Season 1 Episode 21

Tempest (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 2002 on The CW

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  • A Season Finale With a Twist(er) [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD]

    Okay, right off the bat, I gotta say that I LOVED seeing Tom Welling in formalwear this episode, not to mention shirtless. ;D Getting to the actual episode itself, though, I loved the chemistry between Clark and Chloe. I mean, I'm a die-hard Clois fan, but the way they kept looking at each other made me hope that they could ride off into the sunset together. In fact, as much as I loved that Clark rushed off to save the day in the end, I hated that his potential kiss with Chloe was interrupted to accomplish it. And again, this is coming from a die-hard Clois fan. I also loved that Jonathan disregarded his own safety to protect Clark's secret. Some may call that stupid and/or reckless, and to an extent I agree, but I say it's what being a parent is all about. Anyway, moving on. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last time, John Glover shows viewers just why they love to hate him. And I don't see that as entirely negative. In fact, I couldn't really find much wrong with the episode overall. Maybe I was focusing only on the positive. In any case, I award "Tempest" 9 twisters out of 10.

    Highlights include: Clark stripping off his singed clothes (especially while looking at the burning truck like "Ah, crap"), Clark reassuring Chloe and kissing her in the halls, Lana dancing with Whitney before he left (and I loved how the song playing also played during the pilot), Chloe picking up Clark for the dance, Clark and Chloe sharing a slow-dance (also thought it was pretty neat that Remy Zero played the dance), Lex arguing with Lionel while the storm rages on, and Clark rushing to save the day.
  • A great first finale!

    A Prom, a natural disaster, a nefarious reporter and a runaway spaceship! this finale had it all so it was an excellent first season finale! Of all those issues I think that Clark found the natural disaster easier to deal with than the drama of who to take to the prom, trying to avoid the nosy reporter and the inconvience of trying to hide a spaceship in the storm celler! An excellent set up for the second season and a sure way to get fans interested in continuing with the series. I found the entire first season to be addictive TV and I immediately wanted to continue watching the second season and luckily I was able to keep going with the series out of my local library.
  • Season One ends with Whitney leaving for the Marines, leaving open the possibility of a relationship between Clark and Lana. Nixon discovers Clark's secret, threatens to expose it, and a severe storm endangers Lana and Clark.

    The eye-catching opening scene has a US-registered helicopter arriving at the Luthor plant with Lionel aboard, greeted by Lex, who is uneasy about the purpose of the visit. He wants a pat on the back for the plant's workers for recent good performance. The production staff must have hired the entire workforce of this processing plant as extras for Lionel's speech scene - so everyone got a nice work break and a chance to be seen on-camera.

    Lionel instead drops the news that the plant is closing immediately due to management failures - Lex being the culprit. At least he told everyone in person, but he wisely had an exit strategy via the same chopper, and last words for Lex about that job being just a training ground, and that's over. So Lionel's helo lifts off toward the Alex Fraser Bridge in North Delta, BC, just southeast of Vancouver - a distinctive landmark - but an area depicted as Metropolis in other episodes.

    Chloe, Clark and the Kents are shocked about the closure and the impact on employment in Smallville - but Clark is somewhat defensive of Lex. Meanwhile Whitney and Lana are out for a traditional picnic by the lake, where he hands her his acceptance letter for his US Marine Corps enlistment, signed out by the cleverly-named General "Maulem," and giving Whitney a free trip to Parris Island. Lana is shocked. "Will you wait for me?," he asks. She doesn't answer.

    Clark visits Lex, spotting the spaceship key Lex found near the Kent farm last week in "Obscura." Lex may have a plan to cope with the plant shutdown, but doesn't share it with Clark. Lex later meets with the plant staff and supervisors, proposing an employee-led buyout, and offering to come up with 90% of the capital.

    So Clark visits Chloe, whose father is facing a loss of work, and she's considering moving back to Metropolis, alarming news for Clark. He promises her a night she won't forget at the formal, and later commiserates with Lana, who drops the news about Whitney leaving. So they both face the loss of someone close to them, and their gaze tells us that ain't all necessarily bad. Our superpower scene has Clark ramming fence posts into the ground from the old blue GMC pickup. As he attempts to drive away, the truck goes up in an huge explosion...who's filming that? We see it was set up by Roger Nixon, the editor of the Inquisitor, and he's seen Clark emerge unscathed.

