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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on The CW

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  • Probably the stupidest episode of any superman franchise, ever.

    Smallville has had a number of weak stories and implausible motifs, but this is by far the stupidest one I've seen--I only hope the show never sinks to this depth again. I cannot believe this story got approved. From the opening voice-over to the final note, this is one extremely poor joke of an episode, with every Buffy The Vampire Slayer wanabe joke and reference possible crammed in. I felt sorry for the actors
  • Blows

    This week Lana gets to be a vampire... it's a poor episode with generic story developments carried by some sidelined relationship developments, which have some uncomfortably cheesy moments. This is one of the episodes that adds to the decline of the Lana character and ascension of the Chloe character. Special Guest Stars elevate the episode, but they would have been served more appropriately with better material.
  • You never know whether you're going to get nail-biting suspense. Or tongue-in-cheek humor.

    In this case, it was a mixture of both. I'd say 49% suspense/51% humor. With the humor, of course, meant as a spoof-cum-homage to James Marsters' former series, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." In fact, it was especially funny when Marsters (as the still-undercover BrainIAC) tells Clark that "there's no such thing as vampires!" Of course, in this case, the vampires are snobbish sorority girls. The leader of whom was bitten by vampire bats mutated by kryptonite radiation within their cave. Of course, in the end, Clark saves the day...with a larger-than-normal assist from Chloe. The only reason I don't give this a perfect ten, however? Zoological inexactitude. The only vampire bats that have ever migrated to the United States, under their own power are those of the species Diphylla caudata ("the hairy-legs"). And, those have never been found farther north than southern Texas! Vampire bats of the family Desmodus are normally found only in Brazil. And, maybe, in the West Indies. So, if there was a population of them in Kansas, they didn't get their under their own power. More likely, they escaped from some Luthorcorp research facility. And, Lex has--once again--proven himself a straight-faced liar with regard to his personal culpability (or alleged lack, thereof).
  • It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a farce! Sorority stereotypes are tiresome. Vampire stories are tiresome. "Thirst" is fun for some, a disappointment for others. The ratings span the full scale - is it a "1" or a "10?"

    Carrie Fisher guest stars in "Thirst," offering hope of a nice cameo and some notable acting. Alas, it is not to be. She has to play a caustic nightmare of an editor of the DP, Pauline Kahn. All she does is ridicule Chloe who's applying for an internship, and Fisher has to fling out a couple vulgarities to show what a tough old gal she is. Finally abusing Chloe enough, she offers hope if Chloe will bring her a story. In an unusual twist, Chloe narrates the episode as she writes her story.

    A plot summary mentioning vampires lowers expectations right off, and it's even worse since the setting is a college. Sorority girls are depicted as promiscuous hedonists, ready to bed complete strangers at a moment's notice. But when they sink their canines into the hapless pizza delivery guy, who's a sap for anyone wearing a bikini, we get the vampire theme. Already, this is beyond "over-the-top."

    At the Talon, Clark finds Lana packing for college, accepted at Met. U., to his surprise. She's going to try a sorority for housing due to her late registration. Clark weakly suggests Central Kansas A&M, but she intends to study astronomy. Nothing will change in their relationship, she assures him.

    Professor Fine lectures Clark's class on the decline of the Roman empire, when, speak of the devil, Lex drops in at that moment. Why? Fine publicly criticizes him as an "unstable megalomaniac," which is practically slander, but the University apparently has no policy on that and won't do anything. Lex accuses Fine of revealing non-public classified information about Luthorcorp projects. Lex plays the college funding card; Fine is not intimidated.

    We have to endure another petulant-snob glamour-girl sorority airhead scene, but that's the way the producers want you to react. Lana is ready to join up, but the initiation involves turning her into a vampire. No wonder they overact. They all have such nice white vampire fangs, too, they must have really great vampire dentists.

    Fine comes to the mansion bringing documents of his personal history, including research funding that Lex has been illicitly funneling. Never start a game you can't win, he tells Lex. Maybe Lex has met his match in the game of blackmail.

    As Lana recovers from the sorority bite-fest, Clark drops in, but Lana remembers nothing of the previous night. Despite the dumb plot, Ms. Kreuk still gives it her best, and that's pretty good. She's now uninhibited, but thinks Clark's needy and insecure, terms we don't usually associate with the Man of Steel.

    Fine gets into Lex's warehouse where the spaceship is hidden, but is found by the Luthorcorp security guy; Fine kills him on the spot by morphing a sword arm. This seems senseless since Fine does nothing we might expect, such as entering the spaceship for a recharge, or whatever androids do for fun.

