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  • Season 7 Episode 20: Arctic

  • When Brainiac explodes, Clark is not standing in the same spot/position as he was before Brainiac blows up.

  • When Clark asks Chloe to play the black box audio again, and when he asks Chloe to play the remaining audio, the same footage of Chloe clicking the mouse and looking at the monitor is used both times.

  • Why did Clark let Chloe face Kara alone? Her argument that the Kryptonite would affect Clark was valid, but surely he could've been nearby watching the whole thing from a safe distance with his X-ray vision. Just because Chloe had kryptonite didn't guarantee her safety even without the knowledge that Kara was Brainiac in disguise.

  • On Edward Teague's Argentinian passport, the day of birth reads: 16th Junio (June). The "th" expression doesn't exist in Spanish; the proper way of writing it would be "16 de Junio."

  • Trivia: At no point in season 7 did Clark use his super-breath ability. This makes this the first season that he did not use all of his powers at some point throughout it.

  • Lex smashed a hole in the stone fixture above his fireplace to uncover the device in "Quest" yet it appeared undamaged in this episode.

  • Season 7 Episode 19: Quest

  • When Lex opens the grandfather clock, his mouth is closed and he is staring calmly at the clock. In the next shot, his mouth is gaping, and his eyes are pretty shocked.

  • Lex is lying in his hospital bed with no bandages or ointments on his recently cut-and-scarred chest.

  • The initial attack on Lex is never fully explained. Teague wants Lex dead so he can't control Clark. So he sends an assassin to... scar Lex's chest, so that Clark will see the symbols, so that Clark will go to Montreal, to encounter Teague. It would have been simpler to pay someone to paint the symbol on a wall or in a crop circle and kill Lex, and such a plan has the added advantage of rendering dead the one person who is close to gaining the secret. in fact, Teague does try to kill Lex later in the church, so it's clear he wants him dead.

  • When Chloe meets Clark at the hospital, he's reluctant to help Lex and she basically browbeats him into checking the situation out. But then at Isis, she suddenly switches rationales without motive, deciding they shouldn't worry about Lex.

  • Edward Teague has been waiting for Clark for a lifetime, talks to Clark for two minutes, and goes from worshipping him to saying he should die for not dealing with Lex. However, Teague himself failed to deal with Lex, telling his agent to only leave symbols on Lex's chest. Teague may not be entirely rational, but it still makes very little sense for him to kill Clark, the object of his worship, for not doing what Teague himself refused to do.

  • It's not clear why Chloe goes to rescue Clark in Montreal. Jimmy shows her an image of a human sacrifice. The figure being sacrificed might be Clark but it isn't in a church. It doesn't make sense for Chloe to think Clark is in danger the second she sees a centuries-old image prophesizing a sacrifice... sometime. And the image makes no reference to a present-day time.

  • After Chloe gets rid of the kryptonite around Clark when he's on the altar his wounds heal. However, while they are healing a bright light emanates from them. This has never happened any time before when his body has healed itself, normally the wounds just close without any fancy light effect.

  • One of the photos Jimmy shows Chloe of Lex's wounds is taken from directly over his body whilst he's being moved through the hospital. There's no way Jimmy could've got that shot. He'd have had to be leaning right over Lex which would've been difficult in the first place as he was moving with presumably several people around him.

  • Near the end of this episode, when Chloe returns to her apartment where she and Jimmy enjoy some champagne, the foam bubbles are present at one second and completely absent in the next.

  • Season 7 Episode 18: Apocalypse

  • It is stated but never clarified why Brainiac needs Kara to travel back to Krypton's past. It has been previously established that he has all of a Kryptonian's powers. It also never explained why he allowed Kara to add to Jor-El's transmissions once he did take her back into the past with him.

  • Jor-El and Lara are nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that it's established that Lara placed baby Kal-El in the spaceship before its departure.

  • For some reason, with the destruction of Krypton imminent, Brainiac doesn't kill baby Kal-El immediately. Instead he picks the baby up, places him on a pedestal, looks around for a crystal dagger, and then finally gets around to killing him. It would be simpler and faster to simply crush in his skull or strangle him.

  • Despite the fact Kara has been on Krypton for some time (long enough to send several journal entries, over a period equal to her absence in the present), she still has enough super-strength to lift a heavy boulder over her head and smash Brainiac with it.

  • In the Kent family photo that Clark picks up the alternate reality Clark is too tall. In the episode we can clearly see that Brett Dier is shorter than Tom Welling, but in the picture he's taller than Jonathan Kent. The photo had been digitally enhanced with Dier's face superimposed over Welling's.

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