Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • Decent, but meh

    A lot of people like this episode, while I just think it is okay. The reason is because the episode merely hints at Veratas, but there is more to the story to be seen, and the best part isn't until later. It definitely has its positives, but in the grand scheme of things, I just see this episode as generic.
  • I think member "petef20" said it best in his review of this poorly written dreck...

    "I kept telling myself that as I've watched the first six and a half seasons know I might as well see it out to the finish and that's still my only real reason for watching the show." -petef20

    With this simple statement "petef20" has summed-up my feelings toward this show completely!

    I've always been a huge fan of comic book superheroes, (Spider-Man is my personal fave) but never watched Smallville during its initial run. I only started started watching this show after a "friend" told me how great it was. I saw that seasons 1-6 were available on DVD, so I got them. I watched the first few episodes totally unimpressed. The only thing that held my attention was watching Clark's abilities manifest, and the "knowledge" that it would eventually get better. (Remember, my friend told me it was great!) Yet, here we are, 7(!) seasons into this sh*t, and I'm *still* waiting for it to be great. (Actually, I've given up on it ever achieving greatness. Right now I'd settle for "'Fair' or 'Decent', even. Contrived situations; Characters that change 'character' depending on the situation; And my biggest peeve: Abilities that are only acknowledged or used when the story dictates. Why, Why, Why would Clark need to walk to the edge of the stairs in his loft to see who had come in? Why not just look down with x-ray vision? How is it that 8-10 mercs wearing boots and body armor, and carrying click-clacking weapons can sneak up on a guy who has super-hearing?! Hell, even the dog (with his normal ears) would've been barking had he been there. And why would Clark just stand there after being hit by the first Tazer? Um... Doesn't he have super-speed??? (Oh that's right, this is the same speedster who we've seen on countless occasions let a bad guy escape because he arrived at the scene just as the bad guy walked off-stage.)

    Maybe the writers think that the viewing audience can't handle strong writing, believable situations, and relevant storylines? Thus far all we've gotten is sticky-sweet, teen-style romance, garbage stories, generic-flavor-of-the-month bands/background songs, and excessive product placement! (Yes, DELL/TOYOTA/STRIDE I'm looking at YOU!) Ugh! And who in their right mind rates this poorly written trash a "10"????

    Someone wake me when this show gets GREAT.

  • This episode was very revealing. It showed that there's a lot of skeletons hidden in Lionel's closet.

    Lionel is responsible for the death of Oliver Queen's parents and maybe Dr. Virgil Swann's death also. We see the lengths that Chloe will go to save Clark Kent. Kara now sees that Lex was just using her to get to Clark and finally find unexplained answers he has been searching for all this time. We see that Lex is steeping further into the dark side. Also, teaming up against the Luthors is a dangerous game to play. Now I don't know if Lionel is bad or good. He might have been telling the truth about protecting Clark. I guess we will find out in "Vertias"
  • Girl power!

    Lana, Chloe, and Kara team up to save Clark. This episode I liked a lot. First of all becaus Kara gets her memory back. Whch is amazing. Finally! And Chloe convinced Jor-El, she might as well be Kryptonian. Anyways I also like dthis episode because it shows Patricia Swan to carry one her Dad's legacy. Sucks she had to die, she could of been Clark's best friend. Lionel trapped him to protect him. I amn sick and tired of hearing him say that. It annoys me greatly. Finally Clark & Lionel's bond is over. Glad to see that happen. Anyways a very good episode.
  • Lionel detects threats to Clark, and takes dangerous steps to protect him through imprisonment, while Lana and Chloe try for a rescue by attempting to restore Kara to her former self.

    Lionel receives a sealed letter in his office, but we get no clue to the contents, only that it's somehow disturbing, but the scene is nicely synchronized with an operatic aria. A shift to the farm has Clark checking the location of the spaceship/cave key in it's hiding place. Somehow a gang of armed kidnappers appear and fire into Clark a number of green electrodes which pump him with meteor rock fluid - he's paralyzed into submission, as the bad guys surround him in a circle with their automatic weapons all aimed at one another. If they fired, Clark wouldn't be the one to be hurt, so this is all for dramatic effect. And how could Clark be taken by surprise in this manner - he didn't even super-hear this crowd come into the barn?

    Continuing the story from last week, Lana and Chloe recite dialog telling us that Clark intended to go to the Fortress to help restore Kara's identity. Chloe finds the key is still in the barn, so Clark did not get to the Fortress - Lana finds one of the taser-injectors used to subdue him. By now, Clark is in a small cell with bars which activate to green to confine him. He bleeds, he cannot escape, and the voltage is ramped up by his captor.