    The bloodsucking sorority sisters smack Lana around, and the stunt double has to take a big fall. Is Lana paralyzed? No, she recovers from major body distortion quickly. Well, gee, she's immortal, and now sports the requisite canines.

    Chloe calls Clark about Lana's bizarre behavior, but she's found that the new sorority president, Buffy, has a telling history. A costume party is coming up, so Chloe and Clark decide to crash it to learn more about the group, even though Clark quips, "I hate costumes." He goes as Zorro. Chloe spots vampire Lana before Clark does, but she gets little cooperation from her.

    Chloe is going to do a story on this? Clark finds Lana in mid-chomp on Chloe's neck. Lana disappears into the night, while Chloe winds up in the hospital, recovering from a rabies-like virus. Clark oversees this, when Fine, too, appears at her room. Why and how is he there? Bitten by what, everyone wonders, but Chloe's seriously ill, and Fine tells Clark to look into 1138, a Luthorcorp project. One scene, Fine is a murdering alien, next scene he's saving Clark's friends.

    When Clark asks Lex about 1138 (I missed the THX 1138 allusion here) and the disease threat to Chloe and Lana, Lex relents, and recites a number of lines which explains the whole vampire thing. Sorority girl Sanders was trapped outside caves where stalactites were affected by meteor rocks, which in turn affected the vampire bats in the caves, which in turn infected Sanders. This is one of the most far-fetched explanations of a meteor phenomenon in the entire series. Of course, Lex was involved, and has a handy serum for the disease in his handy case, which also has some meteor rock to threaten Clark, but he manages to grab one of the syringes before falling to the floor.

    In another overblown scene, Lana crashes down through the ceiling glass and flies down - Clark is too weak to resist her. Apparently in this state his flesh is vulnerable, so Lana sucks some of his blood, and now she, too, exhibits heat vision. She somehow brings him back to the sorority, where she wants to convert him into a fellow vampire, but, darn, no boys allowed, Sanders says. In a brief fight, Lana simply destroys her with a heat vision blast. With his last effort, Clark manages to inject her with the serum.

    Lana is now a murderer, but she wasn't herself, and there's no corpse, so you can get away with that on Smallville. "What do you remember?" Clark asks her, the usual question to someone who may have discovered too much about his secrets. She replies, "Love and overwhelming strength." So she is even more bonded to him than ever, but conveniently remembers little.

    All is back to normal, as Clark expresses his gratitude to Lex. Of course, Lex wants to know how Clark learned about Project 1138, correctly guessing that it was Professor Fine. Lex tells Clark that Fine is not the friend Clark thinks he is. And this statement is as compelling as the dialog gets in this episode, which is to say, not at all.

    Chloe brings her vampire tale to Pauline Kahn, who says the article would be fine, if the DP "printed tabloid nonsense," which, coincidentally, is an apt description of this episode! At least Chloe maintains her dignity in all of this by explaining that she wasn't writing about "real" vampires, but about students infected by a dangerous virus in a Luthorcorp experiment gone bad. That could have been an interesting story - too bad the producers and writers made it a farce instead, and it infected the rest of the cast, too. I want my fantasies to be more realistic, so I just wasn't willing to give up hoping for serious drama and go along for the ride on a bit of silly fluff.

    So Chloe gets the job. At the bottom, but that's ok with Chloe, excited to be in the SP basement. Strange episode, strange narration, unconventional ending. Is there anything vital in this episode making it worth seeing? Any shred of a continuing, compelling story that can't be missed? Not really, but I backed off ridiculing "Thirst" after reading some of the reviews, especially by "Daronil," who pointed out it IS a farce for Halloween, and a paen to BTVS. Chloe did have several clever quips, and that was good writing, and she's now starting with the Daily Planet. But that would be obvious from watching future episodes, so "Thirst" really didn't make the grade with most viewers. Re-run rating C-.
  • worse of the Smallville episodes yet. Vampire plot in a half-ass sorority house

    This was the worse Smallville episode ever! The only thing that keeps this together is Chloe's narration of the events and the addition of the professor vs Lex. The producers were obviously on vacation this week. Allison Mack is the only one that holds this episode together but the story line about vampires needed to go. They were most likely forced to get a Halloween theme going for the studio on this stinker. Lana as a vampire was a ridiculous twist. I thought being a witch in the earlier episodes was a stretch but number 93 needs to be skipped altogether.
  • "Sucks" (Pun Intended!)

    Thrist-Lana joins a sorority to get housing for her last-minute college registration, but the sisters have a deadly agenda which involves turning Lana into a vampire like themselves and sending her against Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe applies to become an intern at the Daily Planet and runs up against the editor-in-chief, Pauline Kahn.

