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  • Season 8 Episode 4: Instinct

  • It's not clear why Chloe is choosing Clark to give her away, given that she has a father, Gabe Sullivan. He hasn't been seen in four years, but there's never been any indication that he's dead or that his relationship with Chloe has soured.

  • Maxima sees Clark at the club, and recognizes that he's a Kryptonian when he uses his powers. However, she doesn't confront him at the hospital. And she doesn't confront him as he leaves the hospital. Despite the fact she's eager to find and face him earlier in the episode, she waits until he returns to the Daily Planet to finally confront him.

  • In the shot with the crescent moon over Lex's manor, the moon is facing the wrong direction. The lit part should face the Sun, which is already below the horizon. However, it doesn't.

  • Season 8 Episode 3: Toxic

  • Trivia: Toward the end of the episode, when Oliver shows Tess the newspaper, the section he shows her is "Daily Dish with Joanne Totten." Linda Lake from the episode "Hydro" was the journalist of the "Daily Dish" at the time.

  • Oliver tells Clark that when he was stuck on the island for two years he was eaten alive by mosquitoes. However every scene we see of Oliver on the island he doesn't have a bite on him.

  • Although Oliver was poisoned, Clark decided it was better to let him walk and help him to Chloe's apartment than carrying him all the way using his strength.

  • Chloe and Clark engage in an argument regarding her new powers, all while Lois is sitting a few feet away, in the next room. Given that it's otherwise perfectly quiet in the apartment, and that the door between them is wide open, it's pretty remarkable that Lois didn't overhear their conversation and its sensitive subject matter.

  • Even though Oliver had been on the island for two years his hair, sideburns, and face are all perfectly trimmed and shaved. Even if he did create himself a shaving blade he would never be able to achieve beauty salon results especially in the back of his head where he can't see.

  • Trivia: Tess Mercer's license plate is "NOMERCY." Tess Mercer's license plate is "NOMERCY." "No Mercy," as seen in the season 5 episode "Mercy," is the motto that Lionel Luthor's employees referred to him by.

  • Season 8 Episode 2: Plastique

  • The outside of The Talon is shown, then right after we see Chloe speaking to Bette. Bette is packing and speaking about needing to get out of Metropolis, yet if they were at The Talon they would have already been out of Metropolis.

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Odyssey

  • It's not clear how Clark gets a job at the Daily Planet. He hasn't written since high school, he doesn't have a college degree, he has no samples or references, and the newspaper is owned by LuthorCorp and Lex knows his secret identity. Under those circumstances it would be impossible for anyone to gain employment as a reporter, particularly on as short a notice as is shown here.

  • Despite the fact that Lex has only been gone four weeks, the dust in his office is at least several months thick.

  • After the Martian Manhunter lifted Clark up and they both fly up to the sky, Chloe and Oliver are facing down, at the lower part of the window. Then, in the next shot, they are looking up, at the broken window and the sky.

  • After Black Canary throws her bladed weapon into a man's chest, the next shot has Green Arrow rolling and facing two armed men, with a third one to his right partially turned in his direction. He shoots one man, and the other two just... disappear.

  • Season 7 Episode 20: Arctic

  • When Brainiac explodes, Clark is not standing in the same spot/position as he was before Brainiac blows up.

  • When Clark asks Chloe to play the black box audio again, and when he asks Chloe to play the remaining audio, the same footage of Chloe clicking the mouse and looking at the monitor is used both times.

  • Why did Clark let Chloe face Kara alone? Her argument that the Kryptonite would affect Clark was valid, but surely he could've been nearby watching the whole thing from a safe distance with his X-ray vision. Just because Chloe had kryptonite didn't guarantee her safety even without the knowledge that Kara was Brainiac in disguise.

  • On Edward Teague's Argentinian passport, the day of birth reads: 16th Junio (June). The "th" expression doesn't exist in Spanish; the proper way of writing it would be "16 de Junio."

  • Trivia: At no point in season 7 did Clark use his super-breath ability. This makes this the first season that he did not use all of his powers at some point throughout it.

  • Lex smashed a hole in the stone fixture above his fireplace to uncover the device in "Quest" yet it appeared undamaged in this episode.

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