Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 05, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

Professor Willowbrook (from "Skinwalker") and his teaching assistant Jeremiah are in the cave with Lionel's permission when Jeremiah finds a container and breaks it open to reveal a knife, the Starblade. It explodes in a burst of power, giving Jeremiah abilities similar to Clark's. Willowbrook goes to Clark, who he believes is the mythic Naman and the Starblade is for him. Clark starts looking for Jeremiah and runs across Lex on the same path, while Lionel meets with Willowbrook and offers help in return for the blade. Willowbrook and Clark track Jeremiah to a burial ground but he believes he himself is Naman and he must kill Lionel (Zegit) and escapes. Lionel confronts Clark, believing the knife is made of the same metal as the key, and warns that he'll turn against the Professor if Clark doesn't help him. Clark gets a message to Jeremiah through Willowbrook to lure him to the barn and use kryptonite against him, but it doesn't work. Jeremiah unknowingly throws the kryptonite away and in the ensuing battle stabs Clark with the Starblade, then goes after Lionel. Jonathan administers pressure to the wound, which unleashes a light show that heals the wound, compliments of Jor-El. Clark goes to rescue Lionel at the burial grounds, where he is being prepared as a sacrifice. The two fight at superspeed while Lex rescues Lionel, and Clark knocks the knife away, stripping Jeremiah of his powers and putting him in a coma. Lionel and Lex end up with the knife, but it dissolves at their touch. Meanwhile Lana is accepted at the Paris art school but can't get a loan, and goes to Lex. He hires a real estate agent to sell the Talon against her wishes, and tells Lana he's been losing money but only kept involved to stay near her. Chloe and her dad make an offer but Lana turns them down and decides to sell the place. And Pete is growing increasingly upset with Chloe as his mother prepares to accept a district judge position out of town. Pete is dodging his parents, who are getting a divorce.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)
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