    So I'm guessing the writers didn't learn their lesson when they wrote this episode! I mean you would think that after the poor written/developed "witch" storyline of Season 4 that they would stop writing ubsurd storylines like this! Nope! "Thrist" is truly an awful episode and dare I say it might give "Spell" a run for it's money as the worst hour of Smallville! It's obvious the writers where trying to make a fun lighthearted Halloween episode and an obvious parody of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I mean how else do you explain the character of Buffy Sanders, the vampire and James Masters' delievery of the line, "Clark, there;s no such thing as vampires." How hilarious...NOT!

    Kristin Kreuk's performance is cartoonish and laughable as vampire Lana. Guest star Brook Nevin makes you cringe as Buffy as well as the other sorority girls. I'm surprised the rest of the cast could keep a straight face and acted out this bad material, ehw! Also, what was up with Carrie Fisher guest starring in this episode. I actually feel bad that such a well known actress such as herself would star in this episode! Yet again, Professor Fine and Lex are the saving graces. Their developing rivalry is well played by both actors and you just can't wait to see what Fine has in store for Lex and vice versa. "Thrist" sees the writers having fun, TOO MUCH fun in fact as even the DVD commentary has them asking themselves "what the hell were we thinking?" I don't know guys, I really don't!
  • When Lana enrolls in Met U at the last minute, she's forced to join a sorority to find housing on campus. However, her new sisters turn her into a vampire, then instruct her to kill Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe gets a job at the Daily Planet.

    After gaining late acceptance into Met U, Lana's forced to join a sorority to find housing near campus. However, after joining the Tri Psis, the most elite sorority on campus, she realizes too late that her new sisters are vampires, who promptly turn her into one of them. Not knowing what's happened, Clark and Chloe grow concerned, and attend a costume party at the sorority house, where Chloe's attacked by Lana. At Professor Fine's urging, Clark confronts Lex about the mysterious Project 1138, only to discover that Lex has found a cure for Lana's "vampirism". Meanwhile, Chloe writes a story on Lana's experience that gets her a job at the Daily Planet, and Fine reveals his superhuman abilities when he kills one of Lex's security guards.

    My Review: For some reason, many SMALLVILLE fans consider this to be among the show's worst episodes, but personally, THIRST is one of my favorites. I mean, it's a Halloween episode complete with vampires and Clark in a sexy costume. What's not to like? ;D Plus, there's the completely random stunt casting of Princess-Leia-herself Carrie Fisher, and the use of a new and totally different storytelling technique (well, new to the SMALLVILLE writers). Speaking of which, I found Chloe's narration and occasional inserts to be a refreshing change of pace, and I'm glad that the main story tied into this overall picture, wherein Chloe gets a job at the Daily Planet, "the paper of record for...future superheroes". Now, THIRST may be filler, but it's a fun bit of fluff, and the actors certainly seemed like they enjoyed themselves. Most notably, Kristin Kreuk, who probably welcomed, or even relished, the change to Lana's personality. On a separate "note", I thought the choice in music for this episode was excellent, and very appropriate considering it was all about Halloween and vampires. "The Girl's Attractive" by Diamond Nights was perfect for the costume party, and I loved how Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead" was subtly playing in the background during the Lana-tries-to-convert-Clark scene. All in all, ten fangs out of ten. Yeah, that's right, *fangs*. Anyone got a problem with that? If so, then...::hisses and bares fangs:: ;P

    Highlights: Chloe's interview with Pauline Kahn; Professor Fine's lecture; Lana's acceptance and initiation into the Tri Psis; Fine confronting Lex at the mansion; Chloe's argument with her roommate, and Lana becoming "aggressively sexy" towards Clark; Lana drinking with her new sisters (though I couldn't stand the girls' mocking screams after Lana fell); Chloe and Clark expressing their concern for Lana; the entire costume party scene (quick lesson for y'all: Clark plus Zorro costume equals yummy! ;D); Lana attacking Clark and sharing his powers; Lana using her newfound powers to kill Buffy, then trying to convert Clark; Clark and Lana's discussion of her experience; and Chloe getting a job at the Daily Planet.
  • Great Episode

    Yeah, this is definitely an ode to buffy, especially with the main vamp being blonde, somewhat bi-polar and being named buffy. plus, what good supernatural show wouldn't have vampires at least once. plus, everyone knows that kristen does a hot evil girl (see episode 4:8, Spell and episode 4:15 Sacred). love the quote from Fine (aka Spike on Buffy) "there's no such thing as vampires" ha, as a buffy fan, i was rolling with laughter. though it could have been written better, with more vamp lore and sexiness. the subplot of Chloe was kind of lame. they downplayed the vamp attraction and everyone knows clark loves his women in charge. he he. heart James Marsters and heart Tom!!! awesome episode, one of the best.
  • Scary Carrie And The Sucking Sorority Sisters

