Season 5 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on The CW
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Chloe is possessed by the spirit of a young girl whose body is sealed in the Talon's walls, and goes searching for the girl's killer while Clark and Lois try to track her down.

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  • I like Chloe, but this is the worst Smallville episode ever.

    I can't believe how dull this was! I fast-forwarded through some of the ep, and that's a thing I usually don't do.

    This episode was very badly written: Chloe gets possessed by the ghost of some girl whose body happened to be hidden in the wall of Lois' apartment - Or does she? In the end, the viewer doesn't know if Chloe's body was taken over completely or maybe just a little or if she just knew everything the dead wall-girl knew.

    Watching this episode, I had the hunch that they'd probably hired some writer who usually doesn't write television or movie scripts but the "warning!" labels for microwaves. Seriously, some of that dialogue came straigt from Hell...!

    What annoyed me the most is the by now copyrighted Lana-and-Clark-in-the-Barn moment at the end of the episode that the producers feel we need to have every time. Sure, it's necessary in order to keep the 13-year-old Kristin Kreuk fanbase watching, but for the rest of the viewers, it's just painful. Also, it made no sense at all this time.

  • I liked the episode. It wasn't perfect, as the story was a bit shaky to begin with (I mean Chloe is possessed by a ghost and no one even finds it strange), but I love Smallville, and I still found this episode to be good in it's own way...moreless

    Well, it definitely wasn't the best episode ever, but I actually WAS really into it... Let me evaluate how much I actually liked i... It was suspenseful, exciting, and sweet witth a very unusual turn of events.


    Looking back... They didn't explain how ghosts just all of a sudden are accepted as one of those "oh yeah, being possessed, forgot that might be a viable alternative explanation to being crazy" things. And ghosts aren't really "Smallville"'s thing. (More like "Supernatural".) So the episode wasn't perfect, but still...

    Bringing back the fact that Lex was in Belle Reeve and that Chloe's mom is in an asylum (and left her when she was young) always scores points with my rating system. I love continuity in episodes! I almost cried during the conversation between Clark and Chloe about her and her mom- and the ending scene was SO sweet!

    I loved the set-up. Lois wasn't too annoying on screen- and her love for Chloe is pretty cool to see displayed. I loved how Clark didn't save the day, even though he tried. I really enjoyed the dramatic irony in the beginning: when the audience knew that Chloe probably didn't cut her wrists and probably isn't crazy, when Clark knew that Chloe DOES have a history of mental illness AND has a secret she thinks she can't tell anyone, etc. There were so many of these parts that I loved that I have to say that the episode was really quite good. And the end- when Lana and Clark discussed what they didn't tell each other and re-established that they ARE a couple now... I don't even know what to think of that. It was good, I guess. And as for the episode- pretty good too!moreless
  • This was a bad written and poorly acted eposode about a ghost getting revenge for a murder.

    I started loosing interest in the first half of the show. I was already sitting at my computer before the show ended. I just never felt emotionally involoved with the characters because of the far fetched story line. Chloe was never going to commit suicide so the plot was fake. It was a bunch of friends doing weird things behind each other's backs for reasons they never understand. There is nothing in this episode that could not have been written into a bad Twilight Zone episode. Nothing was really related to Superman other than the the bracelet and that could easily have been substituted with some illegal drug. Come on now, let's starting writing better episodes where Clark continues to grow into the real Superman. Enough of these filler episodes.moreless
  • Wow. You guys...

    I'm only writing this because a lot of the reviews here are horrible. It's so sad to see that people don't know how (or don't care) to spell correctly or use any punctuation whatsoever.

    It's extremely difficult to take someone's opinion seriously when he or she can't get it out.

    That said, all the reviewers have pointed out some interesting things, and a lot of them are very critical of the episode, BUT I still liked it overall. Allison Mack is a wonderful actress, and Chloe is a great character. Despite its holes, this episode was great, visually. Though the writing was not the greatest, that is not the only thing I look for in a TV show; I heavily consider the artistic elements of the episode that have nothing to do with the story and the writing (special effects, lighting, camera movements that have symbolism, etc.).