    Lionel helos to a pad in Metropolis, where he's met by Patricia Swann, whom he identifies as the daughter of Virgil Swann, the discoverer of Kal-El and the one who pushed Clark toward his destiny in Season 3. She has now received all the results of her father's research, and has been sending Lionel cryptic messages about it. She refers to the "Traveler," from another galaxy, who landed in Smallville in a meteor shower. Several families were involved in this discovery - Swann, the Queens, the Teagues, and...Lionel, who tries hard to deny all this. Patricia presses on - the four families formed "Veritas," an organization to protect the Traveler. This is a huge backstory - can all of it be found plausible given the many other storylines that have unfolded about these characters? The others all died, except Lionel - she accuses him of their murders to gain control of the Traveler for his own purposes. She threatens to release evidence linking him to the murders, unless Lionel takes her to the Traveler. He stonewalls her and departs.

    Kara is next for an update on her amnesia - someone has created en entire identity for her, school annuals, personal history, and more, but she tells Lex she does not feel that she was that person. Lex proposes a study by his neurologists, as he appeals for her trust. She agrees. Lex orders the tests to start immediately.

    Clark is still being tortured, when Lionel bursts in - it's shocking to find that he is the head kidnapper, but he wants no torture. He'd better have some pretty good reasons for all of this, or I'm going to start thinking badly of Lionel again. He's a bag of lies when Lana and Chloe later enter his office with the electrode. Lionel deflects their investigation by promising to look into a secret lab where Clark may be hidden, at LX Dynamics. By now, the various plots are getting so complicated that Lana and Chloe are given lengthy dialog to explain everything that has happened.

    Lana and Chloe hatch a plot to use Kara to rescue Clark by taking her to the Fortress for help from Jor-El. But first, how to get her out of Lex's clutches? He's busy with another visitor, Patricia, who looks much different than in earlier scenes. They have a bit of childhood history, and she gives him a drawing he made for her when young, which looks like kryptonian symbols; Lex does not remember. She's setting him up with stories of the "astronomy club" that Lionel used as a cover for Veritas.

    Lex is interested, and to his credit, shows Lionel the drawing and gives him the story as he heard it from Patricia. Lionel continues his denials; Lex asks why he killed the others. Lex leaves to get more information from Patricia - Lionel calls her, ready to make a deal.

    Lana and Chloe successfully defeat the mansion security and ask Kara to go with them, as Lex tries a lockdown, but Kara is gone. Back at the warehouse, Clark's torturer is pushing harder. Without the intervening step of the key and the cave, Chloe and Kara have transported to the Fortress, where Chloe calls out for Jor-El's help, and at last Kara is lifted by a shaft of light and her memory is restored. "Clark needs our help," Chloe tells her.

    In another surprising scene, Patricia is brought to the lab, where Lionel asks for her damning evidence against him, while she asks to see the Traveler. She sees Clark, imprisoned and suffering, and wants to meet him face to face. But that's not going to happen; Lionel's guard clubs her to the floor, and Lionel orders her sent home to Europe, and Clark sent back to the farm. But in a change of plans, head goon turns rogue, and pulls a gun on Lionel, threatening to terminate Clark. He bashes Lionel and ups the voltage on Clark, whereupon Kara to the rescue! She's a one-gal wrecking crew, blowing in the wall, zapping the controls with heat-vision, and ripping out the cage to free Clark. But the guard isn't done yet - he aims his weapon, requiring one more dramatic rescue, by Lionel!

    The wrapup is going to have to be extra long in this episode with so many hidden agendas. Patricia is at the farm with Clark, so she recovered from her head injury, and has her father's journal for him. It's filled with data and kryptonian symbols, referring to the Traveler. Can Clark live up to those prophesies from Krypton? She explains that Lionel is behind the murders - and one of many who would exploit Clark.

    Back at Luthorcorp, we have one more chance to learn what Lionel is up to, when Clark appears. Lionel claims to have been protecting Clark against potential threats, and that he built the cell to imprison other Travelers. But Clark is seeing Lionel as a never-ending threat. Lionel: "I'm a different man." Clark: "No, you're not." That sounds final, but Lionel will have more chances in the future to explain his motivations.

    At the barn, Clark returns Kara's bracelet, and tells her the Luthors are a lost cause, capable of doing the right thing only when it benefits them. Bad scene for an ending - on a bridge near Metropolis, Patricia is murdered by her driver - who was behind it? We see Lex wiping blood from her necklace, as he gazes at his childhood drawing. A shame to end this way, as the Patricia character was engaging and interesting, and would have created an opportunity for some good story lines. Still, it's good drama, although Mr. Welling gets to do little but writhe in agony for the entire episode, while Mr. Glover gets most of the good acting opportunities. Depending on how future episodes carry on with the Veritas story line, this might be a must-see. Re-run rating B.
  • I take it back - this is the best episode of the season