    Just in time for the holidays, Smallville gets into the Halloween spirit. I know what they were doing(or trying to do), but they didn't exactly pull it off. I kinda wished this episode was a more serious Halloween episode. I'm all for the show finally doing an episode on the holiday, but the result was a mixture of silly fun, and uncomfortable failure. First of all, it is quite obvious that this episode was intended to be a silly, tongue in cheek ep, and not meant to be taken seriously. I get that. I think a lot of people won't. Sometimes it's fun to just let your hair down and get silly. Live in the Halloween moment, if you will. Plus, I am a long time Buffy/Angel fan/afficiondo, so I was pleased with them bringing up the greatest show of the last decade. The writer of this episode, Steven S. Deknight, was a Buffy/Angel writer/director, so it only makes sense that he wrote this one. Plus, his old friend James Marsters is part of the gang now, so it was only a matter of time. Most of it worked for me, but it got to be a little too much as it went on and on. Pulling back on the reins a little bit would of been helpful. So, I understand what this episode was being and how to take it. I enjoyed bringing Buffy back, but the inside jokes and winking at the audience did get a bit old after a while. Still, I can't quite fault the team for doing a silly and cheesy episode like this. It's Halloween. Everyone is entitled to some silly fun. Besides, the cheese factor was evened out by the Lex/Fine scenario, which was quite interesting indeed. It was nice to see Carrie Fisher too, but I must admit that she looked terrible. Her lipstick looked smeared on, and the eyeliner?. I was waiting for her to reveal herself to be the den mother of the evil sorority. No such luck. Anyways, how did Smallvilleites celebrate Halloween this year?...

    Chloe is at the Daily planet as the episode begins. She is in a meeting with the Planet's editor, Pauline Khan(Fisher). Basically, Chloe doesn't get the job. Chloe being Chloe, she has some words with Pauline and she tells the budding reporter to bring her a story. From then on, the episode takes on a sort of whimsical feel as Chloe interrupts the proceedings as she narrates her pursuit of a story. Which brings us to Lana. She is accepted at a very prestigious sorority. One whose members ate the pizza boy the night before in the jacuzzi. Ssshh. Don't tell. Anywho, Lana is accepted, and is imeediatley initiated into the fold. The sisters are vampires. Cheesy, but hot, vampires. Buffy would of so kicked their butts to kingdom come before they could even move. Anyways, Lana quickly begins showing some odd new signs of life. She crashes at Chloe's dorm room, doesn't like the light, and gets real aggressive with Clark. And did I mention the shades?. Research must be done!. Chloe finds an interesting story on the sorority and it's members. She tells Clark that ever since the head sorority sister, Buffy Sanders(in other words, Buffy Summers), took over, every member since has never left. Suspicious?. You bet. The sorority is having a Halloween costume party, and Chloe and Clark attend. Chloe is in the schoolgirl uniform(grrr), and Clark is Zorro. Lana's vampiric nature is outed, and she bites Chloe. While visiting Chloe at the hospital, Prof. Fine stops by(as he says he was visiting a colleague), and he tells Clark that Lex will know what's happening and how to stop it. Confronting Lex, he reveals to Clark that there was a case some years ago that meteor rocks infected the cave and it's animal residents. In other words, bats. Buffy was bit, and you know the rest. Luckily, Lex has the serum to save everybody. Chloe brings this story back to Paulline. Luckily for Chloe, Pauline gives her a job. Down in the basement. At least it's a start, huh?.

    The fun was there, but the overall execution was quite clunky and choppy. There is a certain level of ridiculous silliness here that is enjoyable, but it is not pulled off entirely. Everything was so light, that you never felt any kind of menace or terror. The vampire sisters themselves were nothing more than valley girl babes playing dress up. There was nothing real threatening about them in the least. It was more laughable than anything else. Of course, you couldn't have a storyline like this and not have James Marsters say a little something. Him telling Clark that there was "no such thing as vampires", was the best joke of the lot. Marsters is probably watching the vampiric goings on and shaking his head. They should've let him show how it's done.