    Meanwhile, Lex has an Apple laptop product placement scene, but since I like Macs, I don't have a problem with that. He's reading an email about Alexander the Great's exploits and scorched-earth campaigns, and checking a Luthorcorp spreadsheet of software bug reports, when in walks Lionel. Lex talks about the employee buyout of the plant; Lionel ridicules the idea, and reveals he's yet again one step ahead of Lex. He bought the local Savings & Loan, giving him control over much of the resources and mortages of the plant workforce. That's a clear threat to anyone who supports the buyout.

    Clark solicits a ride to the formal from Chloe, so they don't have to explain the sabotage explosion to anyone. No suspicions. Clark has to reassure Chloe about the date; she clearly sees the potential competition from Lana. He gives her a brief kiss; Lana sees that, and we see her.

    Nixon meets Clark in the Talon...wanting a story about Clark, and revealing that he knows Clark wasn't hurt in the explosions. Clark denies everything, then Lex enters, pretending not to know Nixon, but we saw their relationship in previous episodes. Lex continues to hide his scheme to feed tabloid fodder to Nixon.

    The script has Clark and the Kents oddly incurious about the explosion. No police report, they didn't try to figure out who was behind it - all taken in stride. When they finally talk about it, they realize Nixon has seen something of Clark's invulnerability, and advise Clark to continue his usual activities. When Clark speculates that Lex has a piece of the spaceship, we see that Nixon has bugged the barn, and hears their discussion of all this and the location of the ship. Pretty good investigative reporting, but it makes the Kents look very careless.

    The Nixon character now knows so much that he can't last too long in this script. He tells Lex about important discoveries, seeking big cash for information about Clark, and promises to reveal more that night. Lex goes to see Clark as he prepares for the formal, and issues veiled warnings about something happening soon.

    Whitney and Lana are reminiscing at the school ahead of his departure as they enter the gym, fully decorated for the Spring formal, and have one last dance. We have to think Johnson is being written out of Smallville for next season, probably so the relationship with Clark can progress.

    Chloe picks up Clark for the formal out at the farm, driving her '61 Ford Falcon four-door, and making us wonder how she can possibly maintain such a relic. But it's fun to see a 45-year-old car in such good shape. Roger Nixon watches from afar, with the spaceship key in his hand, so Lex does not know Nixon stole it. A storm brews as everyone arrives at the formal, giving Clark an chance to talk to Whitney alone...he wants Clark to look after Lana, he agrees, and Whitney leaves with Lana for the bus station. So long, Eric Johnson, thanks for the contributions to the Smallville story.

    Lana is returning to town in a new red Dodge pickup, unaware of the storm danger, until a row of flying mailboxes crashes into her windshield, and she hits the ditch, without her shoulder harness on. Three funnel clouds are heading her way.

    Back at the farm, trespasser Nixon is checking the storm cellar, finding the covered spacecraft and videoptaping it. As the storm nears, Jonathan and Martha head to the shelter, where Nixon has the key, but it flies from his hand and inserts itself into the slot on the ship. Nixon threatens to expose all he knows, and Jonathan attacks him. The ship powers up, Nixon bolts outside, followed by Jonathan, leaving Martha with the ship, now illuminated and opening. Cliffhanger #1.

    Back at the formal, the dancing continues, Chloe pleased but a bit surprised that Clark is still there, and his mind does seems to be on her..until they get the weather warning, and Clark disappears, knowing Lana is in the path of the tornadoes. A severe reality check for Chloe.

    Lex has discovered that the key is missing, sending him into a hysterical search for it, just as Lionel arrives. The windows blow in; they're both crushed by the force of the sudden storm surge. Trapped, Lionel calls for help by Lex, who now has a decision...will he save his own father? Cliffhanger #2.

