Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lionel is in his office when he receives an unmarked envelope sealed with wax. Opening it, he finds a note and is taken aback at its contents.

Clark goes out to the barn and gets the metal octagon from its hiding spot. He hears a noise and someone shoots him with a taser filled with kryptonite. His attacker, a soldier named Pierce, comes after him and Clark manages to knock him down and free himself. Other soldiers come in and hit Clark with a number of taser cords, immobilizing him.

Lana and Chloe arrive at the barn shortly thereafter and Lana reveals they had learned that Kara was staying with Lex and Clark was going to take her to the Fortress to unlock her memories. Chloe finds the octagon key and realizes Clark left for some other reason, and Lana finds a kryptonite taser dart.

Clark wakes up in a kryptonite-lined cage and Pierce increases the radiation to keep him weakened. Clark tries to bust through the bars without success and Pierce increases the radiation yet again.

Lionel flies by helicopter to a meeting with Patricia Swann, Dr. Swann's daughter. She inherited her father's estate after his death and has gone through all of his research. Four families gathered to discuss the Traveler from another planet: the Queens, the Teagues, the Swanns, and Lionel. They formed a secret group, Veritas, to protect the Traveler, but all of them are now dead except Lionel. Patricia accuses Lionel of killing all of them and says she has proof that her father left her, showing that Lionel wanted the Traveler for himself. She demands that Lionel release the Son of Krypton or she'll expose the evidence. Lionel denies her accusations and warns her that she's out of her league.

At the manor, Kara is going over her records when Lex comes in. She's reluctant to undergo Lex's proposed treatment to recover her memories but finally agrees. Lex then meets with his assistant doctor, who is monitoring Kara. He insists that they go ahead with the recovery operation, which will be ready the next day. He tells the doctor lock the place down if Kara displays any signs of recovering her memories.

Lionel arrives at the abandoned airstrip and orders Pierce to stop torturing Clark. Later at his office, he is talking with someone over the phone that he disagrees with when Lana and Chloe arrive. He lies to them, saying he's trying to check out government agencies, and identifies the taser dart for them. They suspect Lionel as the only other person who knows Clark's memories, but Lionel diverts suspicion to Kara and Lex and says he recognizes the technology as belonging to a military research firm that Lex owns. Lana vows that if Lex harms Clark, she'll kill him, but Lionel insists on handling Lex himself.

The next day at the Planet, Lana confirms Lex's ownership while Chloe locates the building where Clark might be kept… but Lionel ordered the construction. Chloe insists they need Kara to break into the facility and Lana tells her about an escape passage they can use to sneak in.

Patricia goes to the manor to meet with Lex. He notices the locket she's wearing, which Dr. Swann gave to him before he died. She gives Lex a gift: a painting Lex did as a child of the Luthor crest, with a V formation in it. Patricia mentions Veritas as a secret organization and suggests he talk to Lionel. Lex goes to Lionel to show him the painting and accuse him of murdering the other Veritas members. Lex promises to go to Patricia to get answers. After he leaves, Lionel calls Patricia and says he's ready to make a deal.

Lana and Chloe pack up equipment and head for the escape passage located in the hills. Lex prepares to take Kara to the recovery operation when the feed is cut off. Lex orders a security shutdown while Lana and Chloe find Kara and ask her to leave with them. Lex and his men arrive to find Kara gone.

At the airstrip hanger, Pierce tortures Clark further. Chloe takes Kara to the Fortress through the portal and tries to contact Jor-El. Chloe explains what is going on and that they need Kara's memory and powers to help Clark. The Fortress comes alive and Kara is enveloped in light and regains her memory and powers.

At the hanger, Patricia meets with Lionel and offers the evidence in return for seeing Clark. She insists on seeing Clark face-to-face to verify he's the Traveler. She warns that if Clark is the Traveler, he's leaving with her. Pierce knocks her out and Lionel takes the evidence, and tells Pierce to return Clark home. Pierce refuses and draws a gun on Lionel, insisting that Lionel is endangering national security by protecting a meteor freak. He knocks out Lionel and turns up the kryptonite radiation to 100%. Kara bursts in and destroys the central control console with her heat vision. She tosses the cage aside, knocking Pierce out of the control room. Pierce grabs a gun and prepares to shoot them, but Lionel knocks him out of the booth and to the floor where he's impaled on the wreckage.

Later at the farm, Clark meets with Patricia and she gives him her father's journal. The notes in Kryptonian say that the Traveler will bring great change, and he hopes he can live up to all the prophecies. Patricia tries to reassure him, and then notes that Lionel had the other Veritas members killed to have Clark to himself. She warns him against Lionel and asks him again to come with her, but Clark says he'll deal with Lionel. Patricia takes an apartment in Metropolis to be there for Clark when he needs her.

Clark goes to visit Lionel in his office. Lionel claims that someone threatened Clark and he hid Clark away for his own protection. He claims he built the cage for other Kryptonians but Clark doesn't believe him and leaves.

Later, Clark is working at the barn and thanks Kara, giving her the bracelet. Clark is forced to admit that Lex and Lionel are both lost causes.

Patricia's driver pulls her car over on a bridge and shoots her dead. Later, Lex examines her bloody locket and the Veritas painting.