 8:15 right as Jonathan said "...getting involved with yours." a boom-mic pops into the scene at the top.

    • Why does Ethan try to frame anyone in the first place? He's going to be in charge of the investigation. Since so many people hate Lionel it should have been fairly easy to just never arrest a suspect and leave the case unsolved.

    • In the final flashback after Lionel is shot, there is a lot of blood on his shirt when he crashes on the table. However in the next shot, from the balcony, there is only a little blood around the wounds.

    • When Jonathan pays the bartender for the bottle of alcohol he pays him with a Canadian twenty dollar bill! Since when do Americans use Canadian currency?

    • The doctor told Lex "Even though I removed the bullet, the kidney damage significantly slowed his metabolism." Lionel was shot in the chest and shoulder no where near his kidneys. If the fall damaged his kidneys then the doctor phrased that sentence misleadingly. (some noted Lionel's kidneys could have been injured by the fall - others that the bullet may have ricocheted)

    • Is it really that hard to find qualified security guards? Even after getting his house bugged last episode, Lex apparently hasn't improved his security at all. The night that Lionel was shot, there was practically a parade through the house, with no less than four people coming and going unannounced.

    • Ethan tells Martha and Clark that he checked Jonathan's blood alcohol and it was "2.0". To achieve this, Jonathan would have to drink at least 133 drinks (each of these giving him 0.015) would be in a couple of hours, which would very likely kill him. 0.2 (13 drinks) is more likely what was meant.

    • Umm... the police had a search warrant for Clark's home but did not bother to check the STORM CELLAR??? Wasn't this a big thing when they got a search warrant in another episode? Now, it was just no big deal and they found no alien ship. Writers? Hello? (editor's note: the guy who was in charge of the investigation probably had no reason to search the storm cellar, however, given he knew exactly where the evidence he was looking for was...)

    • Ethan is a trained professional. Police and security guards undergo firearms training so in critical situations they only have to take one shot and make it count (ie. kill the perpetrator). At the distance Ethan shot Lionel, there's no way Lionel would be alive when he hit the floor if Ethan wanted to kill him, or even that Ethan would take a second shot. (editor's note: that said, there's no real way to know if Ethan was anything other than a minimum qualifier - with Clark around it doesn't seem like he's had to shoot a lot of people in Smallville :) )

    • Lionel was shot through the chest and fell off the second floor of the office onto a glass table. After "Vortex" and now this episode, one has to wonder exactly what does it take to kill Lionel? This guy's like Jason Voorhees.

    • Incorrectly, three shots can be heard in the final flashback when we see who really shot Lionel.

    • When the car explodes, Clark looks behind them and sees that the truck is gone. A truck of that size couldn't possibly start up from a complete stop and then drive away totally out of sight in just a few seconds. (editor's note: and even if it did, couldn't Clark superspeed after it? Not like there are a lot of directions it could have gone.)

    • What's up with the eerie green glow in the freezer? In this show, that glow means pretty much one thing, but not here?

    • So why didn't the killer finish the job and just take one more shot - just step up to Lionel and put a bullet in his brain? It's not like he had to rush out - was there a bullet shortage this week?

    • More of a nitpick, but...shouldn't Ethan have revealed a second piece of evidence against Jonathan when he searched the Kent home? When he went there he had no idea he was actually going to find a piece of incriminating evidence (the watch from Lionel to Martha). Which means he presumably went there to plant/find some fake evidence of his own. What was the fake evidence, and why didn't he reveal it to double-incriminate Jonathan and definitively set him up?

    • Inexplicably, Pete is none the worse for wear after his brutal run-in with Tina-as-Lana in "Visage."

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  • Notes

    • This marks the last onscreen appearance of Dominic Santori, whose fate was revealed in #3 and 4 of the Smallville comic.

    • The music Lionel is listening to before being shot is an aria from La Wally by Catalani called Ebben?...Ne Andro Lontana.

    • At the beginning of this episode, Lionel Luthor is seen reading Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche. The full title of this book is Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future. Chances are this is a reference to the Luthor genetic strain of evil.

    • Jonathan Kent mentions both the Wild Coyote (as do many others) and Highway 91. The Wild Coyote is an actual bar in Vancouver, and Highway 91 does in fact exist as well (and would likely be the route that Jonathan would take to get from the Wild Coyote to the set of the Kent farm).

    • In its first broadcast this episode aired at the same time as President Bush's State of the Union Address. WB was one of the few networks that didn't pre-empt their normal broadcasting to run the SotU.

    • Presumably the last appearance of semi-regular Mitchell Kosterman - we never do find out his character's last name from anything said on-screen although the on-line Ledger states it is "Miller." At least he goes out as a guest star rather than a co-star.

    • Director Kenneth Biller seems to have a sense of humor - when Pete and Clark go shooting off the road in Pete's car, the low-angle car-shooting-through-the-air shot looks a lot like any number of Dukes of Hazards shots of the General Lee doing a stunt.

  • Allusions

    • Pete: I don't mean to rain on your CSI parade...
      This is a slight nod to when Sam Jones III (Pete) guest-starred on two episodes on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a crime show on CBS, with reruns on Spike TV.