    THAT said, I'm going to give this episode a 9.9. It may not deserve it, but it also doesn't deserve a 1.0 or a 2.0.moreless
  • Pretty Average Episode

    I thought this episode was ok, Chloe is in the bathroom and is getting ready, and a sprit makes her cut her wrists, so they send her to the hospital, and they want to put her in a sycotric ward, but Clark won't let that happen he takes her back to the talon, and Chloe says to Clark to look in the wall, and see if there is someone in there,so Clark looks in there and see a body,so they call they police, but Chloe gets possosed by the girl, and looks to confront her killer, so she finds him, and finds out Lois is being hold hostage also, so they are down there, and Chloe tells the guy how he killed the girl,and tricks him into trying to kill her again, But th girl takes the man's sprit and kills him, Prety Average typical episode.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

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Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

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Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

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Erica Durance

Lois Lane

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John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • In the final scene when Chloe is walking up to her mother, who has her back to her looking out of the window, in the different shots, the mother's hair goes from inside her dressing gown to outside to inside to outside again.

    • After Clark tells Chloe to get some rest she dumps her purse and pulls out her drivers license and a "License to carry stun gun." However, in most states, Kansas included, stun guns and tasers do not require a license or permit. New York and New Jersey are the only states where they are prohibited. However, the state of Illinois does require a permit.

    • Why wasn't there any follow up therapy visits for Chloe? Once again possession (even if it can't be proven) seems to be a free "Get Out of Jail Free" card in Smallville. Most likely she would be remanded to the psych ward for a full mental evaluation which would then determine her course of treatment.

    • At the beginning in the hospital, why wasn't Chloe restrained and/or on suicide watch? As far as everyone's concerned she just tried to kill herself, even she's not sure of what happened because her memory is blurred. Yet she's not even supervised, which is even odder considering she's not even in restraints.

    • In the last act, Lana and Clark are having a talk about how they handled the Chloe situation (Clark breaking Chloe out and Lana going to Lex for help) and Lana says, "We should've come together, that's what couples do." Since when did they get back together? Lana said in "Reckoning" that she need a break from them as a couple.

    • During the end scene, when both Chloe and Lois are tied down in their chairs, Michael was about to attack Chloe, when all of a sudden, her 'tied-down' hand pops out to zap him with the kryptonite bracelet.

    • If you look carefully you can see that Lana is sleeping with her clothes on.

    • In "Lineage" Chloe said her mother left when she was five. Here she says her mother left when she was twelve.

    • It's extremely unclear how Clark makes the connection between Chloe, Gretchen, and the orderly. He goes to the Daily Planet, looks up a picture of her funeral, spots the orderly in the background, brings up his personnel file and home address with a single click (??), and just decides this particular guy should be investigated? Why?

    • Lana says to Lex that the doctors helped him when he was at Belle Reve. He smiles and agrees...but there's not much indication they ever helped him, and at least one was working with his father and used experimental devices on Lex to mess up his memories. Does Lex really consider this "help"??

    • Lex seems to have himself appointed Chloe's legal guardian, authorizing her place of treatment, but...where is Chloe's father? Is Chloe really left to be taken care of (after almost killing herself, or so everyone should believe) by Lois, who doesn't even know that Chloe's mother has a history of mental illness? As far as we know Gabe Sullivan was a fine father, and is still why isn't he here?

    • At the end of the episode, when Gretchen's spirit was released, how was Clark able to come back to the room with Chloe and Lois while Chloe was still wearing the Kryptonite bracelet? She was still wearing it on her wrist when it shows the far shot of Clark and Lois coming to, but Clark isn't affected by it at all.

    • The Talon was a converted flower shop (approximately) 15 years ago when the meteors hit (in the Pilot episode), not a theater. But Michael says his father ran it when it was a theater, which is how he had access and hid the body there. But...when it was a theater it was sometime before the first meteor shower and thus there was no kyrptonite in Smallville for Michael's dad to make the bracelets, much less in quality as Michael claims.