    In other events going on in the episode, Lex and Fine finally meet up. Lex walks in on one of Fine's classes and has a little chat with the professor. Lex makes it perfectly clear that he contributes a lot of money to the college and that that gives him an amount of control. He lays it on the line and lets Fine know that he will have him fired if he continues his research into him and LuthorCorp. We can tell that Fine isn't the kind of guy to let this worry him. He comes to the Luthor mansion and hands over his entire history to Lex to read up on. In a reversal of players, Fine threatens Lex, and quite cooly I might add. He tells Lex that he knows he is conducting experiments with the college money and that it's all off the books. The dean sure wouldn't like that now, would he?. Fine tells Lex that he shouldn't of started a game "he can't win". Wow. Great scene. We know that Fine is Brainiac and is pretty much a villain, but you kind of like him. It was the same way with Marsters' Spike. Marsters is a great actor, and he plays well off of Rosenbaum, a good actor in his own right. It will be very interesting to see what lies ahead with Fine and whole Lex thing. So far, it has been really interesting and well done.

    "Thirst" is not essential viewing for fans of the show. Not in the least. It's quite enjoyable if you get the joke and appreciate the senseless cheese of it all that it was intended to be from the start. Besides the silliness of the vampire sorority, there was actual good in this ep. That was mainly from Lex and Fine, whose scenes were great and pretty important to see. Back to Miss Fisher. She's still great, but it's hard to look at her and think that this was the same woman in that bikini chained to Jabba The Hut. All in all, an innocent episode designed for fun for Halloween.
  • A hated episode that I actually enjoyed quite a bit

    I think the episode might seem far fetched, but what vampire story isn't. I like how sometimes smallville can take a break from the usually story lines and just do something fun for Halloween. It did great in the ratings and I loved seeing Lana be bad. If you like Vampires and just wanted to be entertained without this being an important episode, then you will like it. If you are looking for substance, then it wouldn't be. After seeing it, if they had never made it, I would be sad, because I like to see them try different things on the show.
  • and the pathetic award goes to.....

    We all enjoy an out of place episode once in a while. This however is one for the scrapyard. The story of vampires going down on their habits is not the way to go. apart from the fact that the 'vampire' story and other parts go threough this line as a weak rash through the soaaring sun.

    Nice to finally see James Marsten in a non undead role (Spike), only to see him face the reality of vampires again. Wonder what he thought of it all.
    Even if they wanted to go this way, there were so many other ways to play with this. It just feels too pathetic. the only fun (acceptable) part was that she inherited his powers for a moment... ok i admit it wasn't that great, but it took care of the marie celeste efficiently.

    Yup, this one was just not there. However on the good side. This professor fine part seems to evolve decently, so lets look how that develops.
  • Spike and Buffy? Lana a vamp? Puhleez But the biggest fright was Carrie Fisher's makeup. Haven't the makeup artists heard of lip liner? She looked like a clown.

    I have to say it stretched believability to the 'nth' power for me. And that's saying something considering some of the eps over the years.

    It helped a little that the vampyrism was explained away by an experimental virus. But those airhead sorority vamps and all the cliche vamp activity was way past a joke.

    It was terrific to see James Marsters again, although something without vamps would have been good....that was fine in Buffy and Angel - but this is about Superman.

    I keep waiting for characters to be killed off, or leave, but the show just seems to collect more characters - they're budget must be huge - and it isn't improving the stories any either.

    Can't really get behind this story at all I'm afraid - - - shame really.
  • Buffy Sanders? James Marsters? VAMPIRES?! Come on, Smallville!

    The episode was pretty good. I enjoyed the references to Clark\'s love of the cape and dissatisfaction with a mask when he dressed up as Zorro. However, having the main vampire chick called Buffy was a bit too far. Some may say that this was simply a hommage to the Buffy series, but combined with James Marsters starring in this season, and the fact that the episode was about vampires, I just thought this was borderline plagerism by the writers of this episode.

    The complete absence of Jonathon and Martha Kent was also a bit odd, but this wasn\'t too bad as they wouldn\'t have fit very well in this storyline. Overall, I\'d give it 5/10
  • Could have been great, but ends up being silly.

    OK, given the power of the meteor rocks to change people into just about anything, I can go with the idea of vampires. And the little nods to the vampire lore - Buffy Saunders??? Hmmm.

    But too much of the story makes no sense. Vampire bats do NOT have the power to resurrect themselves, so if this rabies like disease comes from infection from bats, how come Lana can be tossed from a landing, break all her bones, then miraculously cure herself?

    And when Clark is laid low by the Kryptonite it doesn't make him mortal, just vulnerable. So how come Lois is able to bite him so easily? And why does drinking his blood give her his powers?

    I'm sure the writers thought they were doing something fun and unusual with this - the Chloe voiceover, the different look to the show in some scenes etc. But it really doesn't work very well.