    The tornado special effects are pretty good, and Lana has taken refuge in the Dodge, as Clark speeds to the rescue. He reaches the scene as the truck and the terrified Lana are hurtled into the funnel be continued. Cliffhanger #3.

    It's going to be a long summer waiting for resolution of this episode, but the writers have given us a good ending to savor until then. It meets every expectation for this series - relationships ending and starting, threats to Clark's secret, and a dramatic rescue underway. "Tempest" no doubt will be one of the best of the series. Re-run rating B.
  • this was a really good final ep of the season

    in this ep has alot of exciting parts in this ep. cloe is going to the dance with clark and has been waiting for this moment for awile. but clark gets a call from him real father that wants to clark go through his destany. clark does not want to deal with that. and lex has his dad make a vist and cloes the smallville plant to have him come to matropils again were he belongs. lana also gets the news that whitney is going to the marines.she misses her dance to go the bus with him to say good bye. clark and cloey go to the dance and they are having a good time but they hear about the tornado warnings and clark leaves the dance to go get lana and he gets sucked up in the tordnado and the truck and lex is arguing wit his dad and a colom fall on him meanwhile jothan and martha see that some one was in the storm seller and it is roger nixon and he ivideo recoring everything but johtan chaces after him afte martha sees a big flash of light . and the ep is to be continued
  • A Whirlwind of Drama

    Tempest-Lex is hit with a surprise after his father closes the local Smallville plant to force him back to Metropolis, blaming the plant's failure on his management. Meanwhile Clark prepares for his date with Chloe, reporter Roger Nixon gets wind of Clark's alien origins after setting up an explosion, and Whitney joins the Marine Corps.

    After a jittery yet solid first season, the writers start their tradition of powerhouse finales starting with the episode. "Tempest" does a great job of rapping up all the storylines of the year while giving us a lot to look forward to next season. Its here where we see the dynamics between the character finally come into play and developed a lot more. Clark and Chloe finally explore their romantic feelings for each other as they prepare for attend the Spring Formal together. Of course, Chloe is a bit worried about Clark going off to Lana's side during their date but Clark assures her he'll only be thinking bout her. It's nice to see this relationship explored with little Lana interruption. Despite Clark and Chloe making much better friends than a couple, it's nice that the writers tried to explore a possible relationship this early in the series to see how it would work out. Whitney and Lana also get some quality and well developed screentime between each other. They're relationship seemed more like just plot device as an obstacle in Clark's way until he can date Lana, but they're relationship comes full circle here. Last episode, Whitney discovers his father's military medals and decides to become a join the Marine Corps. This is actually great development on Whitney's part and nice exit for the character who has been overlooked the whole season. Eric Johnson and Kristin Kreuk work wonderful together in this episode, making you feel sympathy for the end of their relationship. The best scene between them is when they dance together in the gym before the Spring Formal. It's a touching scene and plays out perfectly. I also loved Whitney and Clark's talk before Whitney leaves. It's great closure between the characters who have been at odds as season and it show tremedous growth as Whitney asks Clark to look over Lana while his gone.

    Lex and Nixon's storyline really get intense in this episode as Nixon sets out to prove Clark isn't normal. The truck explosion scene was great and Nixon develops into a villain throughout. The episode really builds to an incredible conclusion when the tornado threat comes into play. First, there's Martha and Jonathan finding Nixon in the storm cellar during the tornado. It's completely in Jonathan's character to go after Nixon, especially during the storm. Then Martha looks in amazement as Clark's spaceship comes to life and creates a blinding light. Lionel returns and confronts Lex about closing the Luthorcorp factory. John Glover and Micheal Rosenbaum work off each other flawlessly in this scene as it builds to the shocking cliffhanger as Lionel is trap under a collapsed pole in the room and an injuried Lex decides whether or not to save his father. Lastly, Clark goes after Lana who is about to be sucked into a tornado. While the tornado effects are dodgy, the suspense at this point is high! The episode ends with a brilliant climax as Clark arrives in the middle of the road to witness Lana getting sucked into the vortex. Clark superspeeds into the twister as Lana and her car are engulfed by it and the credits roll with the sound of the storm still roaring in the background... "Tempest" is a stunning finale full of wonderful scenes, great character development, and stunning cliffhnagers.
  • This was an amazing episode for a season one finale. *some spoilers in review*

