Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • I think member "petef20" said it best in his review of this poorly written dreck...

    "I kept telling myself that as I've watched the first six and a half seasons know I might as well see it out to the finish and that's still my only real reason for watching the show." -petef20

    With this simple statement "petef20" has summed-up my feelings toward this show completely!

    I've always been a huge fan of comic book superheroes, (Spider-Man is my personal fave) but never watched Smallville during its initial run. I only started started watching this show after a "friend" told me how great it was. I saw that seasons 1-6 were available on DVD, so I got them. I watched the first few episodes totally unimpressed. The only thing that held my attention was watching Clark's abilities manifest, and the "knowledge" that it would eventually get better. (Remember, my friend told me it was great!) Yet, here we are, 7(!) seasons into this sh*t, and I'm *still* waiting for it to be great. (Actually, I've given up on it ever achieving greatness. Right now I'd settle for "'Fair' or 'Decent', even. Contrived situations; Characters that change 'character' depending on the situation; And my biggest peeve: Abilities that are only acknowledged or used when the story dictates. Why, Why, Why would Clark need to walk to the edge of the stairs in his loft to see who had come in? Why not just look down with x-ray vision? How is it that 8-10 mercs wearing boots and body armor, and carrying click-clacking weapons can sneak up on a guy who has super-hearing?! Hell, even the dog (with his normal ears) would've been barking had he been there. And why would Clark just stand there after being hit by the first Tazer? Um... Doesn't he have super-speed??? (Oh that's right, this is the same speedster who we've seen on countless occasions let a bad guy escape because he arrived at the scene just as the bad guy walked off-stage.)

    Maybe the writers think that the viewing audience can't handle strong writing, believable situations, and relevant storylines? Thus far all we've gotten is sticky-sweet, teen-style romance, garbage stories, generic-flavor-of-the-month bands/background songs, and excessive product placement! (Yes, DELL/TOYOTA/STRIDE I'm looking at YOU!) Ugh! And who in their right mind rates this poorly written trash a "10"????

    Someone wake me when this show gets GREAT.