Season 1 Episode 21

Tempest (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 2002 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lex waits on the helipad for Lionel to land. Lionel says he came to give a speech to the workers. Instead, he informs the employees that the plant is closing due to management failures. Lex confronts his father, accusing him of closing the plant because Lex won't come back to Metropolis.

Clark asks Pete and Lana for help picking out his tuxedo and cummerbund for the dance. Chloe walks up and informs them that the plant is closing. Clark goes home and talks to his parents about the closure. Jonathan blames Lex for running the plant into the ground but Clark defends him.

Whitney takes Lana on a surprise picnic and tells her he has important news – he is enlisting in the Marine Corp. Lana says she needs some time to process this, but he is shipping out on Saturday. Whitney asks her to wait for him while he's gone.

Clark goes to the Luthor mansion where he finds the missing metallic piece of the spaceship on Lex's desk. Lex says it's a unique paperweight. Clark asks if he plans to go back to Metropolis, but Lex says he has a plan to stay in Smallville. Clark leaves and Lex puts the key away.

Clark goes to the Torch to make sure Chloe is up to going to the dance now that her dad has been laid off. She tells him her dad is thinking about moving to Metropolis and asks Clark to make the dance unforgettable.

Lex gathers a group of LuthorCorp employees together to lay out his plan. He wants them to join him in an employee-led buyout of the plant. He can come up with 90% of the capital if they can help with the rest.

Clark goes to the Talon and tells Lana that Chloe might be leaving. Lana tells Clark that Whitney has joined the Marines and that he wants her to wait for him. Clark asks what her answer was and she explains that she couldn't decide.

Clark goes back to the farm. He gets into the farm truck and turns the ignition and the truck explodes. From a distance, Roger Nixon with the Inquisitor was filming it.

Lex tells his father that he is forcing the board to vote on accepting the employee buyout of the plant. Lionel hands him a contract for his purchase of the Smallville Savings and Loan and announces that if Lex pursues this course then he intends to foreclose on the employees' mortgages if they make one late payment.

Chloe tells Clark her fear that Clark will leave her alone at the dance on Saturday. She thinks he might go to the bus stop to profess his undying love for Lana when Whitney leaves.

Nixon confronts Clark at the Talon, asking how he escaped from the farm truck unharmed. Clark claims he was nowhere near the truck. Clark goes back to the farm and tells his parents Nixon knows about the truck, and probably set it to explode. Clark then tells his parents that Lex has the missing piece of the spaceship. Outside, Nixon is electronically monitoring their conversation.

Nixon goes to the Luthor mansion, where he picks up the piece of the ship. Lex walks in and reminds him that he is supposed to stay away from the Kents. Nixon says he can prove that there is a lot more to Clark than he lets on.

Clark is trying to get ready for the dance when Lex drops by and helps him with his bow tie. Lex tells Clark that Lionel is against his buyout of the plant. Lex says that no matter what may happen in the next few days, he's still Clark's friend and hopes Clark feels the same.

Whitney and Lana are at the high school preparing for Whitney's departure. Whitney takes Lana to the gym, which is set up for the dance. He puts in a CD and they have one last dance.

Chloe arrives at the Kent farm to pick up Clark for the dance. Nixon watches from a distance with binoculars, and has the missing piece of the spaceship with him. At the high school, it has become extremely windy as a storm starts to move in. Whitney asks for a minute alone with Clark. He tells Clark he wants him to look after Lana for him while he's gone. Lana pulls up outside to drive Whitney to the bus station.

Lana and Whitney arrive at the bus station where she gives him her kryptonite necklace for good luck. They say goodbye and Whitney gets on his bus. Back at the Kent farm, Nixon goes down into the storm cellar and finds the spaceship.

Lana is driving back from the bus station and the storm has picked up. A piece of debris hits the windshield, causing her to swerve off the road into a ditch. She gets out of the truck and sees three tornadoes approaching.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Martha head for the storm cellar to take cover. In the cellar, Nixon holds up the piece of the spaceship. The piece is ripped from his hand and floats into its corresponding spot on the ship. The ship starts to hover as Nixon runs out. Jonathan goes after him, leaving Martha behind. The spaceship begins to glow.

At the dance, Clark and Chloe are dancing and about to kiss when an announcement is made about the approaching tornadoes. Clark realizes the tornadoes are close to the bus station, and abruptly leaves the dance.

Lex is at the mansion and realizes the piece of the ship is missing. Lionel walks in and they begin to argue. Behind them, the window explodes inward and a column collapses, trapping Lionel under it. He calls for Lex, who stands over him but makes no move to help him.

Clark superspeeds to the truck just in time to see it get sucked up into the tornadoes. He runs into the twister.

(to be continued)
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