    The plus sides: Carrie Fisher makes a terrific Daily Planet editor. How does she get her mouth to look like that? Chloe finally joins the DP. Fine finally shows his cards in a very Terminator 2 moment - and I guess they get to dress Lana in black leather and have her go feral again.

    But while I usually like in jokes and allusions, they are so obvious here, even down to Clark 'staking' Lana that they take the fun out of it.

    Not at all one of the best shows.
  • silly halloween episode

    i never thought i would wish that a show would end with clark waking from a nightmare having dreamed the events of the episode. well, that's this episode- lana joins a sorority of vampires. she's able to bite clark. the head of ths sorority is named buffy. pity the real vampire slayer doesn't show up and finish off lana. can the writers please, please, please come up with something interesting for lana lang to do in an episode.

    on the plus side, chloe's activities with the daily planet are interesting and she seems to be off to a good start.
  • Terrible...simply awful...and very pointless, too. It was painful to watch, and DISGUSTING.

    In this episode, Lana becomes a vampire?? What is up with that. We already saw her "dark side" in the last season, and even though she is supposed to be evil in this episode, she still has obvious feelings for Clark. But honestly, this episode is apalling and makes me sick. I knew it was going to be kind of disgusting from the first scene, when the three vampire girls literally create a jacuzzi of water. But I have to admit, I have never seen a more terrible episode of Smallville, and it's my favorite show! Maybe they are running out of ideas...
  • Nice episode.

    It's sort of like Buffy the Vampire slayer meets Smallville. But there's no vampire slayer here, just some girls infected with kryptonite. It's a bit cheesy, but done in a tasteful way. It's good to see James Marsters in a non vampire role. He has a really nice guest role. Not all the characters are here, it's focused on Clark, Chloe, Lana and Lex. They fit well into this episode. It's just like the classic Smallville. This is like a Chloe narrated episode, but the story doesn't just center around her. There's a good amount of humor injected in this episode and it works well for the storyline without making it ridiculous.
  • Plenty of In Jokes but not much else

    Variations in Vampire Lore have come up a few times recently but this episode was disjointed and frankly annoying. First of all we have Chloe trying to get an internship at the Daily Planet with her voicing over several small sections but were to far apart to give any real point to the style. Lana this episode seems to be serving as the main protagonist this week following her life in sorority. Her scenes as a Vampire were a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer all fangs and punching with floating around like in the film Interview With a Vampire. Its like the writers took serveral interpretations of Vampire Lore and shoved them together. The part when Lana uses heat vision seems to be a plot device for later episodes whilst Professor Fine reveals more about his knowledge of Luthor Corp and shows Lex hes not all bluster. The In-jokes were good-Buffy, James Masters, Batman, not liking masks were all in there but non to subtle which somewhat blunts their effect.

    The recurring problem with Smallville is the laziness of the storylines and the poor character balance, it often seems like the writers don't know quite what the are aiming for. Dissapointing
  • This is half scary.

    This episode was so awsome who knew that smallville was going to have vampires in the series its really wierd and its really funny when the vampires through lana down the stairs and they said did i mention that i have imortality and then she said cool and lana looked hot in this episode.
  • This is a joke!

    I think this epsode is not smallville its another films :( and lana lang time is over she is out smallville.this epsode choleye is very passive and silly. general zod who ? I like smallville but I dont like this epsode and I am sure nobady like this epsode Are you like ? I think you say no no no
  • Is Smallville transforming into Charmed and Buffy?

    Well, this episode was sort of boring and well it is first of all to the fact that Smallville and everything has a fictional tone, but it is not to go that far, I mean... come on vampires! Not even vampires exist on Superman, it could be mummies or aliens or everything, btu they have to put vampires... well another of the things is that it seems like ends up doing nothing at all, he gets really sicked with the antidote and the only thing he does is to inject it to Lana... and that's all...
  • Never let it be said that Smallville's writers have no sense of irony!

    One of the things I love about Smallville is the nods, tips of the hat and homages liberally sprinkled through the show. Whether it's Clark always being in blue and/or red, Kid Flash suggesting they form "a club or a league or something", or a pilot, spotting a flying Kal-El, asking: "Is it a bird? A plane...?" They always bring a smile to my face as I think about my longstanding love of Superman comics, cartoons, movies and cinema.

    Now and then, however, Smallville pulls a 180 on us and does something completely out of left field. It hits us with something absolutely *dripping* with irony, and with its tongue planted so firmly in its cheek that it leaves a lot of people wondering just what on Earth is going on.

    "Thirst" seems to have done this. Reading a lot of reviews, I'm seeing a large number of people who, in my opinion, just didn't "get" the episode. They seemed to see it as too much of a homage to Buffy, or they don't like to mix their superhero with the supernatural, or they just thought it was plain out of character.