    A gripping struggle scene as Clark is very forcefully kidnapped by a mysterious team of mercenaries in his barn on the way to the Fortress. Chloe and Lana naturally go to Lionel for help, where he expresses his suspicions that Lex is responsible. Of course the whole thing was orchestrated by the man himself! Lionel is such a brilliant character who has evolved from the villain's daddy back in Season 1 to Jor-El's vessel in Season 5 to Clark's unlikeliest ally. A very tension-filled episode that had me hooked from start to finish and as Clark is cruelly tortured by a meteor freak-a-phobe in a kryptonite cage, Kara gets her memory back in pure elegance and the Kents are reunited! But Clark has lost complete trust in Lionel - something he may later regret...
  • supergirl to the rescue...

    as usual this is another powerful episode except that it isn't clark that saved the day but kara with the help of lana and chloe. i wonder what got into lionel's mind when he kidnapped clark and caged him. did he really think that he wouldn't be found out? but to give him the benefit of the doubt, i think he really did mean well, i mean he instructed the guard to drop him off back at kent's farm so i guess he didn't really wanna harm clark but still, just the thought of caging him is stupid.

    after watching this episode, i couldn't help but question some scenes. where was lana when chloe and kara entered the fortress of solitude? who killed patricia? is lionel really good now or is he still manipulating the life of clark? i guess i just have to find out once i finish the whole season...
  • Episode 146.

    Great but Many questions concerning prominent, wealthy families that have one time or another been involved in Clark's life are answered in this very revealing and plot-progressing 146th episode of the series.

    Lionel hires men to taser Clark and trap him in a kryptonite cell. What is Lionel's reason behind wanting Clark imprisoned? This is revealed when Lionel meets with Patricia Swann, daughter of the late Virgil Swann (played by Christopher Reeve), the doctor who told Clark his origins. Patricia believes that there was legitimacy behind a secret society among four prominent, rich families- the Luthors, Swanns, Queens, and Teagues- called Veritas, that discussed the coming of the 'Traveler' from a faraway galaxy. She accuses Lionel of killing these society members so that he could have the Traveler all to himself, and demands to see the Last Son of Krypton. She explains that Lionel has done his job as part of Veritas, and that she now must do hers.

    Meanwhile, Lex is keeping Kara in his mansion, feeding her false facts about her past as to skew her memories. He is also monitoring her on camera, and wants to give her neurological treatment to try to regain her memories so that he may understand his questions about Clark. Chloe and Lana decide that they must try to save Kara and try to restore her memories and powers if Clark is to be saved.

    This episode has everything that you want in a good episode of television: reveals, action, good writing, and fantastic acting. On top of all these qualities displayed in this episode, it also contains special effects that have come a long way on Smallville since its early seasons. A truly intriguing episode. gg
  • Interesting episode.

    Chloe and Lana: After they find out that Clark is gone missing, they go to the one person they know that can find him -- Kara. But wait, isn't Kara's memory a bit hazy? On that note, Chloe and Lana go to the only person who can give Kara her memory back -- Jor El. The whole Chloe and Lana working together and even with Kara at some point was too girl power for me. It's like one of those TV show episodes where they push all the girls to hang out together, this was just Smallville style of that type of episode.

    Lionel: We find out more about his past and his old circle of friends. He also meets with Dr. Swan's daughter who has her own suspicions of what Lionel has done with all the other members of his astronomy club. This was probably the highlight of the episode, we get to find out Lionel's previous motives and we see even up to now, he might still have them in mind.
  • Exciting and revealing!

    I really enjoyed this episode. Lex and Lionel are really great villains and we get insights into both their characters. We see more of what Lionel has done; he has a closet-full of evil deeds. We see what Lex went through and we see that he is on his way to being totally, 100% evil.

    I was excited to learn about the secret Veritas group. The Luthors, the Swanns, The Teagues and the Queens were all in it together. It made me think of Jason Teague and Oliver Queen. I wonder how aware Jason was of the secret society. I know that Oliver blames Lionel for his parents' deaths, but I wonder if he suspects why they were killed. I hated seeing Clark trapped and tortured and I was mad at Lionel for having him trapped that way. And although I hate Lana, I liked seeing her and Chloe team up to find out what had happened to Clark. I liked this episode a lot.
  • This episode was better than I expected.

    Totally amazing how they brought in things that co-existed with the first season as well as other seasons. I love the secret society that Lionel and the Queen's were in regarding the traveler. I think it is quite intriguing the way the writers worked it in.

    I am thinking that the writers have a great story line with this and cannot wait for the remaining episodes this season.

    I again, still don't feel that the actress that plays Kara was the best choice, her acting is horrible and there really is no onscreen chemistry between her and the other characters. I did like however her character saving Clark.
  • Plot holes and rubbish references to the character played by the legendary Christopher Reeve are apparently all Smallville has up its sleeves anymore.

