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  • Season 1 Episode 21: Tempest (1)

  • Trivia: The song Whitney puts on when he is dancing with Lana is the same one that ends off the very first episode.

  • If Smallville has a population of over 45,000 people, why doesn't it have a normal Greyhound bus station, instead of a spot in a dirt lot?

  • When Lionel announces that he's closing the plant down, Lex tells him that he just fired 2,500 people, but later Jonathan says that this decision caused half the town to lose its jobs. We have seen before that the label of "Welcome to Smallville" shows that the population is over 45,000.

  • Lex is seen reading an email just before a confrontation with his father at 14:56 of this episode. The subject of the email is "Crisis". The text is as follows:

    ..rebel, prompting Alexander to march on their city. Calmer heads do not prevail. Alexander seizes the "opportunity" to send a powerful statement to the rest of his empire. he and his armies kill six thousand Thebans, demolish the city and sell the 30,000 survivors into slavery. Scorched earth, Lex. That was how Alexander the Great chose to inaugurate his reign at what my college history professor liked to call the modern empire's birthplace. But that is only history. Now you have a choice between seizing the opportunity or fleeing from the danger. What you do will define your regime, as Alexander's actions defined his for generations to come.
    I sincerely hope you will seize this "opportunity" to show your father and the business world--as well as those of us who serve you--an example of righteous and compassionate leadership. My family and I pray that you will.

  • When Clark is trying to decide what color of tie and cummerbund to wear Pete tries to convince him to go with basic black while Lana says to go with the red. How did Lana even hear what they were talking about, seeing as she joined them from a different hallway at the end of the conversation? Clark of course decides to go with red but when you see him getting dressed for the dance his tie is black.

  • Whitney's truck doesn't have any license plates.

  • Trivia: Just as Ryan predicted in "Stray," Chloe wears a pink dress to the dance.

  • When you see Remy Zero and they perform Save Me, you see Clark standing and drinking something and Pete comes over to him and they cheer the band. But Pete says "Ruby" Zero, not "Remy."

  • When the car blows up, and Clark gets out of the car, his hair is wet. Then when we see Clark up close his hair is instantly dry.

  • In this episode Clark's clothing are pretty much burned and destroyed by the truck explosion - which contradicts several previous and subsequent episodes where Clark's clothing heat up a little bit but don't get damaged (presumably because his invulnerability extends to them).

  • As Clark sees Lana in the truck, there is a sign behind Clark that says 90. 90 is the speed limit in Canada where Smallville is filmed, but not in Kansas where Smallville is supposed to be. (one contributor, Favre, thought it was a highway #, not a speed limit sign - note that in "Suspect" Smallville is mentioned as being near Highway 91).

  • Does anyone believe every single person, not only the committee but the teachers and chaperones, would leave the decorated gymnasium completely empty an hour before the dance begins? It didn't work that way when I was in high school.

  • Doesn't Lex have any security? Lionel just comes strolling in without any warning, and later Nixon just wanders in and steals the spaceship key.

  • Nobody in the Kent household seems too concerned that they just lost their truck to an explosion. How many do they have?

  • When Lex meets with the employees to engineer the buyout, he says some people thought he was promoted over better people and he got the job because of nepotism, but that it all really isn't true. Umm, it is true, isn't he? Granted it was Lionel, not Lex, that promoted him because of nepotism. Still lying to these guys doesn't seem like a good idea to convince them he's sincere.

  • In the Smallville Ledger headline, in the subhead they misspell "Cited" as "Sited" (i.e., "Management Problems Sited")

  • In this episode, Lex says the plant is turning a profit "for the first time in two years." Again, the headline in "Stray" said the plant was showing a profit then. Is this just a delayed reaction or what? How much time separates that episode and this one?

  • In the earlier episode "Stray" the local newspaper ran a headline saying that the LexCorp plant posted a profit. In this episode Lionel shows up and says he's closing the plant because it isn't making a profit. Granted, Lionel is presumably lying about the profit-thing to get Lex back, but no one in Smallville seems to notice the discrepancy. And what do the shareholders and the board of LexCorp think of Lionel closing off a plant that has publicly announced a profit?

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Obscura

  • When the scene shifts to the Kent farm, we see stock footage of a sunny day with clear blue skies, but when we cut to Jonathan and Clark loading the truck next to the barn, the sky is solid overcast.

  • Why are so many outside decorative lights on at the carnival? If it were closed for the season (as Chloe said), the lights would be out. Did the kidnapper put them on? Seems a strange way to avoid drawing attention to oneself when in the middle of a crime!

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