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  • Season 2 Episode 23: Exodus (2)

  • When we see Clark driving away at the end, he seems to be going pretty slow (maybe 50-60 mph). As he is wearing the red kryptonite, shouldn't he be taking chances, like going above the speed limit?

  • When Clark puts the Kryptonite octagon in the ship, he falls back because it's making him sick. When he's exposed to Kryptonite, bullets, knives, and explosions can kill him, so why doesn't the explosion from the ship kill him.?

  • Helen claims that Clark's blood vial wasn't specially labelled or distinguished and Lex claims that he didn't have the blood sample analyzed... so how did his thieves know what to take and how did he know which vial to keep? Maybe Helen's lying or maybe Lex is... again. Or maybe good doctors just don't leave unmarked vials suspiciously lying around.

  • Why does Clark leave with a motorcycle, couldn't he just superspeed away?

  • When Clark tells Pete that Lana's necklace almost killed him when he was tied up in the storm cellar, wouldn't the necklace have killed him when he was tied up as the scarecrow? He's exposed to the necklace when it was broad daylight outside, and, when he is shown as the scarecrow, it is completely dark outside. This indicates the passing of a few hours. However, when Tina Greer turns into Jonathan and ties Clark downstairs in the storm cellar with Lana's necklace on, it only seems like a matter of minutes (10 at the very most).

  • When the ship explodes, the storm cellar completely explodes, and everything is destroyed. So, how come the stairway is perfectly intact?

  • When Clark's parents crash the car because of the shockwave the door is open when the car comes to a stop but when the Clark sees the car the door is closed and there are almost no damages to the except the smoking engine.

  • When Clark gets up after the storm cellar is demolished from the explosion of the ship Clark's shirt is ripped down to where his S mark should be but it isn't there.

  • The box with Lionel's key in it is gone from the little plinth in the long shot before the shot where blurred Clark comes and steals it.

  • How dumb is Lionel? Come on, he doesn't know the meaning of Backup? If he made one key why not two or three or a dozen? He has enough kryptonite to do so. (editor's note: just because he's pissed the first key was stolen doesn't mean he can't have others...)

  • Clark's theory is based on a seemingly false assumption that the ship neutralized Lana's necklace to protect itself. The necklace wasn't that close (in "Visage") and it wasn't moving toward the ship or anything. The ship was closer to kryptonite in "Duplicity." And when the ship came to Earth, it came through space in fairly close proximity to the kryptonite meteors - why didn't it neutralize those too to "protect" itself?

  • The "range" of red kryptonite seems to vary inconsistently. It works on Clark when he wears it as a ring on his finger, and when Pete puts it in his pocket, but not when he holds it in his hand.

  • It seems unusual that Lionel doesn't put two and two together and needs Pete to explain how he put the Ross family out of business. Lionel has a mind like a steel-trap, and even if it was just a standard business deal like hundreds of others from his perspective...well, it wasn't. Jonathan Kent and the deal he cut with Lionel about adopting Clark (see "Lineage") apparently played a big role in the creamed-corn buyout, and Lionel has a lot of interest in the Kents.

  • Lex kicked Lionel out of the manor way back in "Red," and except for when Lex was temporarily ousted in "Prodigal," Lionel has only been a visitor. Yet here Lionel is using it as a business place of sorts to meet with Chloe when Lex is gone. Maybe Lionel knows Lex isn't coming back...?

  • Maybe they'll explain it down the road, but the key's function seems a bit confusing. At the caves it apparently activates the mechanism there (it has a keyhole that fits the key's inscriptions)...which seems to be some kind of anti-Clark programmed system that gives Walden the power and indirectly the motive to kill Clark. Yet it also activates the ship, which is a pro-Clark programmed system. Why does the same key serve two such diametrically opposite purposes? Or if they are two different machines, why do they have the exact same key?

  • Lex said that his father had stepped up security at the caves, yet Clark and later Pete waltz right in.

  • Why doesn't Clark use x-ray vision to find the ring in Chloe's office, rather then rummage through the drawers? Even if it's in lead, all Clark has to do is look for a box that he can't see through.

  • Once again, Lana showed up at the Kents' barn all gussied up with no visible means of transportation - even after Clark announced that he had to pick her up! Then, she was able to leave and get to the wedding somehow. (We see the Kents leave without her.)

  • If Helen and Lionel are up to some secret plan and meeting, why are they meeting in the hallway right outside of Lex's office? For that matter, how did Lionel get into the manor past Lex's security for...oh, the 10th time or so in the last two years?

  • Clark has a pimple on his chin again - something that seems a bit difficult for someone with near-invulnerable skin. (Look for it when he and Lana are out with the horses.)

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