    Well I got to say that when I first watched this episode it was not only superb, but the cliffhanger was fantastic! Most TV shows end their season finale episode with good closure but with Smallville, I really like how the writers always leave a cliffhanger ending to make sure you'll tune into the season premier of the next season. This episode also had so many twists and turns and I love how each character had their own separate problems at the end of this episode. Also liked how Remy Zero; the band who sings in the opening credits of Smallville, were the band at the school dance. Here's a little summary of what happened in this episode.
    A storm of tornadoes is heading to the town of Smallville and Lana Lang having just dropped off her boyfriend Whitney at the bus stop is getting sucked up in a tornado! Clark Kent ditches the dance and his date Chloe Sullivan and friend Pete Ross to try and rescue Lana. The storm hits the Luthor mansion and Lionel Luthor is trapped under debris and begs his son Lex so help yet he hesitates! Martha Kent has an encounter with the alien spaceship that Kal-El (Clark Kent) arrived in and a reporter Roger Nixon plans to expose Clark's secret abilities to the world and Jonathan Kent runs after him into the storm! The final scene is Clark Kent running into the tornado to try and save Lana! To Be Continued....
    Anyways a wonderful episode overall and ending to season one of Smallville.
  • Great Episode

    Lionel Luthor closes the Smallville plant and blames it on Lex; Lex decides to initiate an employee buyout of the local plant to save everyone's jobs and forge his own future with LexCorp. Whitney decides to join the Marines and leaves Smallville. Roger Nixon learns the truth about Clark and decides to expose his secret to the world. As Lana drives home from dropping Whitney off at the bus station, three tornadoes touch down, forcing her off the road. When the news is announced at the school dance, Clark rushes off to make sure Lana is ok. Clark finds Lana just as she is sucked up into a tornado, and he speeds in after her.
  • Excelent season finale!

    This episode rocks! I loved the plot. The way this episode was made, almost made my cry of excitement! I think Clark and Chloe make a really good couple, though we already know how it is going to end, right? Regarding Lex and Lionel, this is where they show they're true feelings. The end is simply magnificent, though I do not really agree with the "To Be Continued" part. It keeps the fans stressed and angry for not being able to follow the story for 6 months. But that's what keeps the fans attached to the screen. I just want to thank the writers for being able to bring to the screen such a beautiful story as this.
  • Well, this was a very good episode, however, it did have it's downs. In a way, they rushed many things into this episode, where they could have had some things in here fall in the other episodes. Look inside for more detail.

    Well, this was a very good episode, however, it did have it's downs. In a way, they rushed many things into this episode, where they could have had some things in here fall in the other episodes. Look inside for more detail...

    They in a way rushed things. But thats fine. The begging, well a tad boreing. But what was very good was the end, where it got very dramatic, where the spacship was running, the Luthors were in a fight, and the tornados. I truely liked the part with Lex and Lionel in their fight, with the storm, bery well plotted. A Fine Example.
  • One of the best episodes.

    Tempest. What an episode. I can't really explain how amazing this episode is but I will try. A reporter from the enquirer is learning about Clark's secret when he makes the van explode and he sees Clark walk out of the van without a scratch on his body. Whitney is leaving smallville to join the marines and he asks Lana to wait for him. Clark and Chloe are going on a date together to the annual school dance. A massive twister hits smallville and Lana gets caught up in it. Overall: This was an amazing episode probably the best from the first season of smallville.
  • OMG!!!!!

    Ok, I really liked this episode but I have to warn you... the end will make you want to pull out your hair.