    From start to finish this episode was bad. The opening scene when Clark got captured was woeful. There was no indication that the Kryptonite tasers were affecting him anymore than the usual stuff as he had no problem throwing a guy around just after getting hit. They tried to validate it by having a whole mess of mercenaries come after him but even with Kryptonite tasers they should've been no match for Clark. I might've been able to overlook this if the rest of the episode wasn't just as terrible.

    I'm hearing a lot of "The Magnificent B*****d is back" praise about Lionel, but I for one hate this idea. I'm fine with him still essentially being a bad guy, but my favourite character arc in the last three years has been Lionel's. I always assumed that if he discovered Clark's secret he'd expose him, but he didn't. He wanted to help him. Ever since then I'd always said that I'd stop watching the show if Lionel ever betrayed Clark like he does in this episode. Ok, they did attempt to justify his actions in a selfless manner, but it didn't work. They clearly just had Lionel put him in a cage because they thought it would be cool. It wasn't.

    Everything else in this episode was just dull. Apparently Virgil Swan had a daughter, fair enough, but bringing her in was a shameless attempt to remind us that at one point Christopher Reeve had been on the show and that was back when it was worth watching. Also four powerful families (the Luthors, the Swans and Dean, I mean Jason, and Oliver's parents) had a secret club where they talked about aliens. Read that sentence again and tell me it doesn't sound completely preposterous. They attempt to validate it with Lionel drawing a comparison to a poker night but it didn't work.

    If this in any way tied into the overall mythology of the show then it'd be fine, but it doesn't. Swan's daughter inplied that all the deaths happened a while ago. It was 1989 when the Queens died (if my memory of the Pilot episode serves me right), but other than that the others have died within the last four years. Jason Teague mentions his father in season four as though he were alive and well, and there's no indication that he's killed any time after that. True without Jason on the show after season four there would be no need to mention if Mr. Teague had been killed but it just seems like sloppy writing. Also Lionel couldn't have possibly killed Virgil Swan because he was either in prison at the time or had just gotten out and had no resources to speak of. This may all get explained away in a later episode if it turns out Lionel didn't do any of it but it was just far too much for me to take.

    Then there's Kara, the worst addition to the show. In fairness she wasn't completely unlikeable in this episode. That Chloe and Lana managed to get her out from under Lex's nose even with the knowledge of an escape route was pushing it, but believable. But Kara's powers being restored wasn't particularly impressive. Allison Mack did a decent job, but acting against thin air as well as some dodgy dialogue clearly wasn't easy to pull off. I can understand that they might not always be able to get Terrence Stamp, but his voice would've realy helped that scene here.

    The 1.5 scoreline I've given is pretty much just for Kara's rescue of Clark because it did look cool (and we got to see heat vision for the first time in God knows how long!). The rest was awful. The whole episode I was considering just turning it off. I kept telling myself that as I've watched the first six and a half seasons know I might as well see it out to the finish and that's still my only real reason for watching the show. Smallville is over, in fainress it was over about three episodes into season five. I really hope I'm wrong and things can quickly pick up, but on the basis of this episode all we're going to get from now on is poor writing, that'll bore you to tears with maybe a cool action sequense every now and then if we're lucky.
  • clark gets kidnapped and imprisonned in a kryptonite cell while kara is striving to get her memories back. and a new secret society is revealed...

    i actually liked this episode. i mean if you compare this the farce of an episode last week, this was definitely a major improvement. while clark does not get a lot a screen time (and even when he does, he was just shown struggling and flipping around), there were a lot of developments in plotlines and characters. patricia swann, daughter of virgil, is introduced and it is revealed that the swanns, teagues, queens and luthors used to have a secret society dealing with extraterrestial activity. this certainly is a great revelation and shows more connections to the many families already introduced. as it seems, the deaths of the mentioned families was indeed orchestrated by lionel. great twist there. however, the best part of this episode was the fact that it shows that lex is going deeper into the abyss of darkness and it seems there's no turning back for him now. great foreshadowing to the future villain that we know he is going to be. :)
  • This could easily be the best episode of the entire season!

    I loved Traveler and in every single way. I knew that it was a long time coming before Clark would get a dose of his biggest fear, being locked up in a cage. I'm actually surprised that they didn't do this before now. However, I was surprised that Cloe and Lana were only featured in the begining and middle of the episode, but once they resue Clark they're gone. It's like, "Thanks guys. You saved my life. Now leave." (lol) Also, I thought that Clark would have confronted someone about his time spent in the cage and the closest that he's ever gotten to torture. I mean, he could have confided in Lana (most likely) or Cloe or Kara. I also believe that the actor who played Pierce was really good. I wish the hadn't have killed Pierce, as he would have made a good guest star for the next season and the rest of season 7. The writers could have played off of that story plot A LOT more.
  • a real good episode a must watch I watched this episode without watching the trailer and i would have to say that this episode took me by complete surprise

    when clark was captured i had no idea that it was Lionel that was behind it i thought that it was the united states defence secretary guy that captured kara earlier this season I had no idea that Dr. Swann had a daughter i must have missed that... a secret group that will protect the traveler WOW i thought you got to admit thats cool :] did lionel actually kill all the other members like petricia says he did??

    when Lana and Chloe planed to bring kara to the Fortress i thought that she would not get her powers back but she did!! thats great i think lionel says that he was trying to protect clark but did he actually try to protect him??