    Well, they're right, of course. "Thirst" *was* a homage to Buffy (heck, it even has the leader of the vampire groupies *named* Buffy Saunders!), and it *was* mixing supernatural themes into Smallville, and it *was* out of character.

    But guys...that was the whole point! The episode *rocked*! :-)

    It didn't take itself seriously for a moment, and it was so over-the-top in its storyline, that it seems that too many people missed the obvious theme: It was a tabloid news piece!

    The whole episode is told from the perspective of Chloe writing a story for the Daily Planet. But she doesn't write an expose on Lionel Luthor, or expose the latest meteor-rock mutant in Smallville; she writes a story on *vampires living in Metropolis*! Even Pauline Kahn says it would be a great story if the DP was the National Enquirer.

    Just as films like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and "Sin City" emulate the appearance of their graphic novel originals, "Thirst" emulates a tabloid story, with all the sex and glitz and mindless violence - not to mention conspiracy theory - that is rampant within such stories.

    From Clark travelling from Smallville to Metropolis in about two and a half seconds, to Lana snapping her broken bones back into place, to Lex suddenly being "not so bad Lex" after his torture of Arthur Curry in the previous
    episode, the whole thing smacks of a "point of view" episode, the closest comparison to which I can think of was
    the Stargate: SG-1 episode "The Other Guys".

    WaS there an element of truth to it? Sure - I can believe that the core story, about a mutant form of rabies being
    transmitted by vampire bats was true. But all the other stuff? The quasi-mystical stuff? Lana's immortality (and her gaining Clark's heat vision) were all just in Chloe's mind.

    And for those who think I'm imagining things...consider the main Tri Psi vamp - Buffy Saunders. Chloe said she'd changed the names to protect "the vapid". Well, there's little vapid about Buffy *Summers* (of Buffy, the Vampire
    Slayer fame), but the Buffy in "Thirst" isn't based on Buffy Summers...she's *named" after her, but she is based
    100% purely on Harmony, a ditzy, skanky dumb blonde vampire who formed her own vampire gang in BtvS.

    That sort of turnaround requires a sense of irony...which is *precisely* what the writers have shown here.

    This is a terrific Smallville episode - just don't try and fit it into the series continuity; you won't, because
    most of it takes place in Chloe's imagination...
  • light and fun.. well kinda

    i didn't read all of what scifiguyuk wrote, 'cause it was pretty long, but i did read the first paragraph and i completetly agree.

    although this episode didn't get a very high overall review, i really enjoyed it. it was fun but not too fun because it had serious parts in it that didn't override the whole plot.

    this episode i felt was silly in a way that made me think, "i can't believe i'm watching something this cheasy and stupid... but i can't stop watching." i really liked it.

    I really am repeatong myself a lot in this review, but oh well!
  • Fun and light, with many in-jokes and some great acting from Kristen Kreuk, this episode is perhaps not the best episode of Smallville, but definitely serves up the laughs and doesnt take itself too seriously.

    Although I rated this episode as 'Average', I do think it was one of the better episodes of Smallville. Dont get me wrong, it wasnt the BEST, and it certainly wasnt a classic, but it was fast-paced, funny and a welcome change to what we're used to on Smallville. I mean, whoever thought we would see vampires on Smallville?!
    It is hard not to think, that this episode was concocted plainly as a conduit for Buffy the Vampire Slayer references, and to exploit the fact that one of the show's guest stars used to be in said show, but even with these oh-so-obvious and shameless in-jokes, this episode does not fail to entertain.
    The sight of Lana as a vampire alone, is enough to make this episode great, what with the sexy black leather and the kick-ass attitude. It was also great to see Clark being told what so many of us have wanted to say to him for so long! That being, to live a little and stop thinking that the whole world will fall apart without him! I mean, sure sometimes this is the case, but not all the time, and he definitely needs to get out there and have some fun!
    The show stars, give some great performances here, not least of all from Kristen Kreuk who really gets to let her hair down in this episode and show us a completely different side to her acting skills. Vamp Lana came across so cool, and frankly I was a little disappointed when regular Lana was brought back at the end.
    The guest stars also earn their titles in this episode as they all shine brightly! Brooke Nevin has always been a welcome delight for me, and to see her in the role of Buffy Saunders (*groan* see what I mean about those shameless references?) was very impressive! It was a complete 180 degree turn from any character I have seen her in before, and far from her character in 'The 4400'. It was refreshing to see her in a different kind of role and its a shame that she wont be back. Carrie Fisher as Chloe's new Editor is also a fantastic choice. She has the ballsy, powerful and yet respectful nature with which you would always associate the actress herself and also what you would expect from the Editor of the Daily Planet. It's also welcome news to hear that she will be recurring in future episodes.
    The Clark-Lana relationship looks to be under pressure near the beginning of this episode, what with Lana being all vamped up, but we all knew it would be fine in the end. It's great to have this constant in Smallville, without the previous drama of will-they wont-they, as it got very tedious. I'm glad the writers have decided to keep them together and not have it just another momentary fling like before. And I must say, they are very cute together, if sometimes a little too sucrose coated that you consider drinking vinegar just to calm it down, like at the end of this episode with Lana's whole speech about the warmth and power in Clark's blood being love. It's blood! It comes from INSIDE someone's body! Of course it's warm!! But like I said, they are very sweet.
    Overall, this episode was very refreshing and fun, and thankfully doesn't take itself too seriously. With some great acting, some hilariously funny moments and some super hot outfits, this episode is definitely one to remember!
  • Lana joins a sorority as a last resort to have accommondation at college but gets more than she bargained for.....vampires.

