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  • Season 5 Episode 22: Vessel

  • When Lex was teleported to the Black Ship why was it so important for Fine to bring him to the field? He could just teleport him at any suitable moment from any place including inside the mansion.

  • According to Al Gough, Fine's abduction of Lex is intentional so that Clark becomes involved, gets the dagger from Jor-El, etc. But then why does Fine use Lana as his only witness, leave a black Zod mark, etc.? He knows that she isn't involved with Clark and is trying to avoid him. There are a hundred ways he could "leak" the info to Clark - why involve Lana who is probably the last person to talk to Clark about it?

  • When Clark sees the Phantom Zone ring, why doesn't he run or something instead of just looking at Zod?

  • When Clark hits and knocks Fine down in the Luthor mansion, Fine can be seen and heard breathing heavily. Since he is a machine he should not need to pant.

  • Where's the driver of the car that comes through the Daily Planet window? Or the people who pushed it through? Shouldn't they be around to notice Clark catching it?

  • Given the tendency for dangerous things to fall out of the sky and hit Smallville, why is Clark so unconcerned when the big black shadow goes over the Kent farm? He just kind of shrugs and goes back to his chores.

  • This is the first time we see horses in the Kent barn (at the beginning). in the past it's been a plot point that the Kents don't have horses.

  • Lex throws Lionel approximately 80-90 yards into a limo windshield in half a second. This adds up to about 350-400 miles per hour. Lionel hits the windshield face-first. Not only is Lionel not killed, but he seems to have minimal injuries and is in good enough shape to pull Chloe bodily into his limo at the end.

  • How did Lionel manage to get to the hospital? Lex abandons him and Lionel appears in no condition to drive.

  • If Fine wants Martha and Lois dead, why doesn't he just stab them through the heart, cut their throats, whatever, with his finger-knives? Instead he just veeerrrryyy slowly deprives them of oxygen.

  • Why does Jor-El give Clark a knife that can be used to open the portal? Not only does he give Clark such a weapon, but he doesn't even warn Clark that the knife can be used to create a link to the vessel if Clark uses it on Fine. Worse, Fine apparently knows that the knife used on him will create the link, as he goads Clark into throwing it at him. So how does Fine know this but Jor-El, the person who created the knife, doesn't?

  • Lana sees Lex disappear. So she drives three hours to Metropolis to tell Chloe instead of making a phone call. Then, Chloe drives three hours from Metropolis to Smallville (in the middle of the working day) to tell Clark. Then after visiting the Fortress, Clark goes to the Daily Planet where Chloe is back there after another three hour drive. Plus during Chloe's six hours of driving, where was Lana during all this time? She apparently waited for Chloe in Metropolis for six hours just to come in when Clark talks about killing Lex.

  • Last week's episode took place on or around May 4. This episode, which is happening days later, would be toward the middle of May. However, in all of the scenes shot outside as Lex and Lana run through the trees and into the open field, there are no leaves on any of the trees and both of them are wearing light coats. If it is springtime in Kansas, there should be new growth everywhere.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Oracle

  • If Clark could read "Zod is Coming" when shown those two characters together, why did he claim to be unable to decipher the characters when he saw them in Lionel's writings?

  • Why does Fine need Lex to collect the viruses and comes up with a cure? Fine is programmed with all of the knowledge of Krypton, with super-computers and artificial intelligences that can store the sum personality of a man, and spaceships, and Phantom Zone projectors. Fine has all of the powers of Clark and a few more beside like the ablity to replicate himself, and has the sum knowledge of humanity as well. So why doesn't he just make whatever viruses and vaccines he wants?

  • Why does Fine need Lex to take him to the laboratory? Fine seems to know pretty much everything, including that Lionel was responsible for Jonathan's death. So with all of his Kryptonian powers and more, why couldn't Fine locate the laboratory himself?

  • Lois is still living at the Talon, but here Lana (correctly) notes that Lex still owns the place. There's no reason Lex would let the campaign manager of the person who defeated him for office stay there, and every reason he'd kick her out.

  • Kryptonite only (apparently) glows green in the presence of Kryptonians. But when Lex takes it out of the lead box there's no Kryptonians around. Even Fine notes it means nothing to him.

  • In the past Kryptonian has been shown to be a letter-based written language. But here it is hieroglyphic, since "Zod is coming" is now represented by three symbols.

  • If Fine wants Lionel dead, why doesn't he kill him personally? Even if he can't touch Lionel, he can drop a tractor on him. Or steal a bunch of money and hire dozens of assassins to kill Lionel. Instead he relies on an iffy psychological attack to convince Clark to kill Lionel, which seems needlessly complicated even if he wants to somehow turn Clark to the "dark side." Lionel can and does pose too much of a risk to Fine's plans for him to mess around with making him dead.

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