    Patricia was shoot :( i hated that and it kinda looked like lex was behind that i hope that clark finds out and teaches lex a lesson
  • Easily one of the best episodes of the season

    An odd thing happened during the course of this episode. I found myself actually thinking that "Smallville" was finally delving into the kind of material that I had been waiting for ever since I started watching the show in the third season. It remains to be seen if this will be just another brief foray into the kind of storytelling that "might have been", or a strong arc for the rest of the season. However it pans out, this was one of my favorite episodes in quite some time.

    To me, it always seemed as if Lionel Luthor had more information about Clark and Krypton than he was willing to reveal. I was also fascinated by the idea of Lionel as a man who desperately wants to be better than he is, but cannot break out of the cage of his own machinations. Lex is Lionel's legacy, the product of his personal ambitions, and Lionel's inability to recognize the depth of his own darkness is a wonderful character point.

    The writers present the case very well in this episode: Lionel may do the right thing, but for the wrong reason. Lionel has a very long history of taking action "for others", while effectively cutting them out of the matter in the process. It's a specific brand of paternalism that has evolved into Lex's single-minded pursuit of his agenda. Lex believes (at least, some of the time) that his actions are for the betterment of mankind. The question of whether or not humanity would agree with his assessment never enters his mind.

    Just as Clark struggles to understand and recognize Lionel's true motives, Kara awakens to her true identity and a better understanding of Lex's agenda. Truth be told, Kara's restoration was a bit too quick and easy for my liking; the plot arc might have been more interesting if Kara had continued to be an unwitting pawn in Lex's game against Clark. I also find her less interesting when the writers try to force the whole "Supergirl" thing into the story, which the actress struggles to portray well.

    It was very good, though, to see Veritas brought into the story more completely. It really should have been a major arc for the series as a whole, but better late than never. Because the concept was never a solid part of the series until now, not all the events in continuity fit into the Veritas mold, but enough works to keep me happy. It should be very interesting to see what Lex does with the information once he inevitably gets his hands on it.
  • The sound track was better then the plot line

    Bottom line, Clark gets captured but Lionel who blames it Lex, who has welcomed Kara into his home in order to reveal the Kent family secret, Kara, has no memory thus no powers, which Lana and Chloe need to rescue Clark. Throw in a secret society , some good old fashion Luthor evil handedness, some traditional smallville amnesia recovery and last minute plot twist, and you have this weeks ep.
    Its amazing how the Luthor's, in all their genius, can twist reality to make a kidnapping seem like the best thing to do, gotta love em. The capture scene and the rescue seen was about the only action in this ep, which were ok.
    Overall, decent ep, Lionel's loyalty to Clark is in question, again, Kara has her memory/powers back and Lex has another necklace, watch the ep you'll understand.
  • great episode

    Clark have thought of a way to bring back Kara's memory. But he fails to do it and he gets kidnapped by a group of mercenaries armed with kryptonite laced weapons. Chloe and Lana suspect that Lex might be behind it. They go to Lionel for help. Dr. Swann's daughter comes to Smallville to visit Lionel. She demands that Lionel surrender Clark to her or she will expose incriminating evidence against him. This is a really exciting episode, the writers came up with a secret organization. This add another layer into the ever growing universe of smallville. i definitely like to learn more about veritas next week.
  • Smallville is so frustrating because of how much potential it has. Because of the need for drama the show goes in the direction of the most drama, but at the loss of logic.

    Clark Kent is an amazing individual. He is just a regular farmboy, adopted by two loving parents and has a girl he likes but can never seem to quite get. Oh yeah, he is also virtually immune to harm, can shoot fire from his eyes, run at mach 3, hear the marching of ants, blow away storm clouds and bench press his house...except around these strange glowing rocks. I really do wonder why 22 or so weird things happen to him every year.

    Comic books are tough to translate into film, because to do it right means that you help the audience believe that a man can fly. If done wrong it looks fake and silly. This is a standard rule, everything has to appear genuine and believable.

    Allison Mack has to hold the episode together because all Tom Welling has to do is writhe in pain in a kryptonite cell and John Glover's character has no clue what he is trying to do.
    Chloe's plea to Jor-El in the Fortress was the best part, nothing before or after really seemed to coagulate together. Hearing her say that she loved Clark is a testament to the care she has been given in development. If it came from Lana I don't know if I would have believed it.
    Kara was used only as a resolution then an actual development, and Lana was around to provide the information and resources to get Kara to be the resolution.