    • How did MIchael get up to Lois' apartment? It's night, the Talon is closed and certainly locked up. But even if he broke in...wouldn't Lois know he couldn't have gotten up there without breaking in? Is she that calm chatting up guys who break into the cafe she works at?

    • How could Chloe have a psychiatrist helping her with issues with her mother, a guy who would have contacts with mental hospitals, etc., and to whom she would almost certainly give a verifiable family history since her family has a history of such issues...and yet he doesn't know what happened to her mother?

    • Since it's a three-hour drive to Metropolis from Smallville, what was Clark doing for the three hours it took Chloe to get to the dorms from his house that he gets there just after her?

    • When Michael pulls the knife out of his shoulder, you can hear metal "swishing" of the retractable blade in the prop knife extending back out.

    • Why doesn't the kryptonite affect Clark until he pulls the wall clear with his strength? It can't be that the wall has lead paint or something blocking the radiation...because then he couldn't have used his x-ray vision through it.

    • Why didn't Clark see the bracelet with the kryptonite when he x-rayed the skeleton? We don't see it in the brief glimpse we get from Clark's point of view, but surely he would have moved his head and eyes the 1/2" down necessary to see as much as possible in the several seconds he just stared.

    • Martha is once again comfortable and chatty around Lionel. Even ignoring all the stuff Lionel has done in the past four season, in the last episode Clark found out that Lionel had Andrea's mother killed and would certainly have told Martha. So why is she making nice with Lionel?

    • After Chloe/Gretchen stuns Lex and runs off, Clark rounds the corner into the hall, almost only a second after she leaves, meaning he probably should have seen her run off. If nothing else, he could have used his x-ray vision to find any "skeleton" that was running away instead of just asking Lex and Lana where she went and then giving up.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Lois: (to Clark) Can you not do anything ridiculous for five minutes?

    • Clark: Why haven't you gone to see her?
      Chloe: Well because, because I'm afraid. I mean what if I look in her eyes and I see myself?
      Clark: What if you wait too long and you never get the chance to look into her eyes again? She's your mother, she always will be. It's not going to change no matter what.

    • Martha: There's an awful lot of your father in you.
      Clark: I hope so.

    • Lana: Chloe told me what happened
      Clark: Yeah, how's she holding up?
      Lana: She's okay, considering that she was possessed and almost chopped up by a psychotic orderly.

    • Lex: I want (Fine) located or people will be wondering where you disappeared to!

    • Clark: Lois, you don't know what goes on there. Do you really want Lex and these doctors getting inside Chloe's head?
      Lois: If it makes her feel better, I don't care if Daffy Duck whacks her with a mallet!
      Chloe: Guys, I'm drugged, not deaf.

    • Chloe: Clark, I'm a writer. If I was going to kill myself, I would've written one hell of a suicide note.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Deleted Scenes:
      1. Clark setting Chloe free before she is sent to Belle Reve.
      2. Lois is asking Michael on how a dead body ended up in the walls. Michael tells her that a similar event happened before.
      3. Lana thanks Lex for looking out for Chloe. Lex says that while he might not always go about it the right way, he just wants to help his friends.

    • John Schneider is still credited as Jonathan Kent in the opening credits even though he isn't shown in the episode.

    • Unlike most episodes, "Tomb" aired with a "Parental Discretion Advised" warning and was labeled TV-14.


    • Lex: She'll have the best doctors this side of Vienna within the hour.
      An allusion to psychotherapist Sigmund Freud, who studied and practiced in Vienna.

    • Lois: If it makes her feel better, I don't care if Daffy Duck whacks her with a mallet!
      This is an obvious allusion to Daffy Duck, the black duck in most "Bugs Bunny" cartoons, in which Daffy is usually competing with Bugs Bunny not to get shot by Elmer Fudd. He usually does this by trying to hurt Bugs with all sorts of objects (including mallets), but ends up hurting himself with those objects. Daffy Duck is owned by Warner Brothers, who also owns the Superman rights.