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  • Season 8 Episode 18: Eternal

  • Despite the fact it's stated repeatedly that Lionel never realized that Davis was the Destroyer, and in fact tested him and concluded he was a normal human, it's never made clear who made the sketches. Tess says they were in Lionel's journal, but he wasn't present for many of the highly-detailed and accurate scenes, and if Lionel was he would have known that Davis emerged from a rock near Clark's spaceship.

  • When Lionel's men begin chasing young Davis, they find him standing right beside Clark's space ship, something Lionel would have been very interested in. Yet apparently they just left it there, since Jonathan Kent was able to come back for it later.

  • Season 8 Episode 17: Hex

  • Trivia: In true Lois fashion, the seventh rule has the word "beginning" misspelled with two "G"'s and only one "N."

  • When Chloe (as Lois) is with Clark in the Daily Planet Clark gets a police alert saying there is a standoff at Main and 5th. The same standoff alert at the same address was shown on Clark's computer screen in the previous episode "Turbulence."

  • Trivia: Lois' Rules of Reporting are as follows: 1. Always know your source; 2. Always make a good first impression (and don't screw up with the boss); 3. Do whatever it takes to get the story; 4. If something seems so weird to be true, it usually is; 5. Never take deadlines too seriously; 6. Triple check your facts.; 7. Put all the good stuff at the beginning.

  • Season 8 Episode 16: Turbulence

  • When Clark shows Chloe how fast he can change he is wearing a white shirt and a black tie with white spots before and after his red-blue outfit change. However when he gets to work he is wearing a dark shirt with a gray-striped tie.

  • It's never explained why the entire hospital staff seem to have disappeared when Jimmy gets up the first time, runs into the drunk driver, and sees the man being killed. Hospitals don't leave the hallways deserted, particularly those in a major metropolitan city.

  • Season 8 Episode 15: Infamous

  • Linda Lake was with Lois at the Planet seconds before Lois was snatched away by Clark and taken to the barn at superspeed, yet a minute or so later Linda is there.

  • Clark should have felt the effects of the Kryptonite before even touching the toolbox, yet he was able to open it, and he was only affected by it once he saw it.

  • Season 8 Episode 14: Requiem

  • In the scene Clark puts the necklace on Lana, the necklace is in her shirt instead of out of it for part of the scene.

  • Schott says the monkey-bomb will explode after it clanks its cymbals together 53 times. When Oliver says it has clapped 28 times, it has actually clapped 50. It does so 78 times and never explodes.

  • Lana says she's searched the entire Daily Planet building, and has superspeed. However, she somehow fails to see the very large obvious kryptonite bomb on the roof.

  • Just before the nurse tells Oliver that his heart rate is a little higher than normal, we see a shot of the cardiac monitor, which indicates that his heart rate is 58 bpm. This is actually slightly lower than normal, though not unusual for a very fit person.

  • Season 8 Episode 13: Power

  • In a flashback, when Lana is making the DVD for Clark and talking to the camera, she says, "As long as I'm in your life, I'm holding you back. Please for both of us, don't come looking for me." But in the season seven finale of "Arctic," she says, "Please, don't come after me."

  • When Tess enters her office at the Daily Planet and her assistant doesn't respond, she turns the chair around and sees that he is shot dead. Just before she spins it, the dead man blinks and moves his mouth slightly.

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Bulletproof

  • Trivia: Clark uses the name Joe Fordman. Joe Fordman was Whitney Fordman's dad in Season 1.

  • Oliver tells Clark not to worry about the doctor tending to Jones, since he works for Oliver and will keep Jones' secret. But that doesn't explain how the doctor was able to treat a Martian body to begin with. And since Jones has lost his powers, it seems unlikely that he could heal himself.

  • Season 8 Episode 10: Bride

  • Lana refers to an astronomical amount of "LutherCorp RAM" - four hundred and thirty thousand "MegaGigs". A "MegaGig" in such a case refers to roughly one Terabyte, and a thousand Terabytes would be approximately one PetaByte... therefore Lana actually meant roughly 430 PetaBytes. Such a huge reference standard for measurement probably won't surface for decades.

  • Chloe's father Gabe, last seen alive and well, is absent from his own daughter's wedding without explanation or reference.

  • On Oliver's jet, Clark brings him the router, from which Oliver's cohort wirelessly retrieves the data. 1. Routers generally don't keep logs of traffic; systems requiring those logs generally send it to another network appliance for storage. 2. Routers that do keep logs generally keep them in RAM and are lost when the router is unplugged. 3. Even if a router did store logs in persistent storage, how could the accomplice have retrieved the data off of a router that was unpowered?

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