    And now onto Lionel. From the early seasons he had a gift for dramatic flare, never quite figuring out what his real motives are. From the moment he became an instrument of Jor-El he has shown some serious change, if anything in his intentions. He will still lie to your face with a smile on his, but he helped to deflect questions going in Clarks direction, demonstrating mostly altruistic motives. The claim he gave for this episode was to protect Clark from prying eyes. But did he really think that Clark would forgive him, no matter what the excuse? If that was the case then Lionel has the mind of a three-year old, not able to understand the concepts of right and wrong.

    I did like the concept of Virgil Swann's daughter, even if this is the first time ever seeing or hearing of her. From all the villiany going on, it was nice to have a friendly soul.

    And finally despite the very brief screen time Lex had managed to completely destroy his character. Lex has always been power hungry and selfish, but always with at least psuedo good intentions. His last moments was heartless and cold, without any provocation but to be heartless and cold.

    Despite the rather silly concepts of the Superman character, to believe a man can fly is to provide a solid ground to stand on, but soft enough to cushion a fall. The ground here is pudding. The episode is watchable, but flounders horribly.
  • Finally someone heard(read) consumers. This kind of episodes cona lead to a good Justice League show. Some mistakes were shown but it is still a good episode.

    After the last dozen episodes our dear Smallville is loosing it's super powers. This episode is exactly what pepople are expeting of the show. Listening to the consumer is the best marketing plan for every product and TV Show or movies are no exception. The League of Justice is already formed, even though Superman isn't in yet the concept is already created. Superman is about to show up, I can feel the interest in Clark, he is finally imagniating a world with a Super Hero around. The League of Justice may be complete in te next episodes if writer's take advantage of the feeling created in this episode. Thanks for being back.
  • This episode was exciting and completely unexpected!! Clark is kidnapped and trapped in a kryptonite cage so it's up to Lana and Clark to save him. Absolutely brilliant!!

    This episode was exciting and completely unexpected!!
    Clark is kidnapped and trapped in a kryptonite cage so it's up to Lana and Chloe to save him. Absolutely brilliant!!

    Lana and Chloe have to play Nancy Drew and discover whare Clark is being held. I liked this because it was a reversal of roles. They go to Kara for help and convince her to come with them to the fortress. (Although, for some reason only Chloe goes with her).
    Chloe begs Jor-El to give Kara back her memory and powers so that she can save Clark. Chloe delivers a superb speech in which she pronounces "I love your son". This is not the only time in the episode that Chloe shows her true feelings toward Clark as she also says "To save Clark, I'd climb Mount Everest".
    Kara gets her memory back aswell as her powers and she heads off to save Clark. Her burst through the doors dressed in the traditional Superman red and blue colours was spectacular and it's so sweet when just after rescuing Clark, she says "Clark, how could i have ever forgotten you?" Awwwww!
    Lionel's true colours are revealed and finally Clark sees him for the villan he truly is. Their talk at the end was just perfect especially with Lionel's obvious attempts to make Clark trust him again.
    I was so glad that Kara got her memory back, and just in time too! It'll be interesting to see what happens when Lex finds out she has all her memories.
  • Finally, after a string of pathetic episodes (read..Hero)..another worthy Smallville Episode - the Traveller ups the ante

    !!!!With spoilers!!!
    Thankfully, the ridiculous , over-squeezed Amnesia sequence has been closed. Kara gets her memory back and saves the day FINALLY using her superpowers for impacting good!!

    Until know her powers seemed all eye candy.

    To tell you the truth - Season 7 seemed very depressing with a STRING of irritating and boring episodes . Hero by far was the worst (and I repeat, I thank god Sam Jones II is no longer with the show - I never liked him, and after Hero .. I still dont).

    But Traveler seems to bring in a very mature theme to the genre. Its a remarkable episode for two reasons - it's that junction where the two central characters have fallen pretty much into "I know what I have to do" path.
    Lex has officially turned into the dark-lex we're familiar with in the Superman Mythos (the cruel game he was about to play with Kara and the execution of Patricia Swann) and Clark echoing for the first time (seriously, that is) "I just hope I can live upto what everyone thinks I'm supposed to be" There you go ladies and gentlemen - The new age has begun with Traveler.

    This episode has it all - conspiracy, loyalty, betrayal, character establishment and love.

    On an ending- I hope the writers STOP writing crap like Hero,Fierce and Fracture. Please, the superman glory is just around the more corn events....stride gum commercials or amne-fraggin-sia!!!!
  • This was better than last weeks episode, but I'm not really impressed.

