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  • Season 10 Episode 21: Finale

  • Trivia: The dates on Jonathan Kent's grave are September 1, 1954 to January 26, 2006. The date of death is the airdate of the episode "Reckoning" when he died.

  • The TV news shows a story that Lex was just elected President of the United States in 2018. The next presidential elections will be held in 2012, 2016, and 2020, not 2018.

  • When Chloe reads to her son at the beginning, she says that Clark believes he had to turn his back on both his parents. However, the comic book says, "he believed the only way to seize his destiny was to turn his back on both his fathers." The latter makes more sense, since Clark has three parents, but only two fathers.

  • When Tess attempts to call Clark to warn him about Apokolips, she has the phone to her face, indicating the intent to make a voice call. When Clark finds the phone later on, she appears to be holding the phone in front of her as a part of the video message.

  • Trivia: Clark says that Preclox was registered six weeks ago. The date on the registration is April 4, 2011, placing the events of this episode on or about May 16.

  • As Lionel talks to Tess about Connor's heart, his left hand jumps from her right side beneath her breast (as he says "no alternative"), and then jumps in the next shot to dead center on her sternum, and then jumps back down to her right side again. In the next shot he is cupping her jaw as he bends down and kisses her. Then he drops his head back and his hand is suddenly down near her waist. Throughout this his body doesn't shift at all to indicate any shoulder or arm motion.

  • Although Tess was clearly going to the wedding rather than watching over the city (note that she brings her fancy dress to Watchtower), and may have been a bridesmaid (as implied in "Fortune"), no one at the wedding notices or cares that she's absent. It's not until after Apokolips arrives that they try to contact Tess and discover she's MIA.

  • Clark tells Oliver that Oliver "knows gold kryptonite will take away my powers forever." Prior to this episode, neither Oliver or Clark have been shown to know anything about gold kryptonite. Emil and Tess know, but every indication was that they were keeping the information secret.

  • In "Masquerade," when the threat of Darkseid was no greater than seen in this episode, Lois had a diorama set up with the various vigilantes seated in the chapel. They are not at the wedding, supposedly out on patrol because of the threat of Darkseid. She also mentioned in that episode that her father's "hero-hating Army buddies" would be there, but there's no sign of any military personnel in the audience. And finally, the diorama seen there bears little resemblance to the actual chapel: the diorama is much smaller, and the windows in the diorama are pentagon shaped while the windows in the chapel are rectangular.

  • Lois' vows to Clark, and her voiceover reading of them, don't match what is on the page.

    - Stated: "But I guess life's meant..." Letter omits the "But."

    - Stated: "I think it's like my dad". Letter reads, "maybe its like my dad".

    - Stated: "Only sign up". Letter reads, "You only sign up".

    - Stated: "I can not imagine". Letter reads, "I can't imagine."

    - Stated: "So I promise that I will always have your back, as you will always have mine". Letter reads, "I promise to always have your back, as you'll always have mine."

  • Clark's voiceover as Lois reads his vows doesn't match what is on the page.

    - Stated: "and more pure heart". Letter reads "who is so pure of heart."

    - Stated: "always been there to bring me back". Letter reads, "you're always there to show me the way back."

    - Stated: "So on this day, at this moment". Letter reads, "So, today, at this moment."

    - Stated: "You've always believed in me, and I believe in you." Letter reads, "You've always told me you believe in me I want you to know--I believe in you too."

  • Season 10 Episode 20: Prophecy

  • Despite the fact that it's been shown that they keep kryptonite in Watchtower (such as when Clark Luthor attacked), Tess doesn't use it to ward off the mind-controlled Lois when she attacks Clark.

  • Season 10 Episode 19: Dominion

  • The guitarist depicted on Lois' Whitesnake shirt is Doug Aldrich. She claimed that the shirt was her 8th grade concert shirt. Doug Aldrich joined Whitesnake in 2003. Assuming that Lois attended the 8th grade at age 13 - 14 (usual age for that grade), and that the episode is supposed to take place around the time of airing (i.e., in 2011), this places Lois' age at about 21 - 22, at the oldest. Previous episodes, however, have placed Lois as being typically no more than a year older than Clark, which would make her 25 - 26.

  • After Clark loses his first shield, there are several others lying around the arena, including one leaning against Oliver's cage. Despite that, Oliver ignores that shield and gives Clark a much smaller helmet as a weapon instead.

  • Season 10 Episode 18: Booster

  • When the Blur finishes dressing in the telephone booth, he zips his leather jacket up to his neck (collar of his t-shirt) and several inches above the House of El/Superman logo.  Yet, once he leaves the booth, the jacket zipper is now at least nine inches lower and almost to the bottom of the logo.

  • The SUV that almost hits Jaime has Metropolis on its license plate, but no state name.

  • Season 10 Episode 17: Kent

  • Clark doesn't notice the kryptonite that the alternate Jonathan is using, even though he's only a few feet away and it strips him of his powers so that Jonathan can knock him out.

  • Season 10 Episode 16: Scion

  • About two minutes into the episode, when Clark and Tess find Conner lifting the tractor in the air, Conner says, "Hey Tess, check it out" but his mouth doesn't move until the last word.

  • When Conner abducts Lois for love and prepares to kill her, Lois says that Clark never did anything like that under the effects of red kryptonite. However, in "Crimson", Clark abducted Lana for love and strangled Lex with the seeming intent of killing him.

  • Season 10 Episode 15: Fortune

  • When Oliver is fighting, and wearing a show girl outfit, the bad guy rips off the bra-top (27:09 mark). But in the next shot from behind, Oliver still has it on (27:10), and then off again (27:11) when the camera cuts to a front view of Oliver.

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