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  • Season 8 Episode 9: Abyss

  • In Chloe's memory of Clark catching the car, it disappears right after he catches it. But you can clearly see that the headlights are still shining on him, even though the car is not in his hands anymore.

  • When Davis brings Chloe to Clark and Jimmy at the Talon and sedates her, Jimmy picks her up and puts her in the green chair. We see the first two shots of Chloe in the chair her head is tilted to her left and her hair is not messy with Jimmy next to her. The third shot we see, the long wide shot, Chloe has rolled over and tilting to her right and her hair is messed up. The very next shot we see she has tilted back to her left with non-messy hair again.

  • Trivia: This episode marks the first time that Clark has called Jor-El "Father."

  • Chloe's memory with Clark in his barn was meant to have taken place only one year before the first season. Earlier this season Clark mentioned that he'd known Chloe for eight years and in the season one episode when she went missing he mentioned the barn scene that is shown here as only being one year earlier. Due to this, young Clark in particular must have done some serious growing over the next year as he was nowhere near Tom Welling's height or build.

  • Chloe says it's a two-hour trip from Smallville to Metropolis, which contradicts both the previously stated figure of three hours and the incorrect first-season footage showing Metropolis just over a few hills from Smallville.

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Bloodline

  • When Lois and Clark are taken by the crystal, they are seen flying out through the window so all the broken glass should be outside or on the ledge of the window (as can be seen.) But then Chloe picks up the crystal on the floor where broken glass can be seen (which gives credit to her telling that it is a bird that flew in the window).

  • When Clark and Kara are brought back from the Phantom Zone the blood that they had on their faces is now all gone. Even though they are able to heal when they return to Earth they should still have some dried blood on them.

  • When Faora holds Chloe up by the neck, Chloe says she can't breathe. But if that were the case, she shouldn't be able to speak either.

  • When Lois tossed the package containing the Crystal to Clark, you can see that it's already been opened.

  • Season 8 Episode 7: Identity

  • The three-hour travel problem arises again. Sebastian gets out of the car and Tess calls her operatives to put the "attack Jimmy" plan in motion. They immediate go to work. However, it takes Sebastian three hours to take Lois back to her apartment above the Talon in Smallville. There's no indication what the muggers were doing in those three hours when the previous scene established they were going right after Jimmy.

  • In the picture that Jimmy takes Clark is nothing but a blur while Lois can be made out clearly, but at this point both Clark and Lois would have been moving at superspeed, so it is inconsistent that they should appear so differently in the photo.

  • In the opening scene, we see a visual effect of Jimmy's camera flash light moving slowly, much slower than Clark himself. This seems to indicate that when Clark superspeeds he moves faster than light, which he clearly wouldn't be doing.

  • As previously established, Smallville is three hour away from Metropolis. If Clark superspeeded to Isis from the Kent farm as soon as Jimmy left, Jimmy couldn't have arrived at Isis less than a minute later.

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Prey

  • At the beginning when Clark is rescuing people in Metropolis, at the jewelry store where a robbery is taking place, Clark pushes the robber flying through a window but you can clearly see that the glass breaks before the the robber is even thrown through it.

  • Before Davis and Jimmy start riding in the ambulance (about 27 minutes in), there is a cut scene of the city. The clip is played in reverse, as shown by the cars moving backwards.

  • The jewelry store Clark rescues at the beginning of the episode is the same one featured in the previous episode "Committed."

  • During the scene when Chloe and Davis are sitting at the outside cafe, the same woman walks by them twice. She is a long blonde-haired woman, with a black skirt and white blouse, and a black leather jacket. If you watch, she will pass Chloe's back twice during the conversation: first when Chloe says "I help people" and second right before she says "I shouldn't be here."

  • Season 8 Episode 5: Committed

  • When her tormentor connected the first lead to the contact on Chloe's chair, we saw an electrical spark. Since there was no circuit until the second lead was connected, there should not have been a spark.

  • Trivia: When Lois wakes up in the morning after the engagement party, she is seen wearing Clark's football jersey with a LuthorCorp logo on it. This is the same jersey Clark wore on the season 4 episode "Jinx."

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Instinct

  • Clark goes to the Isis Foundation to supposedly use facial-recognition software on Maxima's photo from the Ace of Clubs security footage. However, this makes no sense since he already knows she's an alien queen from Almerac. Plus he knows she's looking for him: there's no reason for him to have the computer systems look on any other security footage or databases. To find her all he needs to do is go out somewhere public and let her find him.

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