    I hate when a season finale is a to be continued cliff hanger. PEOPLE! It has to end! I get so angry when I have to wait for part 2 for close to a year. It's not fair to the viewers. By the time the show begins to air the new season, the viewer has most likely not seen part one in a few months. All the subtleties are lost. Smallville has the cliff-hangiest of cliff-hangers I have ever seen. *ramble ramble* buy box sets *ramble ramble* stupid tornado *ramble ramble*

    OH!!! And who would have thought!!! A Tornado in KANSAS!!! This episode loses points for sheer aggravation factor.
  • Great finale for season 1 of smallville

    In this episode, a dangerous reported named Nixon has learnt of Clarks secret, including gaining footage of Clarks ship, and seen him walk away unharmed from a burnt out truck. When things cant get worse, a tornado hits the town, with Jonathon, Nixon, Clark and Lana still outside... I thought for the first series this was very well done, loved the cliffhanger, though we all knew Clark would save Lana anyway. Clark and Chloe were very cute at the prom, felt very sad for her when he left, she looked so sad. Also enjoyed Lionel showing his evil side, he doesn't appear much in season 1 but its worth it when he does. Defo worth watching!
  • Best of Season One!

    Tempest is a 2-part episode, which means that it has Part 1 and Part 2 to it. A persistent investigative reporter known as Roger Nixon finally learns of Clark's secret and finds out about the spaceship in the storm cellar. The prom day is interrupted by a gallant 3 twister storm. Lana's life is at risk again and it's up Clark to save her. Jonathon Kent may lose his life. Remy Zero also makes a guest appearance on this episode. This episode put me on the edge of my seat while I was watching it. I highly recommend this episode to all viewers.
  • The Inquisiter reporter Nixon gets even closer to finding out about Clark\\\'s secret and a Devestating natural disaster hits Smallville!

    Just really exciting story telling, all the raw threads left throughout the season are wonderfully given full attention, and not to mention new seeds and those few series pivital ones were left just raw enough for the seasons to come.

    Overall very dramatic and suspensful, when Jonathan followed Nixon out into the storm I was just waiting for the next season and the conclusion of the whole Nixon dilemma.

    Just loved it!
  • So cool.

    It's been a very cool first season for Smallville, so why not end the season on a high note, very cool idea. The ending is a cliffhanger. A tornado threatens the citizens of Smallville. This tornado also threatens the life of Lana, Clark needs to save her. things get complicated when reporter Roger Nixon gets a footage of Clark surviving an explosion. It gives superboy complications that needs to be solved in season 2. It gives us something to ponder about until the next season. Of all shows, Smallville has the best cliffhanger endings. This makes the show really exciting.
  • A reporter closes in on Clark’s secrete and a twister hits in the middle of the highschool dance.

    Last episode of season 1 and what an ending it was. Lionel closes LuthorCorp, Whitney is leaving for the military, Chloe might move to Metropolis, and at the school dance she almost kissed Clark.
    That truck explosion that was set up by the reporter that was awesome & besides we get to see Tom Welling take his shirt off. What Whitney did for Lana is romantic dancing in the gym. I wonder why Mr and Mrs. Kent didn’t come out to watch Clark and Chloe leave for the dance?
    Great effects on the spaceship opening and flying, we finally know what the key does. You go papa Kent in protecting Clark’s secrete. If Lex hats his father he should have let him die, all of this bitterness would be over with. Can’t wait for season 2 to begin.
  • Partially surprising, partially predictable.

    SPOILER ALERT (They\'re all over this review so if you haven\'t watched, don\'t read.)

    The only reason the episode made it to 8.0 is because it has hands down the best opening scene of any all season (even compared to the meteor shower of the first episode). The music is what makes it great along with the shot starting at Lex's feet and climbing up to his face on the helipad. Absolutely brilliant.

    Past that, this was a great episode to wrap up the season with though I was disappointed with some aspects. Let me go ahead and get the disappointment out of the way.

    The end was completely predictable. The moment Chloe told Clark about the nightmare she had of him abandoning her at the dance and running to Lana I knew that would happen. In fact, had she not mentioned her nightmare I probably would have guessed it would happen anyway. Way too cliche.

    Also Johnathan Kent running out into the storm, while not quite as cliche, was certainly the obvious way to deal with that scene. Perhaps instead they should have had him torn between staying with Martha or leaving and ended it there. You\'d have to tune in to the next season to find out. At least that way we\'d have something to wonder about. As it is we know he\'ll survive without even needing to watch the next season. After all, there\'s no way they\'d kill him after just one season (or if they did it would be part of the finale).

