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  • Season 7 Episode 18: Apocalypse

  • Current U.S. Law states that a person must be over the age of 35 to be President. Lex isn't over 35. Also, Lois claims to have already won a Pulitzer, yet she is only in her early 20s. That is some accomplishment.

  • Season 7 Episode 17: Sleeper

  • The journal page says 1989, and Chloe says it's referring to 1989. but then Clark says Kara is 20 years in the past. But then Clark says Kara is talking about the version of him "20 years ago." 1989 would be 19 years ago.

  • When the figure at the beginning climbs through the ventilator shaft and opens a grille, he simply lifts it up. Ventilator grilles are fastened with screws.

  • Chloe mentions that she's packing to move, and then lies to Jimmy and says she needs to talk to the building manager about the rent. What building manager? She lives above the Talon, which is owned by Lex. If he had kicked her out, she'd be out already, but at the beginning of the episode she's still living there.

  • Why does Clark text Chloe to have her meet him in Smallville? A) he has superspeed so he could meet her anywhere in a matter of minutes, and b) why make her drive all the way from Metropolis to Smallville if the matter's so urgent?

  • Chloe says, "Well, Krypton 1989--give or take a few light-years." A light year is a unit of distance (approx. 6 trillion miles), not time.

  • Season 7 Episode 16: Descent

  • When Lex takes the locket from Lionel it is on a chain around Lionel's neck. Later, Lex tells his "assistant" there was no key in the locket. This is not possible. The locket is made up out of two parts, a key and a cover. The hinged cover fits around the blade of the key which leaves the bow of the key free to attach the chain. Without the key, the chain can't be attached to the locket.

  • When Clark aligns the letters on the rod giving him Lionel's final message, the Kryptonian letters (from an English-Kryptonian alphabet DC Comics uses) should spell out "For The Traveler." Someone goofed making the item because instead they light up and, as the music swells dramatically, they spell out "For The Tarveler."

  • Trivia: At the end, Clark sprinkles dirt on Lionel's grave, a scene very reminiscent of the last scene of "Reckoning" in which Clark sprinkles a handful of snow and dirt on Jonathan's grave.

  • Lex was asked to identify his father's body on the stairs near the LuthorCorp building. Family members usually do that privately in the morgue and not on the street in front of everybody.

  • Lex killed Lionel at night time but in the picture Jimmy took, it's clearly daytime as there is sunlight shining through the window onto the desk.

  • Season 7 Episode 15: Veritas

  • The headline for the article Clark reads about Patricia Swann's death says "Prominent Metropolis citizen dies a suspicious death." Besides being inaccurate (she was shot in the head, which would be murder, not a "suspicious death"), it was established in the preceding episode that she was just passing through Metropolis, then said she'd get an apartment to be near Clark. That would in no way qualify her as a "Metropolis citizen."

  • In the second flashback, Lionel says that Smallville is "just outside the city" of Metropolis. As previously established, it's about 180 miles/3 hours drive away.

  • Trivia: Young Lex can be seen playing with a Warrior Angel action figure.

  • Season 7 Episode 14: Traveler

  • When Kara is looking at the papers on her bed, the "Citizenship Award" has Minnesota spelled with only one "n."

  • When Clark pulls out the first dart that hits him, there is no red shirt scrap attached to it. Yet when Lana and Chloe find it, there is a red scrap on the prongs.

  • For some reason Lana and Chloe are doing research on Lex at the Daily Planet computers. The same computers that Chloe determined in the previous episode were being monitored by Lex.

  • For some reason, Lionel makes no efforts to cover his tracks or use a fake name or shell company to hide his involvement in setting up the airplane hanger. It's his name clearly shown on the records, despite the fact he would not want anyone to know he was assembling a ton of refined meteor rock.

  • Amnesiac Kara had moved out of the Kent farm specifically because she didn't trust Lana as well as Clark. Nothing much has been shown of her new relationship with Chloe. Despite this, when Lana and Chloe show up, Kara just leaves with them, despite having gone to Lex as the only person she trusts, and with no evidence to gainsay that. (In a deleted scene, Jimmy directs her to the secret passageway and warns her not to trust Lex.)

  • When they enter the Fortress, Chloe tells Kara to get out if there's a sudden shift in the weather. However, when the wind picks up Kara makes no efforts to leave.

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