    Ok meteor freaks i can undterstand but vampires? Come on! This wasnt one of the best episodes so far but for some reason i enjoyed it. Probably because it was so stupid and had me laughing alot. The vampires and Buffy Saunders im guessing was deliberate because James Marsters is the newest smallville addition but the whole thing was still ridiculous. I was disapointed that Lana didnt get staked or something but then Im not the biggest Lana fan in world (let me just take this opportunity to say Clark and Lana? Why???)(and also that I'm so glad Chloe knows his secret).
    The funniest scene in Thirst was when Clark was talking to Professor Fine in the hospital and he said something to the effect of it might sound crazy but i think its vampires. I actually couldnt breathe i was laughing so hard just because James Marsters was Spike for the better part of six years. I could just imagine him saying "no its not crazy, i used to be one" or "mwahaha i am a vampire!". There has to be some hilarious outtakes from that bit.
    Anyway back on track... i liked the superman references in this ep too, especially Clark not liking the zorro mask but liking the cape.
    So yeah, a very silly storyline but entertaining at the same time...and hey its still smallville.
  • Vampires in Smallville...or are we watching Buffy the Vapire Slayer?

    Buffy meets Smallville. Not the best episode and since when does Smallville present shows based on holidays, besides Christmas? Why is Lana always turning into something of the other world? First a witch now a vampire, what’s next? Yet the episode was sexy and “fun”. Like others said before me, the episode was a filler.
  • Lana turns into a vampire by Buffy. Enough said.

    I liked this episode. Granted it wasnt very original with the whole vampire thing but still good. James Marsters was also good in this. Big fan. He plays the "Big Bad" very well lol. Clark also saying he liked the cape. Funny and a nod to the fact that he will also end up wearing one as part of his costume. This show is definately getting better and the new characters are also getting better developed. Also Lex is slowly but surely showing his evil colours...about time!! Im in the UK and it only showed this episode on E4 Last night so sorry if this is late or what have you.
  • the episode was about Lana joining a sorority full of vampire girls. There were many extremly sexy scenes but they were always cut off by the vampires killing someone.It was pretty hot when Lana made out with that other girl.

    not realistic. i didnt like this episode that much, it was pointless and just used to buy time for the directors. i love Lana and want to see her naked. im a horny teenager but if she was naked the whole show, the ratings would hae been much better. Lana, i want to make LOVE to you
  • Vampires in Smallville

    Vampires in Smallville, I don’t know I didn’t like the idea although it was nice seeing Lana going wild again but poor episode to me.

    The only thing was getting me interested in this episode is Chloe I liked the competition between her and the editor-in-chief of Daily Planet in the begging of the episode and the end, and for far she’s excellent this season.

    Jonathan and Martha Kent were out from this episode.

  • A nostalgic feeling hit me when they introduced a plot that is classic for the series. One of the main characters getting into real trouble (Lana to be spesific), Clark affected by a new kind of meteor rock. This is bound to be good.

    With this episode I got the feeling of being back in the early seasons, where meteor rocks made people freaks. Last episode was with a guy with a special ability as well, but in this one I felt it closer. There are not much talk about Clark really, and his parents are not in the episode at all. We see that the youths have taken a step closer to adulthood, and the thing that Lex is living in Smallville, Clark somewhere (where exactly?) and Lana & Chloe in Metropolis (I guess since they're at Met U) seems like no problem at all. Clark is everywhere, and so will the other be. Lois is not present in the episode either, nor is Lionel Luthor. Welcome back old Smallville, but do not stay too long.