    It's extremely hard for me to watch Clark being beaten,kidnapped and tortured, and seems like TPTB enjoy seeing him suffer either physically or emotionally on a regular basis. Kryptonite here, Krytonite there, Kryptonite everywhere! Enough is Enough. Along with having Clark around Kryptonite almost all the time, they have come up with the casual routine of having someone to come rescue him, I get so fed up with this! Having to save Clark should be rare, not the usual. Tom Welling did his damn thing, even though most of his screen time was spent in a cage, I felt his pain everytime Pierce increased the level of kryptonite. He does pain and suffering so well. But there are better ways to have the storyline focus on Clark without him being diminished. Saving the Hero is getting old. Chloes plea to Jor el was extremely heart felt and Allison Mack did a wonderful job as usual. I hope to see Chloe in the 8th season, she's Clarks best friend, who knows everything about him, and I can't picture someone taking her place. I hated that they played the Superman music after Kara got her memory back, another thing given to Kara that should only be meant for Clark. Lex was the iconic Lex in this episode I loved his scenes with Lionel and Patricia Swann. I liked Patricia Swann but I understand why she wouldn't play an important role in Clarks life. Clark doesn't need another Character telling him he should go save the world, Clark should decide to do that on his own and he will. No one forces Clark to become Superman, He takes it upon himself. Loinels ways of protecting people always seems to back fire, is this a new move by TPTB to make us Love to Hate Lionel again or to mess up his character all together! Here we go. We just got to wait and see. I didn't hate this episode but didn't love it either.
  • The Son of Krypton and his Crazy Cult

    Traveler-Clark is kidnapped by a mysterious team of mercenaries, and when Chloe and Lana go to Lionel for help, he expresses his suspicions that Lex is responsible. Chloe and Lana then convince Kara to go with them to the Fortress to ask Jor-El to restore Kara's memory because she's the only person who can rescue Clark.

    After last week's filler failure "Hero", this week sees Smallville returning back to form in such a great way! First off, this is the first time in a while where we got an episode so focused on Clark and his destiny, which has been seriously lacking from the series. Also, the episode brings up a lot of questions from the past and some interesting developments for the future.

    The Veritas cult development has to be the most interesting development this season, maybe the series in a good while! The writers have always (will mostly, lol) have done well with creating a mythology of their own to support the Superman mythology and this is one of their best yet. This development actually brings past storylines with the Teagues and Virgil Swann full circle, making you understand the reasons behind their intrigue with the symbols and Krypton. Just knowing that Lionel knew all along about Kryptonians and planned to trap Clark was also an interesting development. Also, the scene as the end where Clark reads Swanns' diary and questions if he can be the savior everyone thinks he can be is great line and another big development in Clark's journey.

    John Glover commanded the screen through all his scenes and he play Lionel's back and forth shift from good to bad so gracefully. You want to truly believe Lionel is doing all this for the right reasons, but his overall manner throughout the hour makes you think his gone back to his old ways. I especially loved the last scene between him and Clark, just flawless with the perfect dialogue. Other stand out are Micheal Rosenbaum, despite, his limited screen time, Allison Mack and surprisingly, Kristin Kruek. Both Kristin and Allison worked really well together throughout as Chloe and Lana played "Nancy Drew"s by trying to find Clark's where abouts. The guest stars were also great with Gina Holden as Particia Swann and Aaron Douglas as the renegade soldier, Pierce. Even Tom was more convincing as those torture scenes in that kryptonite cage looked very unpleasant and, of course, Tom plays pain so well.

    But like most Smallville episodes, there are those minor errors in the episode. First off, while I'm glad the amnesia storyline with Kara has finally ended and she even has her powers back, her restoration scene was way too over the top and comes off quite campy afterwards as she has no idea what happened since she lost her memory. Also, the way Chloe found out Lionel was behind Clark's disapearence happened too quick as well as Lana and Chloe getting Kara out of Lex's mansion without even a struggle. I mean shouldn't Lex have searched for her afterwards? Also, Lana disappears half way through the episode when Chloe brings Kara to the Fortress which is just unintentionally hilarious as well as Kara showing up in her red and blue clothes as she saves Clark. But that aside, "Traveler" is a thrilling episode with great performances, intense scenes and a very intriguing plot development. I hope with "Veritas" next week, the writers continue to build on this cult concept as it's very good.
  • Welcome back smallville

    Its been so long since we had a well written well directed episode..When i say really long i mean likw two seasons long..Really enjoyed the episode from start to finish..

    The best thing about the episode is that it had relevance to the overall story being brought by smallville to the superman story..from start to finsih you had a flow..there were small interuptions but from the moment Clark got kidnapped to the end the episode was worth watching

    The dialogs sounded better. The acting seemed better than before due to the flow of the drama in the heres to the hope that this would continue on..

  • Another solid episode by Smallville.

    Another solid episode by Smallville.

    I really enjoyed this episode, which had everything. We had Clark kidnapped by Lionel and put a cage made of Kryptonite. We then had Kara taken by Chloe and Lana to the Fortress of Solitude so that Jor-El can restore her memory.