    I have to say though, the ending with the Luthors did surprise me. I would have thought the writers would have gone for a bonding moment between Lex and his dad by having Lex save him. And perhaps that is what will happen next season (haven\'t watched it yet) but leaving a bloody Lex standing over his broken father was perfect.

    An ok episode over all. Certainly leaves me wanting to see the next season but primarily because I know what this show is capable of and want to see it recover from a disappointing finale.
  • Great episode!

    Lex waits on the helipad for Lionel to land. Lionel says he came to give a speech to the workers. Instead, he informs the employees that the plant is closing due to management failures. Lex confronts his father, accusing him of closing the plant because Lex won’t come back to Metropolis.

    Clark asks Pete and Lana for help picking out his tuxedo and cummerbund for the dance. Chloe walks up and informs them that the plant is closing. Clark goes home and talks to his parents about the closure. Jonathan blames Lex for running the plant into the ground but Clark defends him.

    Whitney takes Lana on a surprise picnic and tells her he has important news – he is enlisting in the Marine Corp. Lana says she needs some time to process this, but he is shipping out on Saturday. Whitney asks her to wait for him while he’s gone.

    Clark goes to the Luthor mansion where he finds the missing metallic piece of the spaceship on Lex’s desk. Lex says it’s a unique paperweight. Clark asks if he plans to go back to Metropolis, but Lex says he has a plan to stay in Smallville. Clark leaves and Lex puts the key away.

    Clark goes to the Torch to make sure Chloe is up to going to the dance now that her dad has been laid off. She tells him her dad is thinking about moving to Metropolis and asks Clark to make the dance unforgettable.

    Lex gathers a group of LuthorCorp employees together to lay out his plan. He wants them to join him in an employee-led buyout of the plant. He can come up with 90% of the capital if they can help with the rest.

    Clark goes to the Talon and tells Lana that Chloe might be leaving. Lana tells Clark that Whitney has joined the Marines and that he wants her to wait for him. Clark asks what her answer was and she explains that she couldn’t decide.

    Clark goes back to the farm. He gets into the farm truck and turns the ignition and the truck explodes. From a distance, Roger Nixon with the Inquisitor was filming it.

    Lex tells his father that he is forcing the board to vote on accepting the employee buyout of the plant. Lionel hands him a contract for his purchase of the Smallville Savings and Loan and announces that if Lex pursues this course then he intends to foreclose on the employees’ mortgages if they make one late payment.

    Chloe tells Clark her fear that Clark will leave her alone at the dance on Saturday. She thinks he might go to the bus stop to profess his undying love for Lana when Whitney leaves.

    Nixon confronts Clark at the Talon, asking how he escaped from the farm truck unharmed. Clark claims he was nowhere near the truck. Clark goes back to the farm and tells his parents Nixon knows about the truck, and probably set it to explode. Clark then tells his parents that Lex has the missing piece of the spaceship. Outside, Nixon is electronically monitoring their conversation.

    Nixon goes to the Luthor mansion, where he picks up the piece of the ship. Lex walks in and reminds him that he is supposed to stay away from the Kents. Nixon says he can prove that there is a lot more to Clark than he lets on.

    Clark is trying to get ready for the dance when Lex drops by and helps him with his bow tie. Lex tells Clark that Lionel is against his buyout of the plant. Lex says that no matter what may happen in the next few days, he’s still Clark’s friend and hopes Clark feels the same.

    Whitney and Lana are at the high school preparing for Whitney’s departure. Whitney takes Lana to the gym, which is set up for the dance. He puts in a CD and they have one last dance.

    Chloe arrives at the Kent farm to pick up Clark for the dance. Nixon watches from a distance with binoculars, and has the missing piece of the spaceship with him. At the high school, it has become extremely windy as a storm starts to move in. Whitney asks for a minute alone with Clark. He tells Clark he wants him to look after Lana for him while he’s gone. Lana pulls up outside to drive Whitney to the bus station.

    Lana and Whitney arrive at the bus station where she gives him her kryptonite necklace for good luck. They say goodbye and Whitney gets on his bus. Back at the Kent farm, Nixon goes down into the storm cellar and finds the spaceship.

