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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • When Lex's car is shown falling into the river, there is no damage on the front from hitting Clark or the guard rail.

  • The location of the Torch is different in the pilot from the rest of the whole show. Also the Wall of Weird changes its location from a closet to out in the open.

  • Trivia: The car that Lex drove off the bridge is a Porsche 911 SC.

  • Trivia: Lionel refers to his company as "LexCorp." In subsequent episodes it is called "LuthorCorp."

  • When Whitney punches Clark down before putting him in the truck, you can see an elastic band on Clark's forearm, It is probably the strap of an elbow pad Tom Welling used so he wouldn't scrape his elbows when he fell down.

  • How did Chloe get to be editor of the high school paper as a freshman?

  • Trivia: When Clark leaves for school at the beginning of the episode, he has a skateboard attached to his backpack. Clark never rides it and the skateboard was never seen again after this episode.

  • When Jonathan Kent shows Clark the spaceship, it appears that the ship has a very rough-lined surface. When Clark speeds away, we can see it is smoother.

  • When Lana went to the cemetery to her parents' grave, she rode her horse there but Clark walks her home. How did the horse get back?

  • Trivia: The name of the super-speeding kid Clark looks at on the computer is "Scott Hoggs," which doesn't seem to be the name of any character in the DC universe.

  • Trivia: We see from the permission slip that the Kent's address is "Hickory Lane" (no street # given).

  • Trivia: Smallville's population is established as 45,001 as of "Today". It was 25,001 when the meteors hit.

  • When the meteors were hitting Kansas, they were coming in from all different directions. All meteors came from the same place of origin, Krypton. Why would one meteor come in from east to west and another from southeast to northwest and so on and so on? They should've all landed along the same path. Miles apart, yes, but all along the same north to south (or whatever) path.

  • School bus routes are generally planned so as to pick up people from farther away from the school, then people closer and closer. Since Chloe lives in town and Clark lives out in farmland, why is Chloe on the bus before it gets to Clark's stop?

  • How could Clark have reached age 15 before finding out about the spaceship? As a child on a farm, he'd have explored every bit of it, including the storm cellar. What's the chance while snooping around down there that he never looked under the tarp?

  • Just before Lex hits Clark with his car, you can see Clark is standing with his face toward the car, then you see Clark is standing with his back to the car, then suddenly, he is standing with his face toward the car again, hands streched forward.

  • Why (in Tom Welling's first scene in Smallville), does he suddenly decide to comb his hair when he is rushing off to school? In the kitchen, his bangs are apparent; when he is rushing to catch the bus, his hair is parted neatly.

  • What kind of a clamp does Lana's necklace have? When Whitney stops Clark (to make him the scarecrow), and he is holding Clark by the collar of his shirt, he literally rips Lana's necklace off of his neck to put it on Clark. Wouldn't it break? And how about when Lex rescues him from being the scarecrow? When Clark falls, the necklace just comes off when he lands on his hands. Yet, in "Visage," Lana seems to have to unclamp her necklace to give it to "Whitney".

  • When Jonathan shows Clark the ship, Clark speeds away from the storm cellar and the blur starts before Clark moves.

  • Lex's customized license plate simply says "USA" without a state identification. Even customized license plates give the state.

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