    We got to know about Veritas, and how Patricia Swan wanted to take Clark from Lionel and accusing Lionel of killing the others in Veritas including her father. In the end Patricia is killed. The question is whether Lionel or Lex killed her.

    What I really enjoyed in this episode was Lionel becoming evil again. I think Lionel is one of the best characters in Smallville and as an evil he is much better.
  • Excellent!

    Lionel was very confusing to me this episode. Why would he cage Clark? The answer came by the end. But did he kill-off the others of Veritas? I'll bet that answer will come in the next episode. It appears that Lionel was part of a secret society called Veritas, of only 4 families. Lionel is the only survivor of that group, and Swan's daughter is accusing him of killing the others. Unfortunately, she too is killed by the end of this episode.
    Kara is back, with her memories and powers. Clark gives her back her bracelet, which he was holding for her.
  • Its like a long lost friend has come back out of nowhere.

    It was the very first minute into the episode where i knew it was going to be cool. When the titles started I actually said "finally!!" out loud. What a cool episode. After having sufferred massive traumas in the last god knows how many episodes of smallville I am FINALLY rewarded with this. Plot moves forward, different storyline, arcs closed and new arcs have been built, it was really good overall. I gave it a 9 and this is the highest i have rated in smallville since LAST season.

    thanks to the writers. and now i will express some dissapointment for the upcoming crap episodes -because we all know they are not over--

    :( :( :( :( :( :(
  • Clark is kidnapped! Lana & Chloe must take Kara to the Fortress to ask Jor-El to restore her memory to save Clark. Patricia Swann comes to find "The Traveler". Info about a group named Veritas involving the Luthors, Queens, Swanns and Teagues is revealed.

    An excellent episode in my opinion. Some very important plots in the Smallville mythology was revealed and I really liked how there was good continuity with past seasons and episodes. Clark's endurance, stamina and invulnerability were tested to the max in this episode, and this is seen throughout most of the episode. Patricia Swann was an interesting character with important info regarding the research of the deceased Virgil Swann. This episode also revealed the many sides of Lionel Luthor and even at the end, some questions are still left to be answered. The ending of the episode was somewhat expected but still pretty entertaining and I can't wait to see next week's episode, "Veritas". Also for all the complainers out there, you may be happy to know that Clark has taken another step and is getting closer to accepting his destiny. Chloe and Lana teaming up was pretty cool and Lex was fabulous as always. Kara getting her memory back was predictable (buy hey it had to happen eventually) but the special effects were still awesome and I liked the few seconds of "Superman" music you hear in this episode. One thing that I was a bit disappointed in was that there was no Terrance Stamp (Jor-El voice) but there will be more in the future episodes definitely. Anyways an episode I really loved that also had a significant improvement from last week's episode. I rate "Traveler" a perfect 10/10.
  • This episode saved Smallville in my opinion, considering how awful the previous 3 or 4 were. This one is decent and at least they are heading in the right direction. 6.9 out of 10, not bad, not great either.

    I started watching Smallville from season 5 and I never got to appreciate some of the earlier seasons. Recently I "got my hands on" season 3 and 4. Watching these seasons made me appreciate the potential of this series and how it has fallen so far from it's original excellence. This episode is another example of how the character Kara is completely useless. The only time this episode is remotely exciting is in the VERY beginning and at the end. I think that it would have been a lot better if it wasn't Lionel holding him in a cage, rather somebody new, like what they did with Morgan Edge in season 3. But I think in this episode they at least did something with the progression of the story. The episodes before were either about an evil Clark or about Kara and Lex. The one thing I excited to know about Smallville, that is actually keeping me in this series is Milton Fine, or as we know him now as the Brainiac. But about this episode, I think that the writers are starting to pull away from what made smallville so great, and that is the multiple stories. Before, you would have one character having an issue here, another having an issue here and that essentially gave the viewer more...well...choice if I can say that. Example, in season 3 Lana had a boyfriend named Adam who was actually raised from the dead. While Lana had to deal with Adam, Clark's jealously kicks in, then we see Lex's feud with his father, and Lionel going to his underground lab and giving Adam his medicine. There was so much story and it was so exciting. Now, it's so bland and boring. Kara just looks at pictures trying to regain memory, Lex is plotting evil stuff which we don't even see, Clark is being held at Lionel's cage. A final thing I want to say is that I have always wondered if John Glover was a good or bad actor. Either he is terrible or amazing because you can never tell if he is doing things out of love or spite. Like this episode, I thought Lionel was protecting Clark, but at the same time it seemed he was acting evil. Also, to anyone who says Lionel is so evil and all of that, I think it is BS. Lionel has some Kryptonian spirit in him right? and all of the crimes that he committed happened before he become the host of some Kryptonian spirit who might be Jor-el (he calls Clark son). But Just wanted to point that out. This is my first Smallville review so be easy on me.
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