    Lana is driving back from the bus station and the storm has picked up. A piece of debris hits the windshield, causing her to swerve off the road into a ditch. She gets out of the truck and sees three tornados approaching.

    Meanwhile, Jonathan and Martha head for the storm cellar to take cover. In the cellar, Nixon holds up the piece of the spaceship. The piece is ripped from his hand and floats into its corresponding spot on the ship. The ship starts to hover as Nixon runs out. Jonathan goes after him, leaving Martha behind. The spaceship begins to glow.

    At the dance, Clark and Chloe are dancing and about to kiss when an announcement is made about the approaching tornados. Clark realizes the tornados are close to the bus station, and abruptly leaves the dance.

    Lex is at the mansion and realizes the piece of the ship is missing. Lionel walks in and they begin to argue. Behind them, the window explodes inward and a column collapses, trapping Lionel under it. He calls for Lex, who stands over him but makes no move to help him.

    Clark superspeeds to the truck just in time to see it get sucked up into the tornados. He runs into the twister.
  • a great episode to end the season

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  • A good season finale, lots going on

    As all good season finales do, this episode had a lot going on. Clark and Chloe getting ready for the dance, Whitney going off to join the Marines, Lionel closing down the plant, Lex arranging an employee buyout, a reporter discovering Clark's secret, the spaceship comes to life! Whew...oh yeah, and let's not forget the three tornados bearing down on Smallville.

    This episode is definitely a whirlwind of stories. The writers do a good job juggling all the balls in the air, and none of the stories feel like they got scrimped on. A very good season finale, keeping you in suspense on several plots.
  • snooping reporter discovers clarks secret, tornado hits smallville and clarks father goes missing

    now this is the show i was hoping to see. i was getting really tired of the same plot, person affected by kryptonite, they become evil, clark fights them off. i just started watching this show friday after borrowing the DVDs from my brother, i was ready to give up until this ep, this is how the show should be, hopefully it keeps it up. i enjoy more character development with clarks past and his relationships as opposed to him fighting off some crazy kryptonite enhanced bad guy. i also like the fact that clarks clothes were burned in the fire, i never got why his normal earth clothes were resistant t explosions
  • Thank God I started watching Smallville after it came out on DVD.

    Smallville was recommended to me by many friends who knew I was suffering from the losses of Buffy and Angel. They swore the writing was just as good and that I wouldn't be disappointed.

    They were right. The writing is amazing, and the way that they leave us so frequently hanging in these season finales makes me so happy that I was able to go directly from disc six of season one to disc one of season two. I hate sitting around for four months waiting for the answers.

    Despite all my love for the show I want to nitpick over the headline in the special edition of the Smallville Ledger.

    Smallville Plant Closing it said. Management Failures Sited was the second line.

    Sited? I was so sad when I first saw this.

    Sited - To fix or build something in a particular place.
    Cited - Quote as evidence or justification of an argument or statement. Or, mention as an example.

    With all the emphasis put on journalism in the world of Clark Kent it disappoints me that this could happen.
  • great cliffhanger

    This episode was the first episode I saw and it was enough to hook me, or at least get me interested.

    First off, the chemestry between Michael Rosenbaum and John Glover as father and son is very convincing. They work together well.

    The sotryline with Chloe having a crush on Clark wasn't annoying at first either.

    What really got me hooked however was the cliff hangers. It seemed like almost every character got a cliffhanger (Chloe and Pete are the exeptions).You have will Lex Save his father?, Mr. Kent chasing the reporter out into the storm, the ship activating, and Clark rushing into the hurricane to save Lana.

    They all were exciting and made me want to come back for more.
  • Prom + tornado's = trouble

    This episode the season finale of season one was advertised weeks before as the "Storm", with commercials warning of the storm's approach. This episode really does start out stormy in more ways than one. Lionel Luthor pays Lex Luthor a visit at the plant and shuts it down immediately blaming Lex in front of the entire plant for faulty management. Lionel is determined to bring Lex back home to Metropolis.
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